Chasing a Memory

Chapter 5

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Arthur had the strangest dream he dreamed that he had seen a fairy and some sort of flying rabbit. The thought of a flying rabbit and a fairy was ridiculous so when he opened his eyes he sort of expected to see the ceiling of his bedroom and the whole mansion adventure would be some sort of dream. Unfortunately for Arthur it was not a dream because when he opened his eyes he was met with the sight of a worried looking fairy and rabbit.

"Oh bloody hell it wasn't a dream." Arthur groaned as he sat up.

"Are you ok?" the little green rabbit asked.

"Other than the fact that I am seeing things that do not exist I'm just peachy." Arthur said rather sarcastically.

"We do too exist! Here I'll show you!" the little fairy said before she flew over to Arthur and pinched him.

"That hurt! What was that for!"

"Well if we were not real then we would not been able to feel anything right?" the fairy asked with a grin.

Arthur said nothing to this he just rubbed his arm (the place where he was pinched) and looked off toward the side. Honestly Arthur thought he had finally lost his marbles and now he was seeing things, but he didn't say that out loud because he did not want to get pinched again.

"England I'm so happy that you can see us again!" the mint colored rabbit said.

"Yeah ok why are you calling me England and what do you mean by again?" Arthur asked.

"We are calling you England because that's your name and we say again because you had always been able to see us or at least you where able to see us until you lost your memory." The fairy replied.

He saw these things before he lost his memories? Well its official he was crazy since day one and he didn't even know it until now.

"My name is Arthur Kirkland not England. England is a name of nation and nothing more. Also if I stopped seeing you guys when I lost my memories why can I see you now?" Arthur said.

"Your name is England and you can see us now because of our magic. When you stepped on the magic circle we were able to stop that thing that was preventing you from seeing us. Unfortunately, that was all we were able to stop we can't bring back your memories. Whatever it is that made you forget everything is way too powerful for our magic to get rid of." The flying rabbit said.

Of course they could not magically restore his memories that would make Arthur's life way to easy. Then again they where figments of his imagination so it's not like he should expect much.

"Right…. Are you guys the only ones here in the mansion or should I be prepared to see more of you guys?" Arthur asked.

He couldn't believe this he was talking to figments of his imagination, but hey whatever he was wondering around a mansion trying to figure out his past as some weird group helped him and some white haired guy haunted his dreams so anything was possible.

"No, everyone else is in the forest surrounding the manor; they don't know that you are here. Gilbird was here but he left a couple of minutes after you arrived." The rabbit replied.


"Gilbird is a little yellow bird and he belongs to Prussia!" The rabbit said happily.

Arthur just looked at the rabbit for a few seconds before he shook his head. He didn't know who Prussia was, but in all honesty Arthur felt like he didn't know anything anymore and he felt like if he asked the imaginary rabbit and fairy he would probably not get a straight answer.

"Ok, do you have names or should I just call you the fairy and the flying rabbit?"

"I'm Flying Mint Bunny!" the rabbit said with pride.

"My name is Lily." The fairy said with a smile.

"I take it the two of you are going to be following me around the mansion for the rest of my time where, right?"

The two of them just nodded their heads and smiled and Arthur just sighed before he asked "Would you two happen to know how I could get to the attic?"

"Of course we can just follow us!" Mint Bunny and Lily said as the exact same time.

The two of them flew over to the door before they stopped and looked over at him. Arthur stood up from the floor and followed after them. The two happy creatures lead him back up to the ground floor and once they had passed by the door that had the number lock on it Arthur ended up asking a question that had been bugging him since he had unlocked that door.

"Why not use a key instead of number lock?"

"Everyone kept getting in even when you did just use a key so you used the number lock." Lily answered.

Well, Arthur had not really expected to get an answer to that question. Lily and Flying Mint Bunny where just something his mind imagined so they shouldn't know the answer to the question, unless they knew because of his subconscious or something. Man, this was really making his head hurt.

"England are you ok?" Mint Bunny asked.

"I'm fine but can you please stop calling me England."

"But why? Your name is England." Mint Bunny insisted.

Arthur just looked at the rabbit and shook his head. He had officially given up on stopping the rabbit from calling him that so he might as well just accept the fact that he was stuck with the name England. Arthur said nothing more and Mint Bunny never asked again why Arthur did not want to be called England. Arthur followed Mint Bunny and Lily as they lead him up a staircase that lead up to a section of the second floor that he had never been up to yet. They walked by each and every door and while Arthur was slightly curious as to what those rooms where, but he guessed that they probably didn't have anything important.

After a couple of minutes of walking they lead them up yet another staircase that lead to yet another door.

"This is the door to the attic." Lily said as she looked over at Arthur.

Arthur opened the door only to be met with the sight of a typical attic. Their where cardboard boxes everywhere and a thick dust was covering everything. Arthur walked into the room and looked around but he didn't bother to close the door he figured he would not be up their long. Arthur noticed a white sheet covering something in the corner. Arthur pulled the sheet off only to see a painting of what looked like himself and two little boys.

The one boy had bright blue eyes and dirty blond hair with a cowlick and Arthur thought the boy looked a bit like the happy man from all the photos that he had seen. The other boy looked like the boy with a cowlick's twin only he had a curly piece of hair sticking out of his head instead of a cowlick. The boys where sitting in Arthur's lap and they had bright smiles on their faces. The Arthur in the painting also had a happy smile and Arthur noticed that both he and the little boys where wearing old colonial type of clothing.

"The little boys are America and Canada." Mint Bunny said.

Arthur just looked at the rabbit only to have the rabbit smile at him. Arthur really wanted to ask why the rabbit called the boys America and Canada, but he figured he would not get an answer. Whenever he asked why Mint Bunny and Lily called him England the rabbit would just say 'it's because it's your name' so the chances of figuring out what the boys' real names are was pretty thin. Arthur opened up the box that was next to the painting only to be met with an old British uniform from America's Revolutionary War. The uniform's colors where faded and it seemed to have what looked like mud stains covering it in a few places.

There was also a musket lying in the box as well and it seemed to be as old as the uniform. Arthur looked up from the box only to have his eyes land on another box that had the word pirate written on it. Arthur grabbed the box and opened it up only to be met with the sight of old clothing that you could defiantly see a pirate wearing. There was a small wooden box inside and when Arthur opened the little box up he saw that it was filled with old gold coins.

"This stuff should be in a museum or out for display or something. They shouldn't be left here to rot an in attic." Arthur said.

"But some of these items bought you painful memories for you so that's why they are up here." Mint Bunny said

"Not that everything up here brought you painful memories, some of the things bought you happy memories too." Lily quickly added.

"Painful and happy memories?" Arthur echoed.

"Yes these things are just full of memories for you, but I suppose you would not remember that." A voice said from behind him and the two mystical creatures.

The three of them quickly turned around only to see some man standing there at the doorway Arthur, Mint Bunny, and Lily had been way too absorbed in their talk to notice the man come in. The man had short brown hair and dark blue eyes and he was dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. He had a red backpack on his back and he was smiling at Arthur, but Arthur did not smile back. Arthur had never seen this guy in any of the photos in the Trace cards or in the manor. Somewhere in Arthur's head the warning bells started to sound and his two little companions were quick to confirm that his fears.

"England I don't know who that man is, but he is no friend of yours." Lily said as she glared at the man.

Mint Bunny was also glaring at the man and he was even growling at him, but the man could not see the rabbit (or the fairy for that matter) so the growling seemed a little pointless.

"Come on Arthur I'm one of your old friends and I'm here to help you." The man said as he reached a hand out toward Arthur.

"Stay away from me!" Arthur shouted.

Something in Arthur's head was telling him to stay away from this guy and he did not want this man near him.

The man's smile seemed to grow a bit smaller before the man said "Now don't be like that I'm just here to help you."

"I said stay away!"

The man's smile completely disappeared now and he just let out a small sigh before he said "Boss said that I would probably not have to use force to make you come with me, but I guess he was wrong. Oh well rather you like it or not you're coming with me."

Arthur would have raced out of the room right then and their but the man was blocking the door and he had no clue on just what the man could do. The man pulled out a bottle and white cloth out of his book bag before he took a couple steps toward Arthur in a 'the bad guy from the horror movie is coming for you' kind of way.

"England run!" Lily and Mint Bunny shouted at the same time.

Arthur didn't need to be told twice because he was running toward the door as fast as he could. Unfortunately Arthur was not quite fast enough because the man was able to grab Arthur by the shirt and slammed him down onto the ground. Arthur was stunned for a few seconds from being thrown down on the ground so hard, but Arthur was able to snap out of it and punch the man in the face when he got close to him. The punch caused the man to stumble back a bit and drop the bottle but before Arthur could get up and run the man lunged at Arthur and pinned him to the ground. Arthur kicked, struggled, and yelled as much as he could and he was able to kick the man a few times in the shin but the man would not move.

From the corner of his eye Arthur could see Mint bunny and Lily trying to roll the bottle away and they where actually able to move it much to Arthur's disbelief, but they were not able to move it fast enough because the man was able to grab the bottle and unknowingly knock Lily and Mint Bunny away in the process. The man took the cap off the bottle and tossed it aside before he practically dumped the whole bottle onto the white cloth. The cloth was dripping with the stuff now and the man just gave Arthur a rather evil looking smirk.

"You know it's usually not a good idea to use a whole bottle of chloroform on a person, but considering what you are you should be fine."

Arthur's eyes widened but before he could even do a thing the cloth was placed over his mouth and nose. Arthur was starting to lose consciousness, but faintly in the background he could hear what sounded like people racing up the stairs. Arthur weekly turned his head toward the door only to be surprised by what he saw. Standing there in the doorway was the happy man and the serious man, but Arthur was paying more attention to the man who was standing in-between them was the white haired man from his dreams. Arthur desperately wished he could stay awake, but sadly this was not to be because the chloroform finally started to take effect and Arthur finally lost consciousness….

If someone were to say Prussia was mad that would be the understatement of the century because Prussia was downright furious. This man was sitting on top of his England and he had knocked the poor English nation out cold. Germany and America where also mad, but their anger combined could not match Prussia's rage.

"Get off of him!" The Prussian man yelled.

The man on top of England seemed frozen in place which served to make him even madder. Prussia quickly made his way over to the man and punched him right off of England before he picked England up and got him as far away from the man as possible. The man quickly got up unto his feet only to have Germany and America come running straight toward him. Unfortunately for the two nations thanks to the boxes that where spread about the room in such a haphazardly way the man was able to push over a very tall tower of boxes that was nearby and while the two nations where avoiding getting hit by the boxes the man was racing out of the room. Once the boxes had stopped falling America jumped over the boxes and raced after the man with Germany following right after him.

Prussia quickly followed after the two other nations all while carrying England bridal style. Flying Mint Bunny and Lily where following close behind him, but Prussia, Germany, and America certainly didn't know that. The man who was being chased was able to get outside was happy because he thought he could finally escape, but his happy feelings where crushed when he saw that the nation's car and Arthur's car where blocking his car and he was really starting to wish he had not parked there. With nowhere else to go the man finally just ran toward the thick forest to try and escape. By the time the three nations made it to the edge of the forest the man was completely out of sight.

"He's gone the forest is way too big for us to be able to search it." Germany said.

America looked rather disappointed and so did Prussia, but Prussia's disappointed face disappeared when he looked down at the passed out blond man in his arms.

"At least we were able to rescue England before he got kidnapped again." Prussia said with a slight smile.

America and Germany winced slightly at the 'again' part of the sentence that was a period in time that none of the nations really wanted to think about.

"Well we were able to rescue him this time so we're the heroes!" America said rather cheerfully.

"Except for the fact that we let the bad guy get away." Germany said.

America just crossed his arms and looked off toward the side.

"Come on we should get out of here, we have England so there is no point in staying here any longer." Prussia said before he turned around and started to head toward the car.

Germany and America quickly followed after him all while being completely unaware of the two mythical spirits who were still floating at the forest's edge.

"Come on Mint, they may not be able to catch him but you, me, and everyone in the forest can!" Lily said with pure determination shining in her eyes.

"But what about England?" Mint Bunny asked.

"He will be fine now that Prussia has him besides they will probably be somewhere in London so we will be able to find him again." Lily said as she gave Mint Bunny a small smile.

Mint Bunny just slowly nodded his head and Lily's smile just grew a bit bigger before they both raced into the forest. Meanwhile the nations walked over to the cars and looked over at the brown haired man's car.

"Think he might have left anything useful in the car?" Prussia asked.

"Well there is only one way to find out!" America said before he picked up a rock and through it as hard as he could at the driver side window. The window shattered into tiny pieces and America calmly reached through the window and unlocked the door.

"Couldn't you have found a less destructive way of doing that?" Germany asked.

"Hey it's not our car so who cares if we brake a few windows?" America asked right back.

Prussia smiled slightly at what America said and Germany just rolled his eyes. America checked every inch of the car only to come up empty handed, much to their disappointment.

"Well it was worth a shot." America said as he got out of the car and walked over to the other two nations.

"Let's just go." Germany said as he walked over to their car.

America started to grin and he opened his mouth to say something, but before he could even say a word Germany said "And before you even ask America I'm going to be driving not you."

America pouted a little before he got into the passenger seat and crossed his arms and frowned. Prussia just snickered a bit at America not being able to drive before he got into the backseat of the car and gently sat England down on his lap so that he was lying against him before he wrapped his arms around the British man. Germany got into the car last and he stuck the key into the ignition and started up the car. The car's engine roared to life and Germany drove them out of the driveway and unto the road back to London. During the whole car trip Prussia kept his arms and his eyes on England and not once he did he look away from him. Prussia had England back in his arms after three long years and he was not going to lose England again…..

Info Time!

The third pair of eyes: The third pair of eyes where Gilbird. If you remember back in chapter 3 the Trace card that Arthur/England found in the foyer said they would know when he got their it was because of Gilbird. He was left their to keep watch over the manor and see if England/Arthur would ever show up. If Arthur/England showed up Gilbird was to fly straight to the nations who were waiting in London to alert them. Congratulations Anime Monster you where able to guess who the third pair of eyes belonged to.

Prussia and England: Prussia and England where in an established relationship before England got kidnapped. Remember the date on the calendar that Arthur was not able to go to? That date was with Prussia.

Germany and America: I don't really have a big reason as to why I had Germany and America go with Prussia to pick up England. I choose Germany because he is Prussia's brother so I kind of figured he would be there to support/help Prussia. Also since England and Prussia are together I would think Germany and England would become friends. They might not be really close friends, but they are friends none the less. As for why I choose America, well he is one of the closest people/nation to England so that's why I used him. I thought of using France or Canada instead and I had a bit of a hard time choosing so I just ended up picking someone out of the three from random and I ended up getting America so that's why he is here.

Arthur/England's name: I have it in my head that the nations only use their human names when around humans and they use their nation name when around other nations or people who know they are nations. Arthur/England's mythical friends know him as England which is why Mint Bunny was so set on calling him England and not Arthur.

Anyway, this was chapter five. I will try and get the next chapter out as soon as possible so please review and don't flame.