He knows what he saw that night. It's haunted him. It started off w/ a few animal killings. But then people are found mutilated in the same way and Wes and his friends encounter something out of their living nightmares. Jedam, Phil/Mor, Matt/Jay, Randy/OMC/Ted. Chris Jericho, different characters. Werewolf fic. AU, non-wrestling, OOC, OCs, sex, language, violence, horror, character deaths. I own nothing, except for a few characters created for whatever purpose. Yes, for once I gave my little OC more of a staring role. This has been for a shitload of writing practice.

Beast In The Shadows;
Chapter one/ 'Serene Settings'
Rated; M/ L (horror theme)
Characters; Jeff Hardy, Adam Copeland. My OCs are Wes & Margaret Myers...

(Last Month)

The night was warm. Humid. Miles of grass stretched out over the field, blanketed in the moonlight but subtly shadowed by the surrounding trees and bushes. It was beautiful and serene and the perfect place to roam in solitude. The grass tickled underneath its hands and feet as it slowly crept toward the lone animal that stood in the field. The cow was large. Meaty. Would be just right for the slaughter.. or a slaughter..

The creature was so hungry just at the sight of the cow and drool began to drip from his open jaws, down the sharp teeth that those jaws housed. Its pointed ears twitched as the cow mooed, shifting its weight and its tail slapping up. It was unsure of the danger. It had gotten loose and it had wandered. Those greener pastures wouldn't seem so much so in a second.

The creature arched back on its legs, readying itself before pouncing, digging teeth and nails into the cow's flesh and taking the animal down with its strength. The poor animal never stood a chance, all it could do was let out those awful scared-cow mooing sounds, as if it were a call for help that would never come.


(Present- May)

Jeff Hardy sat out on his back porch as he did every afternoon in the summer. He found it relaxing to just sit and ponder. Some days he would draw or write. It was peaceful right now and quiet. In the distance he heard some mumbled chatter from neighbors, kids playing and dogs barking, the occasional car or truck, but that was it. His house was at the corner. He liked it there. He had privacy and seclusion. The backside of the house was surrounded by trees and bushes and there was a fence behind those. The field behind it contained cattle that wasn't his. But it wasn't his property on the other side of that fence, so he didn't much care.

Jeff looked up as the branch on the tall looming tree above his house rustled. Two birds flew from it, the smaller bird diving and smacking into the other one. Jeff shook his head. Fucking birds. Stifling a yawn, Jeff gazed around. Between some bush and a few small trees was this large opening that would lead like a nature made archway into the field if it were not for the fence. There in the way of it sat a large bale of hay. It had sat there for awhile now, Jeff reckoned. He couldn't remember. He was used to bale's of hay and the sound of the tractor or cattle. There was no tractor running right now and Jeff assumed all the cattle were locked away in the barn down the hill... or just under some other shade trees. But they weren't there and it was just peaceful.

To the side of the house was their storage buildings, large tubs containing holiday decorations and clothes and junk that weren't in current use sat locked away in them as well as their bikes. Jeff was often caught staring at the buildings as if something would pop out from behind them and come running after him. Jeff then glanced behind himself to see Adam tucked up on his lounge chair, book in hand and eyes glued to their pages. A little smile tugged at Adam's lips and they parted. Jeff expected his lover to scold him and tell him he was being paranoid again, but instead, Adam licked his fingers and turned the page of his paperback. Jeff's eyes narrowed and Adam only nodded. He didn't need to say it and Jeff was sure Adam was watching him out of the corner of his eye. His baby was a typical nagging wife. And Adam could do two things at once; read and keep watch over Jeff.

Jeff sighed and sat back. It was usually so nice for them to do this. Sit out on the porch in the shade of the trees in the afternoon. Adam would read and Jeff would usually draw. It was nice and cozy. But Jeff felt a serious lack of inspiration lately and drawing or writing wasn't coming to him. He was suffering from a creative block. The worst kind of thing ever.

Jeff stiffened and sat up in his chair. "I think.. Imma go start dinner." He announced before rising.

"Kay, babe." Adam replied, popping his neck and his attention staying solely on his book. He was already halfway through the damn thing and he'd just bought it yesterday.

Jeff shook his head and went back inside via the backdoor and into the kitchen. By all means, he was supposed to be the "boy" in their relationship.. but Adam simply wasn't allowed to cook after he nearly burned the kitchen down. The poor man could burn cereal. But it was fine. Jeff grew up without a mom, he and his brother Matt had to learn how to do things like cook and do laundry and survive fast. Jeff and Adam also simply didn't care about those kinds of stereotypes. They did things how they wanted to. Traveled to the beat of their own drums. It worked and they couldn't be happier.


(-The next day-)

Wesley Myers was not happy. He didn't like staying with his mother at all. But what was he going to do? He had been tossed out of his apartment and for right now this had to do. His belongings and shit were either in storage or here, but some of it was still at his ex's house. Of course he could go live with his dad, but his father lived about three hours away and he liked it here. His parents had split up years ago. His father just couldn't handle his mother's addictions or her obsessions. Not that Wes could blame him. He lived with his father during the time she was in rehab. She at least tried on a few occasions to change. Now it was good days and bad days.

The 45 year old woman stood in the doorway as she watched her son pull the shirt over his head. Margaret Myers narrowed her grayish blue eyes as she shifted on her 5'7 foot frame. Her hair was loose, the underside of it dyed black and the top part blonde. To some it would look like she was trying to be young and having a mid-life crisis. But she had always been that way. Wild and dangerous. Too much of a rebel, but never knew how to stop. She had been poison and she knew Wes could see it. The way he looked at her, he resented her.

"Where are you going, Wesley?" She asked after clearing her throat.

"In town." Wes sighed.

"And then?"

Wes huffed. For Jesus fuck's sake, he was 26! "Maybe to Jeff and Adam's." He shrugged.

"It doesn't look right, Wesley." She said disapprovingly.

"Why not?" Another shrug.

"They're fucking married."

Wes snorted. "So? A gay guy can't be around other married gay men without it leading to an orgy or something? Jeez, Mom. Out of all your bullshit, I thought you were open-minded. I didn't know you were a closet homophobe."

"Don't you say that. You know better than that." She said sternly. And it wasn't in defense. His mother had nothing against gays. After all, a younger cousin of hers named Chester was bisexual. There had even been rumors that Wes's father was curious and he and Marge- as she was often called- had "experimented" in their younger days with guys and girls before they became serious and had Wes. He knew better. But damn, it felt good sometimes to get under her skin.

"Maybe you just don't want people to talk." Wes hide a smirk as he ran his fingers through his shoulder-length black hair.

She stepped back.

"Just looking out for me?" He nodded. He was being a smart-ass. He knew.

"Wesley Charles, you are not too big to take over my knee." Her heart pounded. She was flushed. Embarrassed.

Wes simply smiled and kissed his seething mother on the cheek before moving around past her.

"I'm not waiting up for you." She reminded.

"I have a key." Wes called as he left. He hadn't thought about Chester. Maybe he could go stay with him for a few days. Ches was a mechanic... Would probably put Wes to work as usual. Nah. Wes hated cleaning that garage.

This first chp was boring, I apologize. It gets better.. I think.. (I'm already 9 chps in) I guess I can say I "own" the following; Wes & Margaret Myers (Wes is influenced by someone but I can't say anymore) Quincy (he's just an old farmer dude) Chester (who prob won't pop up- he's been in development) Wes's parents weren't originally supposed to be divorced, but they just are in this fic. His mom wasn't originally supposed to be any kind of addict, but she is in this fic. I once had a lovely backstory of how Margaret & Toby (Wes's dad) met. They worked in a bar together, Marge was a waitress/bad ass biker chick & Toby was a nerdy bartender. I dunno if it ever fit Wes tho. & originally he was supposed to have an older brother named Dudley. But I changed that. Every time I start a new fic or plot, I worry myself to death over if anyone will be interested or like it or give a damn. Well, w/ this one (& w/ 'Poison' too, I guess) Imma just be totally selfish. I'm writing this for me. B/c I got the idea in my head while sitting outside one afternoon, reading a book and I just started writing. And maybe just writing was what I needed. It's what I need sometimes.