Warnings: There's some aborted dub-con in here (not included in the story warning because it's... well, aborted) that might be triggery. It's also between a middle-aged man and a young adult in a monogamous relationship. Credit for this chapter overall inspiration (minus the dub-don, which is completely my own weird brain) goes to Sapadu and Hedonistic Opportunist whose reviews I still need to answer. Sorry, I'm getting on it, promise, I just had to write this out before I lost it!


For Lelouch's eighteenth birthday, he went out with friends for dinner, came back to his house and continued the party in the basement, and had everyone home before midnight.

For three weeks after Lelouch's eighteenth birthday, Suzaku took him out for dinner, brought him back to his apartment, and let Lelouch take his presents out of their boxes before taking turns putting said presents into each other.

That party didn't end until breakfast time the next morning.

"How red was your face when you bought those anal beads?" Lelouch asked, idly curious as he traced over Suzaku's pectorals with his index finger.

Suzaku groaned. "The anal beads were far from the hardest toys to buy. I'm still not sure we used the urethral sound properly."

Lelouch made a face. "Wasn't that much of a fan of it anyway. Or the cock ring. In fact, all the sex toys that interfere with, rather than help along, orgasms are in my bad books."

"I kinda liked the cock ring," Suzaku said. "There's something to be said for delayed gratification." Lelouch snorted. "What?"

"You would think that, Mr. former-anti-gay-camp-councillor," Lelouch said. "Good lord, I can still remember what you said to me at that camp, about turning your lust and passion 'down' until it became background noise. God, that probably turned you on!"

Those had been hard years for Suzaku, convinced that he had two choices – to resign himself to hell, or to overcome the baser part of his nature. It hadn't been until Lelouch had awoken something in him that was neither lust nor the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure, that Suzaku had realized that he'd been lied to. There were pure and real forms of love out there; he'd always known that. And the love he had for Lelouch, someone who happened to be of the same sex as him, was one of those loves.

But, until then, Suzaku had struggled daily with his urges and his faith. The shame he'd felt when he'd given into those urges, even on his own, with only a mental image of a faceless man to spur him on, had been deep and painful.

And now Lelouch, the brat who'd only ever struggled with how to hide his true feelings, never with how to fight them, was mocking him for it.

Suzaku just sighed and flicked Lelouch's forehead. Asking Lelouch to be considerate of other people's feelings was like asking fire to be wet. "You turn me on."

Lelouch grinned and kissed him before settling down, treating Suzaku like an oversized teddy bear. "I'd make good on that, but I think I may actually be fucked out."

"Me too." They'd fallen asleep twice, once at just after midnight and just after a particularly enthusiastic bout of sex, once at quarter to four after a few more, and each time had woken up with just enough energy to start again. Suzaku had lost count of how many things they'd done, not all of which had ended in orgasm, and how many times Lelouch had sworn that 'this is the last one'. They so rarely actually spent time in the same bed together that being able to wake up and start again was an irresistible luxury.

Then again, so was this; laying naked together on sheets sticky with sweat and other fluids, just touching and enjoying each other's company and bodies. Suzaku adored the way Lelouch's pale skin and the shadows from the street lamps and moonlight accented his sharp edges. Lelouch, meanwhile, seemed fascinated with Suzaku's muscles, especially compared to his rather… generous ass.

"This was a good birthday, Suzaku," Lelouch said softly, almost shy and genuine. "Thank you."

Suzaku smiled. "Thank you for turning eighteen and outgrowing your 'jailbait' phase."

"You liked it," Lelouch said, back to the arrogant brat Suzaku adored. "All those afternoons, 'mentoring' me in bible study and self-control until I was so hoarse I couldn't scream out your name any longer."

Suzaku laughed. "You make it sound worse than it was." He returned Lelouch's bright grin. "And it was pretty impressive as it was."

"Yes you were," Lelouch very nearly purred, looking less 'fucked out' than he claimed as he leaned up to capture Suzaku's lips, his hands smoothing over Suzaku's chest and then down, and then further down…

Suzaku's body was just about ready to see if it had another round in it when his bedroom door opened.

"You weren't answering your phone and it's nearly eight…"

Suzaku froze.

Lelouch froze.

Standing in the doorway, his hand still on the handle, his winter jacked still zipped up, Genbu Kururugi, Suzaku's father, froze.


In the six months that Suzaku had been seeing Lelouch, Lelouch had spoken with Genbu twice.

The first time had been just after Lelouch had introduced Suzaku to his family. Charles, Lelouch's father, had insisted on meeting Suzaku's father, and Lelouch had come along.

He hadn't made the best first impression.

Genbu Kururugi was of the opinion that the church was run by white racists (true) who were mostly interested in appearances (true) and who didn't give a damn about anyone who didn't fit into their mould (also true). He had the misfortune of being just as wealthy and just as politically powerful as the church leaders, without having the family connections, and without the ability to make them, with his almond-shaped eyes and his yellowish skin and his dark hair.

Suzaku, who took after his mother (green eyes, curly brown hair) could pass as not-quite-white in an attractive, exotic way. Genbu was just asian. It closed doors for him.

The Britannian family could open those doors. And Suzaku had been his father's key.

Genbu and Charles loathed each other on sight. But they respected each other in their way, and Genbu's wealth and position reinforced the idea that Suzaku would be a good mentor for Suzaku. Lelouch, however, took one look at the dismissive way Genbu regarded Suzaku, and the way Suzaku tensed up near his father, and hated Genbu for his own reasons.

At the time, Suzaku had taken it as a sign that Lelouch was actually starting to fall in love with him. Lelouch's denials of this had been as adorable as the way he pushed Suzaku down and wrapped his lips around his cock to change the subject. But Genbu hadn't taken it nearly as well and his rants to Suzaku, already nearly unbearable with the casual insults and belittling comments and snide reminders of what a disappointment Suzaku was, now had the added discomfort of his advocating using his young protégé to climb the social ladder.

Suzaku met his father half way, and climbed Lelouch like a ladder.

The second time Lelouch had talked with Genbu had been at the church's fall picnic. Lelouch had been eating a hot dog as subtly suggestively as he could for Suzaku's sake (the brat) and Genbu had noticed. Suzaku had laughed awkwardly and mentioned that Lelouch was making progress, but fell into bad habits occasionally. Genbu had made an interested sound at that and approached the boy.

From what Lelouch told Suzaku the next day, it seemed that Genbu had wanted to find out if Lelouch had lapsed back into the gay lifestyle, no doubt wanting to use that against Charles if necessary. Lelouch had, according to his story, reassured Genbu that he wasn't seeing anyone… except Suzaku, of course. For bible study. Suzaku was very… inspirational.

Sometimes Suzaku wished that Lelouch's discretion extended to the people he despised. It was one thing to mock Genbu's ignorance of their relationship and flaunt it with insinuations, it was another thing to risk that relationship just to feel smug and superior.

This would, if Lelouch and Genbu spoke, be the third time they'd met.

Third time was the charm.

The room reeked of sex, of musk and sweat and some of the more aromatic lotions and lubricants they'd used. The sheets barely covered Lelouch (and Lelouch barely covered Suzaku), and were clearly rumpled and wound around their bodies from vigorous use. Suzaku's hands on Lelouch's bare back and under the sheets on Lelouch's hip were unfortunate, as was Lelouch's hand pressing against Suzaku's pelvis. Their lips were still parted from the kiss that Genbu had interrupted, and still red from previous kisses and, in Suzaku's case, a recent blowjob.

"This… isn't what it looks like?" Lelouch said weakly.

"You little whore," Genbu breathed out, shocked and horrified.

Suzaku's hands tightened on Lelouch's body. If his father had blamed him, he probably wouldn't have argued. But he'd attacked Lelouch. "He's not a whore. And this is my apartment. Get out."

"Get out?" Genbu asked incredulously. "You're… fornicating with the Britannia boy and you expect me to just get out?" He stormed into the room and Suzaku tried to pull Lelouch away at the same moment Lelouch moved to intercept Genbu, giving Suzaku's father the perfect opportunity to grab Lelouch's hair and yanked him off the bed and to the side.

Lelouch cried out, more in anger than in pain, as his ass hit Suzaku's floor. He grabbed at Genbu's forearm and hand, trying to get him to let go, clawing at him like an animal.

"Father!" Suzaku leapt out of bed, stopping in his tracks as Genbu's foot slipped between Lelouch's legs to press down on his testicles. "Don-don't hurt him."

Lelouch whimpered as Genbu's foot pressed down and his hand tightened in his hair. Genbu glared at Suzaku. "You promised me you had this under control." His hand twisted and Lelouch's head was turned towards Suzaku. "I let you get your own apartment, your own 'space', and you return the favour by fucking some jail-bait piece of shit the moment my back's turned."

"I'm sorry," Suzaku said, as he always did when his father got upset. "I won't–" Lelouch made a soft protesting sound, which Suzaku ignored. "I won't do it anymore. I promise. Just, please, let him go."

"You could be jailed for statutory rape, you moron," Genbu snarled. "Do you have any idea how that would make me look?"

"I'm eighteen," Lelouch said, which was technically true, but not worth getting Genbu's attention back.

Genbu yanked on Lelouch's hair, forcing his head up and his eyes open on Genbu's. "I know exactly what you are, you little demon. You use your sweet little body, your soft voice, your pretty words, and you destroy men's lives. You feed off good men, righteous men, seducing them with your wiles and making them your slaves." He pressed his foot against Lelouch's balls, his eyes flashing at the pained sound Lelouch made. "You're covered in my son's spunk, but even then you know your place is on the ground, at the whim of a strong, powerful man. Look at you, you slut. You're loving this."

Suzaku knew what Lelouch looked like when he loved something. The teary eyes and grit teeth and clenched fists weren't actually a part of that.

Suzaku had spent almost all of his life intimidated to afraid of his father. He'd been conditioned to never talk back, never mind fight back. Genbu had piled hurt after hurt onto Suzaku, some in the name of religion, most in the name of fatherhood. And Suzaku had always taken it, bowed his head, and moved on wherever his father wanted him to go.

But when Genbu leered down at Lelouch, taking a perverse delight in his pain and helplessness, something inside Suzaku snapped. If he'd been thinking, he would have realized that Genbu still had a firm grip on Lelouch's hair and his foot in a very sensitive area. He likely would have reasoned that, as horrible as things were, Suzaku intervening could make them worse. He might even have run through other options and tried negotiating or even begging.

And yet, when Lelouch whimpered again, all Suzaku thought was pushed out of Suzaku's mind as he saw was red. He tackled his father, shoving him away from Lelouch. Fortunately, Genbu's hands flew up to catch his balance, releasing Lelouch's hair. Unfortunately, he caught his balance quickly and backhanded Suzaku into his dresser mirror, which shattered between Suzaku's shoulder and the wall. The pain didn't even faze Suzaku as he whirled around, ready to take on his father for real, no-hold-barred, to protect what was his.

And then Lelouch laughed.

It was a cruel sound, mocking and hate-filled, and it made Suzaku's blood freeze and curdle in the same instant in his veins.

"Of course. I finally get Mr. Goody-two-shoes to give it up and his dad ruins everything. I was seconds away from wrapping him around my little finger, and you have to come in and ruin everything." Lelouch sneered at Suzaku. "And I lied, Suzaku. You were rubbish. The only upside of this is I never have to deal with your amateur fumbling ever again."


"Get the fuck out," Genbu said, still breathing hard. "You harlot, you beast, you–"

"Yes, fine," Lelouch snapped. "Good lord, I have no idea what the appeal of virgins is supposed to be. I'm done with this.

He reached for his clothes and Genbu's foot snapped out, kicking his hand away. "No. You don't get to hide your shame."

Suzaku moved forward. "Father, if people see him leaving here naked…"

Genbu hesitated, then nodded angrily. "Dress, then leave. And, rest assured, your father will be hearing about this."

Lelouch snarled at him before dressing quickly and hurrying out of the apartment. Suzaku braced himself.

Genbu just looked at him, taking in his naked body and his bleeding shoulder. "Get that looked at, boy." Suzaku nodded, not trusting himself to speak, and stood with his head bowed until Genbu left.


Suzaku had just left the urgent care center after getting all the glass removed and his shoulder bandaged up, when his phone rang. The number wasn't familiar and, after the day he'd had, Suzaku was quite hesitant to deal with any new surprises. Still, after the third ring, he picked up. "Hello?"

"It's me. I'm borrowing a classmate's phone," Lelouch said. Suzaku sighed in relief. "I want to see you."

Suzaku had known Lelouch was lying to Genbu, that he hadn't meant a single word he'd said after his creepy, evil laugh. But he still felt a rush of relief at Lelouch's invitation. "I want to see you too. But–"

"No buts. Meet me at your gym in an hour."

"Are you a member there?"

Lelouch snorted. "You need to stop underestimating me, sweetheart."

"You need to stop breaking rules just because you can, honeybuns." But Suzaku was smiling.

"An hour."

"I'll be there."

Fifty minutes later, Suzaku swiped his membership card and waved to the girl at the entrance of the gym, who smiled and waved back. He didn't see Lelouch anywhere, but he'd decided to act as if nothing was different from usual. He headed down to the changing rooms and grabbed a towel.

It was early afternoon – just after the lunch rush and well before the after-work crowd arrived. The changing room was empty save for three naked old men arguing the merits of different kinds of smoked meat. Suzaku passed them without making eye contact and headed further to the back, glancing into the showers as he passed.

He almost missed the shadow that shifted subtly on the tiled floor. There was no water running, so the only reason someone might be in the shower stalls was…

Suzaku poked his head around the corner and grinned. Yup, there was Lelouch. Hiding.

He hadn't realized what a relief it would be to see Lelouch again, how scared he'd been that Lelouch's plan was all bluster and he wouldn't be able to pull through. This rush of feeling, so all-encompassing, almost overwhelming in its force, eroded all reluctance Suzaku might have had.

He wasn't going to give Lelouch up. Not for his father. Not for his reputation. Not for anything.

And Lelouch, if the way his face brightened when he saw Suzaku and ran into his arms was any indication, felt the same way.

"Suzaku." Lelouch wound his arms around Suzaku's neck and kissed him as if air was a secondary, even tertiary, consideration. Suzaku gave back as good as he got, hooking his hands under Lelouch's ass and hiking him up, carrying him across the shower floor to the back and slamming him against the wall. The kiss broke and Lelouch gasped and laughed before diving in again, grinding eagerly against Suzaku as they kissed again.

Suzaku had his hand under Lelouch's shirt and his cock more than half erect before he realized that, hearing loss and argument over deli products aside, this wasn't the most private of places to fuck.

"Hmm, Lelouch, we have to–" Lelouch's hand slid down Suzaku's front and into his pants. "God, you… not…" Suzaku had enough control to lower Lelouch to the ground before he pulled away. "I'm sorry."

Lelouch looked stricken. "For what?"

"For my father," Suzaku said. Lelouch visibly untensed. Suzaku wondered what he'd thought Suzaku might have been apologizing for. "I know this is the last thing you wanted, and I should have been more careful…"

"Don't be an idiot. Your father's invasion of privacy and perverted repressed homophobia is no more your fault than my father's domineering classist, racist homophobia is mine. We're fine, Suzaku."

That was sweet, but Suzaku knew it wasn't true. "We're not fine, Lelouch. My father isn't going to let us see each other anymore, and when your father finds out, it'll be even worse. We might be able to sneak around like this on rare occasions, but… I know you. That won't be enough."

Lelouch looked at Suzaku solemnly, and nodded. "You're quite right. A stolen quickie every few weeks, seeing you at church and knowing that I can't touch you… It would be torture. And I won't suffer through that, no matter how much I love you."

Suzaku felt something inside him break, but at least it was a clean break. He could walk away from this, heal after a few years and maybe… maybe this would be the thing that would cure him. Maybe after Lelouch, he'd never love another man again. "Then I guess this is goodbye. You're free."

Lelouch moved closer to Suzaku, and Suzaku braced himself to refuse if Lelouch asked for one last fling before they broke up. It would be better to just part and maybe, one day, they could be friends. Maybe Suzaku's heart wouldn't ache whenever Lelouch wasn't around, maybe his hands wouldn't twitch with the desire to touch and caress and grab Lelouch and hold him. Maybe he'd stop looking at Lelouch's lips and remembering how they tasted and felt against and around him.

Those lips parted, and Suzaku waited for the offer. One last time. He'd have to turn it down, of course, for both their sakes, but Lelouch would no doubt understand why…

Lelouch slapped him across the face.

Normally, Suzaku would have dodged easily. But the slap took him so much by surprise that even after it was over, even after Suzaku's cheek was stinging and red, he wasn't entirely sure what had happened.

"You asshole. You think I'm giving this up? That I'm giving you up? We have choices, Suzaku. You're twenty, I'm graduating in six months. We don't have to stay here, living off the scraps our fathers deign to toss our way. We can go anywhere, do anything. Canada has had gay marriage for years, there are several states that recognize it too. New York has a great gay community, good schools, job opportunities…" Lelouch's eyes sharpened. "You've always wanted to be a teacher. There's no reason for you to finish that stupid commerce degree your father's making you get before you get your MBA and work at his firm. I know I can coast through undergrad while working and save up enough to go to law school once you get a teaching position. We can make this work."

Suzaku's head spun. A moment ago he'd been heartbroken, ready to rend his own soul and let Lelouch go. Now they were talking about running away together, their dream futures, marriage. Lelouch looked so certain, so hopeful. Suzaku wanted to hope too, but he couldn't help but see all the flaws.

"We don't have any money, Lelouch. School costs money, living somewhere costs money. Food, transport, professional clothing…" Suzaku snorted. "Lube and condoms, they all cost money, Lelouch. We can't just break all ties and fend for ourselves. We don't know how."

Lelouch reached up with the same hand he'd slapped Suzaku with and gently caressed Suzaku's abused cheek. "It might not be easy, but it'll be good, Suzaku. I promise you, I'll make it good for you."

Suzaku shook his head. "I can't promise the same to you. The only thing I can try to do is to keep my dad from telling your dad so that you can move on from this without getting hurt. Maybe later, after this has all passed, we can try again."

"No. That's not acceptable." Lelouch bit his lower lip in thought for a moment before nodding decisively. "Right. We're going to have to deal with your father before the church meeting on Saturday. We'll talk more after I blow you."

Lelouch dropped to the floor and started working on Suzaku's pants. They'd been here so many times before that Suzaku's hands naturally migrated through Lelouch's hair, cupping and caressing the back of his head. "Lelouch, you shouldn't–" Lelouch freed Suzaku's cock and immediately went to town, gripping the shaft and suckling on the head, his cheeks hollowing prettily as he sucked. "–ohgodnevermind." Lelouch's tongue could do things to Suzaku's body that melted his brain. The best he could do was keep as quiet as he could and ride it out until Lelouch let him come.

Fortunately, Lelouch was either feeling generous, or impatient for his turn. Or Suzaku was eager and needed less than usual to finish. Either way, sooner than usual, Suzaku's fingers and toes curled, tangling Lelouch's hair and scrunching Suzaku's socks, and he groaned and spent himself into Lelouch's mouth, as Lelouch swallowed eagerly around him.

Suzaku had to repeat to himself that this wouldn't be their last time in order to return Lelouch's smile. He reached down and wiped the corner of Lelouch's mouth clean, and Lelouch turned his head to bite at Suzaku's thumb. Suzaku kneeled down and kissed him, forgetting where they were and who might be listening, and groped between Lelouch's legs. "What do you want?"

Lelouch grinned and pressed another kiss to Suzaku's lips before standing up. "I want you to fuck me so hard I see stars. After we deal with your father." Suzaku stared up at him and then slightly less up at the erection tenting his pants. Lelouch's grin widened. "Think of it as… incentive."

"I hope you have a plan," Suzaku grumbled, standing back up.

Lelouch quirked an eyebrow. "As a matter of fact…"


Suzaku felt like he had to pee. He'd just gone, but that didn't change the way he felt. Maybe he'd had too much to drink. Maybe he hadn't quite emptied his bladder.

Maybe he was panicking a little, standing in his father's office closet, peering through the slits and setting up his camera phone to record what he saw. So far, all he'd seen in the ten minutes since he'd hidden was his father coming in and setting up some paperwork. And just that was enough to set every single fight-or-fight instinct on fire in Suzaku's body.

His heart was thudding so loudly he could barely hear the tentative knock on the door.

"Come in," Genbu called, distracted by the file he was reading. Suzaku set the camera up, bracing his arm against the closet wall and setting up the lens of his phone to capture what was happening from his father's knees up to the top of the head of the person standing in front of Genbu's desk.

Lelouch. In a preppy outfit he hadn't worn in months, since he stopped trying to look like a college brat to pick up other college brats. In truth, with the soft, apologetic expression on his face, he looked even younger than his eighteen years. The way he approached Genbu's desk was awkward and uncomfortable, like a supplicant.

"Mr. Kururugi…" Lelouch hesitated.

Genbu looked up and outright leered. "Ah. If it isn't my favourite little whore."

Lelouch swallowed visibly. "I – I'm not a whore, sir. I'm just… I've had some difficulties. And now I'm trying to get out of new difficulties." Genbu snorted. "Please, I only… I'll do anything to convince you to keep my… indiscretion from my father. He'll kill me if he finds out."

Genbu looked supremely uninterested. "You have nothing to offer me, boy. If you were your elder brother, or even your step-mother, you might have something. But you don't." He smirked. "At least nothing that outweighs the anticipation of the look on your father's face as he's shamed in front of all his associates."

As Genbu spoke, Lelouch's lip started quivering. He shifted on his feet, clutching at the hem of his shirt, and overall looked like he might burst into tears at any moment. Genbu waited for a few seconds then returned his attention to his file. "If all you're going to do is snivel, boy, you can leave."

"No, no." Lelouch took a deep breath and slowly walked over to Genbu's side of the desk. Genbu's eyes followed him every step of the way. "I can't leave until you promise me you won't tell my father. I can't go home knowing you know what I…" He cut himself off and sank to his knees, bending over in the traditional bow that Suzaku had taught him. His shirt rode up, giving Genbu a great view of the top of his ass, which Genbu most definitely watched. "Please, sir. I'll do… anything." He lifted his head and there was a loaded moment of silence.

Suzaku couldn't see Lelouch's expression, but he could see Genbu's, and he was… captivated.

"Well, well, well… Look at you now, you little tart. Can't hide behind mommy's skirt or daddy's money, can you? All that fake pride gone, trembling on your knees in front of me." Genbu shifted in his seat, his legs parting subconsciously. "Your pretty little pale knees must be red by now. You white boys mark up so nicely, don't you?" He laughed, and Lelouch leaned forward a little, until he was kneeling between Genbu's legs, his face level with Genbu's crotch. "This is where you belong, at the feet of your betters, begging for scraps and…" Genbu trailed off, his eyes widening as he realized exactly where Lelouch was.

Lelouch leaned forward just a little more and steadied himself with his hand on Genbu's knee. "I know. And I'm begging you now, sir. Please, I'll do anything…"

For a moment, Suzaku thought their plan had failed. Genbu stared at Lelouch as if he was seeing something that fascinated him and horrified him at the same time. Lelouch's hand slid up Genbu's leg and he raised up on his knees to move close enough to Genbu to whisper something soft enough that Suzaku couldn't hear. Genbu's eyes fluttered shut and he groaned softly, leaning forward and down and smelling Lelouch's neck before pushing him back and standing, his hands slowly working his belt open.

Lelouch stayed kneeled, close enough that if Genbu moved forward, they'd touch. He didn't move as Genbu worked his pants open and dropped them, along with his underwear, to his knees.

He wasn't erect, not even a little. Suzaku felt his stomach clench with both disgust and another rush of useless adrenaline as his father grabbed Lelouch by the hair, less violently than in Suzaku's bedroom, but still clearly without any affection, and slapped his face.

Lelouch cried out and Suzaku's camera caught Genbu's cock twitching. Genbu slapped him again, backhand this time, and Lelouch made another broken, pained sound. Genbu's cock hardened visibly at that, and his breathing quickened.

"You disobedient little brat. Such a disappointment." Another slap, and this time, Genbu rubbed his cock over Lelouch's face, right where he'd hit him. Suzaku watched attentively for one of the seven separate signs that he and Lelouch had arranged as a 'stop' signal, but it didn't come. He swallowed bile and continued filming.

A backhand. "Say it, you little shit. Say it."

"I'm sorry, daddy!" Lelouch sobbed out. "I was wrong! I'm so sorry…"

"Damn straight you are," Genbu growled, one hand yanking Lelouch's hair so that his head was tilted so far back his neck strained, the other hand wrapped around his cock, steadily guiding it towards Lelouch's open, gasping mouth. "And I'm going to make your lesson stick this time, Suzaku."

Lelouch's thumb shot out and Suzaku turned off the camera and shot out of the closet. "Don't you dare!"

Genbu froze, staring at his son. "Suzaku?"

"Let him go," Suzaku demanded. "Right now."

For Genbu, the momentary surprise passed quickly, replaced by rage. "How dare you order me around! I'm your father, and this little slut is getting exactly what he deserves!" He threw Lelouch to the ground and looked like he was about to start kicking him or worse.

Suzaku had had enough. He dropped the camera and drew the gun he'd stolen from his father's safe. "No. And if you don't step back, you'll get what you deserve."

Genbu hesitated. "You don't have the guts."

"You very nearly raped my lover, father. Right now, I'm more than willing to shoot."

Lelouch scooted away from Genbu, ending up sprawled at Suzaku's feet. "Where did you get that gun from?"

"I decided your plan needed a little more firepower," Suzaku said, never taking his eyes off his father. Well, the upper half of his father. "I improvised."

"…is it wrong that I find you hot with a weapon in your hand?"

"Probably not, but this isn't going to be an ongoing thing," Suzaku said. Genbu looked disgusted again, and Suzaku realized that would never stop hurting, no matter what happened.

Lelouch stood up, brushed himself off, and turned to Genbu. "Well, that was all very dramatic, but the end result is that we have a video of you abusing and sexually using an underaged boy for your incestuous little fantasies."

Oh. Ew. Suzaku had almost forgotten about that.

Genbu sneered. "You're the one who suggested it. A proxy for me to punish instead of my pansy, disobedient son."

"And you're the one who got hard," Lelouch pointed out. "On camera, no less."

"This will ruin more than your reputation," Suzaku said. "You could go to jail."

Genbu frowned. "You said you were eighteen."

"Just turned," Lelouch said cheerfully. "And these are old clothes. It's child's play to doctor time stamps on these phones. It'll look like you did this months ago, when I was still seventeen, which I'll tearfully attest to. My father already knows I'm gay and he thinks I'm kind of a slut. He'll know full well I went into this willingly, but anyone else who sees it will see a young, vulnerable child being taken advantage of by a disturbed older man. And watching you fall will entertain him far more than having to deal with my shenanigans again."

"You asked if Lelouch had anything to offer you," Suzaku said. "Well, now we do."

Genbu wasn't an idiot. "Your silence and discretion around the video in exchange for what?"

"Suzaku," Lelouch said. "Give him to me. Pay for his education degree and expenses in New York. Other than that, break all contact with us. You keep our secret and help set us up to be independent from you and my family, and we won't ruin you."

Suzaku held his breath. It was a deal his father could easily afford. He had numerous spiritual successors at the company, young men he trusted and who worshiped him. The tuition and rooming costs were next to nothing compared to what his father made, and there was little love lost between them.

But if he said no, if he called their bluff…

"Deal." Genbu looked like he'd just swallowed something bitter and sour all at once. "But there's a statute of limitations on crimes like these, Lelouch vi Britannia. Once it runs out, I'd watch your back."

Lelouch smiled. "Don't be silly. That's what Suzaku's for."


"That was too close," Suzaku murmured against Lelouch's skin as his heart slowed down from his third orgasm of the night. Lelouch had made him more than live up to the deal that Suzaku fuck him hard enough that he could see stars.

Lelouch flapped his hands ineffectually at Suzaku's shoulder until Suzaku obligingly scooted over a little. "What was too close?"

"This afternoon, with my dad. You went way too far."

Lelouch rolled his eyes. "I've had several partners I didn't really like, who I slept with for… other reasons."


"Free tickets, getting out of trouble… curiosity." Lelouch laughed, as if remembering something not altogether unpleasant, but definitely interesting. "The point is that what your father did to me is nothing that I haven't been through before. And, yeah, it sucked because it was your asshole father, and I kind of despise him, but he didn't do much more than smack me around a bit and get my cheek sticky. And in return, you get room and board and an education in the field of your choice. And I get you. I regret nothing."

Suzaku regretted rather a lot. But Lelouch had a point; the end result was essentially ideal. "The next time someone has to pay a price for us to stay together, it'll be me."

"What? You're going to shoot up anyone who stands in our way?" Lelouch laughed. "That's not going to work, Suzaku. The world is made up of leverage and contracts. Mutually assured destruction and enlightened self-interest. You're too sweet and good to live in that world." He smiled. "But that's okay, because you have me."

Suzaku kissed him. "And you have me."

"Mmm…" Lelouch settled back and stared at the ceiling. "Would you really have shot your father for me?"

Suzaku thought back to that moment, seeing Lelouch's painfully red cheeks, his father's leaking cock and expression of complete and utter lusty dominion. "Yeah. I… I really think I would have."

"Huh." Lelouch was silent for a long moment. "Do you think I'd shoot my father for you?"

"If it came to that?" Suzaku thought about it. About Lelouch's impulsivity, his willingness to get into trouble if it got him what he wanted, his hatred for his father and how far he was willing to go to protect Suzaku. "I think you would."

"You think highly of yourself," Lelouch said, his tone lightly teasing, which was how Suzaku knew he was completely serious. "How do you know that I wouldn't just abandon you and find someone else?"

Suzaku smiled. "I'm not sure you can anymore. I've gotten under your skin. You can't imagine your life without me, and you don't want to. What you want is to be where I am, to sleep next to me in peace, to argue about petty little things with me and make up with lots of kissing and maybe some more arguing, but in a fun way. I can't even imagine the lengths you'd go to for me, and I hope we'll never have to find out, because if someone tries to separate us again, there will be hell to pay. And I know you, Lelouch. You're the one who'll be making the collection."

Lelouch laughed softly. It wasn't a kind sound, but it comforted Suzaku somehow. He'd always known Lelouch was capable of great and horrible things. That he was born to be extraordinary, to achieve things others never could. But knowing that Lelouch was willing to take that energy and skill and spend in on him, on keeping them together…

At his least comforting, Lelouch was a comfort to him.

"You're a romantic," Lelouch accused him, turning towards Suzaku, draping his arm over him in a light embrace. "It's a good thing you have me to balance you out."

"It's a good thing I have you," Suzaku said. "Period."

Lelouch kissed him. "Sweet talker. Oh! Speaking of, you called me your 'lover' in front of your father."


"Can you not?"

Suzaku frowned. "What's wrong with it?"

"It sounds so…" Lelouch made a weird gesture with his hand. "Think up something else."


"Too kidsy."


"Too clinical."

"Significant other?"


Suzaku laughed. "Well, since we're moving to New York, we could be… husbands, I guess."

"Are you proposing?"

"…indirectly. I'll get a ring later?"

"…then, for later, the answer is yes."