Tonks scampered away from her latest prank, stifling giggles and checking over her shoulder for Filch or his kitten, Mrs. Norris.
"Oof!" She ran into someone and stepped back, rubbing her forehead. Who else was out of bed after hours? She looked up to find Remus Lupin, Gryffindor Prefect looking down at her. "Watch it- Oh, hullo, Remus." She smiled brightly.
"Tonks." She interrupted.
"No first-name basis for me?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. She wished she could do that.
"Oh, nobody calls me by my first name." She breezed. "It's so old and clunky, everyone just calls me Tonks. Night, Remus." She headed toward the Hufflepuff basement.
"Tonks, you're past curfew." He said authoritatively. She could practically hear him put his hands on his hips. She yawned and continued walking, when a spell hit her and she fell forward, her knees quivering and shaking as if she had to give a lecture to the entire school in her skivvies. Quickly pulling her skirt down, she cussed and rolled onto her back, glaring at Remus. She hadn't learned the counter-curse for the Jelly-Legs Jinx yet. "You and your mates break rules all the time!" She accused. "Potter and Black are always tormenting that Snape boy, and you always miss class for a few days a month on your man-period, so how about you un-hex me and let me go to bed, and I don't tell the next professor I see about your activities?" She continued glaring, her hair changing from a bubble-gum pink pixie cut to a tomato red buzz in anger over the injustice. The prefects and their friends always got away with stuff and it just plain wasn't fair. If Tonks didn't get caught pranking so much, she could be a prefect in a few years time, but the universe conspired against her. Remus helped her up and supported her weight into an empty classroom. She sat on a table and continued to glare at the older boy. "Maybe I'll find that girl James fancies, Evans, and tell her about how you all smuggled firewhiskey back from the last Hogsmeade trip." She threatened. "Everyone always talks about how James and Sirius probably snog each other, but I've never even seen you holding hands with a girl."
"Nymphadora!" He interrupted.
"Tonks." She automatically corrected.
"Blathering on is not going to get you out of punishment. 10 house points for whatever you were doing out of bed after curfew, and 10 for threatening a prefect, and let's have detention here, tomorrow after dinner, to talk about what you were doing out of bed and mouthing off to me."
"Sod off and un-hex me." She scowled.
"5 more points." He replied, raising both eyebrows in an unimpressed manner. He pointed his wand at her legs and helped her out the door as she got used to walking again. As soon as she was steady, she yanked her arm out of his soft grip and stomped off to the Hufflepuff basement.
How dare that Remus Lupin take 25 house points and give her a detention! She wasn't all that upset about the house points, Hufflepuffs never won the House Cup, but detention, ugh! Stuck in a classroom with that pretentious, rule-breaking, hypocritical prefect!