"Where do you lot go, once a month?" She asked. They always managed to sneak away, and the teachers never commented on it, not even for James Potter and Sirius Black, some of the biggest pranksters in school.

"None of your business." He replied calmly, though he wouldn't look at her.

"Oh come on, you don't even get in any trouble, not even Black or Potter! Are you off running errands for Dumbledore?" She asked, imagining them casting disillusionment charms on themselves and sneaking off campus.

"Why d'you want to know?" He asked, standing up to look down at her. She scowled at his show of authority. Her hair, which had gradually been returning to normal, turned ginger in annoyance.

"Curious, jeez. I'd like to cut classes and not get in trouble every now and then, you know how Slughorn can ramble on." She folded her arms and put her legs up on the desk, slouching and looking him in the eye defiantly. She carefully blew a large bubble, still staring Lupin in the eye. 5 centimetres. 10. 13, just a bit more. When she had blown the gum into a bubble approximately 15 centimetres tall, she sealed it off with her lips and let it float about the room, sending the smaller bubbles from earlier bouncing off in different directions.

"Tonks-" He tried. She sighed loudly, interrupting him. He stopped and waited for her to speak, but she just leveled her gaze at him. "Tonks-" She yawned, then stared at him again. The muscles in his jaw tensed and he ran a hand through his hair in aggravation. She raised her eyebrows, asking silently what was wrong. She smirked as he turned away to pace some more. She could do detention. As long as he didn't try to talk to her, she could just lounge in the desk for a while. "Detention. Here. Tomorrow night." He growled.

"What?" She burst, standing. "But you said-!"

"You're not respecting me, Nymphadora, why should I respect you? Detention, here, tomorrow night." With that he left, his school robes swishing. She scowled at the doorway and kicked a chair, her hair short but quickly growing, and vibrantly ginger-red.