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In the After

Chapter 1

The whole of the Emerald City was alive with excitement. It had been exactly ten years to the day that Glinda the Good had taken over from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz as ruler, and all the provinces of Oz were planning elaborate celebrations to commemorate the occasion. Different rulers and high officials from all the provinces were staying in the palace for the occasion, including King Liir and Queen Kasmira of the Vinkus.

Of course, some still gossiped about the fact that if it weren't for the Wicked Witch of the West, the Vinkun King and Queen would have been Glinda's parents-in-law, a fact which Queen Kasmira was very much aware of. Every time she saw the twins of Glinda and Lysander, now six years old, she was reminded that in another time, they might have been her own grandchildren. It was for that reason that Liir, her husband, had little to do with the twins, and the same reason that Kasmira couldn't help but involve herself with them.

She was looking for Glinda to discuss a few details for the Ball the palace was throwing in a few days' time for the anniversary, and that was what brought her to the twin's playroom that afternoon.

"Hello, children. Is your mother in here?" she asked, entering the room.

Idina looked up from what she was doing with a sweet smile. "She just went to get us a snack," she answered the queen politely.

Deciding to simply wait for Glinda's return, Kasmira looked over to see what the twins were drawing.

"That's a beautiful picture, Jem," she complimented the little boy who was drawing a picture of an underwater city.

"Thank you," he replied.

"And Idina? What are you drawing, sweetheart?"

Idina showed her picture to the Queen shyly.

Kasmira frowned slightly. It seemed to be a picture of a forest with two people in it and something on the ground between them that she couldn't make it.

"It's lovely. What is this?" she asked, pointing to the unknown object.

"It's a Lion Cub," Idina replied. "But he's in a cage."

Kasmira was surprised that a six year old girl would know about something like Animal caging, it had been the first thing Glinda put a stop to after taking over Oz.

"It's a very good picture," she said finally.

"Thank you. It's for Uncle Yero's birthday," Idina answered.

Kasmira froze, uncertain if she had heard right but knowing at the same time she had. And she was very much aware of the fact that it would have been Fiyero's thirty-fourth birthday the next week.

"What?" she whispered, but Idina didn't answer, she was distracted by her mother returning to the room.

"Hi, Momma!" she cried cheerfully, and Glinda kissed the top of her daughter's head.

"Hi, dearest."

Glinda turned to Kasmira, and her gentle smile vanished as she saw the queen's troubled expression.

"Kasmira? Are you alright?" she asked, frowning worriedly and Kasmira looked up at the Good Witch in horror.

"Excuse me," she said, standing up and hurrying out of the nursery.

Glinda was faintly alarmed and followed the queen out of the room and to the quarters where Kasmira and Liir were staying.

"Kasmira?" Liir asked when his wife entered their room and he saw her face.

Kasmira turned to face Glinda as she followed her in the room, her face pale.

"Why is Idina drawing a picture for what she says is 'Uncle Yero's birthday'?" she demanded and Glinda froze.

Liir was puzzled and surprised. "What? What's going on?"

Glinda took a moment to compose herself. It had been eight years since Glinda had first learned the truth about Elphaba and Fiyero's survival, and although Glinda didn't agree with it, she had respected Fiyero's decision not to tell his parents that he was alive. But now… she couldn't see any way around telling the truth.

She turned and shut the door securely behind her, before facing the Vinkus king and queen.

"I'm sorry," she began simply, a lump in her throat. "I'm so, so sorry."

"Sorry for what?" Liir stressed and Glinda took a deep breath, fixing her eyes on Kasmira.

"Fiyero is alive."

Kasmira swayed on the spot and Liir looked as though he'd been struck.

"No," he said, shaking his head. "Our son is dead. And I don't know what you're playing at Glinda-"

"Liir, Fiyero is alive," Glinda insisted.

"Where? How?" Kasmira asked faintly, not needing any more proof than Idina's drawing and Glinda's word.

Glinda hesitated for only a moment, knowing she was spilling her best friend's biggest secret.

"In a little village called Aleppo. In Quox."

Liir looked up sharply. "You've known all this time?"

"Not the whole time," Glinda defended herself.

"How long?"

"Eight years."

Kasmira choked back a sob. "So, that first time we came to you- to talk about our son… you knew he was alive and you didn't say anything?"

Glinda felt awful as she looked at her hands. "I wanted to tell you, but Fiyero made me promise."

That hurt Kasmira more than anything.

"Why would he not want us to know he is alive?" she asked, but Glinda shook her head.

"It's not my place to tell."

Kasmira held a trembling hand over her mouth as she fought to control her emotions.

"We're leaving," Liir announced firmly.

He didn't have to say that they would not be leaving for the Vinkus, but for Quox. Glinda's eyes widened and she jumped forward.

"Let Chistery drive you," she begged.

"No thank you, Glinda. We have a driver," Liir said coldly and she winced.

"Liir- please. You don't know the way, but Chistery does. And I am so sorry that I haven't told you the truth all these years, but I promise you there is a reason. But you have a chance now to have your son back. If you don't want to lose him again, I beg of you- let Chistery drive you and don't tell anyone what has happened or where you are going."

Kasmira was hurt and furious that the woman who would have been her daughter-in-law had been lying to her for so many years, but there was something- a desperation, in Glinda's eyes that made Kasmira curious.

"Very well," she complied and Liir shot her a surprised look.

Glinda however, looked relieved. "Thank you. I'll let Chistery know to prepare your carriage."

It would be a several day long journey to Aleppo from the Emerald City, and by sending Chistery as a driver, Glinda could send a note to Fiyero through him to warn him of his parents arrival- and to apologise. Glinda only hoped the abrupt departure of the Vinkun king and queen didn't spread rumours. If had been possible, Glinda would have gone herself or sent Lysander, but with the celebration, it wasn't possible to leave unnoticed.

She just hoped by revealing the secret, she hadn't caused too much damage and put her best friend at risk.