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When you get to the dance scene, I highly suggest listening to "Nothing But" by Skin. Not only does it fit the mood and the scene, but it's actually the song playing while they're dancing. If you don't listen to it you won't experience the story as much as you could be.

It was two in the morning.

Two in the motherfucking morning.

Two in the goddamn morning and some complete fucking idiot who obviously didn't give a rat's ass about decides to knock on her fucking door. And if it was Black Star again – for the fourth time that month – she was just going to forget the book and snatch up that fancy butcher knife from the new set she had been gifted recently. Pray to Shinigami he had life insurance to leave to Tsubaki as she cleaved him in rage and frustration.

Yet as she passed the kitchen, she turned her eyes away from the taunting utensils of death, deciding to give this person (or Black Star) a chance before bringing out the heavy artillery.

Maka tightened the knot in her robe and unbolted the door, flinching at the loud gunshot it made in the deathly quiet apartment. When she opened the door, she was briefly relieved to find a lack of shock blue hair but instead a dirty blonde.

"Hey Maka," greeted Liz with a smile. "What's up?"

The annoyance returned with a fiery vengeance when Maka retorted. "You are. At two A.M. In my doorway. Explain."

Liz scratched the back of her head and giggled nervously, the laughter dying and shriveling up like Styrofoam on an open fire when she spotted Maka's murderous eyes. "Yeah, I know, I should've come later."

"Like tomorrow afternoon?" Maka suggested.

"Yeah like…wait, aren't you normally a morning person?"

"Not this early in the morning. Now tell me why you're here so I can kick you out." Maka put her hand on the doorknob and looked expectantly at Liz, silently informing her there was a time limit.

"God, why are you so on edge? I haven't even told you the news yet."

Maka refrained from gnashing her teeth together in favor of taking a deep, calming breath. "Maybe that's why? Because you're not getting to the point and I'm trying to go back to bed?"

Liz frowned. "But it seems like you're in a big hurry – oh I get it now." A devious smirk curled agonizingly around her lips as she looked down all-too-knowingly at Maka, who in response lose her annoyance and started to fidget nervously under the demon gun's scrutinizing gaze. "Was I interrupting something perhaps?"

"N-no!" Maka blushed. "Dammit Liz! Why are you here?"

"How's David? Doing well I hope?" Liz continued with a wink full of double meaning, unfazed by the red, stuttering blonde clutching self-consciously at her robe, more specifically the neck area. "I heard from Tsubaki how you've finally taken an interest in birth control."

Maka gasped and squeaked. "She said she wouldn't tell anyone!"

Liz smiled widely, laughing at her friend's humiliation. "She didn't. I was just blindly guessing. Guess I hit it spot on, huh?"

A fish gasping out of water was the only thing to describe Maka's bewildered expression at the time. Liz held back her laughter, just barely, and patted Maka on the head.

"It's all right, kiddo. If I were you, I'd be eager to sex up that British man hunk ages ago. It's about time you two have finally –"

"Don't say it!" Maka all but screamed, blushing tenfold now. "Please! It's embarrassing to say! Besides, this isn't exactly our first time…"

"Oh ho ho! Look at little Maka, finally getting laid! You go girl!"

"Liz!" Maka's eyes darted to her bedroom in worry of David stepping out and over-hearing them. "Be quiet!" she said in a hushed whisper. "Now tell me what you want and get out of here!"

Liz straightened up and blinked as if she'd truly forgotten what had brought her to the apartment hallway so late at night (or early in the day depending on how you look at it). "Oh right. I just wanted to tell you Soul's back in town." She watched Maka's face carefully, gouging for even the slimmest reaction. When all she got was the go to continue, she added quietly, "With Nerezza. Their wedding's next week."

Still nothing.

After a minute or so of silence, Liz grew concerned for the girl before her. What if she was taking this news harshly and was falling apart on the inside? What if as soon as Liz left her alone, she'd begin to sob as heavily and as heartbrokenly as she had three years ago, when Soul had first left her? Liz was about to reach out in comfort and prod her with questions when Maka scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Seriously? You come here at two in the morning, tease me about my sex life, and deprive me of precious time with my boyfriend for this?" Maka laughed harshly and shook her head. "Wow. What a complete waste of time."

Liz stood stock-still, frozen in disbelief of Maka's nonchalant-ness over the news. She was shocked to say the least; she had expected some kind of reaction out of her. Anger, sadness, jealously, hurt, excitement, anything. Instead, what she got was annoyance. Directed at her.

"I just thought that maybe you're like to go with us," Liz muttered.

"And what reason do I have to go?" Maka retorted.

"He's your best friend, Maka!"

"And he's also the same guy who left me for another woman!"

Liz slumped in guilt when she saw the watery gleam in her friend's eyes. "And now your asking me to go to his wedding while he ties the knot with said woman?" A bitter silence consumed the atmosphere between them and Liz noticed how hard Maka was trying not to cry. "Liz, don't make me do that. I'm happy now, I've forgotten him. Don't dig the memories back up. I've buried them deep inside and I plan to keep it that way."

"Maka, you know he still cares…"

The blonde rolled her eyes with a choked up scoff. "I'd like to hear that from him."

"…So could you at least consider it?" Liz continued, ignoring the last statement. "I think it'll be good for you; you could get some closure."

The strain of Maka's tense jaw made Liz almost go back on her invitation and just walk away. But out of nowhere, a smile graced Maka's face and laughter birthed from her constricted throat. "You sound like Tsubaki," she explained at Liz's confused expression. The laughter didn't last too long, in fact it never did anymore. Even when she announced her new relationship with David and claimed she was completely over Soul, the laughter always had that underlying yearning and sadness. Liz noticed, but she couldn't speak for the others. And if they weren't going to say it, she would keep her lips shut as well.

"Look, I'll consider it, okay?" Maka smiled softly, the pain and tears in her eyes contradicting that smile. "I'll talk to David and then get back to you later."

"Sure. 'Talk' to him," Liz joked.

"Goodnight Liz!" Before the demon gun could begin laughing at her friend's newly flushed face and rushed dismissal, the door was slammed in her face. Only once the lock clicked did Liz shove her hands in her pockets and walk back down the hallway.

Everything went better than expected.

Her stomach was in knots. Today was the day. The big day.

Soul and Nerezza's wedding was that night. The week had gone by too fast for her liking, zipping right on by like a speed jet. The fault was partly on her behalf; she had only gotten her answer to Liz a whole two days after she'd been told the news.

She deeply regretted saying yes.

Why had she ever thought that going to her ex's wedding was even a remotely decent idea? Liz had mentioned something about closure, but perhaps this wasn't the best way to go about it. What kind of closure could she seek by watching her best friend and previous significant other get married to some Italian goddess? Because after Soul left her, that's what Maka always pictured Nerezza as: An Italian goddess that was a Venus reincarnate.

She would have lush, shining hair that cascaded down her back in a golden, sparkling waterfall of lively waves compared to Maka's dull and limp ashe blonde hair that felt and acted like straw. She would have laughing, golden eyes that sparkled even in the darkest of rooms compared to her full, olive green eyes that only fired up in ugly rage. Her skin would be soft and flawless, not scarred and calloused; her curves would be noticeable, but not too over the top or too microscopic. Top all of that off with the voice crafted by angels and an accent to add some flavor and pizzazz…

No wonder he chose Nerezza over her. She was no match for some gorgeous foreign girl.

Maka sighed and walked into the kitchen where she knew David was making a small lunch for himself. Liz was expected to be there any minute, so Maka held off on eating so she'd be ready when Liz arrived. David greeted her entrance with a swift and gentle kiss to the cheek. She only hummed in reply to whatever question he asked, still lost deep in her thoughts.

If all this was true – scratch that, because all of this was true – why was she still going? Soul had left her for a reason, a good one at that. That obviously meant that he couldn't care less if she had any place in his life anymore. Attending this thing would be pointless and a waste of time. She should just save both of them the trouble and stay home.

"Maybe I shouldn't go," she blurted.

David paused in the construction of his "ultimate sub", as he had once called it, and turned to her with a slightly panicked and surprised look in his eyes. "What? Why not?"

Maka looked down at her hands in a will not to break out into sobs. "I don't want to anymore."

"But Liz has been so excited for you to go! As have all of your friends!"

Maka shook her head. "But not him."

David sighed and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend, resting his chin on her shoulder. It must've been uncomfortable for him to stoop so low; she was a whole head shorter than him. But the kind gesture didn't get past her. She appreciated it enough to hug him back and bury her face in his chest, when really she wanted to push him away be alone for a very long time.

"Don't worry about him," he muttered in her ear, his accent playing with her nerves like they always did, causing her to shiver. "Just go and have some fun. Remind him who he left and make him regret it." He smirked and squeezed her tighter. "Tell him all about the smokin' ho British boyfriend who snatched you up and swept you off your feet."

Maka flushed. "David!"

"Don't tell me you're ashamed of me?"

"That's not it!"

"Then why won't you let me go with you?"

"You're the one who said you have to work tonight!"

"That is beside the point."

Maka huffed out in frustration and pushed away from his chest. "Just go and eat your damn sandwich."

"Don't insult the sandwich. It's done nothing to you."

She started to squirm when his grip on her tightened, squeaking and squealing protests and pleads to be let go. "David!" she whined, swiveling around in his arms in an attempt to escape easier. "Let me go!"

There was no time to prepare for his attack.

His grip loosened around her in what appeared as a sign of surrender and Maka was slightly put off by the lack of fight. That moment of hesitation was all David needed. He turned her around to face him again and immediately dove for her stomach, digging his fingers into her sides.

"David!" she shrieked in surprise before erupting into a fit of laughter. "No fair!" she whined in-between laughs.

"Tickling is perfectly fair," he light-heartedly argued, pushing her against the fridge and kissing the corner of her lips. "There aren't any rules against it. You're just a poor sport."

"I am no-HAAAAAAAWT!" she laughed as she was assaulted by him mercilessly once again. "Stop HIIIIT!"

"I'll stop if you promise me you'll go to the wedding," he compromised.

In normal circumstances this would've been the part where Maka fell silent to calmly consider his offer. However, these were not normal circumstances. She was laughing too hard to be taken seriously and her breath was coming short through her fits of laughter. Tears welled up in her eyes as the lack of oxygen rendered her light-headed and she could feel the muscles tensing uncomfortably in her abdomen.

"Alright!" she agreed. "Okay I will just stop!" she gasped and giggled. "I can't breathe!"

David smiled and retracted his hands, letting Maka regain her lost breath. "Nice to know I can leave you breathless," he laughed.

"Oh real funny."

"And I'm a comedian? You think too highly of me, love. I'm only human."

Maka giggled, feeling uplifted in her spirits. David may not have been able to connect and resonate with her soul like a weapon and meister pair was capable of, but he knew her so well he may as well have been her weapon. He could cheer her up in the sourest moods; he did small little gestures that made her feel special, no matter how discreet he thought he was being; he listened and cared about what she thought and had to say; and, best of all, he was still with her.

After her breakup with Soul, she had sworn off men forever. She told herself she'd be content on being single and just having her friends for company. When they started to pair off however, she realized her goal was easier said than done.

So she decided to take a small vacation to take her mind off of these things. And in the dead of winter, something – maybe fate or destiny? – drove her to travel to England of all places. And that is exactly where she met David.

It was a typical situation. Maka, as a tourist, had gone out sight-seeing, indulging in London's landscape. Like any typical tourist, she also easily got lost and wandered into a more…shady part of London's streets.

Long story short, she was almost mugged but held her own, sending that pathetic excuse for a thug crying back home to his mom. David had witnessed it all from a small distance away, impressed by her strength. They talked for awhile, he pointed her back to her hotel, but not before squeezing her number out of her.

It didn't take them long to get together.

Maka remembered how weird it felt when they went on their first date. With Soul, she had already known him for a long time and knew everything about him. And then here she was with this guy she'd hardly met days ago, on a restaurant date. David wasn't shy in pointing out her awkwardness.

That was another thing with David: he was pretty straightforward. He didn't like to beat around the bush and he told her that. He hid very few things from her, and she respected that. Everyone was entitled to some private thoughts.

Soul was a completely different story. He was more…reclusive. He sat in his room listening to records for most of his free time. It took her years or prying and begging just to get him to open up about his brother. Even then, he only told her the basics.

Maka snapped out of her thinking when she felt David kiss her forehead. She looked up into his moss green eyes, which were starting to look brown again. She liked his eyes better that way. They were warmer.

"Hey, Liz isn't due to be here for another ten minutes," he pointed out with a suggestive smirk.

Maka blushed. She'd never get used to any of this sex stuff, not even around her boyfriend. "Ten minutes? David I don't think that's enough time…" she trailed off. She was hyper-ly aware of David's hand cupping her ass and his hot breath on the shell of her ear. The blonde sighed contently. "Liz will be pissed that she won't have time to do my make-up properly," she tried, expecting him to back off. Because everyone knew not to get in-between Liz and her precious make-up time.

At the moment, David couldn't care less.

He pushed her against the fridge again, engulfing her lips with his own. She squeaked a bit in surprise and playfully protested, half-heartedly pushing against him and squirming in his grip just barely before giving in. Maka wasn't even aware that her boyfriend had unbuttoned her blouse and was working on the back hook of her bra.

"You know, I highly advise locking your door. You never know who will break in."

The startled couple broke off and turned to see a smug Liz with her arms crossed. She smirked at Maka's heavy blush and panicked eyes. Completely the opposite of his girlfriend, David smirked – dare she say it – coolly and chuckled. "You're seven minutes early."

Liz laughed lightly. "You know what they say: 'The early bird catches the worm.'"

David hugged her closer to his chest while Maka was trying to button her shirt back up with shaking fingers. "This is my worm. Come back later."

Liz shook her head and walked over to them, placing her hand on David's shoulder. "She can be your worm all night after the wedding. For now, she's mine."

With much encouraging and prying, David let go of Maka with a kiss and went back to his forsaken sandwich while Maka grabbed her things for the wedding.

"See you later tonight!" Maka called out, heading out the door. David's voice made her pause.

"Hey! Come home early! I have a surprise for you tonight!"

Maka voice her agreement and walked out of the apartment, catching up with Liz at the other end of the hallway, who was smiling like she was just promised the world.

Maka blushed. "Shut up."

Everything was so white it hurt. The monotone blandness of it all practically blinded her and if it weren't for the guests wearing colorful clothing, she would've thought she was blind. The whole room was just inviting someone to spill some whine and stain something.

"Wow!" Liz exclaimed beside her. She was smiling brightly, eyes twinkling in shining adoration. "Everything is so beautiful! I would love for a wedding this fantastic!" Maka saw Kid perk up at this statement and laughed as he began to study the room intently, cringing at the out-of-place thing and making mental notes. It was amusing that Liz was oblivious to it all, still admiring the room in earnest.

In Maka's opinion, it was a bit too much. There should've been more color, or at least something softer and warmer like crème. Not stark white that reflected the overhead lights right into her sensitive eyes. Honestly, she was afraid to touch anything in fear of soiling it.

But, she had to agree, it was pretty amazing. Not exactly her cup of tea, but a good brand nonetheless. So she drank it in slowly, admiring what she liked and inwardly criticizing what she didn't. All-in-all, it was a nice reception.

Not long after everyone who had attended the wedding – everyone consisting from her group of friends since no one from Italy flew in for Nerezza, the poor thing – settled in and mingled in clustered groups did the lights start to dim, bringing the brightness level to something more eye-soothing. Maka blinked her eyes in sweet relief, knowing better than to rub off Liz's make-up. Especially since she spent a good half-hour on it and threatened her with unspeakable things if she messed it up.

Kilik picked up a microphone from behind his DJ stand (which was really just a computer with iTunes opened and set to a playlist) and cleared his throat for attention.

"Alright everybody!" he shouted into the microphone, amplifying it to eardrum bursting levels. "Time to get this started! But first, we'll kick it off with the couple's first dance as husband and wife."

Clapping and hollering urged the newlyweds out onto the dancefloor, Soul dragging a blushing and grinning Nerezza, both of them laughing. Maka choked up at the sight and almost broke down when she pictured her in the place of Nerezza, smiling and laughing beside Soul, ornamented in a beautiful, white wedding gown with a shining ring on her finger. She mentally shook her head, all the thoughts flying through the door. Her and Soul were history. She had David and he had Nerezza. They lived separate lives now. The only reason she was here was to get closure. She wanted to be able to say goodbye to his face. After all these years of having been dumped from across the ocean, she was finally able to face her ex and look him in the eye before stepping out of his life forever.

Because that's what he wanted. That's what was best for the both of them.

So for one night and one night only, she'd suffer through for the both of them. This time, she'd take all of the pain for him.

It was going to be a very long and a very heart-wrenching night.

Her theories were proved to be true. Nerezza was an Italian goddess.

The imagery Maka cooked up – golden hair and golden eyes – were wrong, but the rest was enough to send her spiraling into self-pity and envy.

Her hair was the complete opposite of his snow-white hair: raven black. It still fell in shimmering waterfalls that glimmered a majestic blue and purple in the right lighting which reflected back off the bouncy curls at the end. The bangs were side-swept and full of volume compared to Maka's flat and dull bangs that fell into her eyes (she really needed a trim). Nerezza's olive skin was perfect in every size, shape, and form, glowing healthily in the dark, flawlessly tan and smooth. Her accent played with her ears, not unlike David's British accent did.

And her eyes. Oh Death her eyes were the very epitome of gorgeous. They weren't a shining gold, but rather a warm, lively green. Maka felt immense jealousy at how they caught the lighting just right and laughed when she did. Her dull, ugly olive-colored eyes were nothing compared to Nerezza's emerald irises.

"Ah! So you must be the Maka Albarn, Soul has told me about!" Nerezza cried, smiling brightly and gripping one of Maka's hand in both of hers.

Maka cranked a weak smile, intimidated by the glow radiating from the bride that could make a star jealous. No wonder Soul dumped her. This woman was hand-crafted by angels, while Maka could only wish she was one.

"So he's been talking about me, I see?" Maka wouldn't dare to get her hopes up at such a feeble statement, but her pounding heart didn't seem to get the memo.

"Oh yeah! He's told me all about all of the missions you two went on as kids! It must've been really great, going to all of those places and doing all of those cool things," Nerezza said dreamily.

Maka smiled. "Yeah. It was great. In fact, it was the best." So why did it have to end? Why did he leave her by herself with only those memories to keep her company? Why did he break her heart?

"Hey Maka. Long time no see."

Maka stiffened and refrained from jumping through the ceiling. She hadn't heard that voice in ages and, at that moment, it sounded way better than David's husky British accent. It took all of her will and strength not to pounce him when she turned around to see those old, familiar eyes staring back at her, seemingly reading her like they had done in the past.

"Soul," she acknowledged, nodding curtly. "You've grown taller."

He chuckled lowly, and Maka practically melted on the spot. She missed him so much. "C'mon Maka! You sound like one of my aunts! C'mere." Before Maka could protest, Soul had pulled her into his arms, wrapping them around her torso which trembled from the force of her pounding heart.

She wanted to hug him back. Boy did she ever want to hug him back and never let go. And he smelled so good too! But she held back, hoping to end this as cleanly as possible, leaving no pieces or ragged edges left behind. So instead of hugging him, she settled for letting her arms limply hang at her sides, counting the seconds until Soul let go.


To cover up for the lack of effort on her part, Maka coughed then smiled, hoping he wouldn't notice the strain behind it.

That was like wishing for purple clouds.

Soul frowned deeply before turning to Nerezza and politely saying, "If you'll excuse us, I'd like to have a dance with my meister."

'Ex,' Maka mentally added.

Nerezza waved her hand passively, smiling all the while. "No, no! Go ahead! I'm sure you two have a lot to catch up on!" She left without another word, hunting for a new conversation buddy, leaving the two alone with each other. Maka stood awkwardly, hyper-ly aware of the way Soul was looking at her. Deciding to put this off until later, she turned to walk away when Soul reached out and grabbed her wrist. She was yanked back to his side and went weak at his shark-toothed grin.

"Care to dance, m'lady?" he asked, bending down to kiss the back of her hand.

She hated how time slowed down as she savored the feeling of his lips on her skin.

She couldn't stop the blush, or the surprised squeak, but managed to stop the tears filled with yearning. "A-actually, I should be going. I need to get back home and-"

"Just one dance?" he pleaded, still holding onto her. "I showered this morning, I promise," he joked.

Maka remained skeptical, looking at Soul as if she'd rather be anywhere else in the world than next to him, refusing a dance. Not that he didn't blame her; he had executed their split a bit harshly and probably earned "Dickhead of the Year" award. If anything though, that made him all the more desperate to make amends with her. All of this time, he was worried that what he had done to her had ruined their friendship, and by the look she continued to give him, he was proven right. He could only hope it wasn't too late to fix it.

"C'mon Maka. Just one dance. I'll lead," he offered.

The familiar ring of those words shook throughout her bones, making her body and soul tremble with nostalgia with a great pang of sadness to follow. They had once been so close and those words always had so much meaning behind them. But now, they were empty, just like her and just like their relationship.

So her acceptance surprised even her.

"Fine. Just one song though. Then I have to leave."

Soul grinned and nodded eagerly, glad to have won that battle. He tugged her onto the dancefloor as a new song started up. They swayed gently to the slow and quiet tune while watching others pair off and cling to each other closely. The singer's words were reassuring and encouraging, but the melancholy in her tone unmistaken and giving the lyrics a hint of sadness. Listening to the lyrics as she and Soul danced so closely for the first time in a long time, Maka realized how much it applied to her situation right now.

Dancing in the arms of the man she had once loved so dearly at his wedding reception after getting hitched to another woman made everything so real and final. Soul wasn't hers anymore. He belonged to another, just as she belonged to David. There wouldn't be anymore chances, no more hand-holding, no more kisses and sweet proclamations of love…what they had existed only the past. There wasn't a future for them anymore.

Maka looked down in-between their bodies at her feet. His marriage and her condition were proof of that.

And then it hit her.

She was perfectly happy with how everything turned out. But she hated it all at the same time, wishing to reverse time for a different outcome.

She hated Soul so much for leaving her so suddenly and for another women without having the guts to say it to her face. Yet she loved him so dearly with all of her heart and wished to never part with him.

Nerezza was a total minx bitch who stole her boyfriend from her right under her nose. But she was also a sweet woman who was perfect for him in every way possible.

Soul and her were history for a reason. It was time to move on.

"Soul," she whispered, staring at his chest. A large lump formed in her throat in an attempt to block the words about to be spoken, to hide them inside forever and keep all of her feelings pent up inside to let them eat away at her for the rest of her life. But she fought bravely against it, wanting closure now with no excuses.

"Something wrong?" he asked. "I've noticed you haven't stepped on my feet yet," he joked.

She smiled weakly. "David taught me to dance one day."

If she wasn't crazy, Maka was sure she felt him stiffen a bit and grip her hand tighter. "Right. The British guy Liz was telling me about."

Maka nodded silently, still refusing to look him in the eyes. She didn't want to cry.

Soul noticed he wasn't getting anymore response from her and sighed. "Alright. What's on your mind?"


Soul blinked and opened his mouth, only to close it once more when words failed him.

"In fact, you've been on my mind ever since you sent me that last letter. And it's starting to get really annoying, truthfully. Especially during the sex. I don't think David would be too pleased if I screamed out your name in a moment of passion-"

"You know that's really something you should keep to yourself," he interrupted with a red face. Out of jealousy or embarrassment he couldn't decide.

Maka flushed as well, becoming fully aware of what she had just said aloud. "M-my point is, I'm tired of it. I don't want to think about you anymore. We went our separate ways, and it's time I accept that."

"Maka, what are you-"

"I love you."

Soul clamped his mouth shut and stared at the top of her blonde head, unable to see her eyes with her head ducked down. Their swaying had come to a halt, and Soul wanted to say her breathing did as well. Her hands were limp on his shoulder and in his hand, when his seemed to be tightening her grip. The chatter and music faded away into a ringing silence while Soul attempted to wrap his head around what she said.

"I love you," she repeated as if she knew he didn't register it the first time. "I never stopped. I don't think I ever will." She took a shuddering breath before continuing. "And it honest hurts so bad that sometimes I wish we had never met, or dated, or anything like that. But I still like the way things worked." She finally lifted her head to look up at him, tears running down her cheeks but a bright smile spread across her face. "And I'm really happy for you two, you and Nerezza. I hold no negative emotions towards either of you." She chuckled and wiped away a tear. "I forgive you completely."

The song chose that moment to end and was replaced with a more upbeat and fast-paced song. Their dance was over. Forever.

It was only then when Soul realized his consequences.

Maka immediately backed away, leaving a shell-shocked Soul on the floor, looking like a fool with his spaced out expression. "I guess it's time for me to leave. It was nice seeing you again." She turned to walk away, but perked up as if she remembered something. "Before I go, I just wanna say that you should stay in Death City tonight. Nerezza told me you two were planning on flying back to Italy tonight, but I heard there's supposed to be a storm in the mid-west and it probably wouldn't be wise to take a plane around there." She smiled and waved one last time before walking away, off the dancefloor, through the crowd, and out the door.

And the whole time she walked, Soul watched her intently from where she had left him, suddenly knowing exactly how she had felt when he left her and suddenly wishing he could rewind to three years ago and prevent all of this from happening.

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