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Remus smiled gently at the small child in his arms; he was adorable. And as he held the child, he found that he had a strange protectiveness of the toddler, as did his Moony.

With a quick check at the clock, Remus found it time to head down to dinner. Looking at his fellow Marauders, he knew that they were going over the same problem as him: should they bring the boy with them to dinner? It was obvious that they shouldn't leave him alone or with someone of the staff that he didn't know. But what would the rest of the school say if they saw the child in Remus' arms?

"I say we take him," Sirius said with seriousness (no pun intended). "I don't think it would be a good idea to leave the pup alone with someone he doesn't know," Sirius continued, sounding, for once, logical. "Granted, he may have just appeared in front of us, but at least he's familiar with us. If we just dump him with someone, say Madam Pompfrey, we don't know how he would react; when he appeared in front off us, he had a very strong aura, indicating the power he has. Do we really want to risk the chance that he'd hurt someone?"

When Sirius finished, he looked slightly affronted at his tow compatriots' gob-smacked expressions.

"What?" He asked, irritated. "I can be logical when I want to be." Sirius sniffed, crossing his arms over his chest, a small pout on his face.

"Well ya could've fooled me, Padfoot," James said, a teasing grin on his face. Sirius growled and lunged for James, who, when he had seen the look on his best mate's face, began running. The two ran out of the room- a guest quarters room, kindly provided by the Headmaster- and down the corridor, obviously heading for the Great Hall.

Sighing, Remus made sure he had a firm grip on the toddler in his left arm and headed down to the Great Hall, at a much more relaxed and graceful gait.

Walking down the hallways, the portraits commented on how cute the toddler in his arms was, and Remus had to admit, once again, that he was cute, especially when asleep. Though for some strange reason, he had the feeling that the child in his arms was a handful when awake…

Reaching the doors to the Great Hall, Remus hesitated slightly before heading in, moving towards the Gryffindor table. As soon as he stepped through the doors, he could hear the whisperings, thanks to Moony.

"Oh my gosh! Look at the child; he's so cute!"

"Where did he come from?"

"Why is he with Remus?"

"Do you reckon he's the father?"

Questions such as these were being spread through the houses- even the Slytherins, who were indeed curious as to why there was a child in the boy's arms.

Taking a seat next to James, who was sitting across from Sirius, he began to serve himself food agilely, as if having a toddler in his lap was nothing new.

"Wow Moony," James commented after taking a bite of turkey, "you're like a pro at this." Sirius, who had his mouth stuffed with food, nodded in agreement.

Remus just chuckled before going back to his own food, making sure not to jostle the toddler too much.

Dinner passed by amiably, with the Marauders (Peter coming in five minutes after Remus) chatting about the classes they were going to be taking this year. It was around dessert when Remus noticed his little charge beginning to wake up.

Smiling gently, Remus said to the sleepy toddler, "And how are you sleepyhead?"

At first, the rest of the Marauders were confused at what Remus had said, but then they too noticed that the bundle in Remus' lap had began to move.

"Sweepy," The toddler said, using his hand to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

Remus laughed lightly. "I can see that," he said amusedly. "Are you hungry?"

The little boy nodded, now looking at the table in front of his with a stunningly

Brilliant gaze of emerald green.

"Do you want anything from the table?" Remus asked, seeing the toddler looking at the table.

"Dat!" The toddler exclaimed, pointing to the plate of treacle tarts that were in front of James. Bemusedly, Remus took one from the plate in front of James, said person looking incredibly sad over a single tart.

"Here you go, cub," Remus said, handing the toddler the treacle tart, unaware of the fact he had called the boy 'cub'.

Munching on the tart happily, the toddler swallowed the bite in his mouth, and Remus gave him a goblet filled with pumpkin juice to swallow any remaining chunks.

Satisfied, Remus watched as the toddler went for some of the other desserts on the table, such as the chocolate chip cookies, which the toddler had eaten a numerable amount of, slices of fruit- cantaloupe, apples- and had even taken more of the treacle tarts, much to the dismay of one James Potter.

When it seemed that the toddler had had his fill- he was leaning against Remus' chest contentedly, Remus started to ask questions.

"Well, now that you're nice and full, do you think you can tell me your name?" Remus asked in a gentle voice, not wanting to scare the toddler. Seeing a look of confusion and slight distrust- which gave Remus a pang in his heart for some reason- he introduced himself. "I'm Moony," Remus said, pointing to himself.

"Me Hawwy," The toddler, now identified as Harry, chirped back in reply, making Remus smile in happiness.

"Well Harry, its very nice to meet you," Remus said. Harry giggled, grabbing onto one of Remus' fingers-seeing as how his hands were- and shook it.

From either sides of the table, Remus could hear the girls cooing and squealing in delight over how cute Harry was.

"Hey! Aren't you going to introduce us Moony?" Sirius asked, an expectant look on his face.

"I don't know," Remus said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I'm not sure you two would be responsible enough to know him. You are far too immature."

"I resent that!" James cried indignantly, a look of outrage on his face. "Don't compare me to him!"

"Oy! That's totally uncool Moony. Come on!" Sirius whined.

"Hmm," Remus said, looking as though he were in thought. He turned to Harry. "What do you think Harry? Should they get to know you?

Harry put on a pensive expression, which made Remus smile. Remus watched as Harry looked suspiciously at the other two marauders, who had hopeful expressions on their faces. After what seemed like a long while, Harry nodded his head to Remus, who grinned happily.

"Great!" He exclaimed, turning Harry in his lap so he could get a better view of both Marauders. "Right then. Harry, the boy with the birds nest for hair is James."

"Hey ya kiddo," James said with a smile, sticking his tongue out at Remus for the hair comment, "I'm James, but you can call me Prongs too." A small grin on Harry's part assured Remus that he was fine with James, so he moved on to Sirius next.

"And this," Remus gestured to Sirius, who was bouncing in his seat excitedly, "is Sirius. Although you'll never catch him being that."

Sirius rolled his eyes at the lame joke produced by Remus, but introduced himself to Harry.

"Hey there pup, I'm Sirius," A grin appeared on his face. "Hey Moony, I bet he could be a future Marauder."

"Oh stop that Sirius; he shouldn't be involved so young," Remus scolded, being the down-to-earth person in the group.

"I completely agree with Remus." A voice came in, and the group of Marauders- and Harry- looked over towards the new voice.


Harry was enjoying himself; ever since Sirius had died, he and Remus had become closer. He was happy to see his surrogate Uncle much healthier than he had been in the future. Plus, he was able to see what his father was like, and Sirius, too!

He was amused by the antics of the three marauders, enjoying the attention they gave him. Normally, he wouldn't want the attention he was getting from anyone, sick of the spotlight he had received as the Boy-Who-Lived. But, this was different; he was getting attention from the people he had wanted most in the world to be with. Currently, he couldn't remember any other time where he had been happier than this- there just wasn't.

Being introduced to the Sirius and James the way he had had made Harry laugh inwardly. Now, while he didn't know his father at all, he did know Sirius, and the way he had acted then was pretty much the same way as in the future- albeit younger and not slightly insane from the years in Azkaban.

Now, listening to them talk, he was content; he even laughed inwardly when Sirius said he would be the next marauder.

"Oh stop that Sirius; he shouldn't be involved so young," Remus scolded, being the down-to-earth person in the group. Ah, good old Remus, Harry thought, the only sensible one in the group.

"I completely agree with Remus." A voice came in, and the group of Marauders- and Harry- looked over towards the new voice. Harry looked over to the source of the new and incredibly familiar female voice. Said owner had beautiful auburn hair that gracefully fell over her shoulders to half-way down her back. But what got him was her eyes; striking green eyes said to look like emeralds, like his eyes. And Harry realized with a whirlwind of emotions who this girl was.

This girl was Lily Evans, his mother.


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