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Episode IV

Promotion Exams! Riders vs. Harpies!

Above the ocean were a fleet of naval ships and helicopters was approaching a certain island in the region as the Captain look through his binoculars. "Excellent, our job is nearly finished, all we have to do is deliver these new cards to the shop." He said as a silver case was nearby with the insignia of Duel Academy upon it.

"So full steam ahead men so we can complete this mission!" The captain ordered as the fleet approached the island.

Within the Slifer Red Dorm as Jaden was snoring in bed while Syrus was in prayer and dressed in his outfit but he was praying in front of a Slifer the Sky Dragon poster. "Please, please let me pass my examinations today! Or I'll stuck in this place forever, not that's there's anything wrong with red of course, it's great on you Slifer." Syrus had a headband on with three copies of Monster Reborn stuffed inside.

"I wanna be a Ra Yellow! Please give me a sign of your help!" He asked until a loud ringing noise was heard in the room and he jumped. "Oh it's just the alarm clock…and of course Jaden sleeps right through it, how can he be so relaxed when there's so much at stake?" Syrus asked as he knelt beside his friend. "Jaden wake up, if you don't pass these tests, you'll never advance to the next dorm!" Syrus said before being accidentally punched in the face by Jaden stretching. "And I play a Trap!" Jaden called out as Syrus hit the floor.

"Why can't he be ever be asleep in defense mode when I wake him up?" Syrus asked annoyingly.

In another room Kazu was already awake and had his arms behind his head as he stared up at the middle bunk. "If I recall, there's a written test and a field test… the first part tests your knowledge of the game while the second part is a duel against one of the members of the dorm you're in…and if you get lucky, you might promoted to a different Dorm." He thought to himself, he wasn't honestly that worried about the tests, all he would do is give it his very best and see what happens after that.

"After all, I don't mind this place at all." He thought to himself, he never had any real intention of getting to Ra Yellow or Obelisk Blue as he got out of bed and dressed in his dorm attire before heading out to get to the Classroom.

Later in the morning, Jaden was running from the Slifer Red Dorm, no Syrus tagged behind him due to leaving before him. "Who knew Chumley could do a five-course meal! Coming through!" He yelled as he passed by a woman trying to push a truck up the hill and he stopped. "What to do…be even more late or help her… ah well, since I'm never on time anyway." Jaden ran behind the back of the truck to begin pushing "Thank you for helping young man." She said

In the Classroom banner spoke. "Now 45 minutes left to finish your test." As Syrus was mumbling to himself. "Didn't know it was an oral test Syrus." Jaden said as Syrus got his head off the desk in surprise. "You're here!"

A voice from higher spoke. "Would you wanna keep it down? Some of us are trying to pass this test!" Chazz said in a annoyed tone and Jaden stared up at him. "Hey I always plan on passing, it just never works out that way."

"Oh Jaden." Banner's voice came from down below as the boy cringed. "Why don't you come down here and grab your test?" Banner asked and Jaden turned around. "Be there in a jiff!" He called down and began to run down.

"He better be, we're already 15 minutes into this already." Alexis thought as a certain Ra Yellow watched Jaden walk up to Banner to grab his test "If only he somehow applied for an earlier course of waking up."

Soon, Jaden and Syrus were sleeping against one another but a gap in the door was Crowler spying upon him. "You may be able to dream your way through the written exam, but when the field test starts, it'll be a nightmare!" Crowler had to hold his giggles as he said this.

"Now please don't run as there are new rare cards here today." Banner said at the end of the test. "There are rare cards?" One person asked and Banner realized what he said. "Oh dear." Before a horde mixture of Blue, Yellow and Red charged for the Card Store out of the classroom.

"You may want to wake up." The Ra Yellow said, shaking the two Reds as Syrus woke up. "I flunked didn't I?" He asked as Jaden spoke. "If this were melodrama Sy, I'd give you an A for it!" Jaden laid his head on the table again.

"Hey where did everyone go?" Syrus noticed the empty room. "That's what I'm trying to tell you, new rare cards just came in and everyone went there." He said and Syrus was shocked. "New rare cards! How come I wasn't told about this!" He asked

"Because everyone wants to keep the best cards for themselves and use them in the upcoming Field Test.". Bastion explained to him "Then why aren't you getting some then Bastion?" He asked him. "Please, an extra card in my deck would throw it completely off-balance, so I wouldn't want that." He said as Syrus noticed Kazu relax in his chair a row below them.

"What about you then Kazu?" He asked as Kazu turned around to face the three. "I don't need them, besides, my father works in Industrial Illusions on new Kamen Rider cards whenever he can, so that's enough for me." He said to them.

"Well I need some new ones." Syrus said and Jaden got up. "Well then, let's go! There's nothing like fresh cards in the morning! Thanks for the tip Bastion!" Jaden said and ran out with Syrus tagging behind.

Chazz and his lackeys were following behind him. "Sorry Chazz but this guy got all the cards in one go." One said and Chazz turned to them. "You know what's sorry? You guys, it doesn't matter what cards I use and I'm still the best." Chazz said as Crowler's voice was heard. "Unless that duellist is Jaden Yuki."

"Who's there?" Chazz asked, turning his head to a man wearing a trench coat and he spoke. "Someone who despises Jaden as much as I do. " He said as one of Chazz's lackeys knew who this was. "Hey he's the one who took the rare cards!"

"Cards? What cards? …Oh you mean these cards?" the trench coat was opening revealing the rare cards "What's the matter Chazz, don't recognize me? How about now!" The man took off his hat to reveal Crowler.

"You look much better covered up." Chazz said flat out as Crowler nearly fell forwards. "Well, I have a plan that makes us feel all better, I want you to be his opponent for the field test and use these rare cards to defeat him with!" Crowler stated and Chazz noticed something. "But we're not in the same Dorm, how can I be his field test opponent?" he pointed out.

"I'll make sure it happens but you must make him a total embarrassment to the entire academy!" Crowler said before laughing hysterically.

Kazu found himself on the Duelling Field against an unlikely opponent, it was Jasmine from the Obelisk Blue Girls dorm, why of all things, he had to question it. "I thought it was each to their own dorm, why am I up against her?" He asked himself in his thoughts and Jasmine spoke.

"I'm here to show you that what happened last night was a total fluke." Jasmine whispered loudly enough for Kazu to hear it as he literally resisted the urge to face palm himself. "Let me guess, she asked the head of the Girls Dorm for this chance? I doubt it took the head of dorm for this though, smells like Crowler." he thought to himself as the aforementioned person sneezed. It was still a duel, one he should enjoy and besides Jaden's duel wouldn't start until this batch of duellists finished their test.

"Okay then, I'll accept your challenge." He said and got into his duelling stance as did Jasmine and then both said one word. "Duel!" Murmurs of talk around the exam were surprised. "He's facing an Obelisk? He's asking for a death wish."

Kazu: 4000

Jasmine: 4000

Jasmine drew her card. "I'll go first and summon out Harpie Lady 1 in attack mode but then her special ability activates! All Wind Monsters gain 300 ATK! (1300/1400 + 300 = 1600) as I activate the spell, Elegant Egotist! This card can help me search for another Harpie Lady or the Sisters and Special Summon it from my hand or deck so I choose the Harpie Lady Sisters in ATK mode! (1950/2100 + 300 = 2250) as I set one card facedown and end my turn!"

Kazu raised an eyebrow at this particular deck. "Isn't that based off Mai Valentine?" He asked her and she nodded. "Girls need to be tough and dangerous!"

"Then I'll take over! I draw!" He looked at his hand and picked out a card. "I Normal Summon out Kamen Rider Blade! (1800/400)" He declared as on his field appeared the warrior in a blue suit wielding a sword in a reverse grip. "Now I activate his effect, I can send up three cards of my deck to the Graveyard for him to gain 200 ATK for each one, so that's 600 extra attack points, making him have 2400 until the End Phase!"

Kazu then held out another card. "Next up is an old favourite, Mystical Space Typhoon, I destroy your face down!" He declared as Jasmine's facedown was none other than a Hysteric Party as Kazu pointed at the Sisters. "Blade, attack the Harpie Lady Sisters with Lightning Slash!" Kazu commanded as the warrior nodded in response before dashing forward and struck upon the Sisters with his Blade Rouser, causing an explosion and causing Jasmine to lose 250 LP

Kazu: 4000
Jasmine: 3750

"I'll then set two cards facedown and end my turn." Kazu stated as he slid two facedown Spell/Trap cards in their slots as their images appeared behind Blade and Jasmine called out. "I draw"

Jasmine's hand was now at four as she examined it. "I send Harpie Queen to my graveyard to add a Harpies Hunting Ground from my deck to my hand which I now play and thanks to this, if I Normal or Special Summon a Harpie Lady monster, I can destroy 1 Spell or Trap on the field and all Winged Beast monsters gain 200 ATK and DEF!"

The normal spacious Duelling Exam Room changed to become a rather open wide area with a blue sky and the dirty ground but if one could listen carefully, flapping of wings could be heard as Harpie Lady 1 was gaining the power boost.

Harpie Lady 1 (ATK/1800 DEF/1500)

"Next I Normal Summon Harpie Lady 3 in ATK mode and then to this Field Spell, I destroy your left Spell/Trap Card while number 2 gains 200 ATK and DEF from the Hunting Ground and another 300 ATK from Harpie Lady 1!" She declared as the winged woman with blue spiky hair appeared from the sky beside her sister and Kazu's left facedown was about to be destroyed but he pressed a button, flipping it immediately face-up "Activate Trap, Rider Shield! Thanks to this, if I control 1 'Kamen Rider' monster on my field, I can negate one attack!"

Harpie Lady 3 (ATK/1800 DEF/1600)

"Fine then I'll attack your Blade with the first Harpie Lady!" Jasmine called out and the winged woman soared forward to strike Blade but then a yellow dome of light surrounded Blade as the talons of Harpie Lady 1 tried to dig through but to no avail and then the dome shattered.

"Harpie Lady 3, pick up where your sister left off!" Jasmine declared as the bluenette winged woman dived forward and slashed into Blade's torso who managed to slash into Harpie Lady 3 as both monsters had the same ATK points. "I'll activate my Rider's Spirit! When a Kamen Rider monster is destroyed, I can bring back that destroyed monster!" Kazu declared as a Trap was revealed with an image of a Kamen Rider Kuuga on one knee with an aura around him as Blade returned to the field in ATK. "I activate Pot of Greed to draw two cards then set one card facedown." She stated. "He's good, he's not taken one single point of damage yet, but that'll soon change!" Jasmine thought as Kazu declared. "I draw!"

Kazu's hand was at three as he looked at it before hearing Jasmine call out. "I activate Hysteric Party, now all I need to do is discard one card in my hand and then I can Special Summon as many Harpie Ladies as I want, so I send Harpie Lady 2 and bring back Harpie Queen, Harpie Lady 3 and Harpie Lady 2 and the Harpie Lady Sisters!

Harpie Lady 1 (ATK/1800 DEF/1600)

Harpie Lady 2 (ATK/1800 DEF/1600)

Harpie Lady 3 (ATK/1800 DEF/1600)

Harpie Queen (ATK/2400 DEF/1400)

Harpie Lady Sisters (ATK/2450 DEF/2300)

The students gasped in surprise. "Looks like that Obelisk Blue isn't going to hold back on a Silfer after all." A Ra Yellow voiced his thoughts as others murmured and Alexis was watching on, not obviously surprised Jasmine was showing the power of her Harpie Deck. "What are you going to do here Kazu? Will you find a way out or will you fall?" She thought to herself.

"That's… one impressive field." Kazu managed to say and Jasmine gave a grin. "Don't think flattery's going to work!" She teased and he looked at his hand. "Let's see, I got to take down more than three Harpie's at once but Blade here cannot hold a candle to the Queen or the sisters, plus if I destroyed Harpie Lady 3, her effect would stop the monster that battled with it from attacking for two turns, and I can't afford to let that happen." He thought and took out a card from his hand of three. "I activate a Rider's Bonds! If I have at least 1 'Kamen Rider' monster on my field, I can Special Summon two more from my deck however, they cannot attack and will be destroyed at the End Phase and finally I cannot tribute these monsters except for a 'Kamen Rider' monster, so I call from my deck, Kamen Riders Kuuga and Agito!"

Kamen Rider Kuuga (1200/700)

Kamen Rider Agito (1300/400)

Those who were at the Entrance Exams recognized Kuuga instantly but Agito was a new one, he looked strikingly similar to Kuuga except with the helmet design basically on a hercules beetle's pincers in gold as he gave a smile. "And these two monsters are going to help each other with their effects, I'll show you by first selecting Agito, once per turn, he can switch one of my opponent's monsters battle position and I select Hapripe Lady 3!" he declared as the said monster on Jasmine's field knelt down.

"Next comes Kuuga's effect, once per turn, eh can destroy 1 face-up defense monster on the field and who better to target than Harpie Lady 3? Kuuga, You know what to do!" He commanded as Kuuga nodded and delivered a punch to Harpie Lady 3, causing an explosion. "Of course, your Ladys' effect cannot stop Kuuga from attacking for two turns since it was destroyed via effect."

Jasmine nodded as Kazu shown a familiar card. "Time for Pot of Greed to draw two more cards in my Deck." He said as he drawn two more cards, bringing his hand back to three and gave a smile. "I sacrifice Kamen Riders Kuuga and Agito to bring forth Kamen Rider…Decade! (2300/2000)" He declared as Kuuga and Agito vanished a small cyclones and it broke apart revealing the familiar magenta coloured Rider with a calm posture, Jasmine knew this was his ace card and what it done to Alexis last time.

"Next I'll activate this handy Spell Card, Final Form Ride and I select Blade to become the target!" he said as Decade held the same card and slid it into the Decadriver and hit the sides. "Final Form Ride: B-B-B-Blade!" It called out as Decade walked over to Blade and placed his hands on his back and from within Blade had a set of cards made before his whole body changed into a huge sword similar to Blade's weapon as Decade grabbed it, showing no signs of effort of the huge weapon he wielded.

"When Decade's equipped with Blade, he gains 100 ATK points for each Kamen Rider Monster in my graveyard, so let's count." He said and brought out two cards from the graveyard "Kamen Riders Kuuga and Agito so that 200 ATK for him but that's not all, When battling with a opponent's monster, he can attack again and again until your field's wiped clean, however he cannot direct attack after the last attack."

"Wait… my monsters are all in ATK mode… so that means…!" Jamsine said in shock as Kazu nodded. "You're going to lose some life points and with no face downs to protect your monsters, I'm free to take them down, so Decade, attack!" He commanded as Decade charged forward and done a sideslash, the sword connecting with each Harpie there was.

"You lose a total of 1650 life points!" Kazu pointed out Jasmine's LP decreased even more

Kazu: 4000
Jasmine: 2100

"I end my turn and Final Form Ride's effect kicks it allowing me to Special Summon Kamen Rider Blade back to the field from the Spell/Trap zone." He said as Decade tossed the Blade sword and it changed back into Kamen Rider Blade, landing on his feet, now he and Jasmine had one card each in their hands.

"Did…that Slifer just do the impossible?" A student asked in disbelief and another answered. "He just did… and what's more he hasn't got a scratch on his life points, how did this guy not get into Ra Yellow or even Obelisk Blue?" Another asked

Jasmine drawn her card, looking at her hand, she had two cards to use and she had to take down Kazu's Ace monster and Blade as well as a fair chunk of LP, she didn't rely only Harpie Ladies though. "I set one card facedown and activate Pot of Avarice and return Harpie Ladies 1, 2, 3, Sisters and Queen to my Deck then draw two cards." Jasmine stated as he added said five monsters back to her deck then it shuffled before she drew two cards. "I set one monster face down as well, your turn." She stated, left with one card in her hand as well.

"Then I'll draw!" Kazu stated and looked at his newly drawn second card "Not something to destroy her spell/trap card sadly, oh well, it may come in handy later." He thought and spoke. "Kamen Rider Blade, attack her Defense monster with Lightning Slash!" He called out and the Rider did so, destroying a Flying Kamakiri #1 (1400/900)

"I trigger my monsters effect, when he's destroyed I Special Summon one Wind-Type monster from my Deck in ATK position and I choose Hunter Owl (1000/900) who gains 500 ATK for each WIND type I control so he's on 1500." Jasmine stated as Kazu nodded. "Then Decade will have to clip his feathers, Go!" Kazu declared as Jasmine smirked. "I activate my Trap, Icarus Attack!" She declared and Hunter Owl vanished in a white light. "By sending 1 Winged-Beast Monster on my field to the graveyard, I can select up to two cards on the field and destroy them and I select Decade and Blade!" She said before lightning struck down upon the aforementioned monsters and shattered as Kazu sent both monsters to his Graveyard

"That's a very good card there Jasmine, I'll admit that, so I'll end my turn." He said honestly.

Jasmine gave a grin. "Glad to see you're admitting it, I draw!" jasmine stated and drawn her second card. "Now I play as you say, an old favourite, Monster Reborn so return to my side, Hunter Owl!" She stated as the monster revived itself to jasmine's field with its 1500 ATK. "Next I'll Normal Summon Birdface in attack mode!" she stated as a flying bird appeared above her. (1600/1600) as Jasmine Continued. "And let's not forget Hunter Owl's effect, he gains 500 for each Wind-type on the field so he gains another 500!" jasmine stated as Hunter Owl was now up to 2000.

"Attack him directly you two!" She declared and Kazu put his arms up to defend himself as the Hunter Owl slashed at him, the blade not cutting into his body as it was a hologram and the Birdface's claws digging into him, his life points dropping fast.

Kazu: 400
Jasmine: 2100

Jasmine smiled despite the fact she had no cards in her hand. "I end my turn there!" She said confidently as Kazu lowered his arms, that was a big reverse on Jasmine's part as talk was coming from the students. "She's sure shown him, this one is in the bag for her." An Obelisk Blue said with a sneer as Syrus watched on concerned, the odds looked very bad. "All he's got to do is survive…" He said quietly to himself, Jaden gave a big smile. "Come on Sy, you seen how good Kazu is, have a little faith in him!" he said and Syrus nodded as Alexis watched the duel, she was surprised at how it was turning out, Kazu taken down a huge threat with just one monster but her friend Jasmine easily clawed back to gain a advantage, if Alexis was honest, she was on the edge of her seat, but she didn't know who to root for, Kazu or her friend Jasmine?

"3600 of life points taken down that fast? I should be more wary of face downs from now on." He said with a sigh of relief, if Jasmine summoned anything more powerful, he could of lost right there and then, but now he had a challenging task, to take down 2100 LP in one turn and his field was completely empty and he only held two cards in his hand and he placed his hand on his deck "I draw!" he declared and looked at it, surprised at what he drawn and closed his eyes. "Looks like I still have a chance!" He thought and revealed the card to Jasmine.

"Time to fight back! I activate the Spell Card, A Rider's Revival! Come back, Decade!" he called out as a transparent silvery wall appeared behind Kazu and Decade leapt out of it before standing in front of him and what's more, he was in ATK mode.

"Next I'll Normal Summon another Kamen Rider, Hibiki!" He declared a purple flame sprung up from the ground before dispersing as a new Rider appeared, he looked very different from the other Riders seen thus far, his mask had no crystal eyes and he did kind of look like a demon nut the most odd thing was he had wielded a red drumstick in each hand. (1400/1400).

"And now, Hibiki too has an effect, once per turn, I can weaken one of your monsters by 400 points and I select Birdface!" He stated as Hibiki's drumsticks lit on fire and he thrust them forward, the flames connecting with Birdface's wings as it collapsed to the floor as it's ATK was lowered to 1200

"Next I play my final card, my second Final Form Ride and I target Hibiki to be equipped to Decade!" He stated as Decade did the same motion to Hibiki as he did to Blade as the Rider changed to a hawk, a mechanical one before giving out a cry." I activate his effect when equipped to Decade, he can weaken a monster by 1000 points so I choose Birdface again!" he declared as the changed Hibiki slammed itself upon the fallen monster and became a cover for a drum as Kazu smiled. "Decade, attack!" he called out as Decade leapt over to the down monster and produced two drumsticks of his own and eh starting to drum the energy created cover, making a rather otherworldly tune used in shrines a sin the olden days before he finished, tapping both sticks on Birdface before an explosion occurred.

"Your Birdface had 200 ATK left Decade had 2300, meaning you lose exactly 2100 LP." He said as jasmine's jaw dropped, Kazu was right but it was unbelievable, eh done an exact 0 game whilst having only 400 LP left as the monsters vanished and he gave a smile. "You were a great opponent Jasmine, I hope we'll duel each other again sometime." He said a she approached her and held out his hand and jasmine gave a sigh and placed her hand in his, shaking it. "You're going to regret those words Asakura." She said and Kazu just smiled before they left the field.

"Awesome game Kazu!" Jaden said as his friend joined them and Kazu nodded. "She almost gave me a run for my money there." Kazu said honestly before it was Jaden's turn. "Wish me luck guys!" he said to Kazu and Syrus and he went on ahead.

In the Duel Field, Jaden was surprised. "I'm duelling an Obelisk? And it's Chazz?" Jaden asked Crowler who approached him. "Yes, I pulled some strings for this to work, you always talk about a big game so I decided to give you one. So congratulations, you'll be duelling one of the top students of this school! I sincerely hope your deck is stacked with plenty of rare cards so you can win." He said before the duel started.

The duel between Jaden and Chazz was also pretty close, had Jaden not used Winged Kuriboh LV10's effect to destroy VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon, Kazu had to chuckle a bit. "In a way, Jaden's like that card, unexpected surprises." He thought as the field's speakers called out, it was a familiar one, Chancellor Shepard's at that. "Congratulations Jaden and Kazu, this school has not seen one but two Slifer Reds defeat an Obelisk Blue and so I happily extend the offer to promote both of you to Ra Yellow!" Shepard said and needles to say, the two were a bit overwhelmed and invited to the Chancellor's Office to hear their decisions, of course they had to think about it.

"So boys, have you decided on it?" Shepard asked them and Jaden gave a goofy smile. "Sorry it's really nice for you to offer me a chance to go to Ra Yellow but, I want to stay with the Reds." He said and Kazu spoke up. "I'm afraid I have to agree with Jaden here sir, we have friends in that dorm and not many in the other ones in Ra Yellow or Obelisk Blue, maybe later on in the future, I may change Dorms." He said and Shepard nodded. "It's your choice to go or not boys, I hope I see more excellent duelling in the future." He said and Jaden and Kazu nodded and bowed, taking their leave.

~Slifer Red Dorm~

Syrus sat alone with Chumley, worried about Jaden moving out, anyone would likely take a chance to join a better Dorm as the door opened, Jaden and Kazu walking in. "-A-are... you two going then?" He asked them and Jaden looked at him. "Course not, I just happen to like the colour red really." He said as Syrus looked at Kazu. "Same here, besides, someone's got to give us Reds a good name right?" He asked as Syrus openly cried tears and went to hug Jaden, the situation being rather comical as Jaden tried to pry Syrus off him, luckily Kazu didn't get one.

"Later in the future huh… perhaps that might happen." Kazu thought to himself, he didn't care about the different colours but maybe it was a possibility he should consider, well, he'll think on it later, it was better to enjoy the present then think about what could happen in the future.