The day I saw him for the first time happened when I was about seven, though mentally I liked to think I had hit the ten mark, because even then I knew that I wanted to be a writer, but this isn't a story on how I came to become an author, no this is the story of how I met Will Evans the time traveler.

Like I said before I found him when I was about seven, I can't tell you exactly as my writing back then is hard to read in some places, none the less I was a cute innocent little girl who had wondered off into the woods near my house to get away from it all. You see I have a large family there is a total of two adults, mum and dad, five kids, three brothers and two sisters, and the dog who liked to do really nothing. As you can expect things got loud.

So here I was in the forest where I could still see the house but no one could see me, back then I wasn't thinking of my possible death by a creepy pedo or something, I had my note book at the ready and my pen as my sword ready to write some epic adventure down in hopes that one day this story could be bought on a shelf.

Just as I'd finally gotten into my groove I heard a thumb only steps away from me and there you had it Will Evans lying flat on his back butt naked. I didn't scream at the sight of this naked man but I sure did sneak a glance or two at his…lower region.

I was bright red by the time he stared to wake up, at first he looked at me as if he thought I must be a dream then he noticed that I was not quickly covering his privates like I hadn't already noticed it hanging out there.

"Sorry," he said.

"It's ok…aren't you cold?" I asked.

Seriously I had thought that he was just some crazy person running around naked in the middle of autumn. Ah the mind of the sweet seven year old me.

"Yes I am a little," he said.

I took off my jacket; while it was not at all going to cover him he could tie it around his waist to stop himself having to hide it from the world with his hands.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. "No one comes here,"

That I believed to be true until I was 13 and saw some strange older couple making out and more further into the forest. It goes with out a doubt that that memory crushed my poor innocent mind.

"I don't mean to come here but in a moment I'll be gone," he tried to explained but that went right over the top of the seven year old me's head.

"Well ok but maybe you should bring a spare change of clothes," I suggested.

The man laughed at that like I'd said something that was worthy of the stand up comedians that my dad would take the family too every so often.

"I wish I could," he said. "Sorry what's your name?"

"I'm Sam," I answered proudly.

"Well Sam I'm Will and believe it or not I'm a time traveler," Will said.

"Is it fun?" I asked.

I fully believed the naked man in front of me, I was a fantasy writer after all it was my job in life to believe things that didn't seem real. If Will had found any other girl he would be standing there until he vanished before they would believe him.

"It is sometimes," Will said with a shrug.

"Oh can't you only go to fun places?" I asked.

I believed that you could choose where you wanted to go in life when you had that kind of power; it would have been a lot nicer if you could.

"I wish, I have no control over where I go or when," Will said.

"That must suck for your girlfriend," I said.

"What makes you think I have a girlfriend?" Will asked.

"Because that's just life," I answered as if it were a written law that people had to have a girlfriend or boyfriend at a certain age.

"Do I know you in the future?" I asked.

"I'm sorry I don't know any Sam's," Will admit.

"Oh…well maybe I'll meet you when I'm older," I said.

"I don't think so I'm 45 right now," Will said with a rather sad smile. "You seem like a nice girl though,"

"Well I'll be sure to find you when I'm older," I said.

"I don't think time can be messed with, I don't have control over what events happen, they just happen no matter what," Will said sorrow lingering in his voice.

I'd hit somewhere I shouldn't have gone.

"Sorry Sam I think my time is up," Will said.

"Don't go," I pleaded, he was the most interesting thing that had ever happened in my life.

"It was nice meeting you," Will said. "Thanks for believing me,"

"I'll see you around Will I promise," I stated.

"I wish that were true," Will whisper and with that he vanished my jacket dropping to the floor where he once stood.

I didn't pick up that jacket, I'd seen where that had been, when my mother asked about it later I told her I'd just lost it, she wasn't happy but no amount of washing could erase what that poor black jacket had seen.

Will told me we'd never meet because that was just how time flowed but as a seven-year-old girl I was determined to find him again.