Chasing a Memory

Chapter 1

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Couple: Prussia X England and possible other couples

Summary: Arthur Kirkland thought he was just some regular guy living a normal life. However, Arthur's life is flipped upside down when he receives a mysterious package and a note that is says it's from the nations of the world. Now Arthur has to remember his past and figure out who he is before its game over for him and all of England. Amnesia fanfic.

Arthur Kirkland had a lot of things in his life. He had an apartment, he had a job at the local library, and he had a few people that he considered to be friends. However there was one thing that Arthur didn't have and that was a past. Arthur had amnesia so he could not remember a single thing from his past. The only thing he could remember was his name Arthur Kirkland.

He could not remember his family, his friends, where he was from, or anything else about his past. A couple of people from town had found him passed out in the park and they had been kind enough to bring him to the hospital. However, when Arthur woke up he had no memories and the hospital staff could not figure out why. Arthur had no head injuries of any kind and other then a few small scratches Arthur was in pretty good condition. The doctors where clueless as to what to do, but they did their best to help him.

They searched around to see if they could not find any of his family or friends and someone at the hospital was able to pull a few strings to get him a job at the library. However after months of waiting they never found anyone who was looking for Arthur and after a whole year had passed the hospital and Arthur himself had giving up on finding anyone. With no family or anything like that Arthur was pretty much on his own, but that didn't bother him too much he had been taking care of himself for a whole year and he was doing fine. The thing that did bother him was the fact that it seemed like no one seemed to care if he was gone or not. For a whole year Arthur believed someone out there must be looking for him, but no one ever came.

He could not help but wonder why no one seemed to look for him. Did no one care about him? Was he a bad person and his family was more than happy to be rid of him? Was his family dead? Did not have any friends who where worried about him?

Arthur was not sure, but these where things that he thought about within a regular basis. However as time passed Arthur started to think about these things less and less as time passed. Eventually Arthur stopped thinking about it all together and just tried to live his life as best as he could. The past was the past and it was probably something that he would be a lot better off if he just stopped thinking about it. However it seemed Arthur's forgotten past refused to remain dead.

After three years of living on his own he started to have an odd dream. At first he would only have the dream every once in awhile, but soon he was having the dream more and more often until it got to the point where he would have the dream almost every other night. Tonight was no exception to this rule. Again he had that dream and again he would be cursed to wonder just why he was having it….


He was dreaming…..


Arthur knew he was dreaming …..


And Arthur really wished those voices would just shut up already. Arthur could not help but sigh as he looked around him. He was standing in a long hallway with old Victorian wallpaper coving the walls and hardwood floor beneath his feet. In the distance he could hear what sounded like voices calling his name and without even really thinking about it Arthur started to walk down the hall toward the source of the voices. This was how his dream would always go, he would find himself standing in a hallway with a bunch of voices calling out to him and like always he would go running off to the source of the voices.

As he walked the voices got louder and louder until he eventually reached door. The voices where practically screaming his name and it sounded like the voices where coming from behind the door. Arthur opened the door only to some stairs that where going up. Arthur just sighed yet again before he climbed up the stairs. The stairs lead him to a large attic and once Arthur was standing in the middle attic the voices went silent.

Arthur was not surprised to hear the voices go quite; they did this every time he had this dream so he was pretty much expecting that to happen. Now there was just one more thing that he needed to have happen if this dream was going to go as expected. 'One… Two… Three...' Arthur mentally counted down the time until he would show up. Right when Arthur counted up to seven he heard someone call out his name from behind him. Arthur quickly turned around only to see the person that he had been waiting for.

Standing their right across the room from him was a white haired young man with bright crimson eyes. He had a frown on his face and he looked so serious, but for some reason Arthur felt like the man should not look so serious. He felt like the man should be smiling and joking about something, but Arthur did not know why he thought that. Well regardless of how the red eyed man should act he was there and he would always show up whenever Arthur had this dream and Arthur would ask him the question that he would always ask.

"Who are you?"

The white haired male didn't answer the English man's question, but that didn't surprise Arthur any. He never answered that question and yet Arthur would still ask it every time. The white haired male slowly walked over toward Arthur until he was standing right in front of the blond haired Brit. The mysterious man then slowly reached his hand out and cupped Arthur's cheek. Arthur didn't even make a move when the red eyed male touched him; he just looked into those red eyes with his emerald green eyes.

The man looked so sad and yet he also looked almost hopeful about something, but what that something was Arthur could not tell you.

"You have to remember…" The man said softly.

"Remember what?"

"Your past, who you are, what you are." The man answered.

"But who am I?"

The man just gave him a sad smile before he said "You are…"

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Arthur's eyes snapped open as he quickly sat up and looked around. He was in his bedroom sitting on his bed, not in an attic with some mysterious white haired male. Arthur took a breath before he looked over at his annoying alarm clock that was still beeping away. He slammed his hand down on the snooze button before he let out a sigh.

"That dream again…" He murmured before he shook his head and got off his bed.

He had to go to get ready for work now so he didn't have time to think about his strange recurring dream. Besides in the end it was just a dream and that was all it would ever be…..

Ok, so that's chapter 1. So because Prussia got the most votes on the poll this is going to be a Prussia X England story. Anyway, I will try and get the next chapter out as soon as I can so please review and don't flame.