Lelouch stepped off the bus, his face and body language closed off but not outright resentful. This wasn't because he was new, or because he was shy.

It was because he was a good actor – but not good enough to pretend to be happy. Not when he was being sent here.

Clovis grinned at him. "Buck up. At least your mom didn't catch you in the act."

…that was true. Honestly, Lelouch wasn't sure how he'd been found out. But somehow, his parents had figured out he was gay and sent him off with his half-brother to 'get fixed'.

This was Clovis's third year as a counselor at their church's anti-gay camp. The pay was fantastic and his job (arts and crafts director) was both well-attended and easy. He was 100% completely straight, but working here was like getting bonus points for heaven. Lelouch's family was big into things like that.

The irony of an arts and crafts job at an anti-gay camp was lost on… everyone, Lelouch felt, even Clovis. Homophobes sure seemed humorless.

Despite being out and… about for around two years, Lelouch had been careful to keep everything safe. Condoms every time, safe words when needed, and making damn sure his conservative family didn't find out. The first two had been effective. Lelouch wasn't sure how the third had failed.

He wanted to blame Schneizel, but then… he always wanted to blame Schneizel.

Clovis's attempt to cheer him up had had the opposite affect. Lelouch's expression went from bland to outright sour. "Do you seriously think six weeks of torture's going to do anything?"

"It's not torture!" Clovis protested. "It'll be good for you. This is a good place with good people. It's… nature and healing and freedom and beauty!"

Lelouch, turning to avoid Clovis's earnest stare, caught a glimpse of someone swimming in the lake. Long lean legs and strong shoulders and… Lelouch could practically taste that ass. "Hmm? Beauty?" Lelouch smiled. "In the eye of the beholder, I suppose."

Clovis sighed. "At least you're smiling. C'mon, we'll get you set up in your cabin."

The cabins were segregated by sexes. Lelouch wondered if anyone had really thought this through. He was with three other boys and a counselor – not Clovis, thank goodness. The counselor was running late so, rather than introduce himself to three other irritated and kind of frightened boys, Lelouch read.


…or at least tried to. "What?"

The boy shifted. "My name's Rolo. I'm… pleased to meet you."

Lelouch looked up at the kid. He couldn't be more than fifteen. Who put a fifteen year old through this? "Lelouch. Nice to meet you too."

A large weight settled on Lelouch's other side. "Gino! And that's Rivalz and we'll take the other set of bunk beds." Rivalz gave a half-hearted wave, clearly wanting to be left alone as much as Lelouch. Lelouch instantly preferred him. "So. First time you two?"

Lelouch nodded, but Rolo shook his head. "This is my second year I… failed the first year."

"Fuck that," Lelouch said, loving the way little Rolo flinched from the curse word. "There's no passing or failing, just buying into their mantra or good acting. You're cute, but not that cute – you can pass for straight easy. Just fake it."

Rolo shook his head. "No, I… I want to get better."

Lelouch stood and pressed his palm firmly against Rolo's chest leaning in to whisper into his ear. "Then practice, Rolo." A quick lick and Lelouch sauntered off.

Maybe that had been mean. But Lelouch was still in a lousy mood. There was only one thing that had brightened his day since getting here and…

"Oof." As Lelouch tried to leave, the door opened into another person. "…serves me right, I guess. Sorry I'm late, guys!"

Long limbs, tanned skin, curly hair, and eyes that were greener than anything Lelouch had seen in all the new wilderness he was exposed to walked in, passing Lelouch whose attention was drawn to…

That ass looked even better up close. Lelouch smirked and mentally congratulated himself on finding a reason to stay at this camp.

"Hi! I'm Suzaku Kururugi and I'll be your cabin counselor for the next six weeks. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to come to me."

…or on him, Lelouch's mind helpfully supplied. He grinned. He was certainly planning on taking the generous counselor up on his offer.


Suzaku liked kids. Not in that way… pervert. He liked talking to them and listening to their problems. They were different from adults and getting them to open up to him was always a challenge, but a rewarding one. He kind of wanted to be a teacher.

A job that would be difficult to get if he had still been, as his father had put it, a 'hopeless pillow-biter'.

He wasn't though! He'd gone through the program, learned to control his impulses, and come out a new man. Sure, not quite attracted to women per se, but at least he wasn't acting on his attraction to men anymore. At least steely-eyed gazes and sharp jaw lines and flat chests that tapered into thin waists didn't get him hot. Anymore. If he avoided paying attention to them. Which was why he was able to smile benignly over his desk at one of the most beautiful young men he'd ever seen before in his life without any lascivious intent. "Can I help you?"

"It's Lelouch." The boy smiled and most people would have melted. Suzaku reminded himself that he was the steward of his feelings of same-sex attraction (SSA). The mantra helped. "I was wondering… it's my first time here and I'm a little lost."

He was biting his lip. Suzaku swallowed and managed a smile. "Everyone feels that way at first. It's perfectly natural. The important thing is to remember that we're all here to help you." A flash of pink tongue and Suzaku focused on breathing, the sounds outside. Anything but the way the boy (Lelouch) was standing, one hip slightly jutted out, his hand hovering at his hip, accentuating his pelvis… "A lot of us have gone through this as well. It's not easy, but it's worth it."

"You…" Lelouch leaned forward, his eyes wide. "You were sent here too?"

Suzaku nodded, eager to share. "It worked wonders! It's like that part of you turns… down, if not off. It's still there, in the background, but ignorable. Like elevator music."

Lelouch looked vaguely horrified. Suzaku noted absently that it didn't make him any less attractive. "So… sex and love and those things… you cut them out of your life?"

"A hole that can be filled with real love – the love of friends and family and God." Suzaku beamed, glad to be the first to introduce Lelouch to this. "Isn't that better?"

"That depends, I suppose…" Lelouch said. "On how good the sex was."

Ah. Suzaku couldn't really dispute that, except… "Is there any sex as good as your mother's kiss or your father's hug?"

"Wouldn't know." Lelouch shrugged. "Haven't tried everything yet." He leaned on Suzaku's desk. "Have you?"

Ah. Hah… "Lelouch, your feelings aren't always under your control," Suzaku said gently. "But your actions are."

"…you're serious." Lelouch's mouth quirked up in a half smile. "You really think you're better off emotionally and interpersonally castrated."

"I'm in control…"

"Prove it."


"Prove it," Lelouch repeated. "Take me to your bed. Lie down and give me five… no two minutes with you. Then we'll see how in control you are."

Suzaku sighed. "Even if that wasn't grossly inappropriate, choosing not to do that makes my point." His lips twitched. "Also, you're assuming that, just because I suffer from same-sex attraction, I'm attracted to you."

Lelouch's mouth, opened to deliver a retort, snapped shut at that. His eyes widened in disbelief and humiliation, before hardening and narrowing. "You're only human, Suzaku Kururugi. And humans all share one quality – they're breakable."

Suzaku knew that he'd already been broken, knew that his place was in making sure that no one else broke if he could prevent it, but before he could say so, Lelouch rounded his desk and straddled him. His hands flew up to push him away, but Lelouch was small and squirmy and managed to get a good grip of his shirt with his hands and a decent kiss pressed to Suzaku's lips.

"I want you." Lelouch's voice was dark and deep and commanding and it made Suzaku shudder. "I want you under me or over me, inside me or around me, I don't care. I want you."

It had been a long time since Suzaku had been this close to another human being. He let Lelouch press against him a moment longer, then shoved him off.

"It's okay, Lelouch. We'll help you get over this."

Lelouch, breathing hard and still clearly angry, stormed out.


The next three days were insufferable. After being told that his father didn't love him enough (true, but irrelevant to his sexuality), that he was a sinner and an addict, that he hated himself (that session would have made Lelouch laugh if it hadn't been at the end of an otherwise grueling humorless day), he would return to his cabin and Suzaku would go over everything again.

At one point Rolo started crying. Lelouch almost offered him a pity fuck, but that would have likely been counterproductive.

Gino was dealing with it the best (or, at least the way the designers had intended), actually taking that 'advice' to heart and trying to improve his self control. Suzaku shared some tips with him and smiled openly at him and Lelouch seethed.

Rivalz, as it turned out, was as straight as Clovis. His parents had sent him here 'just in case'. Rather than insulted like Lelouch, enlightened like Gino, or terrified like Rolo, he was bored. He hung out with Lelouch a lot – at one point Lelouch offered to blow him just for something to do. Rivalz had looked both amused and disgusted and Lelouch had laughed and maintained a reasonably good mood for the next few hours. He wasn't able to keep that good mood indefinitely, but he was able to maintain his good behaviour (following his advice to Rolo to just fake it until it was over) until he caught sight of Suzaku, still dripping from his daily swim, entering their otherwise empty cabin.

A golden opportunity.

Suzaku's room was off to the side and locked, but the lock was cheap and easy to override with a credit card. Suzaku's rather pleasant humming even drowned out the sound of Lelouch opening the door and sneaking into the room while his back was turned.

That ass. God. Free from the confines of Suzaku's swim shorts, Lelouch finally got a good look at the twin mounds of flesh as Suzaku towel dried his hair. It was glorious. Lelouch threw off his shirt and kicked off his shoes, finally making enough noise for Suzaku to turn around and… he was nicely hung too. Lelouch's mouth watered and he decided to just go for it when he saw Suzaku staring in stupefied horror.

The noise Suzaku made as Lelouch sunk to his knees in front of him and took his cock into his mouth ingrained itself in Lelouch's mind. It was a cross between a choked-off sound of terror and a groan of deep satisfaction. Lelouch gave him another good suck before releasing him noisily. "Been a while, huh?"

"Lelouch, you…" Suzaku couldn't finish his thought.

Lelouch chuckled and wriggled out of his shorts and underwear as he pushed Suzaku back onto the bed. He checked the clock out of the corner of his eye. 1735… he smirked. "Where's your vaunted control now?" He slid between Suzaku's legs and licked a swathe up his neck… ew, lake water.

Suzaku focused enough to grasp Lelouch's shoulders, but not quite enough to push him away. "Lelouch you can't…"

"You're naked, in bed, with one of your charges, who is equally naked," Lelouch pointed out. "And at an anti-gay camp, no less." He chuckled. "I think you'll find, Suzaku, that you'll get in far more trouble than me if this doesn't stay nice and quiet…" He punctuated his words with a firm hand around Suzaku's very nearly fully erect cock. "You know what I want, right?"

Suzaku shook his head, unable to think around the sheer sensation of someone else's hand on him. "We… we shouldn't…"

1736. Lelouch set his jaw. "You want it." He kissed Suzkau messily, his hand working on him. "The only question is… do you want to finish in my hand or in my mouth?"

Suzaku's brain whited out as he arched and came, making that a moot point. He could faintly hear Lelouch's chuckles as he slumped back, boneless and spent… it had been a while. And, he hated to admit it but… it felt amazing.

He could feel Lelouch slide down his body and had a reasonable idea what was coming next. He should fight or something… at least protest. For Lelouch's sake if for nothing else, the boy was falling into the same traps and habits as before…

But he didn't. Instead, he let Lelouch open his legs and lift his cock and balls. He felt Lelouch's breath move against the sensitive skin below his sec, heralding what was next, and tried to relax.


Suzaku stared at the ceiling. "Yes?"

"Tell me if you want me to stop."

…what the hell was this all of sudden? "…and if I say so, you'll just stop?"

"Well." The breath from Lelouch's huff made Suzaku's ass twitch in anticipation. "I just want to fuck you. I don't want to rape you."

It was a little late for… oh, what the hell. "Go ahead." It wasn't as though he could claim that he didn't want it. He didn't want to want it, but that wasn't the same thing.

Lelouch smirked. 1737. Excellent. He pressed his tongue against Suzaku's perineum, delighting in the low moan that Suzaku made and the way his cock twitched. There was so much pent up tension here… "How long has it been?" He asked.

"…three years." It wasn't an admission. Suzaku was actually rather proud of that.

"God." Lelouch rolled his eyes. "I hope you at least masturbated. I'm still unclear as to where that falls on your spectrum of evil." He firmed his tongue enough to press into Suzaku, just a bit, and was a little surprised at the way Suzaku let him. Three years, and his body still remembered…

"Then again." Lelouch fumbled over the side of the bed for his clothes. "You're pretty clean down here. Was that how you justified it? Your cock hard and leaking in the shower and you pressing into yourself for hygiene?" He grinned as he fished out a pre-lubricated condom from his shorts – even in a place like this, it paid to be prepared. "How many fingers did you typically use?"

"Two." There was no point in lying. Suzaku was naked and splayed open and getting hard again. Also, Lelouch could clearly read him like a book. "Hygiene is important."

Lelouch snorted. "So is this." He leaned over Suzaku's body and kissed him, shifting so that his cock could rub against Suzkau's thigh. He hadn't come yet and he was hard. "The connection between people, the passion and fulfillment… what did you gain that was worth giving this up?" He slicked a finger in Suzaku's semen and slid it into him. Suzaku arched and groaned, but opened easily.

"Spiritua– oh, yes, Lelouch right there…"

Perfect. Lelouch pressed into that spot, sliding another finger in. "You know what, Suzaku?"

Suzaku wasn't able to answer, one hand fisted and stuffed into his mouth to at least muffle his moans. He was flushed and his eyes were only half-open and he looked delicious. Lelouch quickly put the condom on and paused at Suzaku's entrance to finish his thought. "I wouldn't mind getting caught." He pressed in.

Both of Suzaku's hands flew to Leouch's shoulders, leaving his mouth uncovered and open as he gasped and moaned. He wasn't loud, but he never stopped making the most arousing noises as Lelouch gradually rocked into him. "Shit, Suzaku…" Lelouch laughed. "It's a little ironic that the best piece of ass I've had in a while is at this camp, but I don't think they teach irony here."

He felt Suzaku's muscles clench as he laughed at that in return. "I think you'd have to go to English camp for that."

"You know me." Lelouch groaned as he slid in the rest of the way. "I'd probably speak French the whole time." Fuck it was tight.

"Move, please." Suzaku didn't seem to have processed Lelouch's wit. A pity. "Please, Lelouch, move…"

The temptation to make Suzaku ask him to fuck him was overwhelmed by Lelouch's desire to finish. He started a smooth rhythm, laying between Suzaku's legs, and managed to get enough breath and grip to pull Suzaku into a deep kiss as his rhythm sped up. There was no more witty banter as Lelouch's grunts and Suzaku's groans rang out in counterpoint and Lelouch drove into him, making the mattress squeak and the headboard bang against the wall and… they really were making enough noise that they could easily get caught.

Neither one cared as Suzaku got a hand between their bodies to jerk himself off and Lelouch closed his eyes and changed his angle and thrust harder and deeper and…

He, personally, thought Suzaku came first. Suzaku disagreed. Either way, they came within moments of the other, their cries mingling in the air as they reached and crested their peaks.

Lelouch collapsed on top of Suzaku, breathing hard and sated. "That… makes the past three days worth it."


Suzaku did everything he could after that to convince Lelouch to reattempt the curriculum. It was hopeless. On top of that, Lelouch spent at least a part of nearly every night with Suzaku, proving that he meant what he said when he'd claimed to have wanted Suzaku in any and every way. Suzaku managed to justify it with wanting to keep him happy and what they did a secret, but… he was really just attempting to fool himself at this point.

At first, he likened it to an alcoholic and his first drink. Then he caught himself watching Lelouch with the other campers, smiling as they laughed at his jokes, wincing when he failed particularly spectacularly at any physical event. He even enjoyed watching him eat. Despite the fact that they had sex every time Lelouch slid, naked and ready, into Suzaku's bed (Suzaku had taken to sleeping naked too, in self-defense) Suzaku was beginning to realize that the relationship wasn't solely sexual. At least not on his part.

He tested it about one week from the end of camp, turning down the sheets for Lelouch's inevitable entry, and wrapping his arms around the younger boy before Lelouch could start anything. "Tonight, could we just… cuddle?"

Lelouch stared at him in the dim light. "You're joking, right?"

"Not at all." Suzaku kissed him and pressed him closer, entangling their legs. "Sleep with me, Lelouch."

Lelouch drew back, trying to get a better look at him. His eyes darted over Suzaku's face uncertainly. Finally, he huffed a sigh and placed the condom on the side table. "You can top if you're still sore from last night…"

"That's not it," Suzaku interrupted. "I just want to hold you."

"I knew that was what you meant," Lelouch rolled his eyes, but placed several gentle kisses on Suzaku's lips before curling up beside him. "Do you have any idea what you're getting into?"

Suzaku chuckled. "Nope." He felt Lelouch give a small laugh before relaxing in his arms and falling asleep. Suzaku joined him moments later.

He woke up to the faint glow of pre-dawn light and warm wet suction around his erection and two fingers moving inside him. "Lelouch!"

"Shh…" Lelouch crawled up his body and kissed him as he replaced his fingers with his cock. "You didn't seriously think you were getting off that easily did you?"

Suzaku wasn't able to answer other than to grab Lelouch and pull him down for another kiss as they started moving together.

…well. That had been a… partial success? Suzaku watched Lelouch dress and thought about what it meant that Lelouch had been willing to give in to his request to just sleep together, but then woke him up like… that.

"Have you ever considered that you might be a sex addict?"

Lelouch froze in the process of pulling his shirt over his head before continuing. "I've considered it," He admitted. "It's rather impossible not to think about it here, but I'm not. I like sex and I like sex with men, and I really" he leered cheerfully at Suzaku "like sex with you. But it's not an addiction."

"Then why… after I asked you…"

"Because," Lelouch said, leaning in to peck Suzaku lightly on his lips. "If I let you take charge, you might find a way to stop this. And I don't want to stop."

Suzaku pulled Lelouch into his lap. "Is it just the sex?"

"Would it be so bad if it was?"

"Maybe." Suzaku let Lelouch capture his lips as he contemplated what, exactly, this relationship was.

He didn't get a decent answer before the week was out and it was time to leave.

Both Gino and Rivalz had done remarkably well, both taking the pledge to refrain from homosexual activity without a qualm. Rolo was a little shakier and uncertain, but Suzaku remembered him from last year, and he was doing better now than he had then. Maybe this was good for him.

Lelouch recited the words in a tone completely devoid of sarcasm or mockery. Less than an hour later he was on his knees with Suzaku's cock down his throat. As he swallowed and wiped off his mouth, Suzaku came to a decision.

"Here." He handed Lelouch a card. "My address and cell number." He gave these out, generally to the more troubled kids (Rolo had one) just in case they needed emergency help. That wasn't why he was giving it to Lelouch.

Lelouch took the card thoughtfully. "Thanks."


"You were in Kururugi's cabin?" Six weeks of effectively avoiding his older brother, and Lelouch was still stuck beside him on the car ride home from the bus stop. "He's a total hardass!"

…funny, Lelouch had found his ass to be rather supple.

Clovis ignored Lelouch's smirk. "Did he keep you up reciting what you'd learned that day?" He had. Lelouch's smirk turned into a scowl and Clovis laughed. "Yeah, he's one of the 'true believers' for sure." As opposed to Clovis who was in it for the money and the perceived generosity of spirit. "I'll bet he set you straight."

"Indeed." The smirk was back. "I found his tutelage to be most instructive."

"…talk like a regular person, you freak." Clovis snorted as they pulled into their driveway. "At least now you're closer to a normal human being."

Lelouch got out of the car as soon as possible and dragged his stuff to his room. He'd wash his clothes later, for now… he took out Suzaku's card and looked at it for a moment before shoving it in a drawer. He didn't need him – there was a whole city of clubs and bars and hangouts waiting for him. He certainly didn't need to go out of his way to hunt down a serial cuddler.

A perfunctory knock was the only warning he had before his mother walked in. "Lelouch? How are you?"

Still gay. "Fine. And how have you and Nunnally been?" He didn't really care about anyone else.

"We've been well. Praying for your safe return and recovery." She opened her arms and Lelouch obediently hugged her, reminded of what Suzaku had said on his first day. It was nice to be loved by his mother, but it would have been nicer if she could have loved the real him. Ah well, he didn't mind hiding this from her if it meant making her happy. "Your father was also concerned."

Lelouch stiffened in his arms. "He's here?"

"He will be joining us for supper." Lelouch's mother smiled. "Get washed up and ready to eat, dear."

There wasn't much choice. Lelouch did as he was told, joining the family around the table. The only seat free was at his father's side. Lelouch set his jaw and sat down.


"Your plan was a success," Lelouch reported mechanically. "In fact…" A small smile crept over his face. "One of the counselors, Suzaku Kururugi, and I have become friends. He's kind of like a mentor. You know, the positive male influence in my life that was lacking which made me turn to the evils of homosexuality?" Take that, old man.

Charles snorted. "Have him come over tomorrow. I'd like to meet him."

"I'll see if he's free."

Immediately after supper, Lelouch called Suzaku's number. "Hello?"

"Suzaku?" It had been less than a day, and Lelouch was surprised to find that he missed his voice. "It's Lelouch."

"Lelouch!" Suzaku's voice sounded both happy and… manlier? Was he trying to impress him? That was adorable. "I didn't expect you to call so soon."

"I wasn't really planning on it," Lelouch admitted. "But my father wanted to meet you. Are you free for supper tomorrow?"

"Sure." Suzaku sounded pleased. "What time?"

"Four." It was early, but Lelouch… didn't just want Suzaku over for supper.


Suzaku was, of course, punctual. "I brought–"

Lelouch snatched the wine from him, tossing it carelessly on the couch and pulling Suzaku up to his room. "Welcome to our house, I'll introduce you to everyone later, hope your drive was comfortable…" He shoved Suzaku into the room, slamming the door behind them before wrapping his arms around him and kissing him deeply. "I want you inside me."

Suzaku, to his credit, was at least a little reluctant. "Your parents…"

"They're home." Lelouch tore off his clothes and undid Suzaku's pants. "I don't care. Fuck me."

"But you – oh, hmmm…" Suzaku cut himself off as Lelouch latched onto his neck and started slowly pumping his cock. "Lelouch…"

"Suzaku…" Lelouch tried to find something more to say, but… it was different, having Suzaku in his room rather than in their communal cabin (or in the boathouse, or behind the archery range, or that one time in the church bathroom during Sunday services when Suzaku had had to keep one hand over Lelouch's mouth the whole time because it just felt so good…). This was different. More real. And Lelouch, normally in control, could feel himself being swept away.

When Suzaku turned him around and braced him against the door, Lelouch knew it was a bad idea. His bed, the window, even the wall would have been better. But, rather than protest as Suzaku smoothed his hand over his ass, Lelouch just groaned. "I stretched before you got here. Just put it in."

Suzaku's caress stopped and he chuckled. "So prepared…" The sound of ripping paper and crinkling plastic made Lelouch even harder as he heard Suzaku getting ready himself.


"Impatient." Suzaku chuckled again as he pressed into Lelouch, easily sliding completely into him in one smooth movement. "Miss me?"

Yes. "It's only been a day, moron." Lelouch managed to get the retort out before Suzaku started moving, which was good because the steady glide of Suzaku's cock inside him took his breath away.

Suzaku moved slowly, carefully, wanting to draw this out. "I missed you." He licked the side of Lelouch's neck and nipped at his earlobe. "I almost didn't think you'd call."

Lelouch laughed. "My father made me." He groaned as Suzaku's own laugh rocked through him. "Gah, Suzaku… please, just… more…"

"As you wish." Suzaku gripped Lelouch's hips and thrust in harder, making the door rattle and Lelouch groan. "Better?"

"Don't stop…" Lelouch knew that if they were caught it would be just as problematic here as at the camp. He was betting a lot on Suzaku's reputation and on his parent's desire to have him 'cured' that even if they heard something it would be shrugged off.

But Lelouch screaming Suzaku's name and the rhythmic banging of the door against its frame would be too obvious. Lelouch had been found out once, he didn't want to repeat that a second time. As Suzaku thrust into him, he pushed back from the door, grasping for Suzaku's shoulders as Suzaku's grip shifted to hold him and they stood, perfectly balanced and leaning only against each other, connected and breathing in concert for a brief moment.

Then Suzaku fell back, managing flip them so that Lelouch landed on the bed first, face to the pillows, angled so that he could hold Lelouch's hips up and pivot them onto the bed, appreciating the lack of mattress creak as he fit himself behind Lelouch and buried himself to the hilt.

Lelouch's reaction was muffled by the pillow, but his impatient tone came across clearly. Suzaku grinned and started thrusting again, quickly finding the right angle and making Lelouch make more interesting sounds.

As one hand slid off Lelouch's hip to wrap around his cock and the other one held him steady as Suzaku continued to pound into him, Suzaku realized he was having fun. It wasn't just pleasure, it was enjoyment. He wondered if that would make sense to anyone… other than, possibly, the boy moving under him.

He might have said something along those lines, but Lelouch suddenly tensed and threw his head back and came, his ass tightening and drawing out Suzaku's own orgasm. They collapsed, still breathing hard, on Lelouch's bed; Suzaku wrapping his arms around Lelouch and Lelouch pressing his back to Suzaku's chest.

"Hmm… very nice." Lelouch sounded both sated and smug. "I think I'll keep you."

"I'm very flattered," Suzaku replied dryly. "But I have to wonder why."

"Apart from the fantastic sex?" Lelouch asked, rolling over. "My parents will approve. I can go out with you, stay late and even over at your place and they won't mind. After all, your role is to keep me from wanting things like you."

Suzaku rolled his eyes. "That's all?"

"Does there need to be more?" Lelouch asked, his tone even, but his eyes challenging.

Suzaku considered his options. "Exclusivity."


"I want you all to myself," Suzaku clarified. "You don't even get to flirt with other guys. Clear?"

Lelouch nodded. It was a small price to pay.

"One final thing." Suzaku kissed Lelouch, smiling. "The moment you fall in love with me, you have to say it out loud."

Lelouch snorted. "I'm not going to…" He trailed off at Suzaku's fond smile. "You really are arrogant, aren't you?"

"Pot, kettle…" Suzaku kissed Lelouch's nose. "You're already halfway there."

"Whatever." Lelouch pulled away, pouting slightly.

Suzaku chuckled. "Smile Lelouch. We're going to meet your parents."

That brought an amused smirk to Lelouch's face.