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SyFy's Alice, 2009

Chapter One - Pink and Purple Hoodie

Hatter sat peacefully within the safety of his Tea Shop, sipping a freshly brewed cup of Earl Grey Tea. His hat lay on his lap, allowing his messy dark brown hair to stick up at all angles. His eyes were bloodshot, and there were the makings of dark circles beneath his eyelids.

It had been only a few months, give or take six or seven, since the Red Queen was dethroned - and when Jack had asked Alice (the Alice, the one he had risked his life to help) to marry him, she had said yes and became the new queen. All the Oysters were returned home, and whatever emotions they still had bottled were washed away down sinks and toilets… and at one point he had seen a kid empty a whole bottle of Happiness into a river, the Fish had certainly started flying higher than usual that day.

But, no matter how many things changed and improved in Wonderland, Hatter knew he wouldn't feel any different. And now he blamed himself, he had gotten so many opportunities to tell Alice how he felt about her, yet not a word past his lips. Before he knew it, his chance had slipped through his fingers like water through a sieve. That chance would never come around again, no matter how much he wanted it to. Alice was - as far as he knew - happily married to Jack Hearts and was now Queen of Wonderland, she was making sure that the Rebellion could come out from hiding (at last) and relax. The House of Cards Casino was now used for Pleasure and no longer for emotion draining, the lab underneath had been gutted out completely.

As Hatter brooded over his thoughts of 'What if's' and 'What could have been', he hadn't noticed his friend Ratty walk into his Tea Shop and call his name.

"Hatter," Ratty called again, stepping further into the shop, he stood at the very edge of the grass surrounding Hatter's desk. He knew how Hatter didn't like him standing on the green plant, and so didn't tread on it. "Hatter!"

"Hmm?" Hatter had lost his train of thought once he'd heard his name being called, but looked up and into the face of the scruffy good-hearted scrounger Ratty. "What?"

"You've been a bit anti-social over the past months, if you know what I mean?" Ratty tried to say nicely.

"You didn't come all the way here to ask if I was alright, did you? What do you want?" Hatter asked, he wasn't nasty to the older man as a pain pricked at his heart as Ratty hinted at the thing bothering him. He yawned widely and set his half full cup of tea onto his spotless white desk.

"Well, not really. I came to ask you if you could give me back that book… Alice gave me that you borrowed." Ratty said timidly, he had hesitated to say the Queen's name, as he knew how it affected the Hatter.

"What book?" Hatter questioned, he couldn't remember borrowing a book from Ratty - so didn't remember where he had placed it.

"It was called 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', or something like that," Ratty tried to get his friend to remember, but with obvious little success. "I had only read the first few chapters, and I wanted to finish it. All that wizard magic and creatures and all."

"I'm sorry, Ratty. I don't know where it is, if it's even in here still." Hatter apologised, taking a sip of his tea and placing it back down on his desk.

"If you're really sorry, you'll get me a new one?" Ratty asked hopefully, smiling widely.

"Where would I get a book like that from? They're from the other side of the Looking Glass." Hatter stood up and stretched out his arms, his hat held securely between the fingers of his hand.

"Well, it just so happens that while I down in the Lowers looking for Honchkrow feathers - you know, cause you can get a fortune from them - that I found this little shop. The owner sells books from here AND from the human world, she might have something like it," Ratty told Hatter hopefully, his eyes glinting with happiness at the thought of getting something new(ish). "It shouldn't cost you much, and you owe me for losing my book."

Hatter raised his hand in surrender as he placed his hat on top of his head, he lifted his jacket off of the back of his chair and slipped it on over his scuffed white shirt. He gulped the last of his now cold tea and followed Ratty out of his beloved Tea Shop - making sure to close the door behind him. He jogged lightly to catch up with Ratty, who had scurried ahead and was standing at the far end of the broken path at the crumbling edge, beside where he was standing was a grey bridge; thick cracks were scattered all over it, chunks missing from the sides.

"Why not cross the Bridge?" Hatter rubbed the bridge of his nose as he stopped beside the scruffy man and looked over the edge.

"We need to go down, not over." Ratty grinned, he would have rolled his eyes, but that wasn't something he did.

Ratty kneeled down near the edge and stretched a hand down, he pushed in a button that would normally go unnoticed unless you were looking for it. He stood up straight and fixed his weather-roughened jacket, as if waiting for something.

"And we are…?" Hatter raised an eyebrow in question.

"You've been down to the Lower before." Ratty replied.

"Yeah, I took the doors."

"This way is quicker."

Hatter looked down as he heard something click, a wide black platform was level with the edge. Ratty stepped onto it with confidence, to which Hatter quickly followed.

"Brace yourself." Ratty told his friend as he stepped onto a black button on the platform that Hatter hadn't noticed before.

The platform began to descend down towards the Lowers of Wonderland slowly at first, but then started to go faster, and faster, until everything that was around them was just blurs of black and white. Thankfully for Hatter, the platform didn't just suddenly stop, it slowed down gradually. He knew they were at their destination when the platform clicked onto the edge of a level.

"Come on, it's this way." Ratty pointed and scurried ahead again, forcing Hatter to jog after him, though it didn't take long to catch up. They past several shops as they walked on, some were empty, others were barely staying open.

Ratty dragged Hatter through the door of a small-looking bookstore, but when inside it stretched down quite a bit. Piles upon piles of books were stacked from floor to roof. The spines of the books were in all the colours you could possibly imagine, from blues to red, to yellows and greens. There were thick books, thin books, old books, (relatively) new books. If you could think of a book, it was probably in one of the hundreds of piles lining the the very back of the shop was a dark wooden desk, and sitting behind the desk was a young woman - only in her early twenties or so. Her hair was short, incredibly messy and the colour of winter, with streaks of tomato red and azure blue, the ends of her hair were tipped golden poppy yellow. Her fringe was short and brushed to the right of her forehead, and the most dominant colour was the Electric green that almost drowned out the thin white stripes. From what Hatter could see, she was wearing a white tank top with a red 'J' on the front of it, he couldn't see what else she was wearing because of the desk, which was also covered in books.

The Young woman had a stack of books balanced on one arm as she lifted the top one off and slid it into a spare space in the shelf, she appeared to be trying to organise them.

"Jay!" A voice screamed, coming from outside the shop. It was male, and close. "Jay!"

Hatter stepped away from the entrance to the door just as a guy ran through it, or at least Hatter thought he was a guy. He was wearing a pink and purple striped Hoodie with the hood up, there were pink ears with purple on the inside of them sown onto the top of the hood.

The young Woman, Jay's, head snapped up and for a split second, she and Hatter made eye contact. Her eyes were blue, but a soft steel blue rather than the dark blue in her hair, almost like grey with a light blue tint. His eyes were the colour of mud, brown, but with the very tiniest flecks of yellow in them as well.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as the guy wearing the Hoodie leaped over the desk, but everything sped up again and the guy tackled Jay. Sending the books on the desk everywhere, and the books Jay had been holding into the air. The books that had been in her arms landed behind the desk on the two, pages flew everywhere, haven fallen out of the books.

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