Tamers: New Destined Ones


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls


Story Start

Coronamon a rookie-level lion type Beast Digimon. His attacks are petite Prominence and Corona flame.

''Renamon what are you doing? It's just another rookie, don't disappoint me!''

''Terriermon stop! This isn't the way!''

''Guilmon you can't! You'll get hurt! Run away!''

The Digimon had no choice but to ignore the words of the tamers as they were fighting for their right to live. The Digimon before them was given the command to delete them and wouldn't stop unless his partner gave the order to stop. ''Corona Flame!'' the Digimon let loose a ball of flame from its forehead erupted from its forehead and collided with the ground where the three Digimon were at.

''Pyro Sphere!'' Guilmon shouted as he launched a fireball at the lion who swayed to the left with a hop and dodged it.

''Power Paw!'' Renamon dashed forward as she attempted to land the powerful blow only for Coronamon to duck his head and used his skull to cushion the blow; not a dent or even a crack was present in its skull.

''Petite Prominence!" Coronamon countered and attacked as flames covered his body, smashing into Renamon on the side and sending her hurtling to the ground with superficial burns.

''Blazing Fire!'' Terriermon fired an energy mouth from his blast that impacted with Coronamon's chest and not so much as a scratch was made. Not too long after Guilmon attacked again. By the look in his eyes, the Digimon was reacting by extinct as if it was possessed.

''Pyro Sphere!'' Once more the ball of fire erupted from his mouth to which Coronamon leaped over the attack and dropped down to the ground causing an audible thud, it's powerful body causing cracks in the foundation. Terriermon fired off another blazing fire to which Coronamon reacted with Corona flame and smothered the attack. With a punch, he smashed the smaller bunny like Digimon into the dinosaur Digimon sending them both crashing into a tree.

''Digi-modify! Speed Activate! Hyper Chip activate!''

''To the side!'' Naruto's voice echoed as Coronamon was able to move out of the way of the speedy fox Digimon's Power Paw. Landing hands first as a result of missing her attack she used the momentum to maneuver herself around as she went on the offensive. Once more Coronamon readied a Petite Prominence.

''Digi-modify! Agumon's Frozen Wind activate!'' It seemed like the Ruki girl had a plan as well. She was skilled but lacked heart, unfortunately. As such Renamon used Snow Agumon's Frozen wind attack, a burst similar to the regular Agumon's pepper breath but formed of Ice. Though despite the power boost from one of the earlier modified cards it didn't compare to the more powerful and experienced Digimon as it consumed the attack. When the attack dissipated the lion began searching the area to see where the Fox Digimon had gone.

''Pyro Sphere!''

''Terrier Tornado!''

''Fire Wall!'' Coronamon spewed out an encroaching wall of flames that ate away at the attack. As he prepared to counter the two Digimon he was blindsided by a hail of Diamond Storm as it impacted the side of his face as it broke his concentration slightly.

"Coronamon…40%," Naruto ordered as his partner jumped back and tossed him a quizzically look.

"A bit overkill don't you think?" he wondered.

"We're not here for games," Naruto answered with a smirk. "So let's end this."

"If you say so." The lion Digimon remarked as he suddenly disappeared from sight. Before the others could attack the lion Digimon landed a screw kick into Guilmon sending him flying across the area.

"Guilmon no!"

"Corona Knuckle!" instantly he switched targets and let loose a series of fiery punches reducing the Terriermon in the same beaten state as the Guilmon. He turned his attention to the Renamon stretched out her arms and started to call the name of her attack "Diamond Sto..." before being cut off as Coronamon launched the Corona flame. " The fireball hit Renamon dead on before she could complete her attack, sending her hurtling into the ground.

Ruki let out a small growl and started grinding her teeth together before turning to Renamon. "What are you doing? Are you trying to make me look bad?"

Hearing Ruki degrading Renamon, Naruto just lets out a sigh "Your Renamon would have been more than a proper match for Corona if she had proper training. The diamond storm may be powerful but a Digimon like her should be better trained to make use of her speed and agility. A proper tamer would know this."

Ruki clenched her fist and glared at Naruto "Who are you to lecture me? I'm the best there is." She then turned towards Renamon "Renamon, you know what I expect."

Renamon slowly pulled herself out of the ground and charged at full speed towards Coronamon before jumping into the air. Her paws started to glow a ghostly blue before being engulfed in blue flames. Renamon started descending towards Coronamon at full speed with a cry of "Power Paw!"

Coronamon easily dodged the attack grabbing her wrist and flinging her across the field where he flung the other Digimon.

"Corona flame." Once more the Fox Digimon proved her speed by leaping over the attack, causing it to flicker to the target behind her Terriermon.

Lee ran over to Terriermon crying out "No." At that point, a bright light was emitted from his digivice. A voice the spoke out of the digivice "Digivolution."

Large streams of green digital data started racing around Terriermon forming what looked to be a large green egg of swirling data. "Terriermon digivolved to..." Inside the shell of data Terriermon's skin was peeling off of himself revealing green square lines covering a slightly darker green glowing form of Terriermon. Terriermon's form then started to change as new skin was placed on his new form. The green shell of data exploded revealing a larger bunny Digimon with a green head and ears. He had Gatling guns for hand and was wearing blue jeans. "Gargomon!" the now champion level Digimon tanked the burst of flame.

Takato stared at Gargomon in awe "That's Terriermon, no way."

Lee just looked on, concern evident on his face "He promised me he wouldn't do it."

Ruki seeing that Terriermon had just digivolved pulled her digivice out as a holographic image of Gargomon appeared above the screen. "Gargomon, Terriermon's champion form, what a difference. Attacks are Gargo Laser and Bunny Pummel."

Naruto just watched as Gargomon just continued to fire off shots randomly without stopping.

Naruto then just turned his head towards Coronamon. "I was afraid of this outcome. With no battle experience, he's no better than a wild berserker. "

Gargomon turned around and pointed his Gatling gun at them. Everyone held their breath as they saw Gargomon pointing his Gatling gun at them. Naruto and Coronamon jumped out of the way narrowly evading the shots being fired off. Once the shots moved on away from him every one let out their held breath.

The newly transformed champion began firing about wildly. Lee and Takato were currently hiding behind one of the cars with Guilmon close by. Lee looked out from his hiding spot and looked at Gargomon. "This is crazy it's like he was never Terriermon at all."

Naruto was still watching Gargomon firing off shots randomly. "Coronamon be ready to take him out on my command." At that point, he saw Gargomon point his Gatling guns at Ruki. Seeing the guns pointed at her Ruki just seemed to freeze up. Naruto cursed as he ran up to her, just as Gargomon started to fire off shots again Naruto launched himself and grabbed Ruki by the waist and leaped out of the way with the attack.

He dropped down far out of the range of the fire. "Idiot, don't just stand still shellshocked, you could have gotten yourself killed."

"S-Shut up." Ruki asked, craning her head to hide the blush on her cheeks. "I didn't ask for your help. Don't think this will change anything."

"Stubborn," Naruto remarked with a scoff. "Corona…end this now." He said as his partner seemed more content with dodging the bullet fire.

"Aaw, looks like playtime is over," Coronamon remarked as he charged forward and hit with a full power Corona Knuckle knocked the Digimon off its feet. Seconds later the Digimon had dedigivolved into his rookie form.

"And this further proves my point." Naruto began as Coronamon joined his side. "Tell me, Lee-san was it? Do you understand why your Digimon went berserk upon Digivolving to the Champion level?"

"Yes, it was because he was forced to fight!" he naively answered.

"You are incorrect, the reason Terriermon went berserk tonight is that he was simply not ready for the power of Gargomon. He had no training or battle experience meaning he was not ready for the Champion level. When it comes to Digimon they can only properly prepare themselves for this by having experience...gained by battling others. The type of experience needed depends on the sect type of Digimon and considered he's a chosen Digimon of a chosen partner he doesn't have the luxury of being a pacifist. I've been observing all of you for some time now and none of you are prepared for what's to come. Such naivety will endanger those you care about; you're choosing to put your families in danger with your behavior."

Lee's eyes to widen before he glared at Naruto. "What do you mean? How am I voluntarily endangering my family?"

"Damnit, it's annoying how clueless you lot are. Have you not noticed that the wild ones seemed to always appear near one of you three or manage to track you down? They will primarily target other Digimon before anything else. Think about it! Your Digimon partner lives with you and without any combat experience, he can't even beat another rookie let alone a Champion. Either you grow up and start training him or you give him up. This isn't just something you can ignore."

All was quiet for a few moments until Takato spoke up quietly. "Man...that was harsh."

On the other side of Ruki, Renamon snorted before responding. "That may be, but it still needed to be said...that boy Lee would only endanger everyone around him by refusing to fight, as we have all seen tonight."

"Don't think I'm done yet." Naruto said as he turned his attention to Takato. "You're just as bad."

"M-Me?" Takato stammered.

"You treat your Digimon as nothing more than a mere pet. He is not a lost kitten or a dog. He is a Digimon, a dinosaur type meaning more so than most other Digimon types he's built for combat. For whatever reason, his development is stunted in comparison to other chosen partners so now more than ever he needs proper training and guidance. You seem to be the most clueless of the three to what's going on and you'll put your family in danger as well. If you don't wise up to what's going on you'll lose everything."

With that, he finally turned his attention to Ruki. "And you, you're a real piece of work. Despite their feelings, they at least seem to care about their partners. You, you see yours as nothing but data and you underestimate an enemy's power because of your arrogance over some stupid card game. You assumed my Coronamon would be easy prey without even considering how much he has trained in this form. Not all members of the safe species carrying the same power level. Time and experience are the biggest two factors of a Digimon's strength. If you recall earlier during our fight I told Coronamon 40%. It only took him forty percent of his power to easily overpower three Digimon of the same level who were fighting him at the same time." Naruto said, stunning Ruki, she couldn't believe that the power gap between their Digimon was that large. "You're properly the most problematic because all your knowledge relies on the damn card game. You're not even aware your partner is on the fast path to a dark Digivolution. If that were to happen she would become a monstrous Digimon that wouldn't hesitate to kill you and everyone nearby until she destroyed everything or until she was deleted. I'm giving you all one last chance to prove yourselves or I will be forced to break your bonds." He ended as he and the Coronamon left in a swirl of leaves.

With his parting words fresh in their minds the would-be tamers went on their way. Each thinking about the words Naruto had left them with.