Arbiter: Roman Empire/Arsenius Vargas

Frederick "Freddy" Trumper: America/Alfred F. Jones

Anatoly Sergievsky: Russia/Ivan Braginski

Florence Vassy: Hungary/Elizabeta Hedervary

Svetlana Sergievsky: Belarus/Natalia Braginski

Alexander Molokov: Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt

Walter De Courcy: Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt (Walter is, technically, supposed to be American but I couldn't think of anyone else who'd be so underhanded and loud like him.)


Italy/Feliciano Vargas

India/Neeraja Patal

Egypt/Gupta Muhammad Hassan

Turkey/Sadia Adnan

Mexico/Manuel Sanchez


El Salvador/Alicia Sanchez

Puerto Rico/Eva Sanchez

Argintina/Andres Garcia

Peru/Arturo Garcia

Portugal/Fausto Esteves

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

France/Francis Bonnefoy

Poland/Feliks Lukasiewicz

*Czechoslovakia/Holic Pekar

Romania/Anica Popescu

*Bulgaria/Ana Gavril

*Albania/Valon Zamyr

*Yugoslavia/Igor Snjezana

Some of the extras characters haven't been given names yet so I made them up. They're the ones that have * next to them.

Okay, so there will be occasions when I use the actual lyrics from the play. In which case, those will not be my words. Other than that, everything I write is in my own words.

I may make a YouTube Series out of this someday.