I used to live in Camelot, before this dank cave became home.

As a secret sorceress.

Good not Evil.

I used to be Uther's favourite, like Lady Morgana is now.

But magic was wiped from Camelot.

And I was found out.

This is my tale.

The war started on what seemed to be an ordinary day. All sunshine and young Arthur's laughter was bouncing around from the garden.

It was his second birthday. So of course there was a party at sunset.

I was walking down the steps one day, when one of the youngest maids tripped. She had been carrying refreshments for the decorators, which were obviously sent by Uther to show his gratitude for helping. She became panicked when she saw the damage to the crockery. Worried what would happen to her. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I crouched to help her pick up the pieces of the broken crockery.

"Miss I'm greatly thankful for your help but you shouldn't be touching such things. Uther may have me punished for allowing you to do such lowly work." She whispered to me.

"Nonsense. I would not allow it. After all you did not ask for my help I offered it." I smiled at her and she politely returned it. "And please do not call me 'Miss' it is too formal for my liking, use my name."

"Yes. Of course Mi- Adrianne."

"May I know yours?"


"Well Sapphire" I started placing the last piece of the broken crockery on her tray. "You better go back to the kitchen and fetch new refreshments for our builder's. They'll be getting terribly thirsty soon."

"Yes of course. Would you like anything brought up from the kitchens"

"No. Thank you"

I wandered over to where the young Prince was playing. In the flowerbeds. As usual. I smiled as I watched him try to sword fight a worm with his own wooden sword, specially made by Tom, the village blacksmith, as a birthday present.

"What you doing Arthur?"

"Saving Camelot from the evil worms" He replied enthusiastically waving his little wooden sword in the air

I bent down to his level and smiled at him "Did you thank Tom for your sword?"

"No. Not gunna either" He replied defiantly.

"Going to Arthur" I smiled softly

Arthur scowled at me and pointed his small sword in my direction "Is not"

I put my hands up in mock defeat "Alright you win, don't hurt me please"

Arthur gave off a comical laugh before returning to the 'evil' worms.

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