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Chapter 2

Confusion, Troubles and Complications

Vanitas held the blonde's hands above his head, trapping him between the locker doors and his body. He licked the teen's bottom lip and ghosted his free hand under the other's uniform, leaving feather-like touches on the blonde's heating body.

He heard Hayner gasp as he sucked on the teen's sensitive flesh. Vanitas took pleasure at hearing the blonde moan his name. He felt the other teen getting harder as he pressed their bodies closer, rubbing their clothed erections with an unknown rhythm.

"Shit, Vanitas," Hayner breathed out, moaning and throwing his head back to the locker doors.

Vanitas captured the blonde's lips with his own, his tongue being granted access as soon lips met. The hot wet muscles danced together in lustful passion, a trail of saliva running down the blonde's chin.

Vanitas wasn't sure how this all started. One minute they were arguing with each other - Hayner shouting at him for sleeping with Olette while he stood there, snapping and barking remarks at the brunet – and then the next, they were caught heatedly making out inside the school's locker room. Not that Vanitas was complaining. This was the first time he got a taste of the blond, and he had to admit it, Hayner wasn't half bad.

The teens heard a familiar voice calling out Vanitas's name, gradually growing closer with every second that passed by. Hayner pulled away from the heated kiss, eyes glazed over with lust, cheeks tainted with a pink hue.

"Someone's calling you," Hayner breathed out, panting slightly for air.

Vanitas gave the blond a lick from his jaw line to his cheek before nibbling on the teen's ear. "I don't care," He whispered huskily, a shiver running down the teen's spine.

Even so, Hayner didn't let the topic drop. "But the voice sounded like it was –" Vanitas cut the blond off with his lips. He didn't care who the fuck was calling for him. The only thing he was going to listen to right now was his body's need, Hayner's moans and Ventus's gasp – wait, what? Did he just hear his brother gasp?

He pulled away from Hayner and turned his head to his right. He saw his brother gawking at him and the blond, cheeks tainted pink with embarrassment. Vanitas and Hayner stared back at the blond both surprised by his appearance. Well...this was awkward. It wasn't everyday your half-brother would catch you making out with one of your classmates.

"Shit, I-I'm sorry for disturbing you. I didn't mean to – I was just gonna - I-I think I should take my leave now," Ventus hurriedly said before darting outside the locker room.

Vanitas shouted out for his brother, but the blond continued to run. He sighed. "Well, that was a turn off," he muttered, scratching the back of his head in irritation. He looked back at Hayner, who was blushing a deep shade of red. The blond glared at Vanitas accusingly while whipping the drool from his chin.

"I told you the voice sounded like your brother," he pointed out, straightening his disheveled shirt and tousled hair. He had no plan of going back to his class looking like he just got out of a hot make out session.

"Technically, no you didn't," Vanitas retorted dryly.

Hayner grumbled and rolled his eyes. He was now questioning why the hell he had allowed that bastard to touch him a few minutes ago. "Whatever, you should've recognize your brother's voice anyway," he replied as he began walking away from the raven haired teen. He was surprised when he was suddenly pulled back into the other teen's well toned chest.

He felt Vanitas's hand slip a piece of paper into his front pocket before he squeezed the blonde's thigh softly, breathing lightly on the other's neck. "Call me when you wanna continue our little activity," Vanitas whispered. Hayner shuddered at the other teen's touch before he snapped back to reality and pulled away.

"Like hell I would," the blonde barked out with embarrassment. He started to walk away from Vanitas once again, burying his hands in his pocket and squeezing the white sheet of paper the raven haired teen gave him. Maybe he would consider the teen's offer...

Vanitas smirked as he watched the blonde's retreating back. He had a feeling the other teen was going to call, probably tonight or tomorrow. Nobody could resist his body and charm.

He began walking out of the locker room as well, feeling a little unsatisfied. Why did his brother have to interrupt them when it was about ready to turn good? Not that he was saying it didn't feel nice from the beginning, hell, it felt great! But he was sure it was about to get better. Why did he even stop when he saw Ven? He should've just ignored the blond and continued sexing up Hayner.

Vanitas frowned as he walked on the school's hallway. Why was his brother looking for him anyway? It better have been important enough to have interrupted his session. May God have mercy on the blonde's soul if it wasn't.

Vanitas opened the door to the blonde's classroom, immediately spotting the golden haired boy sitting on the 3rd row, head buried under his arms while his friends – Lea, Ienzo, Roxas and Isa - attempted lift his head. Okay, it was more appropriate to say that Lea was the one who was trying to poke him out of his arms while the others just watched and chatted with each other.

Vanitas walked inside the room, catching everyone's attention. It made him smirk to know that everyone knew who he was. Nonetheless, he didn't pay much heed to the other people around him.

All he wanted was to talk to his brother. Nobody else interested him, well, maybe except Ven's cousin who looked like he was more appropriate to be called his brother's twin than he was. He had to admit, Roxas was hot, and yes people, he knows that by saying that, he's admitting he found his brother sexy. But hey, anyone with eyes could see that Roxas and Ven had looks. Actually he wouldn't mind feeling his brother up a bit.


Okay, he did not just say that. He meant he wouldn't mind feeling Roxas up. Not his brother. He meant Roxas. In fact, he'd probably try doing it with Ven's cousin in the near future. They weren't exactly related since he was only Ven's blood relative, not his. So, nobody could complain that it was incest.

"Vanitas? What are you doing here?" Lea asked. Vanitas ignored the question and bent down to the moping blonde's level.

"Hey, idiot, I need to talk to you," he spoke, poking the blonde's head to get his attention. Ven slowly lifted his head and eyed his brother, still embarrassed about unintentionally catching Vanitas sucking faces with Hayner. Knowing that the brunet was Roxas's friend wasn't helping him relax.

"Are you gonna talk to me about what happened earlier?" Ventus said carefully, his cheeks heating up slightly. Vanitas smirked unnerved the blond.

"Obviously, now stand up and talk to me outside," he ordered, grabbing the blonde's arm and hauling him up. Ventus groaned in disapproval. Vanitas ignored the shouts of protests coming from his brother's friends as he dragged the blonde outside the classroom.

"Don't worry, I'll return Venny to you after we talk a little," he assured the other teens before shutting the classroom doors close. "Damn, couldn't you have picked less noisy friends?" Vanitas commented glaring at the door as if the teens behind it could see him glower.

Ven rolled his eyes, before shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other. "So, what did you want to talk about?" Ventus asked.

"Actually, I was going to ask you the same question," Vanitas replied, leaning on the nearest wall. "Why were you looking for me earlier? Got something to say?"

He watched as Ventus looked up and scratched his cheeks thoughtfully. He kind of reminded him of a cute little kid. He should stop that. He might attract perverts and pedophiles if he won't stop looking so innocently adorable. Not that he thought Ven couldn't take care of himself when a few number of people would attempt to harass him. But he was sure the blond would have trouble if he was about to be gang-raped.

"I guess I do. Well, I just wanted to ask you to wait for me after school's ended and help me pick out a gift for mom. Her birthday's coming up and I still don't have a gift to give her," Ventus shrugged.

Vanitas narrowed his eyes at his brother. "Why would I want to go with you? You're her son, not me." Vanitas complained, crossing his arms in front of his chest. For some reason, he still disliked Ventus's mother. Don't get him wrong, Ven's mom was really nice, practically as nice as his brother, but that's the exact reason why he didn't like the blonde lady. She was too nice to him. She always tried her hardest to be a good mother for both of them, which pissed him off. He wasn't her son, and she wasn't his mother. He'd prefer it if she doesn't try to replace his deceased mother with herself.

Ventus clapped his hands together and closed his eyes tightly. "Please Vanitas! I know you're not exactly close with my mom but I really need you! I don't have enough money to buy her a present. So go out with me, will you?" Ventus begged almost helplessly. Vanitas's eye twitched. So, the blond was telling him that he should come just so he could lend the other teen some money to buy a present for someone he doesn't like. Yeah, and people called him a bastard.

Seeing that Vanitas was about to refuse, Ventus flashed him the best puppy dog look he could muster and tried again. "C'mon Vani, if you don't want to do it for my mom, then do it for me?" Ven pleaded.

Vanitas felt like he wanted to bang his head on a wall. He hated his brother. "1st of all, don't call me Vani again or I swear to god I'm hitting your head with an iron bar," Vanitas glowered. "And fine, I'll go with you. But you owe me."

Vanitas watched as his brother fisted the air and celebrated in glee. The blond almost looked like he was ready to hug his brother in pure happiness, which kind of creeped him out. Even so, Vanitas raised his index finger, indicating his brother to stop. Ven looked at him questioningly.

"I wasn't done with what I was saying. You'll owe me for the money I'm going to lend you and –" There was a dramatic pause as Vanitas pulled his brother's arm and pushed him onto the classroom's locked doors, trapping him between his body and the room's entrance, his arms at either side of the blonde's head.

Vanitas's right hand slowly slid down his brother's side until it reached the hem of the teen's shirt, teasingly tugging it, while inching closer to the speechless blonde, leaving their faces merely centimeters apart. He was pleased to hear Ven's breath hitch and his body tense abruptly. "You still owe me for interrupting my little session with Hayner a few minutes ago," he whispered, pressing their bodies closer.

Ventus gaped at his brother, mouth slightly ajar from the shock he was in. "You're not serious, right?" he asked stupidly.

Vanitas smirked, sliding his hand under the blonde's shirt and lightly brushing the blonde's waist. "What if I say I am?" he whispered teasingly. His brother's plush lips continued to hang open, still in complete shock. Vanitas had to admit, he wasn't serious about what he said earlier, he just wanted to tease his brother to get some payback from Ven for disrupting his make out session with Hayner. Though, staring at his brother's pure lush untouched lips was making him slowly loose his grip on his self-control.

The two teens were both caught off guard when the classroom doors slid open, abruptly making them fall flat on the floor with a loud resounding thud. Damn the fucking bitch that opened the door.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" a high-pitched voice apologized. Vanitas could feel everyone's gaze turn towards them. Okay, was it just him, or was it getting really awkward inside this room?

Before the situation could have gotten even more uncomfortable, Vanitas stood up from his place on top of Ven and held out a hand for his brother to take. He glared at anyone who dared opened their mouth to ask questions, promptly shutting them up. Ventus took the offered hand hesitantly before pulling himself up.

"We're you actually going to...?" the blond whispered quietly, as if afraid that if someone could have heard him, they'd instantly know what had happened beyond the classroom doors.

Vanitas shrugged, wishing to dismiss and forget what he had done earlier. "I don't know." He answered. And honestly, he really didn't.

Vanitas tapped his foot impatiently on the floor, watching the crowd of students rush out of the school building and exit the gates. He waited to see a familiar spiked-up blond mess to pop up out of the crowd so he could finally leave like the rest of the students were. The weather today was hot, and he wasn't too happy with the fact his brother was making him wait in the boiling scorching sun. He didn't do well in the heat. He'd usually lose his temper quicker than normal.

Vanitas looked at his watched for what seemed like the 5th time that hour. It was a quarter before five. Grumbling under his breath, Vanitas shifted his bag on his shoulder and stomped back inside the school's building to look for his brother.

Damn the blond and the fucking heat. He felt like he wanted to lock himself inside those huge refrigerators and stay there until night falls. The hot air was suffocating him. Vanitas unfastened the first four buttons of his uniform as he rounded a corner where he saw a familiar classmate. He instantly grabbed the unsuspected student's arm, stopping him from walking the school's hallway.

"Have you seen Ven?" he asked. The young teen involuntarily shrunk back from the raven haired teen's intense glare before pointing straight behind him.

"I-I think I saw him go with Terra a few minutes ago to the school's back yard," he nervously pointed out. Vanitas narrowed his eyes in irritation. He really hated Terra.

Pushing his classmate aside, he stormed towards the school's back doors. The heat and his irritation were tempting him to start a fight once he saw the bastard of a senior. Reaching the end of the school's hallway, he slammed the doors open and frowned when he noticed the yard lacked the presence of the two teens he was looking for.

Great, did the teen he passed by earlier trick him? It wouldn't be the first time that would have happened, considering there were a lot of blood thirsty boyfriends who wanted to kill him for stealing their girls. They could've told his classmate to lure him to the backyard so they could have the advantage and attack him, unexpectedly, in a group.

Oh well, he could probably handle a few vengeful teens. He already gained a lot of experience since the age of 12. It would be a miracle if someone would be able to beat him with ease. With that in his mind, Vanitas stepped outside and search around for his brother and Terra, thinking of the possibility they were there.

The brunet followed the outside walls of the school's building, his head turning left and right to search for the blond. He frowned when he saw nothing but olive green leaves and sturdy tall trees. He had reached the end of the school's walls and was ready to round the corner when he caught a glimpse of brown and blond standing dangerously close to each other. He was a few feet away from them, but he could see his brother - eyes wide, mouth gaping, cheeks tainted red. Terra stood in front of him, showing nothing but his back to Vanitas. Nevertheless, Ven's embarrassed, flustered look was enough to piss him off. He swore to god that if Terra dared to even touch his brother, the brunette would get a good sock to his pretty little face.

Vanitas took three steps to approach the two silent teens, ready to take Ventus away. He stopped when a familiar feminine voice called his name from behind. He turned around curiously and saw a red headed girl, with deep blue cerulean eyes. Kairi.

The mentioned girl shifted uncomfortably from where she stood, looking at nothing but the green patch below her. She looked at Vanitas worriedly, her eyes betraying depression, fright, regret, uncertainty and guilt.

"V-Vanitas, we need to talk," she barely whispered. Vanitas had to strain to hear her voice. The brunet frowned noticeably; her voice lacked its usual gleeful confident tone. Nonetheless, he turned back around, prepared to walk to his brother and ignore the girl. He had other, more important matters to attend to.

He heard Kairi take a step to stop him, grabbing his arm as if it was her life line. Vanitas eyes narrowed dangerously. What was this girl's problem? He already explained he wanted nothing more to do with her after they had sex. Was she purposely trying to piss him off?

"Let go of me," Vanitas hissed. He tugged his arm away with no avail. The red head hold on to him tightly, her eyes distressingly pleading him to stay. Vanitas stopped struggling and stared at her uneasily. The way she was looking at him was worrisome.

"Please, I really need to talk to you, Vanitas. It's important," she breathed out. Her throat felt like it was being constricted. She was struggling to speak. Vanitas narrowed his eyes and tugged his arm forcibly, successfully jerking his limb from the red head's grip. Kairi's eyes widened with horror, expecting rejection. She was surprised when Vanitas agreed.

"Fine, but make it quick," he bit out sternly, watching his brother and the senior from the corner of his eyes. They were still talking to Vanitas's dismay. Ven's flustered look wasn't making him feel any better.

He mentally raised an eyebrow when Kairi looked anything but happy when he agreed to talk with her. The red head was acting strangely.

She looked at the two teens behind Vanitas before looking back at the brunet. "Can we talk in a more secluded place?" She asked. Kairi didn't give Vanitas a chance to respond as she turned around and walk back into the school doors. Vanitas scratched his head in irritation, looking back at his brother one last time before following the red head.

Kairi led him into the school's now empty hallway. Everyone has left; they were the only two breathing beings inside the building. Vanitas waited impatiently for Kairi to speak, tapping his foot anxiously.

Kairi shifted awkwardly on where she stood, opening her mouth before thinking otherwise and closing it once again. She repeated the same action a few more times before Vanitas felt his patience snap. "If you have nothing to say to me, I'm leaving," He stated furiously, turning on his heels to leave the red head

Kairi gasped and reached out a hand to grab the brunet once again, only to be shrugged off rudely. The red head looked distressingly at the brunet's retreating back before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She needed to tell him now. She couldn't run away from the truth, nor will Vanitas be able to.

"I'm pregnant!" Kairi shouted, her voice echoing throughout the school's hallway. She only hoped no soul stayed behind and heard her declaration. The red head took another deep breath before standing firm, hands clenching into a fist, eyes shutting firmly. "With your baby," she added shakily.

"I'm pregnant with your baby, Vanitas," she repeated, as if trying to make not only Vanitas believe, but herself as well.

The brunet stood frozen in his place, speechless. It took him a few seconds to process her words properly, though when realization kicked in, he felt the world around him shatter into a million pieces.

He just got someone pregnant.

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