Super Robot Wars E(nd)

By Blood Boredom

Note: No Relation to SRW D or Hakai-Ken on the PSP…

Banpresto Originals: Academy-era Kyosuke and Excellen, Cobray and Dis Astranagant make a cameo as well as occasional appearances by Irm and Ring with Irm primarily dodging Ring's wrath as usual

Series Included: Getter Armageddon, Shin Mazinger (with some elements from the Manga), Grendizer, UC Gundam (The RX-78 gundam series [including variants] and the EZ-8,GP-series,Zeta, ZZ, Unicorn, F91, Victory Gundam the Universal Century may/may not include Turn A), Evangelion, Big O, Eureka Seven(anime), Ideon, Hades Project Zeorymer, Brave Raideen, RahXephon and Gaiking with Gaiking the Great

Original Baddies: The Enders, an organization aware of SRW's multiple timelines that believe these extra timelines will overlap and destroy the multiverse as a whole, thus, they seek to manipulate the parallel timelines to reach the same ends resulting in the same future disregarding the different pasts. Lead by a known Original character.

Note: Character histories will be changed to fit the new EFA history, including revamped military backgrounds.


This is Blank Era, named such because of the period of peace providing a "blank slate" from all the wars in humanity's past. The final war was on U.C. 0083 where remnants of the Principality of Zeon, the Delaz Fleet, had intended to execute " Operation Stardust Memory", this was a significant event as it was discovered that Dewey Novak a Federation officer was secretly leaking information to Zeon regarding the then secret Scrub Coral, making the additional goal of certain Zeon leaders the destruction of the Scrub, Dewey was later imprisoned along with other war criminals in the Block, an extra dimensional space opened when the Spear of Longinus was collected and made with technology provided by Prof. Saotome and Juuzo Kabuto, providing a self-evolving security system with an indestructible shell.

The story starts many years before the Blank Era begins…

U.C. 0079

The One Year War was nearing its end, The White Base had become a symbol of the Federation, along with its "Gundam Corps.", composed of Ensign Amuro Ray, Luce Kassel and Ford Romfellow pilots of Gundam units RX-78-2, 4 and 5 respectively they were supported by Hayato Kobayashi and Kai Shiden in the Guntank and Guncannon respectively. A fourth member to the Corps had been planned to be included, Christina Mackenzie, however, her unit the NT-1 "Alex" was incapacitated along with the Zaku attacking it due to the Colony being breached by a then unknown group called the Demon Empire, both pilots escaped and Ms. Mackenzie's report indicates the Zeon pilot to have done the same. The attack was repelled by an alien mech with fantastic weaponry, the man piloting this machine had vanished soon after rescuing the colony, Professor Juuzo Kabuto however, was entranced by the machine and soon designed one of his own based on the capabilities of the alien hero. The Gundam Corps had deployed to assist in the evacuation and elimination of the remaining Demon Empire soldiers. Unbeknownst, to the Corps, the arrival and swift defeat of the Demon Empire had caused an explosion in the federation's research center opening a rift in time and space that closed just as quickly as it opened to leave behind a massive robot with a mysterious power source, it was dubbed "Ideon".

The situation was no different on Earth, many experimental units had changed the tide of war to the federation's favor, people such as Yuu Kajima, Shiro Amada and Holand Novak had become the poster boys for recruiting fresh blood into the Federation's Ranks.

U.C. 0080

In this year, the Longinus was discovered alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls, dimensional aperture was opened. Investigation by earth's brilliant minds begins.

U.C. 0081

Construction of the Block, inside the dimensional aperture begins. Tokyo Jupiter appears earth is in shock. Demon Empire has recovered from the battle in U.C. 0079, they resume their invasion of Earth, Getter and remaining EFA forces deal with the threat.

U.C. 0082

Mulian Artefact awakens, reveals existence of Raideen, the Mu's guardian, attacks Demon Empire, forces them into retreat. Construction of Block resumes. Three Sages council sends support in the Block construction.

U.C. 0083

Block prison is complete, "Operation Stardust Memory" occurs. Dewey Novak is caught for treason, he is imprisoned in the Raft, along with Zeon soldiers from the "One-Year War" and "Operation Stardust Memory". Sages Council along with EFA and Republic of Zeon decide to start anew…

B.E. 0001-3

The new Era has begun in peace. EFA has established the Titans to better police Earth and the Colonies. Holand Novak along with the Gekko-Go have rebelled, reports indicate that they exist as a Ref crew, lack of violence on their account despite their possession of KLF's indicate their harmlessness, they remain under observation. A secret organization, Hau Dragon, surfaces, donations to the public has placed them in a positive light. A spy is sent to rendezvous with Masaki, a Hau Dragon scientist.

B.E. 0004

-Intro End-