Secrets of the Father

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu Gi Oh or Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro this would be in the manga. XD

If you really were to think about it this actually works and fits abit...too well. xD But hey i'm going with it, so sit back and enjoy this combination of two animes turned fanfic.


He'd returned to his world once more, taking a deep breath after he'd returned to his world. This was the second time he had to leave Yako in order to replenish his strength. Laughing hysterically as he was revitalized by the demonic aura that surrounded him.

"And now I can return to continue to solve all the mysterys of the human world." Neuro stated with glee, going back towards the barrier that divided the two worlds.


Yugi was packing his backpack for school while in his room. The sun bringing in enough light so he didn't have to turn on his own lights. "Let's see, i've got my books for math, history, english report on the American Civil War." he confirmed everything as he put it all in his bag. "Am I forgetting anything?"

"Did you remember to pack your book for government?" Yami asked from his place on the bed in his spirit form. "You know the last time you forgot it you got in alot of trouble."

"Oh, that's right." he looked about his desk for his textbook. "Now where is that thing?"

Yami smiled as it greatly amused him that his other self could always remember to bring their dueling deck and disk. But remembering where he placed a simple textbook always seemed to jump over his common sense. "If I remember when you cleaned over the weekend you shoved it under your bed."

"Oh...right." Yugi sweated with embarrassment. Grateful that it was only Yami who got to see his forgetful ways when it came to his education. "Why did I put it there anyway?" he pulled it out from under his bed.

"If I remember correctly it was because your mom was coming in and she said she'd take our deck away if she saw even one bit of clutter. A good move at the time, though a bad one at the same time considering you forgot." he stated as he watched Yugi place the book in his bag.

"Your one to talk." Yugi defended himself. "Technically this is your room too, and you could of reminded me of where my book was before it was a school day."

Yami laughed, "But where's the fun in that? It's always so much more interesting to see if you'll remember on your own. Though perhaps it'd be better if you got out of the habit of sticking things under your bed in the first place. Like those dirty dishes you found."

Yugi blushed, embarrassed by his other selfs statement. As true as it was, it was still embarrassing to hear. Pretending to be mad he turned his back on him. "Well fine, then next week you can clean the room and see if you can do better."

"Fine. I couldn't do any worse than you." he teased.

"And you can't use any duel monsters to help either!" Yugi stated cheerily.

'Crap.' Yami thought, his other self had figured out his plan to clean the room. "I wasn't intending to use duel monsters." he stated as if nothing was going on.

"YUGI! HURRY UP TEA IS HERE!" Solomon's voice came through the open window.

"I'll be down in a minute!" Yugi replied as he closed his window and locked it. "Well we better get going, don't want to be late for school."

"Again." Yami added with a smile.

"Oh hush you! Before I make you go to my algebra class for me!"

Yami laughed before fading away for the moment.


Ashita went about cleaning the attic of dust. Noting some boxes were worn with age and would need replacing. "Perhaps it's time to start having a yard sale." she muttered as she dusted off some old books. Standing up she accidentally bumped into one of the boxes and caused it's contents of tumble out after the box had fallen to the floor. She sighed before bending down, and picking up the items. Her hand faultered over an old picture that was facing her. Picking it up gently she stared at it with longing.

"Mom! I'm going to school now!" came Yugi's shout from below the stairs to the attic.

Jumping in surprise she stuffed the photo into her sweater pocket. "Alright, have a good day." she stated. Hearing the front door close within minutes. Releasing the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, she put a hand over her sweater where the photo was. "Has it really...? Been almost seventeen years already?" she asked no one in particular with abit of sadness in her voice.


Breaking through the barrier had been such an easy task for Neuro considering this was his third time. He noted each time he did it, it became easier and easier. A sign his powers were growing stronger. Grabbing a newspaper from a nearby news stand he looked over the date and smiled. "Time flys so quickly in this world." he muttered. "I wonder where my servant has wandered off to this time?" he smirked as he looked about. "Ah yes...perhaps she is...there." he thought for a moment.


Yugi sighed as he walked home. "That math test was brutal."

"No kidding, I thought my hand was gonna fall off." Joey stated as his hand pounded in pain. "I mean a one hundred question test. Who does that! It's cruel and unusual punishment!"

"I'm not complaining so long as I pass and don't have to take remedial courses over the summer." Tea stated as she walked along side Yugi.

"Joey won't have that problem cause he's going to have to take them anyway." Tristan teased with a huge grin. "It's like he's got a seat reserved every summer."

"What! Are you saying i'm stupid!" Joey shouted in anger.

"Well what do you call having to repeat almost every course every semester?" Tristan stated back, almost as if he were going to punch Joey.

"I call it re gathering my education! Unlike you guys I enjoy re taking my classes again." he tried to defend himself.

"Umm..Sure Joey." Yugi sweated with a hesitant smile.

"I wouldn't worry too much Yugi. Joey will pass if he puts his mind to it." Yami stated to his other self.

"That's the part i'm worried about." Yugi sweated as he replied to Yami.

Yami looked abit off to the side almost as if the sky seemed abit more interesting suddenly. "Well if nothing else, he can become a professional high school student."

Yugi sighed, "Yami." he muttered. He knew his darker half had no confidence in Joey's school grades either, though his statement was utterably ridiculous.

"Hey Yug! I heard today some new duel monsters cards were being released." Joey stated breaking Yugi's attention to Yami. "Think gramps got the new packs in yet?"

"I dunno, he might have, but we won't know til we ask."

"Alright then what are we doing standing around for?" Joey punched the air in excitement. "Let's get ourselves to the game shop pronto!" he announced then took a mad dash towards the shop.


Ashita was cleaning the old photograph with a dry cloth to remove the dust. When she was finished she picked up a frame and placed the picture inside. Smiling as the photo looked almost new after a good cleaning. Solomon was in the back organizing the boxes of the new shipments that came in. So she was in the front of the shop should any customers arrive.

"I'm home!" Yugi announced. "Oh hi mom. I didn't expect to see you here in the front of the shop."

"Oh, it's because grandpa is organizing the new shipment that came in." she stated, abit caught off guard. Was it really so late already? Where had the time gone. It seemed like it'd only been an hour since he'd left for school.

"Heya Mrs. Mutou, pleased to meet ya, i'm Joey Wheeler, a friend of Yugi's."

"And i'm Tristan, charmed."

"Nice to meet you. Yugi's told me so much about you. Although, my surname is Wo, not Mutou."

"Eh? So you and Yugi don't even have the same surname though your his mom? That's kind of weird don't you think?"

"Joey, that's so rude!" Tea smacked him upside the head.

"What! It is abit weird don't you think?"

Ashita giggled, "No it's quite alright. When one comes down to it, it is rather peculiar. Though my name is different because Yugi's father and I never got the chance to get married."

"Oh I see. So that's why you have different names. So when Yugi was born you made sure he got his father's name right?" Joey asked.

"Umm, sure." Ashita stated hesitantly.

"I'm sure Yugi's dad was a great man. I'm sorry for your loss." Tristan added.

"Loss?" Ashita looked perplexed.

"Well, yeah, he's dead...isn't he?"

Ashita waved her hand as if to erase his statement, "Oh no, he's very much alive. He just had to leave on a buisness trip before we could get married."

"He's alive! I always thought he'd passed too because Yugi never talks about him." Tea stated with shock.

Yugi scratched at his cheek while everyone started at him with raised brows, almost as if he'd done something suspicious. Even his darker self was giving him a puzzled look about his newly attained information. "Well I don't talk about him because I don't know him. He left before I was born." he laughed nervously. "Honestly this is the first time in years mom's even mentioned him."

"I see." Tea stated as if she were worried. She kinda felt a little bad now for thinking his father was dead. And for not realizing that perhaps he didn't know alot.

"What do you have there mom?" Yugi tried to take a peek at the item in the picture frame.

"Oh this?" she looked stunned for a moment. She'd forgotten she was holding the picture frame the whole time. "It's an old photo of your father and I before you were born." she hugged it to herself. Then placed it on the front counter. "Your father is so handsome, but i'm so grateful you didn't attain his personality."

"Wow your dad was tall!" Joey shouted in shock. "I thought he was going to be exceedingly short like you and gramps."

"Gee thanks." Yugi's stated as he glared at him. "But wow, he is rather tall. And skinny. Weren't you feeding him?" he teased.

"Oh trust me, your father ate plenty."

"So was he into games like Yugi and gramps are, with that hair, he looks like he was a top notch game player himself." Tristan added as he looked over the photo.

"Oh, he enjoyed games, but not the same kind." she stated as she got off her seat. "That's enough for now. I have to go start dinner. It's getting late." she picked up the photo, then left.

"Awww I kinda wanted to learn more about Yugi's dad. I mean, think about it. We were just at a breaking point." Tristan stated with disappointment.

"That makes two of us. Mom's never talked about dad so much before." Yugi added.

"Maybe your mom never talked about him because he cheated on her or something." Joey scratched at his nose.

"JOEY!" Tea shouted. "That's so rude! How can you be so insensitive you big jerk!"

"Uhh well, that is to say, I'm not saying he actually left to be with another woman Yug, but hey seventeen years, that's a long time ya know and..." he was sweating, not sure of how to fix his dilema.

"No it's okay guys. I'll admit that even i've thought the same thing, though do me a favor and don't mention it to my mom okay. It'd break her heart." he stated with a hint of sadness. "My mom practically lives for my dad afterall."

"Uh..Sure thing Yug." Joey gave him a thumbs up.

"You can count on us. And who knows, maybe your dad has been loyal this whole time to your mom. Just like in the fairy tales." Tristan added.

"Thanks guys." Yugi smiled. While off to the side of him in his spirit form Yami appeared as though her were trying to figure something out.


It was late in the evening, and Ashita was looking at the picture in the darkness of her room. "It really has been so long, hasn't it?"

Silence hit her room as if she appeared to be thinking for the longest time before going to sleep.


A week had passed, and Yugi was far more than eager to get the day going. "Come on Yami!" he nudged at his darker half. "It's saturday and you know what that means! It's your day to clean the room before 3 pm! Chop! Chop! You don't got all day!"

Yami groaned as he turned his back to his lighter half to look at the clock. He was in his spirit form, but he'd been sleeping on the bed beside Yugi. "Yugi it's seven in the morning. Can't it wait til later?" he groaned. He was so tired. And wanted nothing more than to get some more sleep.

"Nope, you know mom's rules! You have one hour to get ready before you have to officially start cleaning. So get yourself up so you can clean yourself up, have some breakfast, then smack the dust with a feather duster." he stated. The millenium puzzle glowing, so he could switch places. Now Yugi was in his spirit form, and Yami was in control of their body.

Yami sat up with a groan of annoyance. Looking about the room that was now as cluttered as it was last week. Yugi had ensured that the setting would be equal, so Yami wouldn't be able to cheat and have less to clean. Clothes, toys, and books were tossed in great disarray to the point where the floor could barely be seen. Did he always have so much stuff? Yami pondered as he took a final look before slamming his face into his knees. "Gggguuuhh!" he released a breath. "Me and my big mouth." he muttered.

"YUGI!" Ashita's voice came through the door, and soon opened. "Come on you!" she had her hands on her hips. "It's cleaning day, and your room is a pigstye again. Further more your going to have to clean the attic today. I'll be going downtown to run some errands and I expect everything to be in order by the time I get back."

"THE ATTIC TOO?" Yami shouted in shock. This bet had become exceedingly unfair now. For Yugi didn't have to clean anything but his room last week.

"Yeap. Now get out of bed lazy bones, your wasting daylight." she ended her statement with the shutting of his door. Yami promptly fell back into his pillows growling in frustration.


After a few hours, Yami had to say he was exceedingly proud of himself. He'd gotten the bedroom cleaned just before twelve, and now all that was left was to tackle the attic. And unlike Yugi he didn't have to stuff any additional items in random places either.

"You realize i'm calling the allowance this week for this." Yami stated as he pulled the stairs down from the ceiling that led to the attic.

"Aww that's not fair, how was I supposed to know she was gonna make us clean the attic too." Yugi responded in a while as Yami ascended the stairs.

"Yuck, it's gross in here. When was the last time you all cleaned in here?" Yami covered his nose as some dust fluttered about, after he opened the door.

"I dunno. This is the first time mom's let me in the attic since I was five." Yugi stated as he looked about. "Wow, did we always have so much in here?"

Before Yami stepped foot into the attic he removed his socks and tossed them into a corner of the hall. The legs of his pants were already covered in dust simply from kneeling on the floor, and he was sure he was going to need a second bath that day after this was over. Walking along the attic he saw some new empty boxes in the corner of the room. Which was probably the only clean spot in the whole attic. Walking to a window after pushing some boxes he used the sleeve of his shirt to clean it to let some light in.

"Don't use our shirt!" Yugi whined.

"Why not? It's dirty already anyway." Yami stated as he dusted the sleeve off. Then wiped his hands on the front of his shirt leaving dusty hand prints on it.

"But I like that shirt!" he protested.

"It'll get clean in the wash anyway. It's nothing a little hydrogen peroxide won't remove. And lemon." Yami stated as he started digging in a box that was horribly torn, dusting off it's contents before placing them in a new box.

Yugi sighed as Yami continued to work. There was no sense in arguing with him. If he did he'd get a long lecture about how in the ancient times people had to wash their clothes in the rivers, and had no such conveniences such as washing machines. "Hey what's that?" Yugi pointed to an old folder in the box Yami was organizing.

"Hmm?" Yami picked it up and looked through it. "It looks like some old birth certificates." he fingered through the pages. "Hey here's one for your dad." Yami stated as he looked it over. Taking the time to sit on the dusty floor cross legged. "Did you know his birthday is a day before yours?"

"Yami stop that your getting distracted. Get back to cleaning."

Yami just flipped through the pages with a hint of eagerness. "We've still got a few hours before mom comes home. Besides, I think i've earned a little break." he stated.

"Well okay, but just a small one." he caved in. "And you didn't have to sit on the dirty floor!"

"Eh." Yami shrugged as he got to the final document. "Yako Katsuragi...who's that? And why is her birth certificate here?" Yami asked as he looked it over.

"I dunno. But that name sounds exceedingly familiar." Yugi stated as he put a finger to his chin. Trying his best to think on why that name was so familiar.

"YUGI!" came Ashita's shout from below the steps to the attic. "Are you in there!"

"Yes!" Yami replied as he closed the folder and shoved it into the box. Ashitas footsteps were clearly heard as she was coming up.

"Uhhh, this place has gotten even worse since last week. Look at you your filthy." she looked at him with distaste. "Atleast you had enough sense to remove your socks.

Yami looked down at himself. Indeed he was covered in even more dirt than before, then he started to pat himself down in an attempt to remove most of it. "Sorry." he muttered.

Ashita sighed, "Well it's not like it's your fault we let the attic get so filthy. Maybe we should just have a yardsale and get rid of most of this stuff." she muttered. "Come on, we'll deal with the attic later." she smiled. "Go get cleaned up so we can have dinner."

"Right." Yami nodded as he saw her descend the stairs. Looking back at the box for a moment before leaving himself.


"Is it me Yami, or are we full from just reading those papers?" Yugi asked as he sat beside Yami at the restaurant table in his spirit form.

"I was just thinking the same thing. I wonder why that always happens when we learn new information." he stated to Yugi in his mind, as he pretended to read the menu. Ashita had decided a meal at a nice restaurant was a suitable reward for cleaning the room so well twice in a row. He sighed as he leaned over on the table and dropped the menu. Reading it's rare delicacies seemed to only make him more bloated. "I feel full..." he groaned as the menu collapsed to the table.

"Really? But you haven't eatten anything since lunch." Ashita stated with a worried expression, before placing a hand to his head. "Are you sick?"

"I'm fine." he moved her hand out of annoyance. "I just feel like i've eatten enough to feed a small army." he leaned back in his seat, before hiccuping.

"I see. Well if you feel hungry before we leave don't hesitate to say anything." she stated with worry. Yami simply hiccuped again.

"Unlike most kids theses days Yugi's got the belly of a three year old." Solomon teased. "One meal and he's stuffed for the whole day." he laughed as Yami hiccuped again. "Don't worry someday you'll be old enough for the adult sizes." he teased.

"" Yami hiccuped. This just made Solomon laugh more.


Yami landed on his bed in a heap of exhaustion. After a full day of cleaning, and an hour of hiccuping during dinner, he could honestly say he was ready for bed. Especially since his other self had woken him up so early that morning. He was drifting off to sleep when a sudden knock came on his door. He groaned in a whimper, as he wanted nothing more than to sleep. Had he the sense of mind, he'd of switched places with Yugi. But the exhaustion was currently making him forget he had such an ability. "Come in." he muttered.

"Yugi are you alright?" Ashita asked as she came in.

"Fine...sleepy." he kept his face buried within his pillow.

Ashita came in and sat at the foot of the bed. Removing his socks as he simply laid there. "Too tired to even change are we?"

"Yes." he mumbled. "Sleep now, change later." he added, as he tried to drift off completely into slumberland.

"Yugi..." Ashita started. "I can't help feeling like there are some questions on your mind." she looked at his back, "Are there?"

"Questions?" Yugi stated in his spirit form beside Yami. Equally tired and ready for bed. Though he was laying on his back while Yami was on his belly. For a moment it seemed like they drifted off, but soon both were wide eyed, and shot up quickly. "AHH!"

"Indeed I do have a question." Yami stated, suddenly fully alert and awake, as he twisted his body to face her. "Who's Yako Katsuragi?" he asked.

Ashita seemed to appear as though she were caught off guard at his sudden question. Her eyes trembled almost as if she were in a great amount of fear, but then she gave him a nervous smile. "She's my half sister." she replied. "She died a long time ago though."

"Is that why you have her birth certificate in the attic?" he asked.

"Ah...yes...for the...memories." her eyes shifted. Making Yami raise a brow at her actions.

"Is there something your not saying?" he asked.

Suddenly she felt as though she was speaking to someone of high authority. Mostly by the tone the question had been asked. It felt almost as if she'd be punished if she didn't answer. "Ah...I have good news." she smiled again. "Your father is coming home soon." she stated before getting up and nearing the door.

"Ehh?" Yami and Yugi stated in shock at the same time. Crawling towards the edge of the bed as if to say they wanted more of an answer.

"Isn't it wonderful? Soon you'll get to see him and ask him all the questions you'd like." she turned and left with the closing of the door.

"Wait...!" Yami went to reach for her, but the door was closed. Almost as if to say the discussion for the night was over. This made him drop his hand, and sigh. Falling back against his pillows he was in a deep thought about the information given to him. "What do you think about this Yugi?"

"I'm not sure. But...well, atleast i'd get to know him right? I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it though."

"Hmm...Perhaps now is the time to think of any questions you wish to ask him." he stated before rolling onto his side. Suddenly the exhaustion came back and he was nodding off.

Yugi yawned as well before laying down. "Right."

In a flash of light from the puzzle. Yugi and Yami switched places again. Yami's spirit fading for the night, while Yugi feel asleep entirely.


As the sun lit his room, Yugi groaned and turned on his back. Sleep ebbing away as his body was telling him it was time to wake up. Slowly opening his eyes, everything started in a fog, and he saw a strange blur above him with the main color of blue. Blinking it seemed the foggy figure was now a skintone with brown and green. Another blink and his vision cleared entirely. Yugi blinked several times, as a face that was only a mere inch away from his was grinning at him with wide eyes. "GAAAHH!" he screamed as he fell off his bed due to trying to get away from the person.

"My, my, my, that was quite the way to say good morning." the person stated with a chuckle.

"Eh...EH! EEEEHHHHH!" Yugi was in a complete confusion as he realized the person was standing on the ceiling like it was the most normal thing to do. Further more it finally dawned on him on the man's appearance. "...D...DAD?" he managed to get out as he managed to straighten himself up abit.

The person tilted his head in a curious gesture while his smile remained on his face. "You make it sound as though you don't recognize me." he giggled before flipping himself so he was standing on the floor. "Where does the time fly. Last time I saw you, you were a tiny little chromosome that was once apart of my body." he laughed.

Yugi shuddered in disgust at that statement.

"What's going on here?" Ashita shouted as she swung the door open. Her eyes became that of shock when she saw the other person in the room. "Neuro..." she all but whisper.

Neuro gave her his most adorable face. "Yako.." he cooed at her. Then grabbed at her head and pulled it like it was a rubber band. "You didn't explain anything to our son did you." he growled at her with his blank face while keeping a smile.

"OW OW OW OW OWOW!" Ashita yelped in pain.

"The one task given to you and you couldn't even do it." he kept pulling.

"Stop it!" Yugi grabbed at his arm and pulled. Trying to help his mother. "Your hurting her!"

"Tch." Neuro scoffed as he let go. Her face going back to normal with a snap. "He's nothing like me. He's too kind hearted." he muttered in distaste.

Ashita, rubbed at her nose in pain. "That's right. I did my best to make sure he didn't turn out like you." she got up, with a look of determination. A look Yugi had never seen on his mom before.

Neuro grabbed Yugi by the back of his shirt and lifted. Holding him near his face as if he were trying to figure him out. His hair grew long and eyeballs formed at the ends as he "looked" over his son. And after a moment he had a huge grin on his face and his eyes trembled expectantly. "I smell a mystery." he drooled. "And it's coming from our kid." he wiped at his mouth.

"What?" Ashita shouted in shock. While Yugi was looking at Neuro with wide eyes. Suddenly Neuro dropped him to the floor and held up his hands as if he were expecting something. "Neuro NO!" she shouted.

"777 tools of the demon World: Evil Spirit Claws!" he shouted, and his hands turned into a strange pair of claws. Using them, he swipped up at Yugi's body, making him and Ashita scream. Yugi had closed his eyes as the attack happened. But after a moment he blinked, and started patting himself in realisation that he wasn't cut. Then he was shocked when he faced his father.

Neuro was holding Yami up like he was a kitten or a puppy. Yami was covering his eyes with his arms, but after a minute slowly opened his eyes, and lowered his arms in shock. He wasn't hurt, nor bleeding. And Neuro had what seemed to be the proudest grin on his face. "HUHH?" Yami got out with wide eyes. Neuro's tool, had separated Yami and Yugi, giving them their own separate bodies in the course of a single swipe.

"Yako! Look we have twins!" he stated with glee, before dropping Yami on his rear in a loud thump. Yami yelped as he landed and rubbed at his pained rear. "And now the mystery is solved." he stated with that blank smiling expression almost as if he were talking about the weather.

Yako, formally known as Ashita, was shocked. She didn't entirely know what to think, but at the sight of seeing two of her child was a rather surprising way to start the day.

Yami looked at Yako for a moment, and not really knowing what else to do he lifted a hand, "Hello." It was all he could think of at that moment. As lame as it was. While Yugi on the other hand was taking to poking at him to see if he was actually there. Yami swatted at him in an attempt to get him to stop poking at him.

Her eyes trembled as she could do nothing more than stare. 'Two.' she thought. 'I have two?' she got up on shakey legs but soon collasped in front of them in shock. Neuro watching her reactions with a grin on his face. Tears started flowing, and she grabbed at both of them, holding them tightly as if she didn't want to let go. Yami and Yugi were just confused and looked at one another over her shoulder as she continued to cry. They didn't know what to do.


It'd taken a while but Yako finally stopped crying. Placing breakfast in front of her two children and Solomon. But every so often she'd looked between the two. Giving birth to one yet having two, it was so surreal to her. And she couldn't help but wonder if it was a trick from Neuro.

Neuro was crawling along the ceiling in full eagarness. He saw the two before him as something more than mere seeds of his loins. They both had a scent of ancient souls while having the souls of youth. It surely had to be the greatest mystery the world has ever known. Putting his face near theirs as he stood straight on the ceiling he looked at them with full attention. "Eat my little fledglings, you need to grow big and strong for the days that await you."

"And what would that be?" Yami got off his seat in a rage, slamming his palms on the table and putting his face about five inches away from Neuro's as though he were trying to prove he were dominant.

Neuro only laughed hysterically. "Oh I like this one. He's so much more...menacing than the other." he stated before grabbing both Yami and Yugi by the front of their shirts and lifting. They struggled as they tried to get out of his grip. "Of course with proper guidance, they can both be proper demons."

"Demons?" Yugi got out.

"Of course. As your mother is human, and I am a demon, that makes you a halfling. Even when I separated you two from one body to two, I used your dna to make this one..." he shook Yami for a moment, "a clear carbon copy of your own body." he finished before dropping them back into their seats, and shoving slices of toast in their mouths almost as if to say they were to keep silent and eat. Strangely as if he wanted to make sure they'd eat the toast he kept his hands over their mouths while they struggled to pull his hands off.

"Neuro! Stop it! Can't you see your hurting them?" Yako shouted as she slammed her own palms against the table. "You shouldn't treat your own flesh and blood this way!"

"And what about you Yako? Weren't you hurting them by keeping their real selves hidden?" he kept his grip on them while looking smug at her.

"That's not true!" she shouted.

"Oh really? From what I saw last night, their diet has been rather atrocious. There was virtually no calories for feeding their demon sides."

"That's not true!" she repeated herself. "And you know it to be true Neuro!" she shook with anger. "Because if it wasn't they'd of died along time ago."

"Ah!" he seemed to have a revelation, and let go. Yami and Yugi coughing up partially eaten toast. "Their diets must be exceedingly unique even to mine then." he seemed to regain interest.

"Neuro, say whatever you want to ease your mind, but I won't let you make my grandsons suffer." Solomon stood up speaking for the first time that day. "If you can't understand that then you can just leave!"

"Oh? And have you forgotten that you were the one who lost that bet with me?" he sat on the table in front of Solomon. His posture very much like the Thinker, the famous statue.

"I have not forgotten our agreement." Solomon spoke with no fear in his voice. "As you can see i've abided by it for all these years, and I intend to continue to do so til the very end. But that doesn't mean you can come in here and hurt my family either."

Neuro's smirk grew, as he eyed the human before him. "Still as vigilant as ever I see. Very well. I'll play by your rules. But only for now." he got off the table. Then grabbed Yami and Yugi in each hand by the back of their shirts, before tucking each under an arm. "Of course this means lessons on their demon halves." he looked back at Solomon and Yako. "But first. A trip to the furniture store is order." he looked to the front door before running through it with his wards in tow.


They were completely exhausted by the time they were home. Other than the toast pieces they sort of ate in the morning they hadn't eaten all day. And their stomachs ensured they were reminded.

"Ten furniture stores and nothing." Neuro complained as he was looking over the newspaper.

"I don't even know why we went to the furniture store." Yugi groaned as he had his head on the table. His stomach growling for what seemed like the millionth time that day. The smell of food being cooked over the stove was making it worse.

"For furniture of course." Neuro stated. "Two people means the need for two beds." opening a laptop and typing hastily.

"How smart of you." Yami muttered from where he sat at the table. He'd of probably glared at Neuro, but he was far too hungry to lift his head to make the effort. He was saving his strength for when food was placed near him. Never before had he been so hungry. But with the current situation, never before had he had his own body before either.

Yako placed two plates of spagetti on the table. Irritation was on her features as she glared at Neuro for making her boys suffer. "You could of atleast gotten them lunch!"

"Missing a meal won't kill them. If it did they'd be dead right now." Neuro stated with a smile, just as Yami and Yugi started eatting the meal before them. They both practically had tears in their eyes at the sight of the plates. "And done!" Neuro finished his typing. "Congradulations." he looked to Yami. "You now exist in this world! Thanks to me. Your amazing father."

Yami promptly choked on his spagetti that was in his mouth. "Huh?"

"In seven to ten business days a lovely birth certificate with your name on it will come in the mail." he proceeded to type some more. "I hacked into Japan's government main systems in order to create a file on you. It didn't even take much work on my part. All I had to do was copy Yugi's file and change Yugi to Yami. It was so simple. A three year old could do it."

"Three year olds don't go around hacking government systems." Yako stated under her breath. "But atleast it's one issue resolved."

"I even made him a fake educational file. For all these years you were with me in Egypt." he kept typing. "And now he's registered at Domino High with the exact same classes as Yugi. Can't have him being confused now can we?" he stated with eagerness in his voice. "Of course after school i'll simply have you both help me find mysteries. And there's your training as well."

"Do whatever you want, but I have no intention of helping you with your sick game." Yami stated as he glared at Neuro. He didn't like him at all. Even if he was partially grateful for being able to co exist with everyone now. "Further more your not my father!" he pointed at him. "I've been around for three thousand years!"

Neuro gave him a huge grin. "The fact that I made you your body would say otherwise."

"And I say different!" he responded. Which turned out to be the wrong response.

Neuro seemed to move like lighting, and grabbed Yami from behind. Smiling with glee even as Yami struggled.

"Yami!" Yugi shouted as he was worried.

"It seems you both need a lesson in demons. Lesson one, only the strong are dominant." he replied before biting Yami on the back of his neck. He didn't bite enough to draw blood, but it was enough to earn him a yelp from the one in his arms. After which he dropped him to the floor. Yami rubbed at the back of his neck and hissed in pain. "Would you like me to show dominance at you as well?" he asked Yugi who went to Yami's side.

"Your just a bully!" he shouted. "And I hate you! There's no way you can be my...our father!" he shouted. Changing part of his sentence to include Yami.

"Now that is a wonderful demon action." Neuro stated. "But i'm not the tolerant type." he smiled blankly. Yugi screamed as he too was bitten at the back of his neck.


Yako was with the two in their room. Applying disinfectant to the back of their necks. She saw some teeth marks, which angered her. But she knew she wasn't able to do anything. But it didn't mean she enjoyed the abuse they were enduring.

"What did you ever see in him?" Yugi shouted as he hissed each time she dabbed him with the disinfectant with a cottonball. "He's a mad man!"

"Your father...let's just say is rather unique in his personality."

"Unique is the under statement of the year." Yami stated as he rubbed at the back of his neck that was covered in bandages. He'd gotten bitten four more times for being "disobediant to his father."

"He might seem like a complete ass." she started, earning raised brows from the two. "Okay he is a complete ass. But Neuro has his good points. They are hard to see at times. But they are there."

"And what about you?" Yami asked.

"What do you mean?" she replied.

"For someone who just went from one to two kids, you are rather accepting." he stated bluntly. Then hissed when he rubbed at a tender spot on his neck.

"I've seen weirder things, than Neuro pulling a secondary child out from one child. Though I don't know the full details, I love you just the same." she stated as she closed the bottle of disinfectant.

"How kind." he muttered. Still pissed at the fact that he'd gotten bitten. But apart of himself was proud. He'd managed to stab Neuro in the leg with a fork. Sadly the demon didn't scream in pain. But just the same it made him feel a little better.

"Either way you should go to sleep. You have school in the morning." she stood up.

Both groaned in distaste. School was the last thing on their minds.


They couldn't say when they'd fallen asleep. But the two had passed out completely at some point. Sharing the small bed with little space. All was peaceful. Until the alarm went off.

"Uhhhhhh." Yugi groaned as he attempted to reach for the alarm. His sleep fogged mind not comprehending that he was reaching in the wrong direction for the clock. Swatting at something that he hoped was the alarm clock.

"OW!" Yami yelped as he was suddenly awoken with a smack to his nose. He sat up quickly and angrily turned off the alarm. "What did you do that for?"

"Huh?" Yugi looked at him with sleepy eyes. His mind not comprehending that Yami had his own body now. Then he groaned and turned. Falling completely off the bed to the floor. "...ow." he muttered while Yami was failing at attempting not to laugh.

He smashed his face into the pillow and laughed hysterically into it, as it'd just been so funny to see his other self fall to the floor with a thud. It also made up for the fact that he'd gotten smacked in the nose.

"Ha, ha, very funny." Yugi glared at him. "So glad someone is getting some fun out of my misfortune." he got up and dusted himself off.

Yami's body shook as he was trying his best to stop his laughter. Calming down slightly as he looked at Yugi with a huge grin. "I'm sorry. It was just too funny." he took a breath. "Besides that's what you get for smacking me in the nose." he sat up.

"Sorry. I'm not used to you physically being next to me." he smiled sheepishly.

"Why did we wake up early again?" Yami asked as he sat up on the bed.

"You know that place I go to in which you go into hiding until it's time for me to go home?" Yugi asked.

"School?" Yami raised a brow at how Yugi phrased it. Why couldn't he just state it bluntly?


Yami promptly fell over in the bed and pulled the covers over his head. "Wake me when your home."

"Did you forget your registered to go to school now?"

Silence hit the room for a brief moment, before the muttering of crap came from the lump under the sheets.


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