The doors swung open and Oz willed his head to turn. In strode Alice in all of her white wedding gown glory, arm in arm with an unhappy-looking Glen Baskerville. Both of them edged as far away from each other as they could as they shuffled down the aisle. A little girl with white hair whose name Oz did not know followed behind them, tossing flowers absently. Gil nudged Oz's ribs jokingly, an action which rewarded him with a sharp rap on the knuckles from a nervous Oz. Gil's hand retracted and he watched expectantly.

At long last, Alice and Glen stumbled to the steps leading up to the altar. Glen released her but could not resist a parting shove. Alice stumbled forward, flowers flying through the air and skidding across the floor as she landed on the steps on her hands and knees. Oz and Gil flinched instinctively, recalling one particular incident in which Oz had tripped her in a hallway. It hadn't ended well for anyone. A few shocked gasps and murmurs rippled through the crowd but no-one did anything about it. Alice slowly stood, and for a few moments Oz thought she was just going to take it silently and move on. Her face was hidden by the veil that had flopped over her face and more murmurs rippled through the gathered crowd as they speculated over what would happen next.

Then Oz saw Alice's hands bunch into deadly fists and he couldn't hold back a smile. He had been on the receiving end of Alice's fury several times and wanted to see how this next particular victim handled being back-chatted.

"You bastard," Alice said hotly, voice low. But Glen Baskerville caught it and paused. The crowd waited with bated breath to see the great Lord's reaction to his daughter's defiance. "You think you can just waltz in here and abuse me on the biggest day of my life, do you? The world is your oyster, is that it? And I'm just that grain of sand that'll never become a pearl."

Alice whirled around to face her father, and there were no tears. Just fury. "I'm not being your puppet anymore!" She roared. "I'm not going to bow down to anyone, least of all you. You're a selfish abusive coward and I hate you."

Shocked silence descended onto the crowd as Glen turned his head just enough so Alice could see his profile over his shoulder. He was smiling. "Well then know that the feeling is mutual."

The people watched him with wide eyes as he calmly walked back into the crowd, and then they finally redirected their attention to the bride and groom at the alter.

But Alice was not done yet. Oh, no.

"Is Zai Vessalius here?" She demanded of the crowd, wiping Oz's smirk right off his face. No-one answered her, but the Vessalius signature green eyes and gold hair were so prominent in the crowd she found him eventually anyway. "Yeah, you. Hi there, I don't know what the hell went on between you and Oz but you have no right to just hate the son you never even spoke to. You had no right to take away his childhood. He believed in you, you know. Even if he is some kind of reckless idiot now, he once would've given anything for you to just love him. That alone would have been enough. You're no better than my father."

Alice turned her attention again to a certain candy-eating albino in the crowd. "And speaking of fathers, Mister Clown, you don't deserve a daughter like Sharon. All she's wanted is to love you and be loved but you've never given her any reason to be so much as a fatherly figure to her and you're selfish enough to pretend she's not even there. Even if you didn't love her mother, she still loves you and if you don't want to be a douche of a father like mine and Oz's you'll pick up your act before I make you."

Sharon was glowing before Alice turned her attention to her. "Sharon, you're a great kid but you've got to start living in the real world. Not everything in life turns out how you plan it and if you keep building up hopes like that you're only going to get hurt in the end. Also, not everyone you meet in life is going to like dresses and stilettos so you need to come up with better topics of conversation."

Gil cowered under Alice's gaze. "Mister Seaweed Head, you need to start sticking up for yourself. I get that you and Oz are great friends and all, but you're ten years older than him now. I'm pretty sure you've got a spine so you might as well use it. Be a man, for God's sake!"

Oz was grinning and was almost about to applaud her when she whirled to face him too, and now her eyes were really angry. He tensed, ready to defend himself.

"And as for you," She growled before grabbing Oz's coat and yanking him towards her.

Oz blinked in surprise and when he opened his eyes he was surprised to find that Alice was kissing him.

After the shock faded, it suddenly became a battle for dominance. Oz realized that Alice was kissing him, when really it was meant to be the other way around. Oz fought back but Alice was somehow stronger and something fell when Alice pushed him against the wall of the chapel. Oz's hands moved on instinct and he heard shocked gasps from several old people in the crowd.

"Get a room!" Break complained, and Oz felt something hard- probably Break's shoe- hit the side of his head. He did not see it, but Alice replied with a rude gesture in his general direction. Several old ladies fainted.

Gil coughed awkwardly as he split them up. "Ohh-kaay then, great to see that you guys are getting along now but don't you think that was just a little too much?"

Alice wiped a line of spit away from her chin with the back of her hand and grinned shamelessly at Oz. He winked back before nodding to Gil. He apologized formally to the wide-eyed crowd and the wedding juddered on awkwardly. The elderly who had fainted came around at different points, but it didn't really matter to the flustered couple at the alter.

The wedding, for Oz, passed in a blur of vows and another, less passionate kiss and signed documents and trembling applause and congratulations. He was suddenly acutely aware of Alice's presence next to him and found his gaze constantly wandering back to her glowing, lavender gaze until it got to the point where nothing else mattered and her eyes were all he could look at. He felt oddly light, as though the emotional baggage of the last three weeks had flown out of him and through the stained-glass windows the moment his lips had met Alice's. Nothing mattered anymore except that Alice was here, with him. Always.

Alice finished signing her name with a flourish and set down the pen gently. "Guess that seals the contract, huh?" She murmured absently as the documents were whisked away and tucked into a little black folder.

"S'pose so," Oz replied just as absently, watching the documents change hands as if in a trance.

"Is there gonna be a feast or something?" Alice asked suddenly. "I'm really hungry. That crappy bread the priest guy gave me was disgusting."

Oz laughed quietly. She hadn't changed. This was the Alice he wanted, upfront and honest and crazy. "I think so."

"Whatever, I'm finding out for myself." Alice turned and marched off down the aisle, leaving Oz shocked at the altar. Several surprised eyes from the crowd followed her too until suddenly she turned with an unexpectedly quizzical expression on her face.

"Well, are you coming or not?" She demanded, eyebrows raised questioningly. Oz didn't know how to answer for a moment, but then her face broke out in a smile and she stretched her hand out towards him. A weight he hadn't realized had landed on him lifted off his shoulders with a considerable amount of relief and he stumbled down, taking her hand and letting his new crazy wife- wife!- drag him out to the courtyard, where sure enough a party had been prepared. Oz allowed a moment for silent gratitude: Gil had known him well enough to know that Oz would have hated a formal seated dinner and had arranged a formal party instead.

Alice, predictably, went straight over to a silver meat platter, but Oz was quickly caught up in the wave of people muttering their congratulations and shaking his hand. Oscar enveloped him in a bone-crushing hug and Gil rustled his hair playfully. He saw the ghosts of Zai Vesslius and Glen Baskerville drift away from the party separately, but he didn't care anymore. Zai wasn't good enough to deserve any care from him anymore.

The party rolled on. Music played and Oz danced with multiple unknown relatives, occasionally being thrown in with Alice. She sucked at dancing, but Oz didn't mind. It was funny. Almost everything was funny now: he didn't even think he was capable of sadness, not today, not ever. Not anymore.

After maybe an hour, Oz found Gil and collapsed next to him. Predictably, there was a glass of white wine in Gil's hand and he looked pretty wasted already. Oz had to wave his hand in front of his glassy eyes a few times to get his attention.

"Oh. Hullo, Oz," He mumbled, sitting up straighter.

"How you doing, big guy?" Oz asked considerately.

Gil rubbed his forehead wearily. "How long's it been?"

Oz shrugged. "'Bout an hour?" He guessed.

"Not so good, for an hour," Gil moaned. "What about you? What's it like to be married?"

Oz cast him a sidewards glance, one eyebrow raised. "Haven't you heard enough of that from Break?"

Gil shrugged and looked away. "If you don't want to tell me, fine."

Oz shrugged and relented. "It's weird," He admitted, watching Alice laugh as she stumbled around with some random in her sad excuse of a dance. "Obviously we both felt the same way the whole time and even though I've only known her for three weeks it feels like forever. I mean, we thought we hated each other for so long and it was so sudden that I guess it's only early days, but it's more like we're just going out rather than that we're married. Does that make sense?"

Gil shook his head and grinned. "No, but I'm half-drunk so nothing makes much sense to me right now. I think someone's looking for you."

Gil pointed just ahead of them and Oz followed his gaze until he met eyes with Alice. She saw him too and strode over to him with purpose. Once she was within earshot Oz opened his mouth to say something but she beat him to it, grabbing his wrist and yanking him out of his chair abruptly, dragging him over to the food table. At first he thought she was going to complain about the meat, but instead she grabbed the platter and continued on her determined way. She gestured wordlessly at the dessert table and Oz curiously took a few nice-looking desserts before letting Alice drag him back up to… the house. Oz's mind raced and his heart skipped as she lead him down the corridors, wondering where she was taking him…

His messy living room. Alice threw her meat down on the carpeted floor before diving into the DVD cabinet, taking the first movie she saw the shoving it into the DVD player. Finally, she collapsed on one of the many beanbags next to her meat platter and commenced her own little movie session. Oz watched in amazement before chuckling a little to himself and setting himself down, desserts and all, next to her. As the movie progressed, they unconsciously sidled closer together until Alice's head was on Oz's chest and his arm was around her shoulder.

At long last, he spoke.

"That was some speech," He murmured into her hair, absently combing his fingers through her now let-down fringe and quietly reveling in the fact that he was licensed to be so close to her now.

Alice giggled quietly at the image of two undead pirates floating on a boat in dresses before replying. "Eh, it was nothing. You of all people should know that."

Oz grinned. "Too right. How you holding up?"

Alice's slim shoulders shrugged beneath his shoulders. "Pretty good, actually. I've got a lot off my chest, I think." Her eyes narrowed suddenly. "What gives you the impression I would cave?"

Oz chuckled softly. "Nah. You're way too proud for that."

Silence descended again. Once again, Oz was the one to break it:

"You sure you don't want to go back to the party? They're probably wondering where we got off to."

Alice shook her head firmly. "No way in hell. Those old people were giving me filthy looks all night. It's ridiculous."

Oz was surprised. "I thought every girl dreamt of her big fat wedding day."

Alice smirked. "Yeah, but I'm not 'every girl', am I? Besides, this is the kind of wedding I want," she said, gesturing at the half-eaten meat platter and the empty bowls of ice cream around them. "None of that emotional fluff. A good movie, some nice food, good company… Screw everyone else. This day's supposed to be about us, right? I don't even know half the people out there, and I doubt you do either. It's meant to be personal. I like it like this."

Oz nodded a few times. "Fair enough. I'm cool with that."

The movie finished and they started another one. Hours rolled by and night turned into day. The party continued without them. They drifted restlessly in and out of consciousness, each of them wonderfully aware of the other's body heat every time. Cheshire joined them eventually and curled up contentedly on Alice's lap, quickly drifting off to sleep himself. At one point Sharon poked her head in curiously, but upon seeing the finally happy couple sleeping on each other's shoulders she smiled to herself and edged out to return to her father who was currently teaching her the best way to stick sweets into people's hair without them noticing. It was surprisingly fun but even if it wasn't Sharon would have just passed the time by basking in the brilliance that came with the recognition her father finally gave her.

And so what was originally made out to be the worst day in the lives of Oz Vessalius and Alice Baskerville swiftly became the best, and the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and the months into years. Strangers regarded their married relationship with doubt, but those who knew them insisted that they were like two long lost puzzle pieces, fitted together at last.

And as for everyone else… the lives of Lords Vessalius and Baskerville carried on as normal, though there was a certain empty air about the Baskerville mansion that not even the heartless Lord himself could ignore. Break and Sharon suddenly realized that there was much more to each other than met the eye and their bond extended beyond best friends all the way to the closest father and daughter there was ever to be seen. Gilbert plucked up the courage to stand up to his adopted father and finally tell him that he was loyal to the Vessalius family, and while he was at it he told Vincent that his relationship with Ada was just plain silly because everyone could see that it was only one-sided.

So really, the marriage of Oz Vessalius and Alice Baskerville turned out to be a very good thing for everyone. It was perfect.

A/N: …So that's it. Thanks to everyone who read this and supported it and everything, you've made it all so much fun ^_^ Hope it's an alright ending, I know there are a lot of eyes on this… D; Anyway, thanks so much, it's been fun ;)