I do not own Kamen Rider Decade as its distributor and Production Company is Toei and the series created by Shotaro Ishinomori, Yu-Gi-Oh GX is owned by TV Tokyo, all I own is just the OC character and the cards of the Kamen Rider Series

Now, I've been itching to try out a different Kamen Rider series and Decade was one I looked forward to writing, maybe; just maybe I might create a ZeXal with the OOO series and the numerous combos, as cards would be very stressful but I'll think about it.

Now, onto the story!

Episode I

Start! A Freshman Rider!

A brown haired boy was running through the park with a backpack. "I'm late! Why did my train have to be delayed! No matter, this is just another Challenge! Duel Academy, here I come!" He said as he saw someone come into his pathway. "Uh oh! Move!" He said but unfortunately, the words were wasted on the man as they collided and both fell to the ground as a deck of cards scattered on the ground.

"Oh gee! I'm so sorry, let me help you!" the boy said and picked up the cards, as the taller man's features were notably his different coloured hair, wearing a collar, a black sleeveless shirt and leather pants with a chain dangling from them. "Do you duel?" he simply asked as the boy nodded.

"Yeah, I do, but I'm going to take a test for Duel Academy." He said to him and the man pulled out a card from his deck. "This card says he wants to go with you, here." He handed the boy a card as he looked at it, the card was called Winged Kuriboh

"Do your best." The man said and walked off as the boy bowed. "Thank you!" he said as the man gave a thumbs-up and the boy resumed his run, placing the card away

Within a domed building were six duel fields with many monsters, as there was call for the last of the applicants as the boy from before managed to be present in the very seconds there was left to not arrive as he watched a Duel of someone using Ring of Destruction on his monster to win the duel.

"That guy was amazing." The boy said as he heard another's voice, this by had light bleu hair and small glasses. "Well, he is number one, he did get the highest score on the written test." He stated and the boy blinked. "I didn't know you were ranked by high score." He answered.

"Oh, well, I'm number 119 so I don't think I'll be accepted well, so I think I barely passed." He said and the boy grinned. "Hey, I'm number 110, don't worry about it!" He said and the small boy looked at him. "But the duels for the hundred's for all but one have ended."

Up in the stands, one of the proctors approached a man in a blue uniform, whispering something and there was a brief but non-audible talk as the man left as the number one duelist took a seat in the stands.

"Hey, that was a sweet move! But you're probably the second best toughest to apply here." He said as the boy looked at him. "What makes you say that?" he asked and there was a announcement of duelist number 118 as there stood a boy wearing a black jack unzipped revealing a red shirt underneath, a pair of dark blue jeans with a black buckle to hold it up and white trainers, his hair was brown as well and on his left arm was the standard Battle City duel disk

"I'll be your opponent number 118, let's see if you have what it takes to become a student of the Academy." He said as the boy gave a small smile. "Well, Kazu Asakura is ready to duel you, let's go!"


Proctor: 4000

Kazu: 4000

"I'll make the first move, First, I draw then summon out Marauding Captain and use his effect to bring a Level 4 or lower to my hand and I choose another Marauding Captain but in DEF mode with one facedown card and end my turn." He stated

"Then time for me to take over! I draw and now I call upon Kamen Rider Kuuga in ATK mode! (1200/700) as a spandex warrior stood there and the proctor raised his eyebrows above the sunglasses he wore, as the audience members were equally surprised. "Kamen Rider? What do you think about this boy Zane?" A blond haired girl asked and Zane who crossed his arms. "It's interesting to see a new series, let's see what they can do."

"I never heard of 'Kamen Rider' before, are these cards legal?" He asked and Kazu nodded. "If they were fake, the Duel Disk wouldn't register it would it? May I continue?" He asked him and the man nodded.

"Please do." Then Kazu smiled. "I activate Kuuga's effect! Once per turn he can destroy one face-up DEF monster and that's fits the Marauding Captain! So sayonara!" He said as Kuuga delivered a kick to the said monster. "I activate Equip Card, Legendary Sword which boosts 1 Warrior-Type monster by 300 points and that's Kuuga! Now attack his Marauding Captain! Legendary Sword Slash!" He called out as Kuuga now wielded the sword and leapt at Marauding Captain, cutting it in half and returning.

Proctor: 3700

Kazu: 4000

"I'll end my move with two facedown cards!" Kazu answered as the proctor drawn his card. "Then I shall activate my facedown card, Ultimate Offering, by paying 500 LP, I can normal summon again so first, I summon Queen's Knight (1500) then by 500 of my LP to bring out King's Knight (1600) which brings out a Jack's Knight (1900) from my deck, now, Jack's Knight, send his monster to the graveyard.

"Sorry but I activate one of my facedown cards, Negate Attack!" he said as the man nodded. "Then please make your move as I set one facedown card"

"With pleasure! I draw and summon out 'Kamen Rider – Kiva! (1600)" as a another humanoid stood there with the look of a bat then Kazu looked at his hand. "I activate the Field Spell, Parallel Worlds! All Kamen Rider cards can gain 1000 ATK during the Battle Phase when facing a weaker monster! Now, Kamen Rider – Kiva! Attack Jack's Knight!" He declared as Kiva went from 1600 to 2600. "I'm afraid you have to try harder, Activate Magic Cylinder, I redirect your attack back at you."

"Then Kuuga, take out Jack's Knight!" he declared as the monster was destroyed, giving 500 points of damage

Proctor: 3200

Kazu: 1400

"I end my turn with a facedown card!" Kazu stated as the proctor drawn his card. "I activate Pot of Greed then Monster Reborn, reviving Jack's Knight but then I fuse them all together to form Arcana Knight Joker (3000) Now I activate Smashing Ground, I destroy your highest DEF monster which is Kiva."

"I activate my trap! Passing Through! I remove Kiva from the game until the end phase therefore your Smashing Ground has to target Kuuga!" He said

"Impressive, Smashing Ground was redirected to his other monster to save the other, however, this does leave him wide open unless that other facedown card is a deciding factor." Zane stated

"Now my Joker will attack you directly, I'm afraid this is as far as you come." He said as Kazu smiled. "Reveal my last facedown card! Soul Shield, All I have to do is give up half of my LP and it'll block your attack!" Kazu stated as he was reduced to 700.

"Then I shall end my turn." The proctor announced as Kiva returned to the field

Kazu drew his card and looked at it. "I activate the Spell card, Pot of Greed to draw two cards then play another Spell Card, A Rider's Revival! I bring back Kuuga to the field in ATK mode now. I tribute Kamen Rider Kiva and Kuuga to summon out my Level 8 monster, Kamen Rider Decade! (2500)" As a armoured wearing warrior stood there in pink with a cross near a shoulder, but what struck out however was his ATK.

"Do you suppose that's his ace monster Chazz?" a blue-coated boy asked another as he sniggered. "Who cares? Joker has 3800 ATK, his Rider has 2500, and it's obvious who's the winner here."

"I activate the Spell Card, Graceful Charity, I draw three but discard two so I send Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Den-O to the graveyard, now I have only 1 card in my hand but I activate Monster Reborn to bring back Kamen Rider Ryuki as his effect activates he boosts all Kamen Rider's ATK by 200! Now I activate Kamen Rider Decade's effect, he can briefly become another Rider in my hand or deck so long as that monster is sent to the graveyard so Decade! Become Kamen Rider Blade and now, since he's Blade, he can use his effect by sending 3 cards from my deck, he gains 200 for each card so I send Kamen Rider's Den-O, Hibiki and Agito to the graveyard as he gains 900 ATK (3600) He declared as Chazz's eyes widened. "What!" he asked in a little surprise as Decade brushed his hands together

"That's still not enough for his monster, it still falls short of 200 points…. Unless he uses that field spell." The number one duelist said.

"Now, Decade attacks his monster!"

"If I'm correct Zane, his monster has 3600 ATK and if he boosts it by Parallel World, he'll have 4600 ATK." The girl trailed off and Zane closed his eyes. "That's right Alexis, Arcana Knight Joker gets destroyed and the proctor loses 800 LP then 2100 directly from Ryuki since it's effected boosted itself and Decade."


Proctor: 300

Kazu: 700

"Not bad kid, But you'll have to try harder than that, your only hope is if I don't draw a monster card next turn or a spell." He said and Kazu smiled. "Then I end my turn."

The Proctor drawn his card and was surprised. "You are lucky kid. I end my turn." He said and Kazu smiled and drawn his card. "You heard him guys, Decade, Ryuki! Attack directly!" as the Proctor lost 2700 and 2100. "You've been accepted into Duel Academy.

and returned to the stands as the boy from before called him over. "Hey, cool cards you got there, they are like mine!" He said and Kazu chuckled. "Really? I can't wait to see your duels then." He said as number 199 was called and the boy began to run for his field. "Wait, what did you mean by number two?" the boy asked and the brown haired boy grinned and turned to face him. "Cause that number one is me of course!" he said and Kazu took a seat beside the newly named two.

"How confident." He said and Kazu nodded. "But that's probably who he is, Kazu Asakura by the way." He introduced himself and the two boys nodded. "Bastion Misawa." He answered as the short boy spoke. "Syrus." He said as the boys name down at the field was called Jaden Yuki and his opponent was none other than the same teacher and before long the duel concluded as Kazu laughed a bit. "Elemental Heroes huh? He was right, they are similar to my Kamen Rider's." He said with a chuckle.

Kamen Rider Cards Used:

Name: Kamen Rider Kuuga

Level: 3

ATK: 1200

DEF: 700

Effect: Once per turn, destroy one face up defense monster the opponent controls, if 'Final Form Ride' is used, equip this card to Decade and Decade gains 1000 ATK and a additional attack to his own.

Name: Kamen Rider Kiva

Level: 4

ATK: 1600

DEF: 1300

Effect: Once per turn, reduce one face-up defense monster by 1000 attack, however Kiva loses 600 attack points, if 'Final Form Ride' is used, equip this card to Decade to change your opponents monster position.

Name: Kamen Rider Decade

Level: 8

ATK: 2500

DEF: 2000

Effect: Once per turn, send a card from your hand or deck with 'Kamen Rider' in its name to the graveyard to treat this card as it's name and gain the effects until the End Phase, this card can also gain the effects of Kamen Rider's equipped with 'Final Form Ride'


Parallel Worlds


Effect: All face up Kamen Rider's gain 300 ATK during battle.

A Rider's Revival

Effect: Revive one monster with 'Kamen Rider' in its name form your graveyard.


Passing Through

Effect: Remove 1 face-up 'Kamen Rider' card until the end phase

Rider Shield

Effect: Negate an attack on a 'Kamen Rider'