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Chapter 6: Kyoko's Date.

February 14, 3:45 PM, LME

Kyoko walked down the corridor of LME looking for Room 805. The printed instruction form the computer says:

Appointment at 4:00 room 805. Further instruction will be given by the makeup artist.

When she finally reached her destination, she knocked on the door.

"Come in." A familiar voice said. Kyoko went in and found Jelly Woods in a Cleopatra costume complete with a straight bob with fringe/bangs, waiting for her.

"Kyoko-chan! What a nice surprise." The tiny makeup witch said. "Have a seat so we can get started. I just finished dressing your date up."

"Good afternoon Woods-san. It's nice to see you again."

"Why so formal? I told you to call me Ten. We should be very familiar with each other."

"Oh it would be disrespectful of me to call you Ten."

"No I insist that you call me that! If you don't I'll make you look ugly today." Jelly said with a little laugh. "Just joking. But I really insist that you call me Ten. After all we're friends now aren't we?"

"Oh I'll be honoured to be your friend Woo... I mean Ten-san."

"Ok that's good enough for now. But maybe later on you can get rid of the san in the end. We should get started or you'll be late for your date."

Jelly started to work on Kyoko. She put Kyoko's short hair into a tight, high ponytail. Then she attached a straight, long hair piece on it. She applied a dark Smokey eye shadow, soft blush and red lipstick.

"Here change into this." Jelly handed Kyoko a black garment bag. After ten minutes Kyoko went out of the change room.

"Isn't this too much Ten-san?"She asked as soon as she got out.

"No Kyoko-chan you looked gorgeous! It's perfect!" Jelly exclaimed.

Kyoko looked back at the mirror to check her outfit again. She's wearing a red corset, which emphasized her tiny waist, on top of a black long sleeve mesh top. The black skinny leg jeans showed off her nice, shapely legs and the platform wedge opened toed ankle boots made her look taller.

"Here wear this." Jelly handed her a short black leather jacket. "Now you're ready. You have to go down to the underground parking level B2 and go straight to parking space number 112. That should be next to the elevator exit. The driver will bring you to a restaurant called Steak and Stuff. When you get there just tell the Maitre d that you have a reservation under LME they would know where to seat you. Your date chose to bring his car so the driver will leave as soon as you settle in the restaurant. Everything's paid for in the restaurant so order anything you want. After dinner you will be watching a concert in Tokyo Dome. Remember you have to use your dates first name without honorific tonight. Have fun tonight! Now I'm off to see my Mark Anthony."

"Have fun with your date too." Kyoko said.

"Of course dear, I know I will. I always have fun with my darling whenever we go out. Now off you go."

Kyoko exited the room and headed towards the elevator.

February 14, 5:45 PM, Steak and stuff restaurant.

Kyoko was seated in the far left table near the window. She was drinking her tea when the Maitre d approached her table followed by a tall, handsome guy with blonde tips. She looked up and saw her date's bluish-green eyes looking at her adoringly. She blushed. Her date thanked the blushing Maitre d and sat down opposite Kyoko.

"Good evening Kyoko." He said.

"Hello Ren." Kyoko said shyly.

"You look beautiful tonight."

"Thank you. So do you. I specially love the contacts. " Kyoko blushed brighter. She wasn't supposed to say that out loud but she has spoken her thoughts before she could stop herself.

Ren laugh. He looked at what Kyoko was wearing and said "We match!" Ren was wearing a red V-neck slim fit shirt, black jeans, black combat boots and black leather jacket.

"Ten-san sure did a good job dressing us up." Kyoko said. The waiter arrived and they ordered their meal.

Forty five minutes later.

"Kyoko would you mind if we walk to Tokyo Dome?" Ren asked. He wanted to take advantage of rule 3 (holding hands while walking).

"No I don't mind. The exercise will be good for us." Kyoko answered. She hid her excitement by using her acting. She also wanted to take advantage of rule number 3.

Ren stood up and offered Kyoko his hand which she shyly but gladly accepted. He guided her towards the exit. On the way out they overheard a group of people talking:

"God she's hot!...He's one lucky guy to have a girlfriend like that!" One of the guys said

"Hell! I'd give anything to have a girlfriend like that." The other guy said.

"I'd give anything to have a body like hers! With her face and body she could be a model" One of the girls said.

"Sorry guys only a guy like him could get a girl like that..." They didn't hear the rest of the conversation as they exited the restaurant.

They continued talking as they walk.

"So whose concert are we seeing today?" Kyoko asked

"Bruno Mars."


"Hai. Have you heard any of his songs?"

"Yup. Chiori-san is a fan of his. She would have loved to see this concert. She made me listen to some of his songs. He's not bad really. How about you have you heard any of his songs?"

"Yeah. He and I were both in The Kumiko Show two nights ago and he sang one of his songs. I also got to talk to him and he's quite friendly."

"What song did he sing?"

"I'm not sure about the title but I'll let you know when he sings it during the concert."

February 14, 9:00 PM, Tokyo Dome.

Ren and Kyoko were enjoying the concert for about an hour and a half now. The concert started at 7:30 with an all girl band called Raven as a front act. Bruno Mars came out at 8:30 and so far he has sang four songs which Kyoko sang along to. Ren was enjoying watching Kyoko while the rest of the girl population around them enjoyed watching the gorgeous actor. Kyoko didn't mind the ogling girls, her date was still holding her hand and she could feel his eyes on her. He hasn't paid any attention to anyone but her.

"This next song is dedicated for all the ladies out here." Bruno Mars said.

Ren recognised the intro and he leaned over and said, "This is the song he sang." He didn't go back to his original position as Kyoko thought, but instead he leaned a bit close to Kyoko's ears and sang along with Bruno Mars:

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying

She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Kyoko turned her face towards senpai. This is the first time she heard him sing and she was impressed. His baritone voice was beautiful.

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She won't believe me
And its so, it's so
Sad to think she don't see what I see
But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say

She was so mesmerised by his voice, all she could do was stare at his eyes..

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change

Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

Kyoko was surprised to see the sincerity in Ren's eyes. She could feel the love he's conveying through the song he was singing.

Her lips, her lips

I could kiss them all day if she'd let me

After hearing Ren sing those lines she couldn't contain her feelings anymore. She leaned forward and gave him a short timid kiss on the lips. That's all the encouragement Ren needed. Before Kyoko could pull away he seized her lips again and gave her a soft passionate kiss which she responded with the same passion.

"We need to talk" Ren said breathlessly before pulling Kyoko gently towards the exit. Kyoko followed Ren in a daze. She couldn't believe what just happened. When they reached Ren's car she was still in her catatonic state. Ren smiled and opened her door. He gently guided her into the car before closing the door. As soon as he was seated in the driver's seat he leaned over to put Kyoko's seatbelt on for her. He gave her a quick peck on her lips before putting his seatbelt on and driving to a quiet park near his apartment.

When they reached their destination Ren turned the engine off and turned to face the girl he loves. He reached over to touch her cheek.

"Kyoko" He called out to her. She turned her head to him but she was still in a daze. He squeezed her hand that he took a hold of while he was driving. She blinked a couple times and shook her head as if to dislodge the haziness in her head. She squeezed his hand back and smiled at him timidly.

"Kyoko I need to tell you something..." Ren said apprehensively. Kyoko was suddenly alarmed at Ren's tone. Is he going to tell her that the kiss they shared was a mistake? That he doesn't really see her as woman? It's her fault, she shouldn't have kissed him in the first place. Thoughts after thoughts kept popping in her head.

"Kyoko please just listen to me first. Your thinking that you did something wrong and that's not true." She looked into his eyes and found fear in them. 'What is he scared of?' She thought. She decided to take his advice and listen to him first.

"I'm listening Ren." She finally said and she gently squeezed his hand again.

"I don't really know how to start but... I wanted you to know the real me before anything else. Kyoko I'm only part Japanese..." He let that statement linger a little bit before continuing. "My father is half Japanese but he grew up here in Japan. In Kyoto to be exact. My mother is American. When they got married they moved to America. But before the move my father is already a famous actor here in Japan and now he's famous in America too."

The wheels in Kyoko's head started turning. 'Actor famous in Japan who moved to America. That sounds familiar.' She thought. Then an epiphany hit her.

"You're Hizuri Kuon!" she suddenly exclaimed "You're Otou-san's missing son!" She suddenly covered her mouth when she realised that she just called Ren father Otou-san.

"Yes I'm Kuon Hizuri Kyoko. And Kuu Hizuri is my father."

"But why... how..."

"Why am I hiding my identity? See Kyoko in America my parents are very much like royalties. My dad is the action king that everyone loved and my mother is a top model/designer that everyone adores and admired. Everyone has great expectation of their child. They expected me to be brilliant."

"But you are brilliant Ren." Kyoko said lovingly.

"Thanks Kyoko. Your opinion is the most important opinion to me now..." Kyoko blushed. "But back then I didn't want to disappoint my parents. I wanted to be an actor like my hero, my dad. So I auditioned for some parts when I was nine. Almost every director knew who my parents were. They usually get excited that the great Kuu's child is auditioning. I usually get the part. But they expected too much of me. My talent wasn't polished yet and when I get NGed I easily get frustrated. I felt that I'm letting my dad down. The more frustrated I get the more mistake I make. When I was ten my father decided that I should stop auditioning for a while and concentrate on polishing my talent. He brought me back to his home town to visit my grandparents and meet his old boss. President Lory went to Kyoto to meet us." Ren waited a few seconds to see if Kyoko would realise the connection between corn and him. But the girl just kept quiet and waited for him to continue.

"It took me three years to go back into acting again." He continued deciding to tell her about his past experience with acting before telling her about corn. "When I was thirteen I went back to acting, by then I learned a couple of tricks from my father and President Lory. My acting skills was bit polished too. I had a good start, I landed a minor role in a drama called Family and friends. But some of the boys who auditioned and didn't get the part started spreading rumours. They started telling everyone I only got the part because of my father. It put too much pressure on the director that they had to cut my role out of the script. It happen a couple of times that I became withdrawn. My parents didn't know what to do. When I was fourteen I met a guy called Rick." Ren's face became darker, his voice cracked and his eyes sad. Kyoko gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. He continued.

"When I was fourteen I met Rick" he said again. "He's one of my dad's fans and another aspiring actor like me. He knew that I was getting bullied by all this other boys in the industry and he urged me to fight back. I was confident that when it comes to physical fight I could win easily. I've been trained by my father to defend myself ever since I was young. I'm a black belter in Taekwondo, I hold a red and black belt in Jiu jitsu. My father even trained me to use weapon such as swords, knives and guns. But I didn't want to trouble my parents. I knew it would affect them more if ever I get into those sorts of fights. So I chose to ignore all the bullies. But Rick he wasn't as sheltered as me. In fact he was used to life in the street. He was an orphan. He told me that he lived a rough life in the streets until he was inspired my one of my father's movie. Then he decided to make a goal for himself. He wanted to be as good as my dad. He was my only real friend at the time. He treated me like a little brother. The guys who bullied me were scared of him so he usually hangs around me to protect me. But one time on the way to Rick's place they cornered me. They started taunting me. Calling me names and insulting me, calling me a coward. I didn't really care because they just trying to get a reaction from me. Then they started saying that I hide behind my mother's skirt. That was fine with me. It doesn't really mean anything. But then they started insulting my mother. Calling her names and disrespecting her. That's when I saw red. I'll spear you the details of what I did. To make the long story short he had to stay in the hospital for a month. I was beside myself in worry after that. I knew if they say something it would affect my parents career. My actions would reflect on them. But they never said anything. It might be because they're scared or their ego won't let them accept that the guy the used to push around kicked their a**. But my life became peaceful after that incident. Three months later, I was walking to meet Rick when I heard a car accelerate. I turned around and saw a red BMW heading towards me. I was in so much shock that I couldn't move. Suddenly I felt someone push me. It was Rick. He pushed me out of the way and the car hit him." By now Ren was shaking. The sadness in his eyes was replaced by anger. "The guy who bullied me wanted revenge after he lost two major jobs because of his injuries. He blamed me for his lost opportunity. He wanted to hurt me like I hurt him. Later on he admitted that he didn't want to kill anyone he just wanted to send me to the hospital. In court his lawyer made it look like it was an accident, that he lost control of his vehicle. Because he was a minor too his punishment was only 350 hours of community service and a hefty fine. I was really angry at that time. Angry at the guy who killed Rick, angry at the injustice of the sentence he received but most of all I was angry at myself . I kept thinking: If only I ignored those idiots they wouldn't seek out revenge. It was my fault that Rick died. Rick was only eighteen, He had a lot more to live for. He had his goal to achieve, but because of me he's dead. I hated myself. That's when my father called for reinforcement. He asked the president for help again. After all the PRESIDENT helped me before..." He emphasised the word president. "...maybe he can help again. When President Lory came he offered me a new life. He asked me if I wanted to go to Japan and start over again. Work as an actor and build up my career without my parents influence. I thought really hard about his offer. I thought about all the pain I was giving my parents by having self hatred and I thought about Rick and his dream. Then I accepted the President's offer. Without saying goodbye to my parents I went with the President. But before going to the airport we pasted by Ricks tomb. There I promised him that I would only go back to America when I finally surpass my father. And that is how Tsuruga Ren was born" Ren's tears were flowing freely now and Kyoko reached out to wipe them. Then she did the unexpected, she leaned over and Kissed Ren's eyes before giving him a tight hug.

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