A/N: Have you ever really wondered about some of the things that go on in Disney movies? If the Friends On The Other Side only had Dr. Facilier as an ally, they wouldn't have killed him, so somewhere out there must be another guy with access to the forces of darkness just waiting to trap all of our souls. Why did a drop of sunlight fall in Tangled? Why is Pocahantas' grandmother a willow tree? How did a miserable old man like Captain Hook end up in Neverland?

This is a Darkfic which will answer those questions. For those of you who don't like it when their childhood is destroyed, I wouldn't recommend reading forward. Of course, this is a Disney movie, so there won't be any swearing, and innuendo and kissing is about as much as you can expect when it comes to romance (though, you can bet that anybody stated within the fic to have a relationship will be in a physical relationship offscreen). But Anything and everything else happens, they just happen offscreen in Disney movies. Here, the dark things are very much on screen.

I won't touch Pixar, but be warned that you can never unread what you once read. So those of you who love Disney films may not want to read on.

Once Apon a Time...

"Pray, take this flower in exchange for shelter from the storm."

The young prince turned his nose up at the old woman at his door. "A flower? I don't need a flower! Go away you old hag." The doors slammed shut.

The optimistic smile left the old lady's face as she sniffed and sniffled. She banged on the door feebly. "Please… please, you must let me in."

She felt the cold envelope her and she welcomed it, for it was a sign that she wasn't yet dead. "Please!" She screamed. "Let me in!"

Suddenly, she felt warm. "Oh no." She shivered. "Oh no oh no oh no."

"Madame Odette." The old lady shivered as she heard the voice. "Ah, I've found you at last." The clank clank of goblins in full armor drew near.

"Let me in!"

"Oh hush now Madame, you embarrass yourself." A crow landed on the old lady's shoulder, and no matter how she shook it wouldn't remove itself.

"There there." The lean green skinned woman emerged from the blizzard, enjoying herself. "Why do you shiver? Have I not warmed you? Have I not sheltered you from the blizzard? Why would I desire to harm you?"

"Stay away!" The lady took a torch from her robes and brandished it. The goblins recoiled in horror, but Maleficent merely smiled.

"My dear Madame, you're frightening my children." She licked her fingers, and reach out, putting the magic torch out with a sizzle.

"Please… stay away…"

"Oh my dear Madame." Malificent stroked the figure curled on the ground. "Here, I shall comfort you. But first…" Malificent reach into the figure. She screamed and clutched, but by some power Malificent drew the flower out of her robes.

"Ah, you have given me a great gift Madame Odette." Malificent said. "I shall give you a gift in return. I shall give you comfort. I shall give you the gift of life. And I shall crush those who have spurned you, with all the powers of hell."

"No… no…"

Malificent rose up, with a burst of fire, and light, and began an angel. The doors to the castle swung open, and the prince and all therein stood in shocked mute horror. Odeline watched in horror as the prince transformed into a wretched beast, and his servants took the place of the castle's ornaments. The prince beast howled in despair, and a great crying and wailing came out of the castle.

"You see, it's Christmas." Maleficent said, touching down in front of the quivering woman, still in angelic form. "There should be gifts. Here, because I am a generous soul, you shall be given another."

Odette tried to run, but the angel followed, carrying the flower in her hand.

"Flower, gleam, and glow!

Let your powers shine!

Break the mantle's clock,

And lock the chains of time!

The chains of tiiiimwahahahahahahaha!"

The old lady collapsed into tears. "Yes dear Odette, you will stay like this forever. Never to taste death's kiss. Haven't I given you such a gift?" She knelt down before the poor unfortunate soul. "Ah, but since you seem to be unsatisfied, perhaps another gift?" She kissed the old lady's forehead. "I shall give you the gift of a mind at peace."

Odette instantly stopped crying. "Woohoo!" She laughed. "That was sure some party that went on in there!" She waved at the castle's baleful residents, though she couldn't see them through the blizzard. "Hey, try not to get lice!" She cackled.

Malificent nodded. "Are you happy with your gifts?" She asked mockingly. "Good. However, I gave you three gifts and you only gave me one. You should give me more. Hmmm… what could you possibly have that I would want? Oh, I know… Odeline dear, I would be very happy if you would give me your teeth and your eyes?"

"Sure!" the old lady chuckled. "It is Christmas after all!"

"I thought you would say so." Malificent gestured to her crow who proceeded to take the gifts she'd asked for.

"Merry Christmas than Odette." Malificent turned to leave, but stopped.

The Rose had left her hands.

Malificent turned green again. "What did you do?"

Odette laughed. "You were so focused on what you wanted, you couldn't see what you needed." She tapped her empty eye sockets, thinking here play on the word 'see' was a great joke.

"What did you do?"

"Oh." Odette chuckled. "It was nothing. I just liked your gift so much, I had to improve on it." She gestured to the castle. "Love was always the thing to break your spells. But the flower is added onto that. A fortress filled to bursting with enchanted items, and a very temperamental beast that you yourself designed. The only way to get that flower back is to break the curse. But you hate true love, even more than you want that flower don't you?"

Malificent glared at the old lady, who now had blood streaming from her mouth, as the crow carried her teeth away, one by one.

"You fool. Do you have any idea what you've done?"

"I'd say I tricked you into shattering your own plans like a glass window. And you can't even gloat, because, just like you designed, I don't even care."

Malificent wreathed herself in flame, and vanished into the night with a scream of rage. The goblins melted into the shadows.

Madame Odette chuckled. "Now… I was supposed to be doing something wasn't I?" She shrugged. "Ah, I don't care. It's Christmas. I'm gonna go paint the town red."

And so, the little old lady who was perfectly happy with the blood streaming down her face danced through the forest. Leaving behind her the forces of darkness which she'd sworn to protect the world from in favor of a Christmas party.