I bet you all clicked on this and were disappointed to find out that this isn't actually the chapter I promised you. And for that, I am dreadfully sorry.

However, this is not me coming to you saying that I'm giving up on this. Because I'm not. I only have one chapter left and it'd be a shame to give up when I'm so close to finishing it.

No, I came to you guys with this author's note to reassure you that I have been thinking of this story and apologize for leaving you hanging like this. I am so sorry that it's been almost a year since I've even touched this fic and I have no other excuse other than I am very lazy.

I'm making this note because I want to let all of you know that I am planning on finishing this story by installing the last chapter very, very soon. I cannot say how soon however, but I hope sometime before summer.

I won't be working on it for awhile though; it may take weeks, even months. I have recently discovered Fairy Tail and have become unhealthily obsessed with it and I will not be working on this fic until I am caught up to the most recent point in the anime. I am currently on episode 110 and as of now they are still coming out with new episodes. But I promise, once I'm caught up (or at the least, very close to being caught up) I will start working on this fic.

I may put out some other fics for Legend of Korra, Fairy Tail, maybe even other Soul Eater stories, but I will save this fic until I have completed my Fairy Tail watching quest.

So again, sincerest apologies to you all and I hope to finish this before the end of the school year.