S'raffa Assassin Fic

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Chapter 1: Captured

My name is S'raffa, and I am an assassin in training. Seduction is far more a potent weapon than any blade or arrow for an assassin. Although a weapon does help, as a woman, I feel as though my biggest asset is my willingness to put my body up for pleasure so I can get close to my target and slit his throat while in the midst of passion. You probably think I am a slut or something, whoring myself like this. But, that is how I operate as an assassin.

Why do I want to be an assassin, you may ask? Very simple; I enjoy the thrill of it. I enjoy watching the life drain from my victim's eyes as I kill them. I have always been fascinated with death. It started with the animals out near my parent's hamlet. At first, no one could understand why the animals were dying off. With my natural agility and guile, I can be a truly capable assassin. And, that was when I set out to the Imperial City to make my mark. I want the power to choose who lives and dies, and I want to see the life extinguish from their eyes as I leer down upon them, my blade in their chest. And, I first find my target, a wealthy noble, here, in the Imperial City.

I seduce my target in the Imperial City. He is stark naked, lying with his eyes closed. I am not part of the Dark Brotherhood or anything; at least not yet. The man that wanted him dead was willing to pay a handsome lot for his head. I do not ask why; it is not an assassin's place to question why a target must die, but, simply put; he must.

I slink my supple body closer, purring in delight. As I purr into his ear, one of my arms snakes around to a pillow. I pull the pillow over him and bury his face in it. At first, he thinks it's foreplay, but then is starting to struggle. I try to press harder, but he overpowers me and throws me aside. He yelled,

"You pathetic whore! You tried to kill me!"

He got dressed and summoned the guards. I tried to fight them off, but they had me restrained. One of them slapped me. I could taste blood before the second knocked me unconscious.

When I awoke, I was in a dungeon in the Imperial City. I look down and notice the rags I am wearing. It was hardly flattering. I felt a throbbing headache. It was all coming back to me now. I swear I will murder him for this.

I stood and stretched my arms up high, yawning. I can hear my stomach growl. I looked around to see if the guards had left me something to eat.

This Dunmar in the cell across from me taunts me,

"Well, Khajiit. Hungry? There is a rat in my cell, if you can get it."

I wish I could kill this guy right now. I really am not in the best of moods.

The Dunmar continues to taunt me,

"They don't feed the new prisoner, you know. They starve you, beat you up, and then, they kill you."

My ears picked up something at that moment. I can hear movement coming from upstairs. No doubt, it was the guards. However, my sense of smell detected something else.

I tried to get a better look, but a female guard's face got in my way. She said,

"What is this? This cell is supposed to be off limits!"

Really, I wonder why. The female guard continued,

"Move away to the wall, prisoner. We won't hesitate to kill you."

I decided, for the sake of my own skin, I would. I watched carefully and silently. These guards are not the same as the ones that arrested me. They have better gear, for one.

Three of these guards dressed in what looked to be well maintained armor entered, along with an elderly man that seemed to know me. If I had to guess, he was the emperor.

The emperor looked at me and said,

"You. I have seen you before in my dreams."

I blink and came closer. He said,

"Gods, this is the day. Assassins have killed my sons and I am next."

I wonder who these assassins are. He seemed to want to explain more to me, but, one of the guards said,

"Sire, we must be going."

He pressed a brick inside and, there, before my very eyes, the wall shifted. I was stunned. The four of them disappeared into the darkness.

Now, I am faced with two options; stay here and rot, or make my escape. I choose the later, primarily because I do not want my good looks to fade in this place.

I crept quietly as best I could, staying as close to the shadows as I could. It should not have been a surprise to me that the castle had secret passage ways, but this was the first time I saw something so intricate.

I continue onward, staying to the shadows, and I see the assassins the emperor is talking about. They do not look like normal assassins. These guys are different; darker than the Dark Brotherhood. One of the Blades, the emperor's guards, is dead and the others go off into another corridor. I hastily grab the sword and some gear, as I hear a wall come crumbling down.

I brace for an attack and a rat comes right at me. I slice into it, its innards spraying all over the place. The sword is nice, but it is a bit hefty for a two handed blade. I prefer a one handed blade, myself. Regardless, it might be worth some money.

Grabbing what I can, I barely manage to get through the small space and find some other gear lying around. It was rusted from old age, but I will take what I can get. I find a bow that its string is still taut, and some arrows. I also find some gold and gems, and some decrepit armor. I began using the bow, sneaking around. I find a dead goblin and wonder if there are more of those things running around here.

More rats plagued this dark area of the castle, and, as I make my way toward the darkness, I can hear something scuffling. I'm not sure what it is, but it groans inhumanly.

A group of rats retreat from the sight of the zombie. Some are still fighting it. The zombie will no doubt win, but, as it disposes the last of the rats, I fire my bow. I keep firing, frantic that this thing will not go down. It finally does and I continue forward.

I find more rats until I come to a section where I encounter a live goblin. It is hard to believe that we are still underneath the castle and all of this is right under the emperor's nose.

I keep using my bow, my arrows penetrating the sickly goblin flesh and piercing their hearts, or whatever equivalent. I find two goblins coming right at me and I unleash a trap meant for me on them. I snicker and continue onward.

They really built quite an encampment for themselves around here. I even manage to find some treasure and some tools for alchemy. Poisons are assassin weapons, and I think they will come in handy.

I reach a large cavern and find a goblin shaman and her guards. I quickly dispatch the guards, but I tumble on instinct out of the way of an oncoming lightning bolt. I stay behind some cave spires and fire an arrow as I quickly move out and back to cover. The shaman took some damage and failed to hit me with a fireball. Great, I do not know how powerful this thing is, or the type of spells at its disposal. I have to end the fight quickly.

I fired more arrows, my nerves at their breaking point. Some missed, others hit. Enough hit to ensure its death. I practiced my archery on the penned rats, and scavenged the shaman's scepter. Not an arch-wizard's staff, but I will take it.

After looting more of the chests, I managed to meet up with the emperor's group and guards. One of them accused me of working with the assassins. I do not know these guys. I can associate myself with the Dark Brotherhood, but these new assassins; there is just something demonic about them I do not like.

The emperor stops him and asks me to join the group. He probably knows I am an assassin, just not one of these ones.

We continue onward, the fights with more of these unusual assassins. I slice though one of them, the cut deep enough in his abdomen that he is holding his stomach, trying to prevent the spilling of his blood. Of course, it was hard to tell blood was spilled, seeing as how their robes were the same color.

Finally, we reached a potential impasse. Two guards went on ahead, thinking the assassins had corner us. The emperor and I took refuge in an alcove not too far from the dead end. The emperor gave me an amulet, telling me about another son that he had, and that a man named Jauffre knew of the man's location.

I look at the amulet. It was a shiny, but I could not put it on. I look up and there is one of those assassins behind us. He stabs the Emperor and I manage to kill the assassin. One of the guards came back and I explained the situation. He seemed to trust me. Then again, I was good at faking being sincere.

As I went out and into the sewers the guard told me about, a part of me was worried. Was the world really going to end? Nah, these assassins had to be some assassin guild that wanted to rival the Dark Brotherhood. That is what this is all about.

I made my way through the nauseous gases the sewers had created. Gods, how do they stand to be down here?

I saw some rats and goblins, and quickly dispatched them. Of course, they do not mind the smell.

I crept around the sewers for hours. I was beginning to think I had become lost in the maze, and that I would starve to death. That was when I saw a light…

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Adventures in the Imperial City

AN: I will take certain liberties in this story. There may be certain things that I describe that are not in any in-game play. There are also spoilers for those that have not played Oblivion. You have been warned. If you do not want anything spoiled as you are playing as an Assassin…DO NOT READ THIS STORY!