Things where finally starting to get back to normal. Cas was out of the hospital and Dean was working again, but some things needed time. Castiel was still feeling fairly tired and his healed wounds ached, he took up yoga for his physical therapy. He did yoga every day, but it was the lack of job that was really starting to get to him.

"I'm bored, Dean," Cas states, plopping onto the couch and resting his head on Dean with his feet hanging off the end.

"You could get a job," Dean offers still watching the TV movie that was on.

"Doing what, may I ask?"

"I don't know, what are you good at or like to do?"

"Hmm," Cas contemplates. "Is there much call for male prostitution?"

Dean tenses, not liking that at all, even though he knows Cas is joking. "Wouldn't know, but that is something you're good at." He smirks, "Might want to try the straight and narrow though."

"I suppose," he looks up un-amused at Dean, as if this is the hardest task in the world.

"Well," Dean takes pity on him, running his hand through his dark hair. "You could be a waiter at a restaurant or starbucks guy or…" He trails off trying to think of more options, Cas giving the 'that involves people' look. "What about the library?"

"The library," He reiterates. "That might be pleasant."

"There ya go!" Dean smiles, going back to the show, "Plus it's an excuse to get you some sexy sweater vests."

Cas groans, closing his eyes. "Must we add librarian to your ever growing list of fetishes?"

"Mmm," he contemplates wistfully rubbing his hand over Castiel's chest. "I'm sure we could knock some books off the shelves."

The joke earns him a glare. "I would have to reshelf them," Cas deadpans, "You're all ready creating more work for me and the job is hypothetical."

"Not for long, tomorrow we're getting you a job." Dean tells him, gently nudging Cas so he can stand up.

"Fine," Cas grumbles, stretching out on the couch as Dean heads to the bathroom. "Grab my pack." He calls after Dean.

Dean grabs the pack from the bedroom on his way back from the bathroom, he finds Cas dozing on the sofa. He watches him for a second.

"I know you are watching me," Cas states his eyes still closed.

Dean tosses the pack onto Cas's chest, "I don't know what you're talking about, babe."


Cas sits up a bit, allowing Dean to reclaim his seat. Dean kissing him briefly, before he lays back down.

"Whatever," Dean sighs as Cas starts smoking.

He goes back to the show, his hand drawing on Cas's skin. They stay like that for the duration of the cigarette. Castiel puts out the butt and lies back down, before he lets out a frustrated noise and sits up. Dean too enthralled in the show to notice anything, until Cas is straddling him.

"Bored." Cas informs him like it's an order that needs to be fixed, locking his arms behind Dean's neck as he leans in to place a slow kiss to the other man's lips.

"Oh," Dean whispers, when Cas pulls back from the kiss.


Dean brings their mouths together again roughly, mapping out the contours of Cas's mouth like it's the first time. The relief that Cas was ok was still evident with in him, but no one was complaining so.

Cas kisses back with just as much force, pulling Dean's hair to expose his throat. He nips and kisses down Dean's jaw and licking the juncture of his neck, before sucking gently and nibbling to leave his mark.

Dean groaning at the ministrations, "Cas," he rasps out.

Cas pulling back to look at his handy work before kissing him again slowly.

"Cas," Dean tries again.

Cas pulls back, cocking his head to the side in confusion.

"Would, um, maybe we should…" He falters.

"What is it, Dean?"

"I was thinking we should get an apartment," He manages to get out as Cas licks the shell of his ear, causing him to shiver.

"That might be nice," Cas whispers darkly into Dean's ear.

"God," Dean groans pulling Cas by his hair to kiss him again, his hands sliding up the dark haired man's shirt and gripping his arms around him as he moves.

He flips them so that Cas's back is against the couch with Dean barreling over him. Dean's still a bit cautious with him, he knows Cas doesn't always let on to how much he's in pain etc. However, Dean can see it in an instant in Cas's eyes.

"You ok?" Dean asks.

Cas takes a breath before nodding at him, "Yes."

Dean gives him a look, he knows it's not entirely true. Cas pushes him off, moving slowly to stand up.

"Damn it Dean." Cas huffs striding from the room, "I'm not going to fucking break."

"I know that," he starts to defend himself.

"You better get over this shit before we move." Cas throws at him, slamming the bedroom door.

Dean knew he would, he just needs time, and it would work out. He was just too pleased with the fact that Cas said yes to living together to dwell on it right now. Cas needed space right now so he'd wait and think of the future.