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Beast In The Shadows;
Chapter three/ 'Seeing Is Unbelieving'
Rated; M/ L, S (fondling, fucking, fisting, sucking)
Characters; Jeff Hardy, Adam Copeland, Phil Brooks, John Morrison, Chris Jericho (for a brief second). Wes & Ribbit are my OCs.

At first Wes couldn't believe it. He closed his eyes and shook his head and when he looked back and searched the bale of hay, the wolf was gone. He didn't know if he had imagined it or not. He'd been staring right at it and it stared back at him. Was it a wolf? He knew what a wolf looked like. It had a long wolf-like snout and pointed ears. Its eyes were shining yellow and it grinned at him in the way a dog would "grin" when it was panting.. only it didn't look like it was panting, but actually fucking grinning. Wes didn't think there were any wolves in this part.. he wasn't sure.. It was a wolf.. Could it have been a dog? A German Shepard maybe? Could the old man have gotten a dog to watch his cattle?

But Wes didn't hear it run off or anything... Did his tired mind just conjure up the image in his head? Ugh. Wes groaned and rubbed his eyes. He heard a rustling sound and stilled. His heart pounded hard in his chest.

What if it hadn't ran away at all? What if it just hunkered down behind the hay bale? Could it hide behind it with its size? That thing was fucking huge!

It was, wasn't it?

Wes didn't know. His mind was going a mile a minute and he just wanted inside. Slowly he reached out for the door knob. A bang from inside made him jump and he heard Adam curse before Jeff jerked open the door.

"Wes, cupcakes are ready." He looked the boy over, he was paler than usual. His eyes were wide. "Are you okay?"

"No!" Adam shouted. "I hurt my toe! Come kiss it!"

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Be there in a second, Adam!"

Wes snapped out of his moment and darted in the house past Jeff. Jeff shrugged and closed the backdoor, locking it behind him.

He just sat there, his cupcake untouched. He was still going over the encounter in his mind. He could still see it in his head, plain as day. The yellow-eyed wolf creature staring at him, grinning. Watching him? It was too real if he had just imagined it.

Jeff watched Adam as the blonde devoured his cupcake, getting icing all over his mouth. Jeff snickered at him before turning his attention to Wes. "Something wrong? You haven't touched your cupcake."

"Oh, gawd, Jeffy.." Adam babbled with a full mouth. "They're so gewd.."

"I'm not hungry.. sorry. I'm.. I need to go now." Wes said, standing up. He felt shaky and faint. He didn't know if he'd be able to drive home. He didn't know if he should tell Jeff and Adam what he saw or not. They'd probably think he was nuts. Hell, he thought he was going nuts so he might not blame them if they did.

"Okay.." Jeff nodded and got up to see Wes out. "What're you gonna do about your mom?"

"I dunno. I'm just tired. I'll sleep on it." Wes said, exiting the house and making his way quickly down the steps and getting out his keys. His hands trembled and he forced himself to stay calm, looking all around himself as he unlocked the door. As an old habit he checked the backseat of the car before getting in. "I'll call tomorrow."

"Okay! Be careful!" Jeff called and shut the door up as Wes closed his car door, locked it up and started the engine.


Wes thanked every god he knew when he pulled into his mother's driveway and got inside safely. She was passed out, thankfully, and he locked himself in his room, checking in the closet and under the bed in a silly attempt to make sure that thing wasn't hiding in his room and waiting for him.

Of course, he found absolutely nothing.

Wes fell down on the bed, rubbing his hands over his eyes and laughing. He was being stupid. He was a grown man for fuck's sake. And yet, here he was acting scared over his imagination like a child. He was getting worked up because of the stories he'd heard about mutilated cattle and the Fangoria magazine didn't help and neither did his horror movie obsession. He'd watched too many movies and read too many books and comics.

He didn't bother to take his clothes off or nothing else, just let himself fall into a fitful sleep of grinning wolves and full moons and the dark of night.


The next day, Wes had been anxious to call Jeff to make sure the thing he saw- he didn't wanna put a label on it just yet or say what he thought it was with the full moon and all- didn't break in and eat Jeff and Adam in the night. Naturally, the two were fine.

A week had passed with nothing much else on cattle mutilations or such. Ribbit had went back to talking about the government planting chips in people's asses and alien beings probing and interspecies breeding. Then he'd steal another thing from Pumps and Phil would chase him out, yelling about the cops to which everyone would laugh.

"Fuck it, Ribbit! I won't tell you again!" Phil yelled, picking up a candy bar Ribbit had dropped while running and taking it back in the store. "Oh, laugh it up!" He yelled at Chris, who indeed, continued to laugh at him. Phil put the candy bar back. "Morons." He muttered.

Wes snickered and continued on his drawing. He was sitting at the only table and chair in Pumps. It was for if someone bought a corndog or something and wanted to eat it there. There had been a couple more tables, but the owner got rid of them and put in an ice machine. Wes's corndog was untouched, his coffee half gone. He just kept sketching.

Phil peeked over his shoulder to see Wes shading in the face of a wolf standing behind a hay bale between some bushes and trees and behind a fence. "Wicked. You're a regular Rembrandt."

Wes snickered and shook his head. "More like Picasso."

"Nah, that's more Jeff Hardy's style." Chris cackled.

Phil snorted. "Psh, whatever.. What's the deal behind this?" He motioned to the drawing.

"Just something I saw in my head." Wes didn't know if he was lying or not. He'd dreamed about it and he indeed saw it every time he closed his eyes during the week since it happened.. if it did happen.


Phil whistled absently as he finished checking the store. Swinging his keys on his finger, he stopped at the door and locked it up tight before cutting off the lights. There was a light in the back that remained on to help him see. Phil turned his head as he heard a noise from the back. Chris had took his lazy ass home about an hour ago, and Phil assumed he was alone. He regarded the area suspiciously, turning slowly and starting to creep quietly towards the back. It was silent and he looked around the darkened empty gas station store. He locked up every night, so many times he'd done the same thing. But there were the nights when he felt uneasy and like maybe he wasn't alone. He ignored that his heart thumped a little harder and winced as his shoe squeaked on the floor as if it would blow his cover.

Another clatter made him freeze and his eyes narrowed. Oh, shit, this was bull. He was better than this. Phil readied his mace and stalked toward the back. Suddenly a figure whirled around in a fit of brown and... blue.

"Whoa, Philly. Sorry, baby. It's me." John Morrison said, tucking his long brown hair behind his ear and then smoothing out his tight blue-colored shirt. "I knocked some shit over. I'm sorry. Did I scare you?"

Phil narrowed his eyes and folded his arms. "And just why would you think I was scared?"

Mor grabbed the mace out his hand and held it up with a shrug. "Just a guess?"

Phil took his mace back and shoved the safety lock back over to closed before pocketing it. "Lucky guess." He helped Mor pick the stuff up, stopping to admire how his boyfriend's ass swayed as he bent to get stuff off the floor.

Mor squeaked as he felt a slap on his rump, followed by a hand roughly kneading it. "Phil.."

"Oh, yeah, baby.. uhm.." Phil purred, grabbing Mor by the hips and pulling him back against him.

Johnny giggled as he felt the bulge press against his ass. "Why you naughty naughty boy, you."

"Oh, baby, I'm not a boy." Phil whispered into Mor's ear.

"Hmm.. yeah?" Johnny said, turning his head back and kissing him.

Phil smiled when they broke. "Yeah." His breath was hitched. "I'm all man, baby.." He let his hand slide down to rub Mor between his legs, feeling him stiffen under his tight jeans. "Oh, fuck yeah.." He kissed him again as he unfastened his pants and slid his hand down inside.

Mor moaned into his mouth, wiggling back against him as he felt Phil's hand wrap around his cock, squeezing and stroking him. His lips went down to Johnny's neck and the brunette whimpered sweetly before pulling away and turning in Phil's arms. Phil was going to kiss him again, but he found Mor drop to his knees and lift his shirt up before undoing his belt.

"Oh, you slut." He teased. "Gonna blow me right here..?"

"You were just fondling me.." Mor grinned, pulling his pants down and releasing his cock. He took hold of it, stroking it a few times before licking around the head. "I'd talk about being a slut."

And Phil was going to dispute it too, seriously he was, but he groaned and arched up on his toes as he felt Mor's mouth slide over his cock head and down the shaft, sucking as he did so. Phil leaned back against the desk in the tiny back office, his hands going to his boyfriend's hair and tangling in those beautiful brown locks as Mor started to bob his head. It's not like they hadn't got dirty back here before. The security camera was busted anyhow.

"Fuck... yeah.. right like that, baby... suck me... show me what that talented mouth can do..." Phil groaned, feeling Mor take him out and stroke his wet cock, blowing on the head and causing him chills.

"You're so nice and hard.." Mor purred, licking up the shaft and across the head, digging his tongue in the slit.

"Just for you, baby.. it's all for you.." Phil grunted, pulling Mor to his feet and helping him get the damn shirt off. Once he did he tossed it on the table and attacked Mor's neck, licking and sucking as he helped him inch his jeans down. He turned them around, helping Johnny hop up on the table and get his jeans over his shoes before placing them with the shirt. He ran his hands up Mor's spread legs. "You got lube, baby?"

Mor bit his lip. "I got lotion... but that cost a lot."

Phil nodded and kissed his arousal swollen lips. "I'll get some hand lotion out of the store. Just take a second."

"And yet you get onto poor Ribbit." Mor tisked, shaking his head.

Phil scoffed. "Poor? Right." He pulled up his pants and bounded off into the store, locating the lotion quickly before running back to Morrison. He popped open the lid.

"Hurry, Philly.. I need you.."

Phil almost spilled it and poured some out onto his fingers. He was almost trembling from the anticipation. He started to prep Johnny, but the brunette stopped him. "I need to.."

"Prep me later.." Mor giggled, wrapping his leg around Phil and pulling him close. "Just fuck me now.." He purred, staring at him with lusty eyes and a seductive smirk.

Phil shuddered and rubbed the lotion on himself. It usually felt different.. but if they needed to, it was used. He aimed his cock at Johnny's entrance, pushing past the small pink pucker and on inside. He groaned at the tight heat surrounding him and Johnny whimpered, locking his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck. Phil felt him kissing his throat as he started to thrust. It was slow at first and then got harder as they adjusted.

Mor's soft chocolate eyes locked on Phil's. "Harder, Philly.. pound my ass.. make me cum so hard for you.. that's it.. oh, shit.." Mor cried out as his prostate was rammed, his hips arching upward and his head tossed back as Phil placed kisses up and down his bare neck.

"That feel good, baby.. fuck, you're tight.." Phil took hold of him, jerking him in time with his thrusts.

"Oh, god.. Phil.. that's perfect, baby.. fuck.. yes.. damn.. Phil!" Johnny screamed as he came, spilling out onto his abs and Phil's fingers. His body trembling and pleasure exploding within him.

"Ah, baby.. you're perfect.. feel so.. perfect, Johnny.." Phil murmured as he followed him, cumming deep inside him. Maybe his orgasm wasn't as dramatic, but the pleasure was wonderfully intense and his knees almost buckled from it. They held each other for a moment, stealing kisses as they panted and cooled down before Phil pulled out and helped them clean up and dress.

Phil then, out of a guilty conscious, went back to pay for the lotion. The owner had once commented that someone bought a lot of lotion. "Maybe you should get in lube?" Phil had laughed and his boss's ears turned red. They did get in some lube soon after to go along with their condoms- it was a gas station, they sold all kinds of traveling shit- but they were currently out of lube now.

The couple straightened up and left out the back way, Phil locking up the back door as they did so.

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