Tamers: New Destined Ones Unleashed


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note


Plot point was inspired by A Fox Among Tamers (Aarik076)


Story Start
Naruto's personality was like one of those balls in a ping-pong game. It bounced back and forth from various persona; dependent on the situation and who he was reacting too. That was an effect of his own emotional turmoil and other identities that he had to suppress.

''Renamon what are you doing? It's just another Greymon, don't disappoint me!''

''Terriermon stop! This isn't the way!''

''Guilmon you can't! You'll get hurt! Run away!''

The digimon had no choice but to ignore the words of the tamers as they were fighting for their right to live. The Digimon before them was given the command to delete them and wouldn't stop unless his partner gave the order. ''Mega Flame!'' a massive fireball erupted from Greymon X's mouth as it collided to the ground where the three Digimon were at.

''Pyro Sphere!'' Guilmon shouted as he launched a fireball at the larger Dinosaur Digimon who swayed to the left and dodged it.

''Power Paw!'' Renamon dashed forward as she attempted to land the powerful blow only for Greymon X to duck his head and used his skull to cushion the blow; not a dent or even a crack was present in it's skull.

''Horn Impulse!'' Greymon X countered and attacked using his horns, gashing Renamon on the side and sending her hurling to the ground.

''Blazing Fire!'' Terriermon fired an energy mouth from his blast that impacted with Greymon X's chest and not so much as a scratch was made. Not too long after Guilmon attacked again. By the look in his eyes the Digimon was reacting by extinct, as if it was possessed.

''Pyro Sphere!'' Once more the ball of fire erupted from his mouth to which Greymon X leaned over the attack and dropped down to the ground causing an audible thud, it's powerful body causing cracks in the foundation. Terriermon fired off another blazing fire to which Greymon reacted with Megaflame and smothered the attack. Using a tail crash he smashed the smaller bunny like Digimon into the dinosaur Digimon sending them both crashing into a tree.

''Digi-modify! Speed Activate! Hyper Chip activate!''

''To the side!'' Naruto's voiced echoed as Greymon X was able to move out of the way of the speedy fox Digimon's Power Paw. Landing hands first as a result of missing her attack she used the momentum to maneuver herself around as she went on the offensive. Once more Greymon X readied a Megaflame.

''Digi-modify! Agumon's Frozen Wind activate!'' it seemed like the Ruki girl had a plan as well. She was skilled but lacked heart unfortunately. As such Renamon used Snow Agumon's Frozen wind attack, a burst similar to the regular Agumon's pepper breath but formed of Ice. Though despite the power boost from one of the earlier modified cards it didn't compared to the more powerful and experienced Digimon as it consumed the attack. When the attack dissipated the Dinosaur Digimon began searching the area to see where the Fox Digimon had gone.

''Pyro Sphere!''

''Terrier Tornado!''

''Fire Wall!'' Greymon X spewed out an encroaching wall of flames that ate away at the attack. As he prepared to counter the two Digimon he was blind sided by a hail of Diamond Storm as it impacted the side of his face as it broke his concentration slightly.

''It's time to put this to an end!'' Naruto said as a column of light erupted not too far from them. 'He's here as well?' Greymon's X light show soon ended as he had transformed into Metal Greymon X. It's skull, right arm, and chest covered by armor and wings protruding from his back. ''Giga Destroyer!'' Missiles erupted from his chest cavity as the backlash from the attacks had knocked the Digimon off their feet. And in a flash it was all over; a second Giga Destroyer hitting the Digimon before they could react resulting in an explosion that only left behind a data signature.

''NOOOOOOOOOO! Guilmooooon!'' the boy Takato wailed as he dropped to his knees. ''Why? H-He never hurt anyone? Why did he have to die?''

''H-How could you? They were living beings and you killed them! You heartless monster!'' Lee cried out while Ruki stood there, unmoving and emotionless.

''N-No...it...it can't be...'' Renamon can't be gone! She just can't be!

''It was better this way! You children didn't understand the scope of your decisions. Digimon aren't just mere pets or tools for some game. While they grow stronger by fighting they are also guardians who protect! You three were quite simply unfit and this is why I deleted them or at least what I wish to say I did!'' he said as he snapped his fingers. The single fading trail of data separated into three smaller piles. ''You as your chosen partners are the only ones that can restore them. For three days no one will be able to enter this area as a spell will repel them and in that same amount of time that is how long those strands will remain. If you do not come to the epiphany and deep down except your fault and how you handled your Digimon partner you risk losing them forever! You Takato, who treated his partner as a pet must come to realize how serious this situation is and must be willingly to accept the seriousness of this situation! You Lee, the pacifist; preventing your Digimon from fighting is foolish decision. Would you be able to bear the burden of your partner Digimon and not being able to control himself because he does not know his own power? Putting the life of you, your family, and everyone around you as a result and you Ruki? Cold, calculative, and heartless. You treated your partner as nothing more then an attack dog for your own selfish ambition, refusing to acknowledge that she was a living being; now that you might loose her forever have you realized your folly? Three Days...use this time well.'' Naruto said as he jumped to the top of Metal Greymon X's head and they disappeared in a flash of light leaving the three Chosen children to contemplate Naruto's words.

''Do you really expect them to come to terms with their faults in three days? Isn't that a bit unrealistic?'' his partner Digimon asked as they arrived to a small house in the middle of a forest of Cherry Blossoms not too far away from a small river.

''To be honest not really. I just wanted them to think about my words; I don't expect them to come to some life changing conclusion, but realize their mistakes before they became even more self destructive in their role as Chosen Children. That and I wanted the time to evaluate their Digimon and set them on the right path. That Dinosaur...that Guilmon is interesting though. Something is quite familiar about him.''

''You don't think it could be 'him' do you?''

''It could be possible?'' he remarked with a shrug as the bodies of Guilmon, Terriermon, and Renamon materialized on the ground. ''The Renamon is pretty cute. I wonder if she has a mate?''

Metalgreymon X puffed some smoke from his nose. ''With you species doesn't matter does it? As long as she's cute and some curves you're all game. Quite honestly Naruto!''

''Hey what can I say? I'm a lover of the female form.'' Naruto remarked with an amused grin.