Tamers: New Destined Ones


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


The Digital world was ever growing and expanding to other parallel worlds. And with each generation, a new evil seem determined to rise and cause Chaos. The digital world data was imperative in the next step of digital offense. So, of course, there was in need of new destined children whose spirits could harmonize with digital monsters and become defenders of the Earth.

So far Naruto wondered if he should bother with the chosen ones in this area or should he search for more? So far he was monitoring the boy reminded him of another Chosen child, Taichi the child of Courage. Goggles, fire elemental Digimon that was also dinosaur type, but he was...a little weird. He was about 15, with brown hair and huge yellow goggle with white pants and a blue hoodie.

Like always he was in that little shed where he had his digital partner, a large red dinosaur by the name of Guilmon who seemed to have a taste for bread. The Digimon was surprisingly childlike and as Naruto tried to scan the data in his Digitalvice the waves he got were an anomaly. As far as Naruto could recall he never heard of this Digimon so he had a suspicion that old code from the previous digital world had evolved and he was given a new form somehow.

The blond really wasn't impressed by the chosen one before him. This chosen one seemed intent on treating his partner more like a pet than anything. Didn't he watch the damn cartoon? Sure the executives meddled and the final product ends up having a lot of narm and unnecessary edits but the core messages should have still been there. Naruto registered his digital partners' thoughts and mentally told them that he was moving on to the next area soon. He like the other boy was going to need a wake-up call soon. Instead of using one of his usual methods of teleportation Naruto decided to use old fashion super speed. Leaving down from the tree he landed on the pavement and sped forward as the trash on the ground and the leaves from the trees were kicked up in the wind.

He easily dodged and sped around the civilian populous who didn't register him as anything more than a burst of wind. With a little effort, he leaped off the sidewalk and flew over several cards that were currently stopped at a red light. He continued down the street when the cry of a small child caught his attention. The child was probably no more than four and walking down the street when she had let go of her balloon. The parents tried to calm down the little girl to no avail. Seeing how his current Morality was affirmed as heroic he made a sharp ninety-degree turn as he leaped on a trashcan and shot up in the air cause it to jangle slightly as he caught the balloon. In an instant, he had returned the balloon and tied to her finger and was off with no one the wiser.

Out of the corner of the eye, he was able to briefly catch the site of the happy girl and confused as hell looks her parents were wearing. He had firmly planted himself outside the room of the second chosen one as he continued listening in. Unlike the previous boy Takato Matsuda, this boy seemed a little bit more sensible. Though what kept him from being the best candidate out of the three was that he was a pacifist. Lee Jianliang, who Naruto decided to call Henry as per his habit of giving people nicknames; often which seemed to piss them off mind you out of the three seemed to have the most respect for the digital bond. Not the most understanding but treated his Digimon as a Digimon, well somewhat but with only two other candidates comparison was hard to accurately gauge. His Digimon partner Terriermon was a hybrid type composed of rabbit and dog-like features. It was a light color Digimon with green features on his large floppy ears and neck.

The blond decided it was time to try to get the three of them into the same area and explain the situation. Didn't the boy realize that he was causing more harm than good? What did he think was going to happen when Rogue Digimon started showing up and attacking people?

The sounds of battle on the outskirts of the city didn't escape Naruto's ears. This time he did decide to teleport and rested on top of a fence. The most promising and battle prepared of the trio who had a working link were also the ones who had the lowest partnership understanding. Naruto watched rookie versus rookie as he gauged the last of the three partnerships. The Digimon in question was a Renamon. She stood at what appeared to be either just seven feet tall or a little below it. All of her paws were covered in a soft white fur and were adorned with 3 black claws. While her hind paws were shaped just like any fox's, her forepaws were separated so that she was able to hold things with them. On top of that, both of her forepaws were adorned with purple fingerless gloves that nearly extended up to her shoulders, each glove adorned with a yin-yang symbol. The fur on her belly and up was the same white as her paws, disappearing under a mane of white fur which encased her entire neck. The rest of her legs and torso were covered in a golden yellow fur, with the exception of purple yin-yang shaped fur on her outer thighs. Coming out of the junction where her arms met her shoulders, three golden spikes of fur shot out backward, slightly fanning out. Her tail could have slightly dragged on the ground if she let it, and was a mass of fluffy golden-yellow fur until the tip, which was once more white. Her ears were long, narrow and golden-yellow furred as well until the tips, which were white. Her muzzle tapered off into a dainty black nose and a small mouth, and she had what appeared to be a zig-zag of purple fur under her eyes. And her eyes...they were what truly caught his attention. Floating in a black abyss, her glacier-blue pupils.

Naruto watched as the vixen summoned a hail of ice shards that rained down upon her opponent. Like always when her opponents were finished off she absorbed the mist like data. Like the others, the girl was in her second year of high school but went to a private all-girls' school, but she was not one for dresses. She always seemed to be in a pair of short button-fly blue jeans along with a turquoise sleeveless top with a black a broken heart on the front. On her feet were red steel-toed sneakers, and buckles around her waist and leg. She was also wearing her hair in a ponytail.

Makino Ruki, loner, and the one who didn't see her digital partner as a living thing but a data whose sole purpose was to fight. Yeah, they definitely needed a shock to wake them up. So he sent the mental command to his partners to prepare for tomorrow.

By the time Naruto got to the park to put his plan into action he was surprised that two of the tamers were in the park. Not so surprising the Renamon was fighting Guilmon by her partner's wish. It seemed that fox Digimon was about to finish off the dinosaur Digimon when a resounding cry of, ''Stop it," came from the top of the hill nearby, it was Lee and his Terriermon.

"It's you," Takato said, apparently the two had already met.

"It's me, It's him, and aren't you happy to see us?" Terriermon asked with a giggle in his voice as he ran down to where they were.

"A Digimon," Ruki said, a little confused at this point, Renamon stood up next to her, just barely hiding her fatigue, "This is just crazy, they're popping up everywhere."

"You looked good there at the end, but didn't you feel silly rolling around in the dirt like that?" Terriermon asked the fox Digimon who could only respond with a look of confusion.

"It's not that smart to mouth off to someone bigger than you, you know," Henry said to Terriermon, a little annoyed that he was letting his mouth go out of control again.

"Lee, Momentai," Terriermon answered.

"You take it easy," Lee said before turning back to the other 2, "Just what is your Digimon fighting about anyway?"

"That's a stupid question, what else are Digimon supposed to do?" Ruki responded with a hint of annoyance.

"Whatever they want to do, they're not our slaves or pets," Lee stated, before Terriermon jumped up into his arms, "they're our friends, they just wanna do the same sort of things we do."

"Well Renamon wants to fight, so do I for that matter," Ruki stated but before she could walk off Naruto finally made his presence known.

''It looks like my fears were indeed justified. You three don't cut it to be the Chosen Children." Naruto said with a yawn as he leaned forward from his position on the lamp post. He then teleported to the other side of them. "So there's only one way to handle this."

''What the!'' Ruki cried out after snatching out her digivice to skin the mysterious. ''No data? How can that be?''

''Because you won't find me in that database.'' He said as he tore the cloak off him to reveal his human form. ''And I'm afraid I'm going to have to delete your Digimon.''

''Like hell, you will!'' The red-head cried out defiantly. ''Renamon! Walk all over him!''

''Yes Ruki!'' The vixen said submissively as she charged forward. ''Wisteria Punch!'' A ghostly blue light radiated from her fist as it was soon engulfed in a raging blue fire. She leaped into the air and attempted to strike the blond only for him to duck with ease. Landing behind him she attempted a spin kick only for the blond to catch her foot with ease.

''My turn!'' He said as he quickly channeled chakra with his other hand with hand seals as he spouts out a small fox head of fire colliding with the Digimon and sending her flying back as if it was a combustive force.

''Wait, hold on! Can't we talk about this? There's no need to fight!" Lee pleaded as his words fell on deaf ears.

''The time for talk is over.'' He said as his eyes settle on the dinosaur Digimon whose ears seemed to raise and he began growling menacingly at the blond. To his surprise, he didn't dodge the dinosaur's attack, a small sphere of fire with ease. Something was off about this Digimon.

''Guilmon stop! Don't do it!'' His tamer tried to plead with him, but the dinosaur's instincts seemed to be taken over.

Violet and green energy radiated from the blond's hand. Shooting out a small sphere it expended to the size of a bus as an orange bipedal feline-like creature appeared. He was no taller than three feet tall with forest green eyes. On his chest was a tuff of hair befitting of a lion's mane and most of his hair was curled and stylized like flames. On his wrist were devices of some kind with a yellow center and red device around him kept together by black straps with the same kind of crown-like device affixed to his head. "Coronamon delete them!" Naruto ordered as the flames began to radiate from his partner. It was time to see if those three had what it took after all.