An Ailment

A/N: Okay another one from HamHam-Chan and Jackolina-Senpai! This one is a very iffy one on idea but hopefully a good ending will appear...Anyways, No we don't own FMA and here we go!

Chapter 1- An Off Day

Riza's steps echoed off the cement path that led to the shooting range, a normal weekly stop for the steadfast Lieutenant. Her blonde hair glimmered in the afternoon sun and hazel eyes bored into whatever came across their path with great intensity.

"Riza! Yo! Riza!" A shrill voice called from ahead, attatched was a young brunette franticaly waving her hand to catch the Lieutenant's attention.
"Hey Rebecca..." Riza sighed, a pounding headache was threatening to split her forehead in two.
Rebecca's face became concerned, "Are you feeling okay? Riza girl, you don't look so good. You're kinda pale."
"Oh I'm fine," The blonde reassured her friend, "I'm just having an off day."

"Okay," Rebecca handed her the infamous sniper rifle, "If you say so, why are you here anyway? Shouldn't you be three seconds away from shooting your boyfriend?"
Riza blushed and tried to hide it, "He's not my boyfriend! He's my Colonel and on the subject of being three seconds away from blowing his head off...He's got the message, he knows he has to do paperwork."
"Uh huh, whatever." The brunette rolled her eyes and laughed. But upon seeing her friend cover her head with a pained expression, she quickly became concerned again. "Hey,you sure your okay?"
She sighed, "Uh huh," After a minute, Riza peeled her hand away from her face and began to walk away. "I'm going to go shoot, see you later Becca."
"Okay, holler if you need me."

Riza calmly walked over to a small shooting station, leaning on the wall and holding her head in her hand again, the pain increased ten fold, growing more and more with each gunshot that rang out across the range. It felt like someone stabbing her in the temple then bashing her against the ground. She felt shakey and weak, her whole body trembled and she felt like crying. 'What is going on with me? Why am I feeling like this?' Riza thought, then suddenly pain shot through her arms and legs, up her sides and into her stomach. Riza yelped in pain and fell to the floor with a harsh thud, heard by everyone in the range and people rushed over to her.

Rebecca let a round fire from the barrel of her gun, 'Damn, another missed target, what a bummer.' She thought and sighed. Just then a yelp echoed from a few stations down and brown eyes saw people rushing towards a particular area. Fear grew in her heart when someone yelled "Lieutenant Hawkeye!". Getting up and sprinting as fast as her legs could carry her over to the area, pushing past people to reach the Lieutenant.

There was no doubt Hawkeye was in pain. Excruciating didn't even begin to describe the surges of hurt flowing through, burning and stabbing her insides while her head felt ready to explode. Her vision was dark, faded, blurrry and the noises around her just sounded like low murmurs and distorted voices. Riza had no clue what was going on and for once she was scared, completely and utterly terrified. Bonds encased around her arms and held her down, a weight fell on her chest and she couldn't breathe, she yelped and screamed yet no sound came out. Tears leaked from the hazel eyes no longer burning embers but frightful orbs, shut tightly to escape the fear and pain.

"Riza! Riza! Get a hold of yourself! Riza! Can you hear me?" Rebecca pleaded with her struggling friend, who was violently thrashing around under her, yelping in pain and desperately trying to curl into a ball. Her blonde hair was broken out of it's usual clip and was tangled around her sweaty, pale face. The brunette tried desperately to calm down Riza but to no avail would she stop freaking out, tears leaked out of Rebecca's eyes and in a shrill, harsh tone she yelled at the surrounding crowd,

"Don't just stand there! Somebody help me! Go get the nurse from the infirmary!"
As if on command, three rookies took off in the direction of the main building with an intense speed and worried looks plastered on their faces.