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Chapter 1


The smell of sex was hot in the air. Loud breathy moans bounced off the bedroom walls and echoed throughout the house, escalating with each hard thrust Vanitas would make.

The blond held onto the other teen's shoulder, pleading for him to go faster. Vanitas smirked and complied, loving the submissive flushed look of the teen's face. It kind of reminded him of someone. Not that he's seen him all hot, flushed, sweaty and fucking sexy for sex.

Vanitas shook his head to rid the image he conjured up in his mind. This wasn't the right or proper time he should be thinking about him.

With one last thrust, Vanitas groaned, reaching his climax. He felt the body beneath him shudder and relax, sighing with pleasure and satisfaction. Vanitas pulled out before dropping his back on the bed. It wasn't the best sex he had, but it was good enough. Besides, taking someone's virginity away always gave him a different feeling of satisfaction.

It wasn't long till he found his way to a dreamless sleep, ignoring the voice that softly called his name and the hand that found its way to his bicep, wishing to shake him awake. Now that he got what he wanted, nothing mattered anymore. Later tonight, he would ditch the blond girl before the teen even woke up, leaving behind nothing but his faint scent after their recent activities.

Golden orbs groggily blinked its eyes awake, lips moving to voice a groan. Vanitas woke up with a scream and a thud. The voice wasn't his though, nor was he the cause of the crash; however, he knew the teen that unfortunately woke him up. His voice gave him away. Vanitas swore that he was gonna kill his brother for disturbing his sleep, but that could wait till later. He was still dead tired from yesterday night's activities. All he wanted right now was sleep.

"What the hell are you doing in my bed, Vanitas!" The blond screamed. Okay, scratch what he said earlier, the teen was paying now.

"Shut the fuck up Ventus!" Vanitas growled as he grabbed the pillow he slept on and threw it at the other teen's face. He was pleased to hear his twin yelp in surprise. He watched as Ven scowled and threw the pillow back at him. He caught it with ease.

"Get off of my bed now, Vanitas or I swear to god I'm telling mom you came home late last night and had sex with god-knows-who," Ventus growled back, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

Vanitas merely rolled his eyes before sinking back on the blonde's bed. He loved the soft comfortable mattress and its thick warm blanket. Though, he was well aware the blanket wasn't the only object that provided warmth on the bed. Vanitas felt the heat of the blonde's body, lingering on the space he slept on, mixing with the teen's faint honey sweet scent.

He heard his twin sigh with defeat before walking towards his closet. "You should sleep on your own bed for once," Ventus muttered softly, not caring if he was heard or not. He knew his brother would ignore the idea anyway.

"Your bed's more comfortable," Vanitas stated, rolling to his back and looking blankly at the ceiling. He couldn't go back to sleep and it was entirely the noisy blonde's fault. It wasn't the first time he snuck into his brother's room and slept there. Hell, when he first moved in with his twin and his family, they practically slept together every day.

"We have the same kind of bed," the blond frowned before throwing Vanitas a towel. "You should take a shower already. You smell like sex," he added before wrapping his own towel around his neck.

Vanitas sat up and stared at him for a few second before smirking mischievously. "Are we taking a bath together?"

"Pervert." Ventus bit out, as he made a face and stuck his tongue out.

"Yet you still love me," Vanitas teased, grinning lopsidedly at the blond. He saw Ventus stare at him uneasily before muttering something under his breath and entering the bathroom. The door locked with a click.

Vanitas yawned and stretched his arms before sliding off the bed and leaving his brother's room. He was half tempted to go to his own room and drop himself on his bed to get some more shut-eye. However, thinking of the bloody screams he'd probably receive for lazing around on an early school's morning would be extremely troublesome. He could sleep in school anyways.

Vanitas turned the knob of his bathroom door before walking in and stripping down to his boxers. He stared at his reflection in the mirror and frowned when he suddenly remembered his twin's troubled look. He knew the blond was having problems but he had no idea what it was. Not that he was ever going to ask.

It wasn't like he didn't care about his brother, hell, he'd send anyone who'd dare even lay a finger on his twin to a hospital, but still, Vanitas always thought they weren't close enough to talk about personal problems, especially if it's anything related to relationships or family. They weren't like normal twins, who understand the other perfectly. They were close to some extent, but some matters they preferred to keep to themselves. After all, they were only half-brothers.

Their father fucked both their moms at the same day. Crazy, right? He heard that the blond man had sex with his mom late in the morning and then left to go to work. His co-workers invited him to a bar where he met Ven's mother after drowning himself in beer. He was extremely intoxicated when he started talking and flirting with the woman. Even so, the lady liked the attention. It didn't take long for her to start flirting back. Half an hour later, they were going at it like bunnies.

A few weeks after, Ventus's mom visited their father at his house, told him she had a baby and he was the father. The blond man doubted her at first, even threatened to call the police if she didn't stop talking, but after she explained he was the only guy she had sex with during god-knows-when, he looked horrifyingly at her and unfortunately believed it was the truth.

It didn't take long for Vanitas's mom to find out about her husband's affair. She went into hysteria for a few weeks before she left him and lived in her sister's house. She couldn't handle the fact that her beloved had gotten another woman pregnant the same day he'd gotten her. It was insanity. Lucky for her (well, more for Vanitas), her sister was nothing but kind and helped her throughout her whole pregnancy. If she was left to fend off for herself, Vanitas would have probably been dead even before he was born.

Throughout the remaining months before the children's birth, Vanitas's mom refused to talk or even meet up with her husband. He was guilty as hell for what he has done, though, as disappointed as he was with himself, he couldn't stay furious with the woman he had an affair with. Since the lady had no relatives she could turn to in her time of need, the blond man helped her throughout her pregnancy. It was later that he felt himself falling in love.

Months have gone by and the two babies were born on the same day. Even so, Vanitas's mother continued to refuse to meet up with her husband, thus cutting all contacts with him. It was 3 years later that Vanitas's mom gave herself up to depression and died. His aunt took care of him for about 7 years, until she herself died on a car accident. Unlucky as hell, huh?

For a few months, Vanitas thought himself to be a curse, his existence merely to live in darkness. It was then that his father suddenly came to his life, stepping into the cold eerie orphanage that took him in for a few months after his aunt died.

The blond man led him to his own home where Vanitas met his half-brother Ventus. His father and Ven's mother had gotten married by that time. Hooray for them! Please note the sarcasm.

Anyways, it wasn't like Vanitas cared, heck, he didn't even trust any of them in the beginning. Vanitas wondered how he could be the blond man's child when they looked nothing alike (well in his opinion, though people say otherwise). His so-called father was blond with deep cerulean eyes while he was ravenette with golden sun tinted orbs. He heard that he actually got his eyes and hair from his mother and as for the rest, his dad. Whatever, not like he cared.

Vanitas wouldn't speak to any of them in the first few weeks. It probably would have stayed that way if their dad and Ven's mom (he refused to call her as his mother) didn't decide to leave them for a week of vacation. They were left in the hands of a teenage babysitter, who in Vanitas's opinion was a son of a bitch. He constantly left them both alone in the house. Lucky for them their dad gave them some money so they could order some take-outs from nearby restaurants.

In the span of a week, he learned a lot about his half-brother. The kid was very energetic and talkative, always trying to get something out of him. He also learned that the blond had two best friends - Aqua and Terra - who were both older than the two of them. Lastly, the blond liked to sleep with someone every night. He continuously snuck into Vanitas's room in the middle of twilight to sleep with him even after their dad and Ven's mom came back.

The raven haired boy was very uncomfortable with it at the beginning; believe it or not, he actually kicked the blond out of his bed a few times, but he kind of gotten used to it after several months. He even slept in the blonde's room a few times, just 'cause his twin's room was closer to the stairs and he was too lazy to walk a few more feet to reach his room.

The blond had grown out of that habit after a few years (though sometimes Vanitas suspected the blond only stopped sleeping with him because he wanted to avoid the other teen) but that didn't stop Vanitas from sleeping in the blonde's room whenever he was too tired to go to his own, which is practically every day.

Ever since the start of 3rd year middle school, Vanitas began to date as often as he went to school. It didn't take long for those innocent dates to become one-night stands. Everybody wanted him. His lips, his touch, his body. They wanted a piece of Vanitas, and Vanitas wanted a piece of everyone. His dad didn't know any of his nightly activities, nor did his brother's mom; and it was all thanks to Ventus.

Vanitas stepped out of the shower and took out his school uniform. He was in the middle of wearing his button-up shirt when Ventus's mom called the two teens.

"Ven, Vanitas, breakfast's ready!" the blond woman shouted. His stomach growled eagerly for food as a response. Without much thought, Vanitas jogged down the stairs, shirt yet to be buttoned and hair still waiting to be dried. He leisurely walked into their kitchen and was delighted to be greeted by the sweet scent of chocolate chip pancakes, soaked in a thick layer of maple syrup.

Vanitas unhurriedly sat down the dining table picking up a plate and fork on his way. He stabbed two of the pancakes and set it on his plate before lazily munching on the treats.

"Vanitas, you should dress up properly before you start eating on the table," the blond woman sighed as she placed a bottle of chocolate syrup on the table in case either of the two teens wanted to flood their pancake with sweetness.

The teen ignored the woman's words and continued eating. He didn't have dinner last night nor did he bother to cook up a small snack when he got back home in the middle of twilight. He wasn't going to starve himself to death. To hell with the fact that buttoning up his shirt and drying his hair will only take a few minutes to finish. He was hungry and exhausted from last night's events. Nothing was going to deter him from gobbling up his food.

Vanitas heard Ven's usual morning greeting as he entered the kitchen. He saw his twin kiss his mother's cheek before grabbing a plate of his own and sitting down on the dining table, directly across from him. The two teens ate the first few minutes together in silence. Vanitas felt his brother stare at him from time to time, making him smirk inside his head.

"I know I'm sexy, Ventus, but it's rude to stare at people, especially when they're half naked. You might give them the wrong idea." He teased.

He saw Ventus' eyes widen as he fought hard to swallow his food. To Vanitas's dismay, that was all. Too bad. He wanted to see the blond blush and stutter in denial. It would've been a sweet image, a chance to laugh and tease his brother more than he already has.

"I wasn't staring at you," Ventus coughed out, looking at anything but his brother. Vanitas grinned. Guess he thought too soon. The denial was obviously there. The only things lacking were the blushing and stuttering. Though, that could easily be changed. Vanitas just had to close a few gaps between them and say a few words before –

"So...who did you do last night?" Ventus whispered carefully.

Vanitas blinked out of his reverie. "What?"

"I asked who you did last night," Ventus repeated softly yet irritably. Vanitas knew the blond couldn't allow himself to be louder than that. His mom only stood a few feet away from them.

"No one special," Vanitas purposely drawled out, annoying the blond further.

Ventus rolled his eyes before standing up from the table and dumping his empty plate in the sink. "Fine, be that way," he huffed.

"Don't be mad Venny. If you really wanna know, then fine. It was Namine," Vanitas stated aloud as he followed the blond. Vanitas snickered when Ven clumsily hit the doorway on his way out of the kitchen, yelping at the sudden contact. He loved surprising the blond.

"A-are you serious? You even victimized the sweet innocent Namine? She's only 13 Vanitas!" Ventus practically yelled. Vanitas hit the blond on his shoulder, silently telling him to keep his voice down. They didn't need Ven's mom to suddenly come out of the kitchen and interrogate him about his nightly activities.

"Trust me; there wasn't anything innocent about her when we had sex," Vanitas whispered, smirking close to the blonde's ear. He could still remember the younger blonde's arms, holding him closer, her voice begging him to go faster, her hands touching his bare flesh without a second thought.

He smirked when Ventus pushed him, blushing a barely visible tinge of pink.

"You're disgusting," he commented as if he had just read his twin's mind.

"And you're a virgin," Vanitas countered.

The blond glared at him. "How is that even related," he hissed irritably. The older twin shrugged. It was kind of related when you thought about it. His brother would think that pondering about what happened in his recent intercourse was disgusting, when it was actually perfectly normal for those who are experienced.

"Her sister's gonna kill you..." Ventus abruptly pointed out as he steered their conversation to their previous topic.

Vanitas quirked an eyebrow at the blond. "You mean Kairi? I doubt it. She's heads-over-heels in love with me after I did her a few weeks ago. Though, she'll probably be jealous if she finds out. Who wouldn't be? I'm a god in bed." He boasted, grinning wolfishly at his brother.

Ventus shook his head and sighed. "You think too highly of yourself." He noted.

Vanitas was tempted to offer the blond a night and see if he could dare say that again. But saying that would be too awkward. They were brothers after all. He shouldn't even think of trying to hit on his twin. It was weird, wrong and totally unheard of.

"I'm leaving," Ventus announced as he grabbed his backpack.

Vanitas blinked away his thoughts and followed his brother out, not bothering to shout his leave. They walked together, side by side. Their school was at least a 25 minute walk from their house. No biggie.

Halfway there, the two teens heard a loud honk accompanied by voices calling out for Ven. Both of them simultaneously turned around watching as a car drove to a stop beside them.

Vanitas groaned when he saw the blonde's best friends. He hated the seniors. They didn't like him and he didn't like them. He was sure if Ven wasn't his brother, they'd keep the blond away from him as far as possible. They thought he was a bad influence, those idiots. Did it look like he was influencing the blond in any sort of way?

"Hey Ven, wanna take a ride with us?" Terra offered. Vanitas noticed there were other people in the car. Lea, Ienzo, Kairi and Riku. Most of them were still sleeping (hell, if Ven didn't wake him up he would probably do the same) though some sat silently at the back listening to their iPods or reading a book.

"Well..." Ven said uncertainly. Vanitas saw his twin look at him as if to get approval. He raised an eyebrow. They were asking him not Vanitas.

"Vanitas could ride with us as well!" Aqua chirped in beside Terra.

The brunette glared at her. "Like hell he could!" he growled angrily.

Aqua rolled her eyes. "Don't be so rude Terra. Do you think Ven would actually leave his brother alone?" she frowned.

"...yes..." Terra muttered under his breath.

Okay, this was getting annoying. Vanitas discretely walked away from the car, leaving the two seniors to argue in front of his brother. One more second of standing on the sidewalk, listening to those two bicker would have made him snap. Ventus could have ridden with them for all he cared. They were Ven's friends, not his.

He heard heavy footsteps running behind him. He didn't bother to look back until he heard his name being called out.

"Hey Vanitas! Wait up," Ven exclaimed. Vanitas didn't stop to wait, but he did slow down enough for his brother to catch up with him. He watched as Ven ran to his side, panting softly from the short run.

"Why did you leave me there?" Ventus frowned.

Vanitas shrugged. "Why didn't you go with them?"

"I can't just leave you behind. I'm not an ass-munching bastard like you," Ventus huffed, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "And besides, you're my brother," he grinned.

"Half-brother" Vanitas corrected and Ventus rolled his eyes.

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