John McClane was waiting outside so he could smoke and the plane driving his wife was running late so he was starting to be impatient. Then he saw his car getting toad and he said "Hey stop!" and tried getting them to stop but the guy said "merry Christmas" and gaved him a ticket and toad the car away.

So then John went inside and continued his smoke anyways because he was aloud. And then his wife called said "hi honey my plane will be half hour late just letting you know" and John said "okay ill see you in half hour love you bye".

After that john saw these guys that looked like terrorists but maybe not so he went to see the cops and the cops said to go away. John was mad so he followed the terrorist guys and they had a gun fight. John killed one and the other started to run away.

The terrorist ran away fast but John was smart John gotted on the bicycle and went "STOP" and made the terrorist trip, but then the other cops came and stopped John and the terrorist ran away before they saw him.

After he argud with the people in the tower for a long time everybody let John go back down, only he sneaked out of the elevators and started cralling around some vents to get to where he wanted to go. While he was going there people were shooting at the engineer and he was almost dead but John jumped down and saved him but not the others.

Then John herd that a plane was about too crash so he ran on the runaway with two poles and lighted them on fire to show the plane wher to land. But the plane was going too fast and John was not big enough and the plane crash. And John said "NOOOOOOO BASTERD!" and went back inside and cried.

After that they called the army and the army came to help but john did not trust them. So he went on his own to try and stop the bad guy that the terrorists were trying to help. When he was there he shot the bad guy but the other ones got there and tried to shoot him. They did not shoot him but they threw like a bunch of grenades in the plane and John had to use the eject seat to get out safe. Then the bad guys ran.

John then went with the engineer to find the hide out of the terrorists and when they found it he called the army guys and they went there and had a big gun fight. And John stole one of the snow mobils and chased them and almost gotted killed but he was okay. It was weird he was safe because John was not waring a helmet. His snow mobil thing jumped over the truck and then blowed up BOOM and the bad guys thought john was dead but he was not.

Then John found out tthe army guys were terrorists too so he pretended to shoot the cops to show the bullets were fake. "have to stop them!" john said.

So john found the reporter and said "if you give me a ride i will give you a story" john said. "if you get me a story i want your babies" the reporter said but john said "not thta kind of ride you whore".

They caught up to the plane and john jumped from the helicopter and went on the plane. He opend the gas tank and then fell off after killing two terrorist and when the plane started flying away john saw the gas leakin in a line. He took his wallet and said "yippee kai yay mother fucker" and then lighted the gas on fire. Then the line of gas went on fire and got to the plane and the plane blowed up.

John laughed and said "now you can land my wife!" and the plane that had his wife said "okay!" and landed by using the lighgt of the gas on fire to see.

After that other planes said "if that plane could do it we can do it too lets go!" and landed too the same way johns wifes plane did.

And all the planes landed and john found his wife holly and they kissed and then everything was okay only holly did not like how they had to do this every Christmas.

But john was the hero of the day again and his wife was happy.

The end.