When Blaine had awoken, the sun had just risen, bestowing beautiful pink and orange hues over his belongings, which were thrown haphazardly around his room. He groaned, throwing up one arm to cover his eyes from the sudden intrusion of light before attempting to bury his head under his pillow and go back to sleep. Of course, his alarm clock seemed to be conspiring against him as it dutifully began to play Katy Perry's Teenage Dream, preventing Blaine from further slumber and signifying that it was time to get ready for another school day. Head still buried underneath his pillow, Blaine attempted to turn off his alarm, but to no avail – the most he succeeded in doing was to dislodge it, causing it to fall to the floor with a bang, music still playing.

After a few moments of glaring at his alarm clock – or, rather, glaring in its general direction, since Blaine's eyes were still not adjusted to the bright sunlight – Blaine sighed heavily and rolled out of bed, pressing the ever-tempting snooze button. Now that the air was not filled with a song about wearing skin-tight jeans while building blanket forts, Blaine heard the sound of someone knocking on his door.

"Blaine?" called a voice from outside the door as the knocking grew louder.

Although Blaine was seriously considering not answering the door in favour of returning to sleep, assuming that it was Wes or David coming to complain about the song choice emanating from his alarm clock and how long it took for him to turn off the aforementioned object, after hearing that voice it was all he could do not to run and answer the door. Had the more rational part of his brain taken over, Blaine would have paused in front of the mirror to fix his sleep-tousled curls and ensure that there were no drool marks on his shirt, since he had been sleeping quite soundly. When it came to Kurt, however, Blaine's ability to rationalize and think coherently disappeared, explaining why he all but threw open the door, looking far too enthusiastic for the early hour.

The boy on the other side of the door, however, did not look nearly as enthused.

"Do you know how loud your music is? I was in the middle of my daily moisturizing routine when all I could hear was that god-awful noise that you call music! Needless to say, my routine was not completed, so I will be blaming you if I break out anytime soon –"

Without thinking, Blaine took a step forward, pressing his lips to that of Kurt's, successfully ending his rant. The younger boy's eyes widened slightly before he wrapped his arms around Blaine's waist, leaning into the kiss. They stayed like that until the need for air became too much to ignore and the sound of catcalls filled the hallway.

Blushing furiously, Kurt muttered something vaguely resembling "I'll see you in class" before he turned and walked down the hallway, into his room.

The next morning, when Kurt was yelling at his roommate for snoring when he was trying to format an important homework assignment, Blaine was sent in to calm him down. The other Dalton boys lingered in the hallway; Kurt's rants were terrifying, though their over-dramatized nature provided the boys with some entertainment save for those who were the target of the anger. After a few minutes passed, silence was heard from inside the room, and it was concluded that Blaine was a better solution for Kurt's bad mood than caffeine.