I've really missed participating in the weekly drabble challenge with you all (real life's been a pain!), but when I saw it was Swellison's birthday, I couldn't resist. She asked for a drabble featuring Sam, Dean, and the Impala. This is set during the boys' teen years. I can't promise it's 100% canon-compliant, because I'm way behind on watching episodes. This has no relevance to the song referenced, either, it just got stuck in my head when I was writing, LOL.

Happy Birthday, Sue! Here's a triple drabble for ya!

word: card (used multiple times, so it's not really cheating ;) )

word count: 300

Baby, You Can Drive My Car…Well, Maybe

"C'mon, Sam, just a simple hunt, dude. We'll be back in time for you to get your geek on."

Sam seethed, the essence of teen angst.

Dean wondered why he always paid the price when his dad and brother fought. "Play your cards right an' I'll let ya drive home, Sammy."

Sam perked up, begrudgingly interested. "Deal. So, what's the plan?"


Sam stumbled out of the woods, nearly falling.

Dean's arm around him tightened. "C'mon, kiddo, just a little further. I c'n see my baby from here."

Almost home. "Did good din' I, D'n?" Sam slurred, hopeful gleam escaping his one semi-open eye.

"Yeah, kid, you did good. Zigged when you shoulda zagged," Dean pointed out, "but real good. Y'took down that thing like a pro." Brotherly pride warred with concern. "'Course, Dad's gonna kill me, lettin' you get hurt."

Sam huffed, exasperated. "Keys," he prompted, shaky hand outstretched.

"Not a chance." Kid could barely see, no way he was driving the Impala.

"Y'said…played m'cards right…" Sam panted.

"Yeah, well, let's face it, Sammy—you're a lousy card player."

Sam glared as best he could with two swollen eyes. "Keys," he insisted stubbornly.

"Sorry, bro," Dean apologized. "It's just not in the cards."

"Deeeeann." Sam tried his puppy-dog eyes—or eye, as the case may be.

Apparently even one-eyed, the look worked its magic. "Maybe when you can see out of both eyes we'll take her for a spin," Dean conceded. "In a nice, safe parking lot somewhere."

Sam heaved a put-upon sigh. It was probably the best he was gonna get. "Promise?"


Sam grinned. Sure, he was concussed, his eyes swollen shut, and green goo covered his favorite shirt…not to mention the math exam he had to study for.

Still, all things considered, not a bad day.