An Ailment

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Chapter 2: Probably Nothing

Roy leaned back in his chair and graciously stretched out his legs from under the desk, then quickly spining in his office chair like a child. Heaving a sigh he then massaged his cramped up hand while saying,
"Work is done for me, what about you all?"

Havoc glanced around and upon seeing Hawkeye had not returned from her shooting break, he grinned and lit up a cigarrette. "All done on our side chief, but shouldn't Hawk be back by now?"

"Yeah," Furey added casually concerned, "She's usually back by now."

Roy smirked and sucked in a deep breathe, "Oh I'm sure Hawk is fine, besides, what on earth could possibly hurt Hawkeye before she had a chance to totally crush them with a sniper rifle?" They all nodded in agreement, and Falman stated,

"That's true, but I wouldn't recomend leaving until she get's back, with work done or not if we leave too early she will kill us tomorrow."

"Yeah," Breda continued, "Make us do more paperwork then usual or shoot us."

"I think I'll take a shooting," Mustang chuckled and Havoc puffed out,

"Same, this paperwork shit is really starting to bum out my swag." At that moment the room burst into laughter, all except Havoc who had been completely serious about what he said. He snarled, "What are you guys laughing about?"

"You have swag?" Furey said in between chuckles and wiping a tear from behind his glasses. He started to laugh again, "Didi-Didn't know you had it in you." The room erupted into laughter again, and a now very ridiculed Jean sat in his chair with a cigarette hanging in the corner of his mouth and a large pout on his face.

"Oh c'mon Havoc!" Breda chided, "We were just having a little fun."

"Well it's not funny!" Jean yelled.

The two men continued to bicker while falman sat there exasperatd as Furey tried to stop their fighting, bless his heart. Roy tuned them out and stared off into space, looking dreamily out the window until something caught his eye. Three officers were dashing up from the shooting range, (Which Mustang had a view of it from afar) with pale and frightened looks on their faces. The three ran into Central HQ no hesitation and they were out of sight. 'Huh, that's odd.' Roy thought to himself, but decided everything was probably fine. About thirty minutes later, the Colonel was awakened from his little nap by a knock on the door. He looked to Jean who sighed and said,

"Do I have to do everything?" Havoc got up and answered the door, letting a tall and stern looking man into the office. He was an officer from the infirmary ward. Mustang stood and saluted, as did the rest of his subordinates. Putting on a small smile he said,

"Hello, what do I owe this visit?"

"Are you Colonel Mustang?" The officer said, and when the raven haired man nodded he continued, "My name is Lt. Jameson, and I have some information you might just want to know about your first lieutnenant."

At that, Roy's heart stopped and his eyes widened. This was not good. "What's wrong with my lieutenant?" He said angirly not really meaning to be harsh but that's just how it came out.

"I can only tell you that, you will have to get a report from the actual head of infirmary staff. Sorry." And with that, Lieutenant Jameson walked out. The Colonel looked to his subordinates who nodded then followed suit as their superior officer dashed out of the room, down the hall and into the infirmary only to meet a guy's worst nightmare.

"Lieutenant Catalina!" Roy said sternly, his eyes narrowed. "Where's Hawkeye?"

As soon as she turned around to face him, he immediately regretted his tone. Tears streamed down her face and she looked frightened and shocked, she clenched her fists saying, "Don't you take that tone or else I'll blow your head off!" Now normally Roy would have said something like 'bring it on!' but even though he had no fondness of her, he felt a tad bit bad. Lowering his voice he asked again,

"What's wrong with Hawkeye?" Rebecca stalled, trying to hold back a sob, "Where is she? What happened?"

She couldn't hold it in any longer and she let out a small, quivering sob. "I-It was s-so scary! I don't understand Riza just suddenly freaked out! S-She was in pain but I didn't know why, nothing had hurt her and she was convulsing and I couldn't get her to calm down!" Rebecca panted from her sob and Furey took a step foreward to rest his hand on her shoulder.

"What's all this blubbering in my office!" The crabby nurse came out of the resting room, her pudgy hands on her fat hips as she marched up to the group. "You girl stop your crying! You'll cause a commotion among the other patients."

Rebecca took shallow, deep breathes trying to calm herself, wiping tears from her eyes and Roy asked, "Is Hawkeye okay?"

The nurse sighed, "Frankly, I don't know what is wrong and none of the other nurses figured it out either, we ended up shooting her up with a sedetive to make her pass out so she would stop. But we checked her for everything that we know how and nothing else was out of the ordinary."

"Is she asleep?"

"Yes, but Mustang if I let you in to see her you must be quiet and do everything not to wake her. Got it? I don't want her to wake up and freak out again."

He agreed and the group walked into the small curtined area where Hawkeye lay, her face pale and sweaty, her blonde hair spilled across the pillow and her eyes were shut now peacefully. Her breathing was silent, the others just gathered around her bedside quietly, wondering what happened. It was Havoc finally broke the scilence.

"It's probably nothing," The group snapped their heads to look at him. "What? I mean, look, Hawk works herself much harder than any of us do. Always doing the extra work, always dealing with stress herself and then we have our daily shinanigans which doesn't help her. My theory? She just had a mental breakdown and will be better after a good nights rest."

They all agreed, nodding,sitting around, and waiting patiently for their friend to wake up. Hoping to God that Havoc was right, but they could only hope.

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