AN. So, my job is kind of boring. I work at a supermarket on weekends as a checkout chick. The job doesn't require a lot of thought. A little while ago, i was talking with a friend who knows how obsessed i am with WICKED and just discovered i do this. In the conversation, he dared me to link WICKED to Cinderella- this is the result. Then i thought i could do a whole series of WICKED fairytales... maybe.

So, send me any requests you can think of and how i could do it. I don't promise to write them all, but i will consider all suggestions. Thanks to Julia-Caesar for betaing and reassuring me it wasn't crap.

Of course, a lot of these will be AU to fit in with whatever fairytale it is. But i hope you enjoy it, it's just something light and fluffy.

Once Upon a time: Cinderella

Once upon a time, there was a man named Frexspar. Frexspar doted upon his wife, Melena who was beautiful and graceful. They had a small daughter named Elphaba, who's birth was the talk of the town when she was born with emerald green skin. Despite this oddity, Frexspar and Melena loved their daughter, and treated her with love and kindness. When Melena fell pregnant again, Frexspar tried to spare his next child the shame of being born green by making Melena chew milk flowers.

However, the milk flowers caused complications, and although the baby, a girl, was born tragically beautiful with pearly-white skin, the midwife told Frexspar she would never walk and would have to spend her entire life in a wheelchair. And just as tragically, Melena never got to meet her daughter and died, leaving both girls without a mother.

Frexspar, grieving for his wife and blaming himself for his tragedy, named the baby Nessarose and turned his attentions to his daughters' education. A few years later, he met a rich, snobby woman named Madame Morrible, who had a daughter of her own named Milla and who was just as snobby as her mother. Frexspar and Madame Morrible married and she and Milla moved into the house. Madame Morrible was charmed by the tragically beautiful Nessarose, but she was horrified by the odd colour of Elphaba's skin and the stares she drew in public.

She was also threatened, as Elphaba was much smarter than her own daughter and Frexspar still loved his green daughter. Jealous, she convinced Frexspar that Elphaba was to blame for the death of Melena and Nessarose's disability. Frexspar grew cold towards his eldest daughter, and agreed with his wife's plan to make Elphaba do all the chores in the house and care for Nessarose.

Nessarose grew up to be beautiful, proud and spoiled by her father and stepmother. She too, treated Elphaba as nothing more than a maid. It hurt Elphaba, but she didn't dare complain, for there was no one to hear her complaints.

One day, when Elphaba was twenty-one, news spread through the Kingdom that there was a grand ball being planned so that the handsome and charming Prince Fiyero could choose a bride. All eligible young women were to be invited, and Nessarose and Milla were thrillified and ordered Elphaba to make them grand new gowns for the ball. Elphaba, upon seeing the invitation asked her father whether she could be permitted to attend the ball also.

Frexspar sneered at her. "You want to attend the ball?"

"It does say all eligible women are invited," Elphaba pointed out calmly.

Madame Morrible cackled. "Please, dearie! As if the prince is going to pick someone like you to marry!"

Milla sniggered. "I can just see it now- Princess Artichoke!"

Madame Morrible smiled wickedly at Elphaba. "You leave these foolish ideas in those story books you read and get back to work. I want Milla and Nessa to have the best chance to catch the eye of Prince Fiyero."

So, Elphaba did some of her finest work to create beautiful gowns for her sister and stepsister. And the night of the ball, when the carriage carried her family away to the palace, Elphaba sank to the floor in the kitchen and sighed.

Suddenly, she saw a bubble float through the kitchen window and head towards her, getting bigger and changing colour the closer it got. When the bubble reached the ground, instead of popping, it revealed a beautiful woman with blonde curls and a wand in a pale blue gown. Elphaba was startled.

"Who are you?" she demanded, jumping to her feet.

"I am Galinda, your Fairy Godmother," the blonde announced dramatically, dipping her head to Elphaba. "I'm here to send you on your way to the ball."

Elphaba was stunned. "I'm sorry- who are you?"

The blonde tutted impatiently. "Elphie! I'm your Fairy Godmother! Is it alright if I call you Elphie?"

Elphaba hesitated. "I think it's a little perky," she answered honestly, but the blonde ignored her.

"And you can call me- Galinda!"

"I'm not going to the ball, Galinda," Elphaba stated and Glinda's face fell.

"Why not?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Where do I start? I have no transportation, nothing to wear and I've been forbidden to attend."

Galinda waved her wand. "Don't worry about that, Elphie. I've decided to make you my new project!"

Elphaba was slightly wary. "You really don't have to do that."

"I know! That's what makes me so nice," Galinda beamed.

Before Elphaba knew what was happening, Galinda was dragging her out into the garden. She waved her wand and turned a pumpkin into a coach, mice into horses, a rat into a coachman, and lizards into footmen. Then she turned to Elphaba with a smile.

"And now, I will transform your simple frock into a magnificent ball gown!" she proclaimed, waving her wand around to emphasise her point.

Elphaba was apprehensive as the blonde pointed her wand at her, she muttered some magic words and did indeed, transform Elphaba's ragged, plain black dress into an exquisite silver gown, and her long black hair was swept up. Elphaba was transfixed by her reflection in the window, even more so as she lifted the dress and saw the jewelled shoes adorning her feet. She drew in her breath softly, and then her heart sank.

"What is it?" asked Galinda, not unkindly.

"Galinda… thank you. But this won't work. I can't go to the ball. There's no way the prince would even look at me… except to stare at my skin," Elphaba said sadly.

Galinda hugged her tightly. "I'm not finished yet, Elphie. One final touch…"

She waved her wand again, and Elphaba frowned, not feeling any different. Galinda stepped back, looking proud of her work.

"Oh, Miss Elphaba! Just look at you- you're beautiful."

She conjured a mirror from nowhere and handed it to Elphaba. Reluctantly looking at her reflection, Elphaba gaped to see her skin was a creamy white, instead of its usual emerald green.

"Now, this will only last til midnight," Galinda warned her as the footman helped her into the pumpkin turned carriage.

"If you don't leave by midnight, the spell will be broken. Understood?"

"I understand," Elphaba replied, nodding. "Thank you, Galinda."

When Elphaba entered the ballroom, everyone stopped and stared at the beautiful girl who had just entered. Nessarose was renowned throughout the kingdom for being so tragically beautiful, but the girl who had just entered captivated everyone- especially Prince Fiyero. As she made her way down the staircase, Fiyero pushed his way through the crowd and to her side.

"Excuse me, Miss. May I have this dance?" he asked her quietly, bowing.

Elphaba had never danced before and she was struck dumb by being so close to the prince, who was as handsome and charming as they said, but she nodded and took his hand. The prince danced with her all night, never leaving her side. All throughout the ballroom, people were speculating just who this unknown girl could be and where she had come from, but no one had ever seen her before.

Elphaba remembered to leave before midnight, reluctantly pulling away from prince Fiyero and returning home with plenty of time to spare. By the time her family returned, the spell had worn off and Elphaba's skin was green again.

Milla and Nessarose could talk of nothing else but the mysterious girl the prince had been dancing with, how beautiful she was, and who was she? They were also excited that the ball would continue the next night, to help the prince make his decision.

So once again, Elphaba was left behind as her family went to the ball. And not long after, Galinda reappeared with her bubble and again cast a spell over Elphaba and sent her away to the ball, warning her to return before midnight.

Prince Fiyero was waiting for her this time, and as soon an opportunity arose, he led her away from the ball to the gardens. They spent hours there talking, completely forgetting about the ball and the time. As they talked, both Elphaba and Fiyero fell in love. Just as he was leaning in to kiss her, the clock began to strike and Elphaba realised it was midnight.

Horrified, Elphaba tore away and jumped up. "I have to go!" she cried, which confused Fiyero.

"Go?" he repeated.

"Yes, I'm sorry," she apologised before turning and hurrying away.

"No, wait! Stop!" Fiyero called after her.

Elphaba didn't stop running. She knew that if she was still here when the clock struck twelve and the spell wore off, once Fiyero saw her green skin, he would want nothing to do with her. She didn't even stop when one of her jewelled shoes fell off her feet.

Fiyero, chasing her, did stop to pick it up. When he stopped though, there was no sign of the girl he had fallen in love with apart from the shoe in his hand. He didn't even know her name, he thought sadly.

The next morning, when his parents discovered what had happened, they were disappointed. Two balls, and their son had still not chosen a bride.

"But I have," Fiyero corrected them, producing the slipper. "I will find the girl who owns this slipper and marry her," he promised and his parents were thrilled.

Fiyero called his loyal servant, Boq, to assist him, and set forth to every home in the kingdom, asking all women to try on the slipper. By the time they arrived at Elphaba's house, Fiyero was feeling discouraged. He had spent so long searching for this girl, but it was almost like she didn't want to be found.

When Boq knocked on the door, it was answered by Madame Morrible, who bowed deeply when she saw it was Fiyero on the doorstep. All the kingdom had heard about his desperate search to find the mysterious girl and Milla and Nessarose had taken it as a final opportunity to win the heart of the prince.

"Oh, your Highness! Please come in. Welcome to our home," Madame Morrible gushed, ushering Fiyero and Boq into the living room.

Fiyero smiled politely, although he couldn't help but think how the woman reminded him of a fish.

"Thank you, Madame. Do you have any daughters?" he asked hopefully, wondering if this could be the house.

"I do!" Madame Morrible said happily. "Two, as a matter of fact. Milla and Nessarose, they're just out in the library at the moment. Would you like to meet them?"

"Very much," Fiyero replied.

Madame Morrible led Fiyero and Boq into the library, where Nessarose and Milla were reading quietly.

"Girls, we have visitors!" Madame Morrible announced, and they looked up, both lowering their eyes demurely at the sight of the prince.

"It's so nice to see you, Your Highness," Milla said in the same simpering tone as her mother had before.

Fiyero could only smile tiredly. He knew immediately neither of these girls was his girl. Nessarose, although beautiful, could obviously not walk or dance as his girl had; and Milla had the unfortunate luck to resemble her mother.

But he had promised every young woman the chance to try on the shoe, and Fiyero was a man of his word. So he beckoned Boq forth to produce to jewelled slipper, and both girls drew in their breath softly with admiration, as had every other girl before them.

That made Fiyero smile slightly despite himself, and he shared a grin with Boq as he knelt down before Milla to ease the slipper onto her foot. Milla's foot was much too large and fat to fit into the delicate slipper, and the girl looked crestfallen and her mother displeased. Madame Morrible had been hoping that the Fates would be on her side and the slipper would fit her daughter.

She was satisfied when Nessarose's foot proved to be too tiny, however; if Milla couldn't marry the prince, she didn't want Nessa too, even if she did love the girl as her own.

"Are there any other young women in the house?" Fiyero asked, as he stood back up.

Madame Morrible hesitated, not being able to outright lie to the prince. "There is the maid, sir, but she could not possibly be the girl you are looking for."

Fiyero frowned. "Why not?" he asked and Milla smirked.

"Trust me, Your Highness- you'd remember seeing Elphaba."

Elphaba… Fiyero sounded the name out in his head. "I appreciate that, Madame, but I must insist. Royal protocol."

Madame Morrible stilled. "Of course."

She went to the door and called out. "Elphaba? Come to the library- immediately."

When the maid eventually entered the room, Fiyero was struck by two things- the emerald green of her skin, and the resemblance between this girl and Nessarose. They were obviously related, and Fiyero was curious by why she had been referred to as the maid.

Elphaba, when she saw Fiyero in the room, positively froze. He was here, in her house, looking at her… any moment, he would recognise her and want nothing more to do with her.

Fiyero bowed slightly, and gestured to the armchair nearby. "Miss, would you please take a seat?"

Elphaba did so hesitantly and Fiyero knelt down before the chair. Looking up at her, he looked into her large, deep brown eyes and drew in his breath- recognising the eyes of the girl he'd been looking for. But… it couldn't be… could it?

"I- you look very familiar," he said quietly.

Elphaba blushed and lowered her gaze, knowing she had been recognised. "I get that a lot," she answered softly and Fiyero felt a jolt as he recognised the voice.

It seemed pointless now, but he nonetheless gently removed Elphaba's shoe and slid the slipper onto her foot, a wide smile spreading over his face as it was found to fit perfectly.

Madame Morrible gasped and Milla and Nessarose looked on in disbelief as Fiyero laughed happily and grabbed Elphaba's hands.

"I found you!" he exclaimed.

Elphaba met his gaze nervously. "I can explain everything," she began but was interrupted as he leaned up and kissed her.

"Elphaba…" he repeated her name softly as he pulled away, and she nodded with a small smile.

Fiyero tore his gaze away and looked over to Madame Morrible. "Madame, is your husband about? I'd like to ask him for Elphaba's hand in marriage."

Elphaba thought her stepmother was going to have a stroke. But she felt her heart sink as she looked at Fiyero.

"But… I can't marry you," she said miserably and Fiyero frowned.

"Why not?" he demanded.

"Fiyero," Elphaba said brokenly, the first time she'd addressed the prince by his first name. "I'm…"

She gestured to her skin and Fiyero tilted her head up to meet his gaze. "I don't care about that," he insisted. "I didn't fall in love with you for the colour of your skin. I love you for you."

Elphaba could see the sincerity in his gaze and almost cried for it. Instead, she nodded weakly and Fiyero kissed the back of her hand gently.

Needless to say, Frexspar was stunned when the Prince revealed he wanted to marry Elphaba, of all people. Neither Frexspar nor his wife could understand how Elphaba could have been at the ball in the first place, or why Fiyero didn't seem to mind her odd skin.

But Frexspar reluctantly gave his permission to the prince, and Elphaba was quickly hastened away to the castle to meet Fiyero's parents. Fiyero and his parents were furious when they found out how Elphaba had been treated by her family, and banned all contact with the family from the palace- for once Madame Morrible realised that her stepdaughter was going to be a princess, she quickly attempted to make nice.

When seeing the royal family embrace the 'green girl' as part of the family and give their blessing to the marriage, public opinion of Elphaba quickly changed and she was soon adored by the kingdom, and her family was further scorned for the treatment of their princess.

Elphaba and Fiyero were married in a grand ceremony, and the whole kingdom rejoiced.

And they all lived happily ever after.