Naughty Time with the Major


Everything belongs to Steph (damn it)

Beta by myagrace

Penname: LaurieWhitlock

She had me tied to the bed with a blindfold over my eyes

"Now Major you will do as I say"
"Yes Mistress"

"You are not to move"
"Yes Mistress"
"If when I'm done with you and you have behaved I will let you make love to me. DO you understand?"
"Yes Mistress, I understand"

This was something that Bella and I like to do once a month, I've known Bella now for ten years, I first met her when my family and I moved to Forks, Washington after spending two years living in Alaska. Bella came to live with her father the second year that we had been living in Forks. As soon as I laid eyes on her I fell in love, at the time she was still human but after she found out what my family and I were and what the pull to always be near me meant she asked to be changed after graduation.

I was brought out of my memories by Bella placing feather light kisses down my stomach; I hadn't noticed that she had crawled up my body. She was kissing all of my scars that others feared when they saw them but when Bella first saw them when I told her what I was and how I got them she was filled with so much pride and love for what I went threw during my time with Maria.

She was working her way down my body, but she didn't go near where I wanted her the most. She finally got to my very hard cock and after blowing her cold breath over it she licked the pre-cum and circled the head with her tongue

"Now remember Major absolutely NO moving"

"Yes Mistress"

She then put her hot little mouth (yes even though she was a vampire she never felt cold to me when we touched after she got changed) on my dick and ever so slowly moved her head down my shaft until she hit the back of her throat what she could fit in she wrapped her hand around. She then began to slowly scrap her teeth up my shaft and then descended once again. She was tormenting me with her slowness; I growled and instantly smelt her arousal at the sound. She picked up the pace. I let out a purr of contentment and her speed and had to refrain myself from thrusting my hips to meet her movements.

She began to play with my balls and I felt the tightness in my stomach startin to build

"Oh… god… oh… Mistress…."
I was becoming incoherent and knew that I would be releasing my cold seed down her throat soon. She went at vampire speed and soon I sent my seed down her throat she drank up every last bit all the while rubbing my penis slowly to bring me down from my high; I always see stars when she gives me head. She released my dick with a pop and looked up at me with a smirk on her cute little face.

"Very good Major you didn't move" she purred to me

"I'm a very good listener Mistress"

"Yes you are. Now for your reward"

She slowly moved up my body and removed the blindfold so that I could finally look in to her eyes. They were pitch black from all the lust that was circling in the room.

"As I said it is time for your reward"

"What is it Mistress"
"You may fuck me anyway you want"
"Oh thank you Mistress"

With that we spent the rest of the night fucking in all the rooms of our little cottage and making sweet passionate love. Come morning light we were wrapped in each others arms content to go back to our normal routine until the next month where I would be in charge I couldn't wait.