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Summary: Richard is in prison for causing permanent damage to his parent's murderer; Tony Zucco. His guardian hesitates to help him, which gives Slade Wilson time to call in some favors with the government. So Richard, meet your government-approved personal guard Slade Wilson…

Warnings: Sladin slash, dub-con, killing, etc...

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Chapter One

...Sometimes it isn't easy to differentiate between right and wrong.
No, it is more of a question between what's logically and emotionally right.
Fighting a battle you know you will lose can be emotionally right, even though it's logically wrong.
Running away from a battle to formulate a new plan to can be logical, but those left behind can feel betrayed...

The story starts with a youth facing his parent's murderer.

After a long day of hard work as Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans just wanted some time away from his responsibilities. So spending some time as a civilian sounded logical. It was only for a few hours on his own, during a summer night when it was very pleasant out in the park. Only the distant noise of the city reminded him of a world beyond this little piece of paradise.
It had been very peaceful, or at least until he found a single figure, sleeping with its head cushioned on a small bush. Normally Richard would have ignored the person, after all beggars needed to sleep somewhere too. The problem was that he knew this man, even though they had only met once. One doesn't forget their parent's murderer. And so the leader of the Teen Titans attacked a sleeping man…

One punch followed the next. Richard's fighting style was sloppy; it lacked the gracefulness he normally showed. He was beyond himself, acting like a wounded animal, just wanting to hurt the man.
Only after Tony Zucco started to cough up blood did Richard regain some of his senses again. Surprised, he realized that his hands were covered in blood. If I continue like this I'll kill the man… He thought, staring down at his crimson hands.
So what? The guy killed your parents! Isn't it your right to kill him? The darker half of Richard argued, wanting to get his hands back around Tony's throat.
I can't go around killing people!
You protect people yes, but you don't protect your parents murderer, he doesn't count! Hell it would be worse if you killed a chicken.
I protect the law.
By standing above it, or how many of your weapons are registered? And not to mention your license, or lack thereof. How long have you been driving now?
That's different… Emotion was trying, but logic was winning the battle within Richard's mind.
Sure it is…
I mean it!
You're an idiot. He wasn't proud of it, but resorting to childish names was all that Richard had left to try and shut his logical side up.
You are aware that you are talking to yourself, right?
You're worse than Slade!
Ever considered that Slade might be right…
That's it, I knew I shouldn't listen to you, you damn…
Richard's thought process was interrupted as something hit the side of his head and knocked him out.

Unbeknownst to Richard, a police officer had been near. Originally he was checking out the area to see if it would be a good place for a midnight picnic for him and his new girlfriend. That was until he saw a youth standing above some bleeding beggar, a clear situation for the cop. With a quick movement he knocked the little punk out. The kid didn't even react, he was most likely high or something.

As Richard awoke he found himself alone in cell of the Jump City prison, hearing something that made him shiver and cringe: the voice of his guardian, Bruce Wayne, talking with another police officer…

In another part of the same city the villain known as Slade was calling in a few favors with the government. It wasn't too hard, after all his civilian persona, Slade Wilson, was acknowledged and respected by the state.
Or rather they fear me,
thought Slade amused and slightly disgusted by their spineless behavior. They know that they wouldn't stand a chance in a fight against me. So they do everything they can to stay in my favor. If everything goes as planned they just might be there… Funny how there are people who hope to gain my interest, but those people are vermin. Low lives who hope to find my acceptance. As soon as you give them a chance and they try to impress you they fail, but not you, my little bird. You curse my morality and chosen lifestyle, insult me when I give you advice, and yet your body betrays you. You change your fighting style, you still use the moves I taught you and you copy my more advanced fighting technique when I escape or land a good attack. Those insults you spit are never too personal, never insulting to my past or how I lost my eye. I know you could do so much worse, and you know it too, don't you pet? Slade began to pace, lost in thought, addressing a metal image of the Teen Titans leader in his mind.

So why not do worse? Is it because you respect me? I know that I don't do worse because of my respect for you. Your insults are that of an angry teenager who doesn't get his way and refuses to listen to his caretaker. Still all you manage to do is to amuse me, with your display of your temper, and please me by being the perfect student. Watching you is like watching a bird trying to sound more dangerous than it truly is; with animals it is amusing, with others it is annoying, but with you it is plain arousing. I wonder what lovely sounds I can force out of you when you drowning in lust I caused...
Today was very successful, for my plan of seeing you covered in blood with your eyes and your mind lost in rage had been so beautiful. Sadly you needed to be stopped, a soldier needs to be aware when he kills and why. No, killing is something which I have yet to teach you. Otherwise you would be broken and believe me, if I didn't care about your mind you would be suffering Stockholm Syndrome by now, as my little sex slave. It's a shame really, you would have made such a lovely mindless pet, but no. You are meant for so much more. A cure for my boredom, never my equal, but a worthy opponent, someone I can take pride in defeating.

At his next thought Slade scoffed, his bird truly didn't realize what he was dealing with. I've fought the Justice League before and survived to tell the tale. I could defeat them but on their own they are so boring. I wonder if you will ever realize just what you are doing by entertaining me? Would you agree to be my apprentice if you knew? Luckily you weren't in costume when you attacked Zucco, the cop would have had reacted differently to a hero. Probably he would have thought that you had a good reason for the fight. But now you sit in prison. Don't worry, I will take care of you. Imagine, you won't be forced to stay in a cell, no you will be allowed to stay with me. With a metal band around your ankle so you won't escape, or maybe a collar. This time you won't be able to escape me, this time you will be legally mine…