In this story Naruto's mother – Kushina – is alive and a single mother to her young son (Naruto is sixteen in this story) and meets a peculiar man at the coffee shop she owns and works at. He turns out to be a detective who smokes, drinks (sometimes), and is flat out rude but she finds herself drawn to him.

Chapter 1 – The Self Righteous

"Naruto!" The red headed woman yelled, dragging out his name, "hurry up and get dressed for school!" She stood in her small apartment living room, folding a boy's red t-shirt with a blue swirl on the front before sighing and yelling once more, "Naruto!"

The living room/dining room was the first room one would see when entering their small home – if one could call it that – and the kitchen had a bar overseeing the dining side of the room while a long hallway with three doors was past that. The room on the end was hers while the door on the right was her son's and the left one was the bathroom.

A clattering sounded as her son fell out of bed and no doubt sent the stacks of books on his bedside flying off. Kushina sighed and rubbed her forehead, that's what I get for not making him do his homework earlier! She thought as she made her way into the back of the house to check up on her son who had been studying the night before a large test and finished two projects last night. He is such a little procrastinator!

Opening the door with a large frown already on her face which was soon replaced with an angry one, her hair flaring up in all directions, "little dobe!" She roared and lifted all the books off her son's spiky blonde head and sighed when she saw the nose bleed and placidness of his eyes. "Naruto," she groaned and sighed, sitting down next to him and rubbing his back. "Why do you do this to me?"

The boy finally regained consciousness and looked up at his mother, "oh hi mom," he said and slowly sat up. She grabbed a tissue from the box on top of his dresser and walked over to him, handing it to him, and watching as he gingerly rubbed underneath his nose. "I'm sorry…Guess I forgot about the books," he laughed and she couldn't help but smile at the clumsiness of her son.

"Well hurry up, or you'll be late!" Kushina said, standing up with her hands on her hips.

"Wait – what – oh yeah!" He scrambled up and around his room which caused her to leave, shaking her head.

"You are so cleaning up that room later!" There was a loud groan as if he was in pain and she just smiled, walking into the kitchen to prepare him lunch…Which was never very hard. Her mouth twitched as she placed a ramen cup in her son's lunch bag and a small can of soda. Now since that duty of the day is over with. She popped a piece of toast into the toaster and poured a glass of milk for her son.

She walked back into her bedroom and slipped on her uniform - first day…she thought as she walked out just as Naruto ran into the kitchen wearing a clean orange shirt with a blue swirl on the back and blue jean shorts. His red cleats rubbed the ground, giving off the sound of screeching before she heard a glug, glug, glug - crunch and he ran and stood in front of the door. Kushina grinned and walked over; grabbing her purse from the hook by the door she walked out to the car with Naruto in the back seat.

"Did you remember everything?" Kushina asked as she pulled out of the parking space and Naruto nodded profusely from the back seat, munching down on the last bit of his toast, "okay. Here we go."


"Damn," growled the large dark skinned man as he sat up in bed, rubbing the back of his head to feel a slight bruise there. Looking around he shifted to see a dark haired woman with pale skin lying next to him and he grunted, "Shit." He through his legs over the side of the bed, opening his bed side table and rummaging around to take out a pack of cigarettes which he opened to reveal one left. A pair of dog tags gave a chirp from around his neck, sliding their cool forms against his chest.

His body bore scars, some down his back but quite a few over his chest. Two bullet holes in his shoulders while three long knife wounds pained his lower abdomen over his abs, while a long cut made over his heart and up to his left shoulder, over his collar bone. Three bullet holes made home on his right shoulder blade but he was thankful that his vest had taken the beating that time and that his brother had convinced him to wear one for that particular assignment while a tattoo of two black inked shuriken made home on this shoulders.

Putting it in his mouth he picked his pants up off the ground and finding his lighter lit it, glancing up to look at the wall when the woman in his bed stirred. He looked over his shoulder at her and then raised a hand to slick his hair back against his skull, "I really don't want to go to fucking work today." It was a rare time though when he called in sick so a hangover and a warm bed weren't going to be keeping him home today.

He stood up stretching his naked form before moving to the shower, the cigarette still in his mouth he stepped inside the stall and let the water soak his form. A tried to remember last night, he really did, but nothing came up and all he could really remember was the woman in there riding his length and going down on him. Stubbing out the cigarette on the wall he opened the door briefly to throw it in the trash can with practiced aim.

Closing the door again he looked down at himself and sighed. He'd never let a prostitute get in his pants ever, he just picked up women who liked one night stands as much as he did. A had never been to overly picky when it came to women, he just liked to know that they had a figure, a pretty face, and didn't get clingy when it was over. Sure cuddling was alright after the sex was over but once the night was over it was over, nothing more and nothing less.

Rubbing last night's experience from his skin he heard the front door slam and knew she was gone, he'd never see her again, and inwardly he was grateful for it. He rarely did this, got drunk and then picked up a woman and he wondered what had started this…Oh yeah…That's right. He grimaced at the sudden thought of a woman who he actually wanted in his bed and would gladly have her over numerous times...Tsunade.

They'd never had sex but the tension between them was almost killer and he found himself wanting to near smash her into a wall and fuck her but had been stopped when the commissioner walked in and ordered him to train the two new guys on the squad, some kids named: Darui and C. He'd nearly ripped the man's head off when he dragged him out and that was what had led to all of this.

He took a sharp breath when he thought of the woman in question but stopped when he felt his blood running south, he didn't want a repeat of last night…At least not soon. Getting out of the shower he grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, making his way out to his bedroom to get dressed. He slipped on a pair of black boxers with his blue jeans and combat boots, his dog tags jingling on his chest, and his black t-shirt which was tight against his muscles. A pulled out a pair of sunglasses and then slipped on a black leather jacket and walked to the door, grabbing his keys and making his way out to the parking lot.

"Need to pick up some more cigarettes," he mumbled to himself, wincing when he felt pain spike through his skull, "and Tylenol." He backed up and then drove down the road; his truck was nice but not one of those shiny new sports ones. It rumbled when he sat at a stop light, eyes training against the early morning sun he growled, "damn sun."He turned on the radio and realized his brother must have messed with it because rap music blared out at him and he shut it off to save him the headache.

He slowed when he came in front of his building, turning into the parking lot with a churn of gravel he stopped when his truck was positioned. Undoing his seat belt he slid out and slammed the door, tossing his keys up and down to himself he looked across the street to a small coffee shop with a large red tomato near the sign. A sweat drop rolled down his head as he viewed it, "Red Hot-Blooded Habanero?" It was like somebody was playing a cruel joke and he stared at it with a curious gaze, "sounds more like a restaurant than a coffee shop."

He walked to the sidewalk and looked both ways before walking across the road, taking a step up he opened the door to a cool place where people sat chatting or laughing, it had a mellow feel and he felt himself relax under his surroundings. A stepped inside and stood in line – taking off his sunglasses -, eyes tracing the features of most of the people here and when he came up to the register he was faced by a very, very strange looking woman.

Her hair – the first thing he noticed – was a tomato red, all the way down to her mid back and her eyes were a shade of violet. She was thin no doubt but womanly curves could be seen through her suit and fair skin glowed under the lights of the shop. She wore a black shirt, slacks, and a dark red apron like all the other workers here and her tag read: Kushina Uzumaki. There was only one thing to say about her and that was that she was beautiful, just as beautiful – if not more so – than Tsunade.

A was momentarily stunned and she looked up at him, "can I take your order sir?" He shook his head to pull himself from his stupor and looked up at the menu.

"Black coffee." He murmured and she punched some things into the register.

"Okay that will be two dollars and fifty cents!" She said cheerfully and he fished out his wallet, they were cheaper than Starbucks that was for sure…He handed her the money and said nothing else, just moved away and she gave a quick - "thank you, come again!" – Before he shuffled to the other side of the counter. They put his order on the counter and he grabbed it without a word and the waitress almost looked scared of his hulking form.

He moved out of the shop and took a sip, pausing and then gulped several mouthfuls down. They were not only cheaper but way fucking better than Starbucks and he finished the coffee just as he was getting into the police station. "Yo, bro!" Called a voice to his left as he through the cup away in the trash can next to the door, and he turned just in time to see a shorter dark skinned man run towards him.

He was wearing jeans, a white t-shirt with a dark grey leather jacket on, and a pair of sunglasses shaded his eyes. He was also wearing a white bandana around his forehead which made him seem more like a criminal than a detective…Killer Bee. A slapped his palm against his brother's forehead and squeezed making the younger man cry out in shock, "you been messing with my radio again? Dumbass!" He roared and gave a final squeeze before releasing his brother who looked ready to collapse.

"Well somebody had to drive it back to your house since you took off in a cab with that woman last night!" Bee grumbled back, low, so that no one could hear but A still looked totally livid with his younger brother.

"Isn't any damn excuse to play with my radio, Bee!" A roared, poking his finger into the other's face, who had a very large sweat drop rolling down his head. "Don't touch my radio!" He growled and Bee nodded slowly watching his brother stalk away before he sighed.

He's still got a hangover from last night…He walked upstairs further into the building to get up to their sector and when they finally made it they were assaulted by a huge pile of paperwork. The two brothers were partners and they shared the work but Bee was mainly doing the paper work today because of the massive migraine his brother was suffering from. Bee sat down and put a few files on A's desk who fished out an ice pack and put it on his forehead.

"Those are yours," Bee said and A just through them back on his desk, flipping him the middle finger and leaning back in his chair. Bee shook his head and simply put them back over on A's desk, the older brother glaring at him for a second before lifting one of them up, flipping it open with his thumb since his other hand still held the pack to his forehead.

A grumbled and leaned over his desk, veins throbbing in his forehead with the force of his hangover. "Hey boss," came a voice from behind him and he looked over his shoulder to see the two new recruits, Darui and C. Darui had taken to calling him 'boss' because he trained them and C had started adding 'sama' onto the end of his name…Which didn't bother him probably as much as it should have.

"A-sama," C said with a slight bow and A nodded to the two of them, wondering which was the uke or seme of their little partnership. As if sending his brother's thoughts Bee punched his shoulder and when A turned to growl at him Bee shook his head. A grumbled and Bee wondered how much longer his hangover would last. Usually he wasn't that bad on a good day but when he had a migraine he could be a total ass.

The day dragged on and by late afternoon A was wanting another cigarette, having gone through most of the files his brother had thrown on his desk he stood up to go to the bathroom. Usually Bee was the one skipping work, either to go to the beach or see a movie and A hadn't missed a day of work in ten years. Ten years…Yeah, his life was that boring. A made his way to the other side of the floor and opened the bathroom door to see no one in there and walked over to one of the urinals. Unzipping his fly to the sound of the door behind him he looked over his shoulder to Bee who leaned against the door frame, the door closed behind him.

"What?" A asked and Bee shook his head.

"That's the tenth time this month you've had a woman over…And it's only the seventeenth!" Bee stated and A grunted, turning back to the urinal where he finished to a sigh from his brother across the room. "You've been off lately," Bee said as A zipped back up his fly and turned to look at his baby brother. "I think you should take a leave, you've got the best track record in the damn building. Take a break bro," Bee said and A growled.

"You know I can't do that."

"And why not?" Bee asked, arms folding over his chest.

"The Madara case," A whispered and Bee looked at the ground, his head still shaking.

"You've been after him for seven years bro…Seven years."

"We're getting closer," A stated and Bee looked at him again. His younger brother sighed and turned around, pushing the door open and stuffing his hands into his pockets as he walked out. "God damnit," he growled and made his way over to the sinks, practically taking the handle off when he jerked the water on.

A splashed water onto his face and then rubbed some over the back of the neck, watching the water till looking in the mirror at his reflection. He sighed and rubbed his eyes before flicking the water off his hands and leaving the bathroom. "I wonder what you're doing all the way over here," said a voice that had him looking up to the busty blonde lawyer of the office, Tsunade.

"Bathroom," he growled and started walking away but stopped when he heard her huff.

"There is one on your side isn't there?" She asked and he turned to look at her again.

"Closed for cleaning," he grumbled as his eyes raked over her chest and down to her hips.

"Ah, I see," Tsunade said knowingly before holding out a manila folder to him. He jerked it from her hand and looked rather shocked at the cover, his wide eyes turning to look at her. "You might want to look into it," she said and turned to walk away, hips swaying.

A watched her go and couldn't help but feel some blood move south through his body which made him growl and turn, walking back to the other side of the office. He sat down in his desk, next to Bee's – who had seemingly disappeared – before looking inside the strange folder. A eventually folded it up and then slipped in under his arm, making his way down stairs for his lunch break.


"Isn't that the same rude guy from this morning?" Amaya asked, pointing to a large dark skinned man who entered with a folder under his arm. Kushina turned to look up and grumbled to herself, yeah that's him alright. His white haired slicked back against his skull his eyes scanned the shop before he found a place to sit down, where he looked at his little folder.

Kushina was currently walking around and making sure everyone had what they needed and gave a mental sigh, I better see if he at least wants something. She thought and stomped over to his table, where she nodded to him, "can I get you something?"

"No," was his grunted reply and he never once looked up at her.

She felt something in her forehead twitch and she grumbled, a vein starting to show itself, "I was just coming over to see if you wanted something, sir."

He finally looked up at her and he seemed just as irritated if not more so by her, which made her own anger rise, "do you bother everybody that walks in here like this?" He growled and Kushina's hair started to spike up.

"It's called common courtesy to ask someone when they are a guest in your place to see if they want or need something," she said in a low voice, her hand slapping down on the table and the other on her hip as she leaned over to glare at him. "You could have just said 'no thank you' like a proper gentleman but you-"

"Kushina! I think they need your help over there!" A young dark skinned waiter said; he was at least eighteen and knew his bosses foul temper. He seemed to be trying to distract her from the man whose temper seemed to be increasing with her own and he began to sweep away from the two, his palms growing sweaty.

"Not now Takeshi!" Kushina snapped and the young man began sweeping in the other direction as she turned back to the man. She was about to say something but he growled low in his throat.

"Look if I order something will you leave me alone?" And Kushina's brow twitched for a moment before she huffed and then nodded. "Black coffee," he growled and she turned, leaving him alone but not before she heard him grumble, "nosy bitch." A sudden urge to turn and slap him was growing but she had a better idea in mind, walking to the bar and getting the coffee that was steaming hot she walked back over and growled.

"Your coffee…Sir," and proceeded to pour it on his head, which made him suddenly yowl in pain as it draped onto his leather jacketed shoulders, over his eyes, and down the chiseled lines of his face. He stood up suddenly, towering over her and she whispered sweetly with a grin on her face, "Oops I tripped." A stood there, teeth clenched and showing themselves, his hands open with veins throbbing in them, as if he were ready to strangle her but then he just turned and left, stomping out of the shop.

Kushina stood triumphant with a smile on her face, the cup still in her hand she threw it away and turned to see that everybody was staring at her. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get back to work!" She roared and they started up again, the occupants of her shop starting to talk about what had just happened in a winding buzz. She turned with an angry look which evaporated into surprise when she saw a folder lying on the table the man had been sitting at.

"He must have accidently left it here," she whispered as she picked it up, her small hands holding it as she examined one of the papers inside. "Madara Uchiha?" Kushina whispered and looked up out of the windows of her shop to see his retreating form, the top of his body still drenched in the coffee. She bit her lower lip as he made his way up the stairs of the police station and her eyes widened as she saw him go inside and she cringed, I…I poured coffee on a cop! She slapped her forehead and mumbled to herself.

Kushina made her way to the back of the shop and into her small office where she did the accounting and management, shoving the folder into her backpack. "I'll just…Give it to him after work," she murmured and returned to the front of the shop. She really, really didn't want to see him again anytime soon…


Bee sniffed the air and looked up, sniffing a few more times he turned to see his brother, whose head was stained black and brown with dark streaks running over his face and down the tendons of his neck to his shirt. His jacket had dark blotches too and Bee bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing but when A finally got closer he asked – trying to keep his voice from hitching – "what happened to you?"

A looked at him with a death glare and Bee leaned away, his laughter stopping when he looked ready to iron claw him. Needless to say A grabbed the folders from his desk and some of the others from the stack before leaving the building, the door slamming behind him as he took the stairs down and Bee let out a deep breath, shaking his head. "Wow," he whispered and started back in on his filing and paper work.

A made his way to his truck, fishing his keys from his pocket he unlocked it and through the folders into the passenger side with little or no care. He slammed the door and cursed angrily as he started it and made his way home, pissing beyond belief he was almost thankful that he only lived ten minutes away. Getting out of his truck he grabbed the folders – picking up papers that had fallen out – and made his way to his front door, his boots clacking across the ground.

The sun was slowly sinking below the clouds so he had only left a little early today and when he was finally inside he slammed the door behind him and locked it. Throwing the folders down on his couch he got into his bedroom and knew he was going to have to send his jacket to the cleaners. Cursing again he threw it onto the ground and pulled his shirt off his head, throwing it somewhere as well before looking in the mirror at his hair. "Shit," he growled and looked at the stains all over it while he pulled off the rest of his clothes.

His dog tags jingled as he made his way into the bathroom; turning on the water he was taking a shower for a second time that day. He stopped though and turned the water off, making his way to the spare bedroom in his apartment he opened the door – tugging the blinds down – before lifting a large weight off the floor.

The room was dark, only the light from the hallway filtering in, he worked till the stress left him. Sweat rolled down the plains of his back and legs, following the tendons he shivered and panted against the silence that strained his ears. Droplets rolled down his bare arms and down the sides of his face, dropping to his chin before falling to the floor and he finally stopped after about three hours. The room was almost pitch black but he was burning, his sweat cooling him as he turned on the ceiling fan but not the light.

He sat down in a chair and panted, eyes straining against the gloom he thought about work and silently felt something twitch against his thigh. Taking a deep breath he lowered his hand to stroke the underside of his shaft and hissed with the heat and hardness he found there. Pausing he ghosted his fingers over the head and murmured to the darkness which seemed to suffocate him and caress him at the same time. Gulping for air he teased the slit and gave an almost silent groan in appreciation for when dribbled down the side of his length.

His muscles tensed and he breathed deep through his nose as he wrapped his whole fist around his length and began going up and down, his balls rubbing against one another he groaned when he felt more of his essence run down his sex. Raising his right hand to grip the back of the chair he tensed, his muscles and body rigid against the piece of furniture as he pumped his shaft for all it was worth.

Eyes wide he thought of Tsunade, her soft breasts pressing to his chest and he moaned loudly when his length twitched and spurted into the dark. Taking air through his mouth now he growled when he thought of her rubbing herself down on him, her tight heat just so…And he gripped the head between his thumb and forefinger, rubbing the skin there to give more. Just as he was about to orgasm he felt something sear across his vision, a pair of violet orbs and pink lips foreign to Tsunade's form…Rubbing against his chest and licking the scars there.

His eyes widened and a low groan escaped him as he felt his essence coat his hand and leave him in warming jets, the thick liquid laying over his hand he panted, body relaxing against his chair he panted. "Wh – What the hell…Was that?" He asked the dark which furled around him and he stood shakily from the chair. A made his way to the bathroom and as he was cleaning himself off he realized what he had been thinking of during his little fantasy and the answer had him reeling.

"That woman?" He questioned eyes wide as he stared down at the tiled floor of his shower stall. He rubbed his hair and cleaned it, shaking his head and writing it off as some sort of fluke but he suddenly paused. "Oh Hell no," he whispered as he thought about earlier that day…He'd left the file in the shop.

"Son of a bitch!" He roared and cursed, slicking back his hair and closing his eyes with a powerful sigh. "Fuck," he whispered and finished his shower, stepping out to wrap and tie a towel around his waist. A stepped out into the hallway and fished up his phone book but stopped when he saw the time…There was no way they would be open at ten at night. Cursing to himself again he made his way to this room and simply threw his towel off and smashed his face into the pillow with an angry grunt.

Closing his eyes he found himself fast asleep in a few mere moments…


I promise that A will not always be like this but he is a bit different in our world, this isn't the ninja world so yeah. R&R please!