Secrets of the Father 4

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu Gi Oh or Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro this would be in the manga. XD

If you really were to think about it this actually works and fits abit...too well. xD But hey i'm going with it, so sit back and enjoy this combination of two animes turned fanfic.


As Yako predicted, it was taking quite a bit of time to get her children to calm down. Even when they should of long gone to bed they were practically bouncing off the walls hyperactively. The fact that their grandfather had given them some candy had only made it worse. "Will you both calm down already!" she whined as she clutched them. They squirmed in her grasp only to look up at her innocently with eyes that trembled in excitement.

"But we wanna play!" they stated at the same time in unison.

"No you must go to bed." she stated.

"But mama!" they protested. Giving her their most pathetic look they could muster. Typically when it was only Yugi she could fight back, but a double attack of pouty lips with puppy dog eyes was hard to turn down.

"Ohh..." she sighed. "Alright. But only for ONE more hour. Then it's off to bed." she emphasized. "I swear you two are becoming like Neuro." she muttered after she'd let them go and they plopped themselves just before the tv. There was a gamestation set up there and they were playing a battle game. "Turn down the volume or you'll wake your friends." she chided them when she noted the volume was rather high. Of course she'd gone ignored as they were too enthralled with their game to notice she'd said anything. Looking at the clock she saw it was just past midnight. Sighing again she picked up the remote and turned the volume down to the tv. There was no way her children were going to go to school that was for sure. Especially not if Neuro had anything to say about it. She could only imagine how far behind they were on their school work. And she wasn't looking forward to it either.


Tea yawned as she woke up from her place on the sofa. Sitting up she rubbed at her eyes and stretched. The tv displayed the start menu of a video game, the controllers were next to it, but the ones who were playing it were no where to be seen. "Did they finally go to sleep?" she pondered as she got up off the sofa. Heading to their room she opened the door and peeked in. But the beds were empty. "Where are they?" she asked no one in particular, but then heard some laughter coming from downstairs. Following the sound she came to the dining room. Where Yami and Yugi were sitting at the table looking over a photo album. They were still wearing the long shirts, and had yet to fix their hair into it's typical style. They laughed again when they came to another photo. "What are you two looking at?"

Both looked up at her with great amusement in their eyes. "Old photos from when mama was younger." Yugi stated. "They're really funny, I can't believe grandma tried to make a cake using a screw driver." he giggled.

"No way, the one with the power sander to be used to make a meatloaf was funnier." Yami added before turning the page. He burst out laughing. "Look look!" he pointed at the picture. "It's that heart shaped dessert mama was talking about earlier!" he stated with great amusement.

"Why is that so funny?" Tea raised a brow as she walked over.

"It's cause grandma instead of using chocolate used metal and tried to get mama to eat it as if it were chocolate." Yugi snickered. "Grandma was really a horrible cook wasn't she?"

"The worst." Yako stated as she walked in with a plate of waffles. "Neuro did not help either."

Tea was almost waiting to see her friends get upset at Neuro being simply mentioned, but to her surprise it didn't happen this time. They simply giggled and served themselves some waffles before drowning them in syrup before taking a bite. Tea raised a brow at this action but said nothing. 'Do they suddenly like their father?' she thought in her mind. "Well in anycase we should probably start getting ready for school after breakfast or we'll be late." she served herself a waffle.

"Oh i'm sorry Tea, they aren't going to school today." Yako stated as she put a plate of eggs on the table.

"Why not?" she looked perplexed.

"Oh nothings wrong. I just wanna give them one more day of rest is all. Neuro's been pushing them rather hard lately so I figured one more day couldn't hurt. Though i'd appreciate it if you'd pick up their school assignments that they've missed." she smiled.

"Ahh. I see. Okay sure." she nodded.

"Thank you. And besides these two haven't even slept yet. I'm fairly sure they are going to passout soon." she looked at them who in turn simply gave her a cute look.

Tea coughed on the piece of waffle she was eatting. "Are you serious?" she looked at them in shock. They didn't even look tired. Though she had to admit they'd considerably calmed down compared to last night. "Ahh you two." she whined. "Your going to drive your mother crazy."

Their response was giving her a light yawn and sleepy expression. It sounded like a set of small tigers yawning. Yugi rubbed at his eyes as if he were trying to stay awake, while Yami just sat in his seat ready to go to bed. Yako giggled at this scene. "See? What did I tell you?" she went over to them and nudged them. "Come on you two, it's time for bed."

"We don't wanna..." Yami grumbled while Yugi nodded slightly.

"Come on now, you've stayed up far longer than that one hour." she nudged them again. Finally getting them to cooperate and go to their room. Yako tucked them into Yugi's bed and kissed them goodnight on their foreheads before closing the curtains and shutting the door. Tea simply watched as she'd done this.

"Is this really okay?" she asked as Yako faced her.

"It's fine." she smiled.

Tea shifted uncomfortably before crossing her arms. "You know...i've noticed this for a while now...but...I can't help but feel like your just playing just waiting for something bad to happen..."

Yako's smile faded and her eyes shifted to the floor. "Ahh...I guess i'm still not good at hiding my feelings." she sighed. "I won't deny it however. I'm fairly certain it's only a matter of time before you all abandon them."

"We won't do that! We're their friends, and we've promised to be accepting of them no matter how they are!" she defended.

"You say that now, but I know people. Only so many will be accepting of them. Others will want to capture and do experiments on them or maybe even put them in a zoo. I must do all that I can to keep their secret hidden. You would never have any understanding of that." she walked past Tea.

"So you don't trust us." Tea stated, making Yako stop in her steps. "You don't believe...that we could stay friends with them. Even after everything we've gone through with them, you still don't believe in us."

"...How can I believe the words of someone who started as their friend only to abandon them only to become their friend years later for selfish reasons?" Yako replied as she faced Tea once more. "The fact is it's already been proven that your capable of abandonment. Something you cannot deny."

Tea grasped at her chest at that statement. No she couldn't deny it. It was a fact. They'd started off as childhood friends, then as time passed she'd hardly spent any time with Yugi at all. Hearing the fact hurt, but what could she say to that? "...I'm not saying i'm an entirely good person." her eyes trembled. "I've made mistakes. I own up to that. But i've learned from that. And you have to give me that much."

"If this were years ago, perhaps I could have." she looked out the window. "But i'm older now, a woman, no longer a young girl. A mother. And at that, a mother of half demons who have very little understanding of what they are and will go through. I would love for them to be accepted as they are, but it's not possible. When people thought they were simply human they still endured so much. How can you expect me to believe they'll be even more accepted in this type of situation?"

"People know them now. They don't know them as being half demons or anything like that. They know them as simply being Yami and Yugi."

"No. The world knew them before as simply Yugi. I myself am guilty for not knowing of Yami. I had thought it was strange that Yugi would talk to himself, but now I know he wasn't. But just the same I knew Yami as Yugi, and thus the world knew them both as Yugi. Do you know how much work will have to be put into having the world accept them both as two different entities? I know there are those who wouldn't treat them any differently because of who and what they are. But I can honestly say those are all too few in number."

"Mrs. Wo...can't you just believe in us? Give us a chance to prove it."

She sighed as she hung her head. "If I had my way, i'd have Neuro take them to his world, they would probably be accepted there alot better than here." she stated, making Tea's eyes go wide. "But I know Neuro won't allow it. He loves this world alot more than he does his own. I won't pretend that I don't think you'll leave them again eventually, alot with the others. But i'll do nothing to interfere." she left the room. Leaving Tea feeling sad, even as her heart was aching.


At lunch she was in the school yard with Tristan and Joey. "She really said that to you? That's pretty harsh." Joey remarked.

"Yeah. Their mother isn't very trusting of us, but I guess I can understand why as well. She just wants to keep them from getting hurt."

"Well we'll just have to show her we're not like that." Tristan smiled.

"Yeah, good luck with that, once mama decides something she's as stubborn as a mule." came the response.

"Well we'll just keep trying until..." Joey started, then realized who actually responded. "Yugi?" he turned around. Earning a wave from Yami, while Yugi was kneeling down with his hands on his knees. Both snickered in amusement.

"What are you two doing here? I thought you weren't coming to school today." Tea looked at them in confusion.

"Nah, we just came for our afternoon classes. Mama didn't want us to come, but we told her it was fine." Yugi stood up.

"Aren't you guys tired? I heard you didn't go to bed til seven am." Tristan looked them over. They didn't look tired at all.

"We're feeling good after those few hours of sleep." Yami stretched. "Plus being in the house all day is too stuffy."

"You two were insane last night! How can you still have energy?" Joey was shocked.

"I dunno, I guess it comes with being part demon." He shrugged.

"Don't say that out loud." Tea looked about with worry, "What if someone hears you?"

He put his arms behind his head. "I dunno, more than likely they'll probably just think i'm joking anyway, so it's not really a big deal."

An awkward silence hit the group for a few moments before Tea, Tristan and Joey all sighed at the same time. Clearly deciding they weren't going to argue the Pharaoh's logic of the matter. "Well atleast you guys are back normal teenager tendencies." Tristan added.

"Aww I thought it was pretty fun acting like that last night." Yugi smiled. "It was a nice change of pace. Even if it was short lived."

"I still cannot show either of you enough respect for the fact that you just opened the bathroom door when your mom was there." Joey blushed slightly.

Yami and Yugi rolled their eyes at the same time. "Again, it's nothing she hasn't seen before." Yami remarked while Yugi nodded in agreement.


Yako went into her room. She jumped in surprise when she realized there was someone in her bed. On closer in spection she realized who it was. "Neuro! When did you get back!"

"After the seeds of my loins left for school." he stated with amusement. But clearly he was heavily wounded.

Looking at him in distaste, she went into her bathroom and got a container of water and a wash cloth. Coming back into the room she started to clean him up. "I wish you would stop calling them that. It's revolting."

"Oh?" he leered at her as she started to clean his arm. "Does it disturb you to hear the truth?"

"I'm saying no one calls their children that."

"I'll call them what I want since they are mine." he pinched her cheeks like the old days. Making her cringe in pain.

Sighing, she went back to what she was doing. "He's back isn't he?"

Neuro expression was clearly one of glee. An indication that she was right. "I can't say that he was gone to begin with."

"Neuro, be serious. What if he comes after them? You and I both know they aren't ready for something like that."

"I've already taken measures for it." he crossed his legs. Leaving Yako confused.


He growled and scoffed in distaste as he leaned against his car. People either stared or averted eye contact as they walked past him. Smoking his cigarette he waited until the bell finally sounded from the school. After about ten more minutes, the ones he was waiting on finally emerged from the school. Tossing his cigarrette he stood straight and glared at them. "Oie! You brats better hurry up! I don't got all day!" he yelled.

Every student that was leaving blinked in confusion as they didn't know who he was talking to. Tea along with Yami and Yugi looked equally confused, as the man seemed to be looking in their direction. "Did we get a vagabond at our school?" she asked.

"I dunno. Just ignore him." Yami stated as he started walking again. The man just seemed to keep staring at them even as they walked past.

"Are you deaf or something? Get in the car you damn brats! I have better shit to do than to pick up that guys kids from school!"

That made Yami and Yugi look at one another in horror. "Do you think he's..." Yugi started.

"No couldn't be. Mama said she didn't know if he was even alive." Yami looked over his shoulder. Then they looked at one another again. "He does kinda look like the guy in the picture though."

"Maybe it's that mustasche? But I dunno, it seems too convinent." Yugi muttered. "Maybe he just looks similar and is really just a crappy kidnapper?"

Yami shrugged. "I dunno, mama did say he was rather vulgar. But a loyal guy."


"'s him." They stated at the same time as they figured out who it was. Godai.

"Your not really gonna get in the car are you?" Tea looked at them in horror as they actually headed towards the car.

"Eh, it's okay. He's a friend of mama's." Yugi smiled. "She told us he was like that, but was really a nice guy. If anything she's only said nice things about him...for the most part." he averted his gaze when he said the last part.


Godai grumbled as he walked into the game shop with the boys behind him. They snickered as he walked in a funny stomping manner, but said nothing. Solomon looked up from his work and blinked several times. "Godai? Is that you?"

"Yeah gramps it's me." he practically spat. "Two kids delivered from school, as per that asses demand."

"I can see that, and you even brought the right ones home."

"Tch!" he put a hand on the counter. "It wasn't like it was hard! They stick out like a sore thumb! I could of probably found them in the dark."

"Godai, your late." Yako stated with her hands on her hips. "Neuro is already plotting your punishment."

"Blame your brats! They took forever to get into the car!"

"Hey, you didn't say who you were. To us it looked like a kidnapping that was poorly organized." Yugi clarified. "And how were we supposed to know you were calling us specifically? You didn't say who you were looking for!"

"Well I wasn't going to shout the seeds of Neuro's loins in public!" he shot back. "That was the only thing he told me to call you brats!"

That made everyone sweat in embarrassment for a moment. And suddenly Yami and Yugi had a bit more respect for Godai. "Ahh...well then...never mind." Yami scratched at his cheek.

"Godai, these are Yami and Yugi." Yako introduced with a pleasant smile. "Yami, Yugi, this is Godai."

"Yeah, yeah." he brushed them off. "I expect to be reimbursed for the gas!"

"Well then why don't you stay for dinner?" Solomon offered. "You know your always welcome here." Godai just grumbled, but it seemed he was going to stay for dinner.


Yami and Yugi looked up at the ceiling in annoyance as Neuro was laying on it while grinning. It disturbed them that he was there, but more so because they were hoping he wasn't going to show up for dinner.

"Godai I have another task for you." he tapped his fingers on his arm as he eyed the human who'd aged over the years. Tossing a paper at him as if it were a ninja start, the man caught it and opened it.

"What is this?"

"Your next job."

"And if I refused."

"Oh?" he seemed amused. Then grabbed Godai by his head. "I see your still forgetting that your slave number two." he push against the mans head. "Perhaps I should remind you of your place." he smiled as Godai struggled.

"Stop it your hurting him!" Yugi shot up.

"Hmmmm..." Neuro looked over at him. "Does it upset you that i'm punishing my slave?" he let him go. "Well then if your going to be all talk, why don't you do something." he taunted. Yugi stood there for a moment, not sure what he should do. When Neuro reached for him, he reacted without thinking. And within that short time. Neuro looked stunned, along with everyone else. A black spear was protruding out though his shoulder. While at the end it was coming out of Yugi's palm. He wavered as he saw what he'd done. Shaking horribly. Neuro on the other hand smirked and grabbed his cheeks with one hand. "Don't." he muttered. "When you hit the one your attacking, don't faulter." he seemed very proud of Yugi somewhat. "If you do, it could mean your end." he let him go even as the spear evaporated. "I'm going to get a nap." he announced after and left. Leaving everyone confused or shaken.

Yugi felt faint, but Yami caught him. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine...that was just a shock...I..."

"That was awesome." Yami smiled. "You got him when he least expected it! Way to go!" he cheered.

"Yami!" Yako scolded. "That's enough! We don't encourage such things here!"

He scoffed. "It's not like he did anything wrong."

Yako gripped the table as she was clearly shaken by what had just occured. "I'm not saying that he did. In fact i'm grateful to it. But don't go around talking like it's an okay thing to do."

"I'm sorry." he apologized.

"Yami, I know you don't understand it now. But someday you and Yugi will be grateful to him. Even if it doesn't seem like what he's doing is anything to be appreciated."

This made the two sigh heavily. They'd had a feeling they were gonna get a lecture about it. But atleast it was a short one.


Sicks grinned happily as he went over the information he'd found. "So...he actually got married to a human. How delightful. I didn't think he had it in him." he smirked as he read over everything. "His little creations might prove rather useful to me." he laughed. "Neuro. It seems even you have normal weaknesses."


Yami and Yugi were doing their homework after dinner. Trying to catch up on the massive amount of work that'd accumulated over such a short amount of time. " do I do this?" he asked as he held the book to his lighter half.

"Let's see...x minus y squared equals b" he read aloud. "Well first you have to input the information that you already have. In this case we know that y equals four, so you write this out as x minus four squared equals b." he wrote. "Then you square the four." he showed his darker half, who nodded in understanding. "And add it both sides." he showed him, "And there you go, you get x equals b plus sixteen. So for the next part your going to subsitute x with b plus sixteen. Now the problem looks like this. b plus sixteen minus four squared equals b. You get it?"

"Oh I see." he copied what Yugi had wrote. "And now I can finish the problem to get what b equals right?"

"That's right."

"Sooooo now I get..." he started to write. "B equals b because sixteen minus sixteen cancel out...right?"

"That's right." he smiled.

"So that means that this problem is true."


"Thank you so much Yugi. I couldn't of gotten it without your help."

"It's nothing really. I'm not all that good at math. I just knew what to do because I read it from our text book."

"Oh sure, rub that in my face." he pouted. He hadn't really opened his books and mostly kept relying on Yugi when he didn't understand something.

"Oh hush, your doing fine. Look, we've already got half our assignments done." he pointed to the pile of assignments they'd completed. "And it's only been two hours. That's progress."

"Yeah...but why did most of the assignments have to be math?" he continued to whine. "I hate math."

"Well, if that's what the teacher gives, that's what we gotta do. Sorry. But schools a dictatorship, not a democracy." he laughed.

"School is the only place a dictatorship is accepted...or simply forced." he sighed.

"Welcome to society Yami." He went back to doing his homework.


In the morning they got ready for school, ate breakfast and left like normal people would. The only difference was that Godai was following them as they walked. Which made bystanders wonder what was going on. But they simply ignored him as they continued on their way to school. "You think Godai is enjoying his job?" Yugi asked.

"I seriously doubt that. I'm sure there's other things he'd rather be doing than following us to and from school."

"Yeah...your probably right. I feel bad for him though. Cause if he didn't do it he'd get punished."

"On the plus side after we're at school he can do what he wants...I think..." Yami averted his gaze for a moment.

"What do you mean by that?" Yugi looked at him confused.

"I can't help but get the feeling that Godai never actually leaves after we're in school."

That left Yugi even more confused.


While Yugi was in class, he got bored after a certain point and looked out the window. After a moment he was surprised, because he'd noticed Godai was in a tree, looking up where their classroom was. Turning away to pretend he was paying attention he got nervous. 'Yami was right! He really doesn't leave even after following us to school!' he thought. And after a few seconds he looked back again. 'He's still there!' he whimpered. Thinking Godai's actions were entirely disturbing. Now that he was aware of it, he couldn't help but look everytime he'd found him. Even when they were eatting lunch with their friends. Godai was hiding behind some bushes. In the library he was hiding behind some shelves. After a certain point, he could swear Godai was using ninja techniques to hide. But in reality it wasn't true. For the whole day he couldn't help but be distracted by this. And by the end of the day, he was a nervous wreak.

"Are you okay Yugi?" Yami asked with worry as he watched Yugi attempt to walk normally.

"I'm fineee..." he stated. Looking entirely tramatized.

Now it was Yami's turn to be confused.


"Two brats delivered." Godai announced as he entered the door. "Happy now?"

"Indeed." Neuro grinned. "Now some more fun can begin." He started to attack them. Godai jumped in surprise. Yami and Yugi simply side stepped to avoid it. Already greatly used to this behavior. "Oh? Not gonna put up a fight?"

"I'm gonna do my homework." Yami sighed as he headed up the stairs.

"Me too." Yugi followed.

"Tch." Neuro clicked his tongue. "It seems you two have forgotten." he did some more attacks. "...Training isn't over yet!" he added with amusement. Making the two dodge and jump out of the way. This had also surprised them because Neuro was attacking them consistently and hastily, barely giving them time to think. This went on for hours, exhausting them both even more so than usual. But this time even Neuro was panting a bit. It seemed they were actually becoming a challenge to him. "Oh?" he wiped at his chin. "I didn't think you'd catch on so quickly."

Yami and Yugi stood their ground, their clothes in tatters. Yami was holding a scythe, while Yugi was holding a pair of guns. Both made from their own powers. And both feeling proud of themselves. For Neuro's clothes were also in tatters as they were finally managing to get a few hits in. Though he wasn't nearly as badly damaged as they were. "This time we'll get you Neuro." Yugi growled.

Yami dashed quickly swipping at him, but only meeting air. A second later he'd been grabbed, and tossed at Yugi who'd ran towards him. Unfortunately Yami collided with Yugi, making them both hit the ground. Because of this Yugi had to stop his own attack or he'd of shot Yami. Both groaned in pain. Knowing they'd been defeated again by Neuro.

"Dinner." Yako announced as she came outside to the backyard. Wiping her hands on a towel. She too was already used to the scene of seeing her children being in torn clothing, and a yard in shambles. By the morning it would be cleaned up as if it hadn't happened at all.

"Aww mom." both whined at the same time. Clearly hoping they'd of had more time to atleast get another shot in at Neuro.

"You know the rules. No training at dinner time." she stated bluntly. It'd taken alot of effort on her part, but she'd managed to get Neuro to agree. Training could be conducted after school, but would end when it was time for dinner. Then it was bath time, followed by homework if they had anything and bed. On the weekends they were allowed to play some games. Though training was longer on those days.

"Yako." Neuro did in an adorable fashion. Trying to sway her in his own way.

"Be at the table in two minutes." she put her foot down. Earning pouts from her children and a scoff from Neuro. Truly dealing with Neuro had made her a rather strong woman. Not many could stand up against her on certain matters. But who could blame her? Anyone would of learned to have nerves of steel when dealing with a full fledged spoiled demon.


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