When We Were Young

Summary: Meet the whole gang, back when they were 17 and in high school. Cuddy's father is the headmaster, Chase is the new kid, and Greg House seems to have the entire school wired, but how? Whole cast included, no pairings (yet).

Chapter 1: On Foreign Soil

A/N: Well, a few things I feel I should tell you; 1) This is my first House fic so am new to writing this fandom but I assure you I feel I know the characters pretty well. 2) Although this story follows the crew when they were younger, it is still set in current time and they are all roughly the same age. And 3) I'm Canadian and know next to nothing about the United States educational system so this school is mostly just made up from my own imagination, what tv has taught me, and a few facts from Wikipedia about a private school in Princeton New Jersey. So with that in mind, please take any references to the school with a grain of salt ;) Oh, and enjoy!

It was a slightly warmer than usual September morning in the township of Princeton New Jersey and Mrs. Alderman; a resident of the town for several decades; still found it necessary that her Yorkshire terrier Stewart wear his argyle sweater that she had knitted for him several years prior as she walked him down the crowded street on this early Monday morning.

"Come on now Stewart" she lightly begged as she tugged on the leash to no avail. The dog barked incessantly at the bustling herds of children walking on their way to school; all of which ignored the woman and her dog as they hurried past her.

Mrs. Alderman, although completely harmless, was infamous around town for being quite the chatterbox. Being a widow for several years now and not having any children or even family of her own, the first day of school was always an exciting one for her. She would take Stewart on an early walk in hopes of interacting with some of the neighbourhood children as they made their way to school. The local kids however knew better because there was no such thing as a 'quick hello' with Mrs. Alderman.

Still, a creature of habit as she was, Mrs. Alderman never missed her walk on the first day of school.

"Aw cute dog" a strange young voice mentioned a few moments later and Mrs. Aldmerman turned around to see a young boy kneel down to pat the small dog on the head.

"Oh why thank you" the elderly woman smiled at the blonde haired lad. "Your accent" she began again as the young man lifted his head slightly to look her in the eyes. "You're from Australia?"she asked; rather intrigued.

"Melbourne" the boy smiled politely as he stood up and brushed off the knee of his khaki pants. "I actually just moved here a few weeks ago"

"Well that's lovely dear" she smiled. "You know, my husband, god rest him, once spent a year in Australia back in 1942 and well, things were different back then you see because..."

"There you are, come on we're going to be late" a young female voice quickly interrupted as she hurried to young man's side, grabbed his arm and pulled him onward.

"Uh..." he began, only to be silenced by a stern glare from the young girl that was unseen by the older woman. The boy offered back a look of utter confusion, but no words.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Alderman, you know, first day of school and all, we'd better hurry up" the girl said politely as she turned to the older woman who smiled and gave a small nod in return.

"Of course deary. Boy I remember when..."

"Yep, that's great Mrs. Alderman, you and Stewart enjoy your walk!" she called out from over her shoulder as she all but dragged the young man by his arm further down the sidewalk.

"Two questions" the boy nervously began as he carefully studied the strange brunette currently attached to his arm. "First off, who are you? Secondly, where's the fire? We've got nearly half an hour before the first bell rings, why are we running?"

"Okay, two answers" The girl began, a twinge of annoyance heard in her tone. "Allie Cameron. And, you'll thank me later"

"That's not an answer" he stopped in his tracks. "And not that you asked, but I'm Robert by the way"

"You're accent is kind of weird" the girl shrugged non-chalantly as she let go of his arm, then continued on her course.

"Hmmm. Most people find it... charming" he corrected her with a bright smile.

"Most people are idiots" came her immediate response, and she continued on her walk while Robert remained momentarily frozen in place with a look on his face that could only be described as dumbstruck.

"Wait a minute" he called out as he finally found his voice again. Robert had only spent a few weeks in the United States but he couldn't seem to go anywhere without a girl making doe eyes at him and fawning all over him, never neglecting to mention how 'cute' his accent was. This was the first girl to shrug it off and for some reason he found it fascinating rather than humiliating. Whoever this girl was, she wasn't as shallow as all the other American girls he had come across thus far and he decided then and there he was going to find out more, but he may just have to up his game a little first.

He began making a slight sprint in her direction in an effort to catch up as he was now several feet behind her when the loud rumbling of a motorcycle caused him to stop in his tracks yet again; just a few feet behind her. He looked to his left to see the source of roaring engine; a red and black vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle with what appeared to be a teenage boy at the helm. The bike made a stop right next to the curb and the young man planted one foot on the ground to steady it. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black sunglasses.

"And who does this guy think he is?" Robert thought to himself inwardly with a slight scowl. He turned his attention back to the young girl, thinking now might be his chance to come up with a witty crack about stereotypical American males only to find a wide grin spreading across her face as she ran towards the edge of the street to the young buy who was now extending an extra helmet towards her.

"What the..." Robert immediately wondered. "She can't... with... that guy?"

"Couldn't make you walk with the rest of the losers on the first day of school. Besides, I need someone to play hooky with, let's go get some breakfast" the young boy smugly remarked as she took the helmet and shoved it on.

"House, it's the first day of school" she reminded him with a slight laugh.

"Yeah" he confirmed with a firm nod. "And you know how I hate to procrastinate, thought we'd better get started on misbehaving right away"

The girl simply laughed and shook her head in response and Robert could only watch in surprise.

"Speaking of losers, who's your new friend?" he questioned; nodding his head in Robert's direction.

"Oh, nobody. Come on, let's go" she shrugged as she hopped on the back of the bike and put her arms around the young man's torso. "See ya in school Ryan" she called out before the bike quickly sped away; leaving Robert coughing through the hazy cloud of emissions left behind from the exhaust pipe of the bike.

"It's... Robert..." he sighed as he watched them zip around the next corner and disappear from sight. "Nice to have met you..." he grumbled before kicking up a small pile of leaves and continuing on his lonely walk towards the school campus.

Robert sat quietly in an uncomfortable chair fixed in front of a glass window; adjacent to a large desk belonging to a secretary who was busy typing away at her computer. He fiddled with the zipper on his back pack as he impatiently waited to be called for his turn; the constant recurring sound of the zipper obviously having an effect on the secretary who looked up from her computer screen only to glare at the young boy with annoyance.

"Sorry" Robert grumbled in a barely audible whisper as he let go of the zipper and placed his hands in his lap.

"The headmaster will see you now" she mentioned with a nod toward a closed office door.

"Thank you" Robert muttered as he stood up from his chair and made his way towards the door.

He made a soft knocking sound using only one knuckle and was quickly ordered to enter by a deep male voice coming from inside the office.

"Come in, please, sit" The slightly larger middle aged man behind the desk greeted.

"Thank you sir" Robert nodded; noting the name on the desk plate as he took his seat. Jonathan Cuddy with the title Headmaster in smaller lettering underneath.

"I'm Mr. Cuddy, the headmaster here at Princeton Day School" he announced as he pulled his reading glasses out of his blazer pocket and slid them on. "Now let's see here, you are..."

"Robert Chase sir" Robert meekly interrupted; quickly clearing his throat as the headmaster's eyes raised up from the file that was in front of him.

"Yes, Robert Chase..." the man continued. "I see here you moved here with your father he's... some sort of doctor?"

"Yes sir, here on a research grant sir"

"I see" the man nodded, his gaze again firmly fixed on the file in front of him. "Well your grades are above average, nothing out of the ordinary on your permanent record... I think you'll make a fine addition to our family here at Princeton"

A small knock was heard and the door quickly swung open, causing Robert to slightly jump in his chair as he turned his attention towards the door.

"Ah, and speaking of family" the headmaster began as he rose from his chair. "Mr. Chase this is my daughter, Lisa. Lisa, Robert here is a new student joining us today"

"Hi" the young, perky brunette quickly greeted. She had long wavy hair, a brilliant white smile and was undeniably beautiful by anyone's standards. Obviously either coming straight from or heading to gym class the girl wore blue shorts with the white "Princeton Wildcats" logo on the right leg; and a light grey t-shirt that said "Princeton Atheltics". She was thin but toned and defined, she rather looked like the type of girl that could kick just about any guys ass if she had the right motivation behind her Robert thought.

"Sorry to interrupt Daddy" she quickly apologized as she crossed the room over to her father's desk.

"Nonsense sweetie" he smiled as she approached.

"Just need a signature on this guidance slip saying that I have permission to change my timetable, there was a mix up and I got put into the wrong chemistry class" she explained as she handed him a slightly wrinkled piece of paper.

"Of course darling" he quickly agreed as his pen glided across the paper forming his signature before handing it back to her. "Now hurry up and get to class, second period is about to begin"

"Thanks, bye daddy, nice to meet you Robert" she smiled politely as she skipped out of her father's office.

"My little angel" he mentioned proudly as he took his seat back down at his desk.

"She seems... sweet" Robert responded awkwardly; not exactly sure what the appropriate etiquette would be in this situation.

"Yes, and I plan on her staying that way" the father's voice quickly changed from polite to stern and authoritative. "You understand?"

"Oh yes, uh, absolutely sir" Robert slightly stuttered and tripped over his words as they left his mouth.

"Good then" he nodded firmly. "Here is your class schedule. Enjoy your tenure here with us at Princeton" his tone changed once again back to a polite one as he held out a piece of paper in his left hand, and held his right hand out for Robert to shake.

"Thank you sir" Robert nodded as he accepted both the paper and the handshake. He gave a firm shake but as he went to pull back the grip clutching his hand only got tighter and he raised his eyebrows in confusion as he looked back up at the headmaster.

"I mean it young man. My daughter is off limits" he warned and Robert quickly nodded.

"Understood sir"

And with that his hand was released and he quickly slung his backpack over his shoulder as he hurried out of the office.

The school was much larger and far more elaborate aesthetically speaking than his last school in Australia and that was putting it mildly. This place more closely resembled a palace rather than an educational facility but Robert had always heard that the private schools in the United States were among the best so with a shrug of his shoulders he continued to explore through the hallways.

After managing to find his way to what he was hoping was the west corridor stairway Robert glanced at his schedule once again then shoved it into his pocket before burying his nose back into the school map that he had been given to by the secretary when he had first arrived.

He hurried up the stairs, stopping at the top of the second flight of stairs to refer back to his map again.

"Hey, watch it" a sharp voice barked from behind him before nearly running straight into him.

"I'm sorry I just... Do you know where room 313 is?" he asked and the young man rolled his eyes.

"Try the third floor genius. This is the second" He told him with mild annoyance as he pushed past him and through the doors to the second floor.

"Oh... right" Robert sighed as he turned the corner to head up the next flight of stairs; immediately stopping in his tracks half way up as he recognized two people in the corner behind the doors to the third floor.

"Gee thanks, can always count on you babe" the male voice smugly mentioned as he took a slip of paper from the girl Robert had just been introduced to moments earlier as the headmaster's daughter.

"You know our deal was you only get one of these truancy slips right? And you blew it on the first day of school" she huffed as she shook her head at him.

"But Moooommm" the boy mockingly pouted.

"I mean it, that's it" she sternly replied with a roll of her eyes.

"Hmmm, your lips say no, but your eyes say... oh who am I kidding, I have no idea what your eyes say 'cause I'm too busy staring at your ass all the time. Which by the way, I've been meaning to tell you we need to talk about your wardrobe, you're a senior now and it's about high time you started wearing something a little more... oh what's the word I'm looking for... oh yeah, sluttier. This daddy's little angel look is so last semester" he wittily returned; quickly garnering him a sharp slap to his leather clad arm.

"Ow" he whined; his left arm automatically retreating to rub his right one where she had struck him. "All I'm sayin is its time you put the short in your shorts. Maybe just hike these up a bit" he mentioned as his hands went to her hips and he attempted to roll the waistband of her shorts up before she quickly slapped his hands away.

"Shut up House" she groaned. "And unless you want my dad to start actually reading the pieces of paper I put in front of him to sign I think it's in your best interest I stay this way"

"Hmmm, you make a solid argument. I have no further objections" he firmly stated with mock sincerity and the girl rolled her eyes again.

"Goodbye House"

"Bye bye... So, same time next semester right?" He called out after her as she swiftly walked away.

"What the hell are you looking at?" Robert was completely startled as he noticed the boy was now glaring at him.


"No, the other idiot standing right behind you" the boy groaned and Robert quickly turned around only to see no one behind him; further embarrassing himself.

"Oh I uh... I was just um... Well nothing I just..." Robert lightly stammered; his gaze fixed firmly to the floor.

"Alright dude, don't hurt yourself" The boy lightly chuckled as he shook his head. "Now listen, whatever you think you saw just now" he began but Robert quickly interjected.

"Oh nothing I... I didn't see anything"

"Atta boy" the boy flashed a half smirk as he descended down the staircase; offering Robert a pat to the shoulder as he passed him on the way down. "I gotta get to class 'cause if I'm late I'll have to have sex with her again to get another free pass" he huffed, rolling his eyes and with what Robert could only assume was dry sarcasm in his tone.

'Okay seriously, who IS this guy?' Robert's curiosity grew immensely stronger as he saw the stranger in the leather jacket disappear from his sight once again.

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