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Dates, Dates, Dates on Vain Day

Chapter 1: The Envelope

February 10, 5:00PM, President's Office.

"President-sama this is not fair!" Kyoko said in a distress voice, waving a red envelope in front of Takarada Lory. She and the other two Love me girls stormed the president's office after receiving the red envelope containing the offensive invitation. If other people were to read the said invitation, they would not find anything offensive about it. It just says:

You are invited to attend a meeting with the President of LME, which is going to be held at Conference room 3 on Feb 14 at 9:00am. Attendance is a must!

But the girls know what the meeting was all about and that is what upset them.

"Mogami-kun it is not unfair." Lory said patiently. "I gave everyone a fair warning a month ago. I even made the announcement. I even sent out reminders before yesterday's deadline."


Monday, January 10 10:45AM, LME building

Attention every employee of LME. I, Takarada Lory, am proclaiming that the 14th of February will be an official day-off for every employee of LME. Valentine's Day is a very important day; it is a day for lovers. I know that here in Japan this day is for the ladies to express their affection to their special someone by giving out chocolates. But to the rest of the world it means spending this time with your special someone. Therefore I'm declaring that every single employee of LME should go out on a date on February 14. People who are married will take their spouse on a date. Those who have partners, girlfriends or boyfriends should take them on a date. And for those who are currently single, find yourselves a date. It doesn't matter whether it's a friendly date or casual date just to get to know the person you are interested with. Couples who doesn't have any specific place to go to yet can join me and my date to a Sumida River cruise. There are also concert tickets and theatre tickets available for those who are interested. Details for these events will be posted on the bulletin board. Everyone will be required to submit the name of their dates by February 9. If by any chance you cannot find a date by the 9th I will personally help you find one. Thank you everyone for your attention, and spread the love."


"I specifically told everyone that if you can't find a date by the 9th I will personally find you one. I'm a man of my words. And you girls didn't heed my request and didn't find yourselves a date for the 14th, so I'm being true to my words and will find a date for each and every one of my employee who doesn't have a date. Don't worry girls there are seventeen other people that didn't find any dates. So if you'll excuse me girls, I have another meeting with my computer programmer to attend to." With that the President dismissed his three Love Me girls.

Same day, 5:30PM, Love Me office.

"I guess this mean we really have to go on a date on vain day." Kyoko said.

"I guess so." Chiori answered while changing out of her hot pink Love Me uniform.

"Mo, why does are President had to be so eccentric. It's so frustrating!" Kanae threw the red envelope she was holding on the table.

Ring, ring, ring

Chiori answered her ringing phone.

"I have to go now. My manager's waiting for me outside. I'll see you tomorrow at the studio Kyoko-san and I'll see you on the 14th Kotonami-san." Chiori waved before running out the door.

"Are you going home now Moko-san?"

"Not yet. I have another meeting with Director Ito for another shampoo CM at 7:00PM. Do you need a ride to your precious senpai's apartment?" Kanae said teasingly.

"If you don't mind. I have to start dinner before he gets home at 8:00" Kyoko said blushing bright red.

"You do know that you sound like a wife saying that don't you?" Kanae said laughing.

"Moko-san don't tease. It's his birthday today and I just want to give him a proper birthday dinner. I couldn't think of anything to give him for his birthday, after all he's got everything already. So cooking him dinner will be my birthday present."

"How are you getting into his apartment without him?"

"The doorman knows me already and Tsuruga-san gave me the spare keys."

The two girls exited the love me room and started walking towards the elevator that will take them to the underground parking where Kotonami parked her car.

"By the way why didn't you just ask Tsuruga-san to be your date for Valentine's Day? At least you wouldn't be dreading the President's impromptu date."

"I cannot ask him to be my date."

"Are you scared he'd say no?"

"No. I know he'd say yes just to help me out, but I don't want to inconvenience him. Plus he might want to ask someone else."

"Really Kyoko, you're so dense"

"What do you mean Moko-san?"

"In the two years that you've know Tsuruga-san have you ever heard anything about him dating anyone?"

"No, but he told me, well he told Bo, that he likes this highschool girl. I was thinking maybe he was just waiting for her to finish highschool then he might confess to her then. That was about two years ago, she was sixteen, she should be eighteen now and finishing highschool. He might want to take her on a Valentine's Day date." Kyoko answered sadly.

"Kyoko think about it. How old are you?"

"Eighteen. You should know that Moko-san, you were there on my birthday dinner that Maria gave me. You even gave me this beautiful charm bracelet."

"I know that but listen carefully. How old were you when he told you about the girl he likes?"

The girls reached Kanae red sedan. Kanae unlocked the doors and they both got in.

"Sixteen...Oh no, Moko-san if you're telling me he's talking about me, you're mistaken. She can't be me"

"Why not?" Kanae asked. "You're in highschool. He gives you special attention. Do you know any other girls he gives gifts to on their birthday?"

"Yes, Maria."

"Let me re-phrase that. Do you know any other teenage girls he gives gifts to? He doesn't give me gifts on my birthday."

"Moko, he doesn't even know when your birthday is."

"Point proven, he doesn't know when my birthday is, because that's not important to him, but he made a point of knowing yours."


"Oh this is frustrating, just confess to him and tell him you love him. He'll be happy and you'll be happy. Make your confession as part of his birthday present."

"Moko, you promised you wouldn't mention that fact."

"No, I promised not to say anything about your feelings to anyone but I didn't promise not to talk about it with you." Kanae remembered the day Kyoko finally admitted that she's in love with her senpai. Kyoko wasn't herself for about a week and she noticed her best friend's distress. Naturally Kanae didn't stop asking her friend what's bugging her. Kyoko finally talked about it after she threatens not to talk to her until she tells Kanae her problem. After all best friends should share their problems with each other so they can help each other to find a solution. That was two days after Kyoko's 18th birthday. "Kyoko, I still think you're the girl he's talking about."

"Moko-san, please."

"Fine, think whatever you want to think. But my opinion is my own. And I will say 'I told you so' when he finally confess."

Kyoko gave her friend a pleading look. "Please Moko, I don't want to hope then be disappointed."

"Ok, I'll shut my mouth now. We're here now anyway. Have fun cooking dinner. And tell Tsuruga-san happy birthday from me."

"Thank you Moko-san. Drive safely." Kyoko got out of her friends car and waved before walking towards the entrance of Ren's apartment.

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