I know I've been slack the last few months but I've found out my Grandmother has cancer, and my Grandfather is dying. Add the fact my laptop is sick. This I hope will answer some questions as well as make some kind of sense.

Be safe, be happy and remember your never truly alone

I sat there quietly as my Master, and my brother hide me from the praying eyes of the one called James. I didn't bother to try and work out what was being said as I was still disappointed within myself for upsetting my master earlier on. I moved myself further into my master chair as the room filled with growls and one very distinctive snarl I knew came from my brother. I soon found myself being carried through the castle by Caius, of all people.

"Your mate asked me to take you away somewhere, where you can't be hurt by what is about to take place."

I frowned a little trying to work out why my Master, believed I was safer away from him and my brother, I jumped a little when Caius, answered my question

"James made a claim that you belong to him. It was a direct challenge to both Carlisle and Jasper as both your mate and your lover. They are fighting him for you. You have nothing to worry about Isabella. Carlisle is a powerful fighter even though he might come across as being a passive, and Jasper, as you know is one of the most feared vampires alive today."

I nodded my head but a part of me still worried about why they actually sent me away. I had seen both of them fight other vampires before.

"Your innocent is in question of you stayed. Neither of them wanted to take you before time."

Yet it comes back to my virginity. I worry about why my master has yet to take it or even change me. He told me the first night he climbed into my bedroom that the first day he saw me he wanted to kill every man, woman and child in the room and then claim me in their blood. That was also the first night he kissed me.

I found myself being lowered on to my Master's bed.

"You are to rest Isabella. I will be guarding you in the main sitting room. Your Mate and lover will be with you in due to time."

I followed him with my eyes as he left the room closing the door behind him with a solid thud. I knelt on the bed so I could remove the cloak that hid my still naked frame from the rest of the world before moving off the bed and to the little camp bed in the corner of the room. The main bed belong to my master, and I was only allowed to sleep in it when he was with me or had placed me there himself.

I covered myself with the thin sheet, before closing my eyes. Having cried earlier had made me even more exhausted on top of the long night I had just gone through.


I let out a loud growl as I watched Jasper, my son and much to my pleasure yet another mate or so Marcus, chose to announce to the whole room just after my, no our Isabella, was spirited away by Caius, dismembered the last of James, coven.

I moved and wrapped my arms around his waist, before leaning down and kissing him just behind his ear before whispering

"Good boy. You have pleased me greatly and we will celebrate later but it is time we go and find our Isabella. She is probably worried about the turn of events."

The purr that left my chest as he leant his head back so it rested on my shoulder caused him to answer me back in the same manner before nodding his head in agreement. Without so much as looking at the mess that we had made of Aro's favorite room we ran back to what was to become our chambers.

I threw open the door not bothering to even greet Caius, who nodded in our direction before slipping from the room. The moment I opened the door my chest filled with panic, noticing our mate was not on the bed but her cloak was. It wasn't until I moved my eyes to the far corner did the panic give way to lust as well sadness.

Our mate had chosen to rest not in our bed but on the small cot that she slept in when she was in trouble or when I had work in another part of the castle. I watched as Jasper, moved past me and carefully picked her up like she was made of span glass before placing her on the bed.

"Once she is awake we need to talk to her Carlisle. I didn't want to say anything earlier but when you denied her earlier, she felt more than being undeserving, I can't put it in to words as much as I wish I could. We have to look at things from her point of view Carlisle, we haven't slept with her, yet we are happy to sleep with other girls, we touch tease her and yet she gets no kind of pure pleasure from it without feeling dirty. She is a perfect submissive and aims to please us but she doesn't believe that she disserves anything from us in return."

I let out a low growl before shaking my head as Isabella, moved in her sleep before she suddenly shooting up in the bed with a worried look on her face. Within a second of her awaking she was kneeling, shaking by my feet like she was expecting me to punish her for being in our bed. I flickered my eyes to Jasper, in a silent question hoping what was going through my head wasn't true. The frown that I am sure marked my face grew deeper as he nodded his head gravely.

Without a second thought I reached down and picked our mate off the floor hugging her to my chest as I started to make a cooing sound, if it was possible I would be crying. Somewhere, somehow, I had broken my beautiful mate and now thanks to my selfishness she believed, that she wasn't wanted. I felt my body start to shake as the need in me to change her, here and now grew.

"Carlisle, come here."

If it was anyone else I would have snarled at them for ordering me about but I needed Jasper, to help me through this. Without letting Isabella, go I moved towards the bed settling down next to him with my back against the headboard as I buried my face in our mate's hair as Jasper, began to speak words that I couldn't.

"Isabella, listen to me, my sister, my mate. This bed is yours, and you have all the right to sleep in it even when we are not in the room. You are not going to be punished for being on it. Do I make myself clear?"

I felt her nod her head causing Jasper, to let out a low growl at her before moving tilting her head to the side so she was looking at him

"I want a spoken answer Isabella. Whenever you are ever asked a question by Carlisle, or me you are to answer us. Now Isabella, I believe I asked you a question."

"Yes sir."

I winched as Jasper, let out a snarl before pulling her from my hold so she between us, as he held her face in his hands.

"No Isabella, not sir. We may be your Master's but we are all so your mates. You are to call us by our names while we alone. Now let's try that one more time before we move on."

I held my breath, even though it wasn't needed as Isabella, let out a very quiet, yet sweet "yes Jasper."

The purr that left him caused me to let out a small smile before I remembered why we had to do this causing it to fall from my face once again.

"Isabella, there are many things we have to talk to you about but before we do I believe Carlisle, has something he needs to tell you."

He cupped my face before sending me a dose of love before indicating it was time. I moved Isabella, so she was still between us but was now facing me. It took me a couple of minutes to work out what I wanted to say and for it to actually come out. Looking in deep into her eyes I felt as if my very soul was being judged. Closing my eyes I took an unneeded breath centering myself before starting,

"Isabella, firstly I wish to apologies for what I said and did to you last night. This is part of what we need to talk to you about. I meant what I said that night in your bedroom; I want you more than you could possibly know. The reason I use those girls the way I do is because I can't have you that way without fearing I could kill you. The things you do to me Isabella, I can't even put into words. As for the reason why don't I just change you is because of a bunch of rules that ironically I helped write. As one of the brothers, you must be introduced to the whole of the vampire world as my mate and queen and only then can I change you. This means that what happened today with James can't happen again unless it's Jasper."

I went over the last sentence in my head and even then it made little to no sense but my Isabella, surprised me by asking

"Why, Jasper?"

I gave her a small smile before moving us around so her head was in my lap so I could stroke her hair as Jasper, took over once again.

"It seems like Marcus, had been keeping secrets from us, up until today anyway. It turns out that a very rare occurrence has happened; we are all mated to each other. From what Marcus, could get out before James tried to attack him is that our souls are more than just connected, they are sewn together like a thick rope."

I allowed her to sit up as she looked between the two of us before bowing her head so her face was covered by her hair but I could still feel the heat from the blush I knew covered her face. I could feel myself become rock solid and from the way Jasper, suddenly laid down I knew he was having the same problem. I knew that I would not be returning to the house anytime soon so I would have to deal with the problem later. I couldn't help but glare at Jasper, as he unbuckled his pants and slid them off with his shirt causing our mate to gasp and for her blush to become more pronounced. Taking a page from Jasper's book I followed suit causing our mate to start to hyperventilate. The doctor I had studied to be for years kicked in. Without even thinking about our state of undress I laid her down between us before telling Jasper, to move behind her so she could feel his breath as I did the same.

"Isabella, you need to calm down, breath in time with Jasper and me."

It didn't take her long to calm down but soon there was another problem, one that she wasn't ready for. Both Jasper, and I could smell her heavenly scent of arousal as it filled the air causing us both to growl in response and move so she fully sandwiched between our two bodies. It took everything in me to tell her what needed to be said

"This is the time I explain exactly why we can't take you yet and it's not just because we might hurt you. Your first time will be as a vampire because well we produce a type of venom when we mate and as a human it could be very painful for you to endure. Felix once took a human lover for more than one night and after a few days, the venom started to burn and in some places it actually melted her skin. She died a horrible death in less than a week."

I didn't want to scare her but she really needed to know. She was safe how we where now because both Jasper and I could control ourselves. Like a light went off in our Isabella's head, I watched as all the sadness left her eyes as understanding filled them. I could feel my body relax for the first time since last night as Jasper, winked at me over her head before kissing the top of her head

"Now rest Isabella, we have much left to discuss with you but you need to rest."

I watched in slight awe as he used his gift on our mate as she slowly fell asleep wrapped up in our arms.

"She needs to get use to our bodies before she is turned Carlisle. I know it's going to be hard for you to control the need to change her but she needs this. She is still your pet, Carlisle, but she needs to be free to call you by your name when in private. She is young Carlisle, she might act older due to her childhood but she is still very much a child who needs to know what true love is."

A light knock sounded at the door giving Jasper, enough time to cover us before Aro, Marcus and Caius walked in the room. Marcus, moved to sit at the end of the bed before he started to speak

"Jasper is right Carlisle. Isabella, here is still very young in many ways. I have actually done some research based on things I have noticed and have come up with the conclusion that your relationship with her is that of a father/daughter, brother/sister, even when it comes to the sexual side of your relationship with her."

I found myself nodding in time with Jasper as Isabella, curled into my chest more causing me to let out a small purring sound causing the brothers to let out a low laugh in order not to wake her.

"Now we couldn't help but over hear what you were saying about the whole name thing Jasper, maybe keeping with the theme getting her to call Carlisle, by a parental name while out in public would be better than Sir."

I found myself like the idea of her calling me daddy a lot more than I should but at the same time if it would help her grow into herself than I was all for it. Jasper, was the one that brought me back to the situation at hand

"From the feelings I am getting off Carlisle I would say he agrees with that idea. My main concern is that this would hurt her in the long run. Surly it would be better to try and separate the two?"

I watched as Marcus; shock his head before he answered

"In most cases the answer would be yes however with young Isabella, here it would be a lot healthier for her this way. Don't forget she is going to be turned Jasper, add the fact she has two of you to deal with and you can't both be her mates the same way Aro and Sally are."

I couldn't stop smiling at Marcus's, pet name for Sulpicia, causing me to look down and right into the deep brown eyes of my mate. How I hadn't realised she was once again awake I don't know but the look she was giving me caused me to let out a small growl. The next words out of her mouth pushed me to the edge.

"I like the idea of calling you daddy."

One minute I was laid next to her, the next Marcus and Aro had me pinned to the door of the main room while I heard Jasper, growling in the other room.


I drifted in and out of sleep as they discussed what was best for me. A little part of me was annoyed that they spoke about this while I was supposed to be asleep but when Marcus, mentioned the whole family thing I actually understood where he was coming from.

I never really got to know Charlie, and Renee, well was never really what was seen as a suitable mother. More often than not she wouldn't come home for days at a time and when she did it was to take what little money we had. I spent most of my childhood having to deal with the bills and find food for myself. I was eight when I got my first job delivering papers, eleven when I moved on to the little book shop down the road. By the time I moved in with Charlie, I had at least three jobs at my back and one all ready worked out.

Knowing that Carlisle would not just be my master but my daddy as well caused me great pleasure. I couldn't help but frown as just after I shared my pleasure with him and he was suddenly gone from our bed and Jasper, had me on the other side of the room growling at Caius who was trying not to laugh.

"Where did daddy go?"

Jasper let out one more growl at Caius, before turning to me and cupping my face in his hands

"My little sister, as much as your words please us both, our beloved father was pushed to the edge and all most took you before time. Only a few more weeks and then you well be ours."

I smiled up at him before nodding my head as much as possible with the hold he had on me. I blushed as he carefully brushed his lips against mine as the growling from my Master, stopped and the next second I was wrapped up in a blanket and in his arms as he glared at the three brothers.

"Three weeks. That is how long you have to wait. I will send word for your family to come sooner rather than later. I will get Eleazar by tomorrow at the latest. I think young Isabella, might find it easier to talk to a female about what to expect and Kate is probably the best one to help her."

I smiled as I heard Kate's name. I have only spoken to her once when she phoned to inform Carlisle that she was newly mated to a person called Garrett but she seemed nice and it would be wonderful to have someone I could talk to without feeling like they wanted more from me or wanted to kill me.

"So be it. Now I will ask you to leave, it's time for my pet to feed and be washed."

Aro winked at me before leaving the room followed by Caius leaving Marcus where he was

"You three are in for a tough time. If you need anything don't be scared to ask. Kate will help you a lot Isabella. She is an elder in our community and has the added advantage of having two gifts even though she swears one is more of a curse. I will leave you three for now but know this I will be posting a guard outside these chambers. Isabella isn't to be changed until the night of the ball do I make myself clear?"

Both of my mates growled at him causing him to let out a small laugh before nodding his head in my direction as he floated out the door calling for Alec and Jane causing my father to let out a hiss at his retreating back.

"Come sister, the sooner we wash and feed you the sooner I can make sure you actually get some actual sleep."

I sighed as Jasper, pulled me towards the bathroom as Carlisle followed muttering under his breath.