AN: Taking a lot of liberties with time line here. More on the HP end than the SPN end but things will undoubtedly be screwy.

Chapter 1:

It starts with fire

Standing there, his face illuminated only by the orange-red glow of flames and the half light of the moon: A thought crossed the young man's mind that he should have seen this coming. The Tri-wizarding Tournament, the portkey, loosing Cedric, facing off with Voldemort, being the reason the maniac was at full power again.

There had to be one more domino to fall to bring it all into clearly defined reality.

The Dursley's were dead.

Harry Potter had been upset, hadn't wanted to wake them up in the middle of the night pacing about his room. So he'd went for a stroll to clear his head and maybe get tired enough to pass out and sleep for at least a couple of hours. He'd returned to find Chaos, Flame and Death.

All of them were dead. They hadn't even wanted anything to do with Harry, let alone a war among 'freaks'. But they'd paid with their lives anyway.

"Harry, my boy. We must leave."

That voice Harry recognized, unlike the dozen other voices that had tired to talk to him. That voice had told him that Cedric death wasn't his fault. Told him that Mad-Eye Moody, or rather Crouch Jr., had been too good, that not even Severus Snape had sussed it all out until it was all too late.

Harry didn't answer his Headmaster but he did allow the older wizard to lead him away from the crowd of people that bustled around the blaze. Harry could barely see them past his blurring eyes but he knew they must be there. It was the sirens that had called him back here in the first place.

Harry had a vague sense of spinning through space before he was suddenly standing in downtown London, a old red telephone box in front of him and the headmaster. Dumbledore led him into the small space and dialed 62442 on the keypad. A disjointed female voice greeted them and asked what their business was. Harry remained silent, his mind whirling too much to do much more than follow at the moment.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, escorting Harry James Potter to Magical Orphan Relocation Services," The telephone made a strange noise and two badges popped out of the coin return each labeled accordingly. Harry didn't move as Dumbledore affixed the small silver object to the too large t-shirt he had worn to bed.

The floor beneath them rumbled and the street began rising until everything was dark. It took more than a few moments for Harry to realize it was them going down and not the street that was going up.

The halls were unsurprisingly empty at this hour of the morning, somewhere between, three o'clock and sunrise. Harry wasn't too sure how long he had been on his walk or how long it had taken Dumbledore to get to the Dursley's house.

There was a lot of walking and an elevator ride to get to where they needed to be. Dumbledore explaining the entire way about having to wait until all the right officials got in and the procedure he had to go through, but Harry really wasn't paying attention.

The place they finally ended up in was a medium sized conference room with magical windows that displayed a beech in the tropics. The table, surrounded by six chairs had three people already seated as Harry entered. They all stood, looking varying degrees of sad and pitying. Harry hated them for it but didn't speak.

"Hello, Albus. I had hoped we would see each other again under better circumstances." The witch was tall and severe looking with white blonde hair and slight wrinkling around her mouth and forehead.

"As had I Tamera. How long until Calumus arrives?" Dumbledore asked as he led Harry to one of the half dozen chairs.

"Only a few more minutes, he was just beginning a project when I contacted him but he assured me that he was able to leave the preparations and gather the necessary ingredients and paperwork on his way here."

"Excellent. Thank you, Tamera."

"Can I get you anything while we wait? Some tea? Or perhaps a sandwich?"

Harry could feel her looking at him as she said it but he just sat back in his chair and stared out at the magically generated scenery.

Dumbledore's voice was oddly resigned as he said "Tea would be wonderful."

Harry didn't know how long it took for whoever Calumus was to arrive but Harry couldn't help but stare when he did. The man was only a few years older than Harry, just out of school probably. With short tawny hair and a sad sort of smile on his face.

"Hello, Tamera, Avida, Scot, Headmaster, Mr. Potter,"

"Calumus, thank you for arriving on such short notice," Tamera greeted.
"It is no trouble. Helping kids find good families is way more important than trying to find another variation on the pepper-up potion, I assure you," the young man set down the bag he had been carrying, something similar to the one's doctors used in the old movies Uncle Vernon used to watch. Harry felt a sudden lurch of nausea at the seemingly random thought and stared at the tabletop to quell the feeling.

"Did you acquire the appropriate paperwork from the Aurors?" Scot asked opening his briefcase for the first time to bring out a quill and various pieces of parchment with blanks spaces ready to be filled in with the appropriate information.

"Here you go," Calumus said handing over a short stack of papers as he continued to take out various potions instruments from his bag.

Scot nodded and began writing.

"Alright, I'll need a small sample of blood Mr. Potter if that is alright?"

Harry felt more aware than he had in the last few hours and recoiled. "Why?" Harry hadn't expected his voice to sound so rough.

Calumus didn't seem fazed at all by the tone. "I need it for the potion. The Familius arboreus will tell us if there is any family that you may not know about. Give us an idea of the steps we need to take in order to find you a home."

A way to find out if he had any family. A part of Harry light up at the idea. A part he had thought dead when he felt the flames engulfing Number 4, Privet Drive.

Harry forced himself to relax and hold our his palm. Calumus nodded encouragingly at him as he took Harry's hand in his own. He wiped the entirety of it down with a cloth soaked in something that smelled like the bushes that sat outside one of his neighbors homes. Lavender, Harry thought it might be but wasn't entirely sure.

The cloth came away nearly black with soot and Harry recalled having tried to actually enter the house before someone pulled him back.

Harry's hand, now clean was pricked, a small bubble of blood rapidly growing on the fleshiest part of Harry's palm. Harry barely felt it. Calumus held a long thin glass tube to the blood that was almost magically sucked up into it. Not magic though, since Harry had seen one of his Primary school teachers do that in science class. Capillarity he remembered him calling it.

The blood was then placed within a complicated apparatus that held various ingredients and vials that Harry couldn't even begin to discern. Calumus waved his wand and a fire came to life under the largest of the glass vials. The man then placed an empty ink well beneath another section where Harry assumed the finished product would then come out.

"How long?" Harry asked as Calumus again wiped his palm with the floral scented cloth. Harry noticed the callouses on the man's fingers, just along the left side of his right middle finger. Harry imagined the young man scribbling furiously, holding his quill so tight that it would break more often than not.

"Only a few minutes. I have all the prep work done and in stasis for situations like this. Unfortunately there isn't always a lot of warning when kids need a potion like this one."

Harry nodded, this must be the man's job. Finding families for orphans.

There was silence for the few moments that it took the potion to fill the small inkwell. A shimmering white gold potion with flecks of crimson. Avida was the one who took the inkwell. This witch was much older than the others in the room, save maybe Dumbledore, though it was a close thing she was so hunched and her hair was far whiter than it had any right to be.

She held her wand up above the inkwell and conjured a small red quill out of whatever flecks were floating in the midst of the potion. She then grasped the quill firmly, dipped it in the ink and began to write, although it looked more like the quill was only being supported by her hand than her actively writing with it.

When she was finished Avida placed the quill down and placed the parchment she had been writing so furiously on in the middle of the table.

It was a family tree. Most of which was what Harry expected, his name at the top in green, his parents names just beneath his their names black along with every other name on his fathers side of the parchment. They weren't kidding when they said he was the last of the Potter's. Lily's side of the parchment was nearly the same save for an odd entry that indicated a third sister extending from his maternal grandfather's name.

"What does that line mean?" Harry asked pointing to the discrepancy.

"Child out of wedlock," Avida said simply as she relayed the information to Scot sitting next to her.

"You mean my Mother's, Father, had another child and he either never mentioned it or he didn't know about it?"

"The Arboreus does not show intent or circumstance, only marital status, according to magical law, as well as birth and death records recorded in the various muggle and magical archives around the world," This was said by Scot who didn't even bother to look up from his paper work.

Harry stared at the names, there were two blue names; Ellen and her daughter Joanna. William, Ellen's husband had apparently died, Harry did some quick math with the dates given, when Joanna was three.

Harry wondered if they would be like the Dursley's, if they would want him. Or if they would end up dead just like everyone else that loved him.
"I don't want to go to them. I'd rather go to an orphanage or half-way house than burden them," Harry whispered only half realizing he was speaking aloud.

"Harry, there is no choice. The law is clear if there are relatives that are able to care for you than you must at least attempt to gain their guardianship," Dumbledore said just as quietly to him. Harry was thankful for the clinking of Calumus packing up his supplies, it would keep most of the others from hearing what he was about to say.

"Then why was I left with the Dursley's? They never wanted to be my guardians. Never wanted anything to do with me," Harry whispered fiercely through his teeth.

"They never contested the guardianship, my boy. If they had, you would have gone through this procedure and the Harvelle's would have been informed of your existence. There is no way you can keep this from them without serious legal consequences.

Dumbledore had the audacity to sound sadden at Harry's stance on the issue. "Did anyone ever tell them they could contest it? They're muggles how would they know they could contest it, how would they if they didn't have access to the Ministry?"

Dumbledore didn't speak, just blinked and backed away from Harry's obvious assault on his character.

Harry cringed at his behavior, it wasn't Dumbledore's fault the Dursley's were dead, that Voldemort went after Harry through his family, that Voldemort had used his blood to come back from the brink of death. It was Harry's. All of this was Harry's fault. Harry's face felt hot and his eyes prickled with tears he didn't want to shed. not now. not in front of these people.

Before Harry could apologize Scot spoke up. "Everything seems to be in order. I will file these with level five and six respectively and Mr. Potter will be able to see his aunt in less than eight hours time since it is about," Scot looked down at his watch and tapped it a few times "Midnight there now. Tamera will gather any relevant information and personnel needed for your first visit as well as any possessions you might need since most were more than likely lost in the fire," Harry closed his eyes to try and keep the image of fire out of his mind and the smell of burning flesh out of his nose. Scot needed to work on his people skills. "Dumbledore, Mr. Potter. I bid you good day."

The balding man left followed by Avida. Calumus gave a roll of his eyes at the two and said. "I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Potter. It was nice to meet you," The young man grasped Harry's clean palm in his own and squeezed just enough to let Harry know he was genuinely happy to have helped before he nodded and left the room.

"It is time to get you cleaned up and maybe a few hours of sleep while we are getting everything in order," Tamera said as she stood from her own chair. "There is a small suite of rooms that are at your disposal while you are waiting."

Harry nodded but didn't speak, he was suddenly feeling very tired. The events of the past few hours, even the past few weeks, were taking there toll.

There was no elevator ride this time, only a few corridors and an unassuming door that led into a room with a bed, desk, and another door that led to a small bathroom. Harry didn't even bother to thank Tamera or apologize properly to Dumbledore. He went straight for the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Even after his body was clean and his hair washed and his skin red from scrubbing he could still feel the soot upon his skin. Knew that it was the remnants of his relatives, lying in a thick film on every inch of his skin.

When Harry finally exited the bathroom there was a suitcase on the bed and several shopping bags on the floor about the room. Harry hadn't bothered to put his pajamas back on. He'd use a quick incindeo on them if he were able to use magic outside of school.

Harry sorted through the bags quickly enough, the one's with the clothes were on the bed while the ones with anything else were on the floor. He grabbed underwear, a pair of jeans, and a black t-shirt, all without really looking at them. He knew he wasn't going to be sleeping anytime soon, not with knowing he was going to fall into nightmares as soon as he did.