SasuNaru introspective with an angsting Naruto. What more could you want XD

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Why do I hate you?

Because you're stronger than me.

Better looking than me.

Smarter than me.

I decided right then, that I would always hate you, no matter what.

Then, we got stuck on the same team together. I hated you. You hated me. But, it became more than that. We fought together. We worked together. Got stronger together. I finally found out what made you act like such a prick. Then, I hated your brother…but I still hated you worse.

Or, so I kept on telling myself. My wanting to be around you was irrelevant…the overwhelming desire to kiss you didn't matter. All that mattered was that I had to get stronger than you. I had to. To get Sakura to notice me…to become Hokage…to become what I'd always wanted to be. To get the respect I deserved.

But, I admired you at the same time. You were everything I wanted to be, but couldn't be. Calm…strong…

Little did I know how much pain you were in. How much hate you carried around inside…like my own monster, the Kyuubi, it fought for control. For dominance. And, slowly, inevitably, you were submitting to that monster called hatred.

Finally, one day, you left. Why did you leave? After all we'd been through, too, ya bastard! Didn't it mean anything to you at all? Because…it sure…meant…something…to me…

I could have helped you. Kakashi, and Sakura, too. But mostly me. I wanted you for myself…I've always been selfish that way.

I won't say anything about that true love bullshit, but I will say this: I wanted to be with you. To heal your broken heart… to hold you when it hurts too much …and all that other mushy crap.

But I still hate you.


I hate you because you made me love you.

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