Scene: Joan's flashback

Date: Friday May 5, 2006

Scene: Nighttime-Adam's house-Bedroom

(Naked, Adam and Joan are in the bed having sex)

Adam (in between kisses): I love you

Joan: Are you wearing a condom?

Adam: Yes

Joan: I am wearing a condom as well

Adam: God forbid our condoms may break

Joan: Just focus on me and nothing else

Adam: Please promise you'll be my baby forever

Joan: I love you now and forevermore

(Adam and Joan exchange long passionate kisses. The rest is history)

Date: Monday May 22, 2006

Scene: Adam Rove's House- Adam's art studio

Situation: Two days after their high school graduation, Joan tells Adam that she is pregnant

(Heavy hearted, Joan walks into the art studio where Adam is building a sculpture in her honor)

Adam (smiling): Hello, Jane

Joan: Adam, you might become the next great Michelangelo

Adam (laughing): Only in my dreams

Joan: It has been two days since we have graduated from high school. I know that you have already started making your plans for the future.

Adam (suspicious): So what is your point?

Joan (choked up): I am pregnant

Adam (shocked): Are you serious?

Joan (crying): Yes

Adam: When did you know you were pregnant? How far a long are you?

Joan (still crying): May fifth, this was the last time we made love. Apparently, our condoms broke that Friday night. Feeling unwell two days later, I took a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test results came out to be positive on May seventh. I am now three weeks pregnant.

Adam: I don't understand why you have decided to wait this long to tell me about your pregnancy.

Joan: I didn't want to distract you from graduation

Adam (embracing Joan): I understand you and I forgive you

Joan (sobbing): After much deep thought and prayer, I am planning to keep the baby. I wonder if you are excited about having a baby with me?

Adam: Yes

Joan: I still haven't told my parents about the baby

Adam: I don't know when I am going to tell my dad

Joan: We should tell them as soon as possible

Adam: I will love you and support you no matter what. We have created a life, you are stuck with me forever.

Joan: Hopefully, nobody will crucify me for being pregnant at eighteen.

Adam: God gave us this gift meaning the baby for a purpose. May be the baby is supposed to bring us closer together.

Joan (touching her stomach, she talks to the baby): My little angel, I love you for you have given me hope.

Adam (kissing Joan): I love you

Joan (smiling): I love you too