Chapter 1: Wild Gambit, Rise Beowulf! Part 2

The Iron Fortress stood over the Kabuto residence, its eyes gleaming with what was undoubtedly Photonic Energy. But, there was something more to the Black Giant than its eyes…

"It's the visage of a demon," Kyosuke nodded, viewing the new arrival, wondering whether it was a friendly.

"This, this is a god," Kouji Kabuto gasped in awe of what his grandfather had made for him.

Seeing Mazinger Z had distracted Kyosuke for a few vital moments. Looking at the battlefield that was Atami, he saw two opposing figures accompanied by 12 grey statue-like mechs, one moving towards Photon Labs and the other heading towards the mysterious new arrival. Knowing his comrades were defending the lab, he headed to the mech that appeared at the Kabuto estate. Quickly, Kyosuke opened a comm. channel trying to reach the Iron Fortress that was Mazinger Z.

"This is Sergeant Kyosuke Nanbu, if you are against this mysterious adversary that has besieged Atami please respond." He spoke curtly.

"I-I am Kouji Kabuto and I don't know what's going on but these guys are destroying my city!" Kouji yelled.

"Wait!" Kyosuke replied, too late as Mazinger Z had begun to move towards their enemies.

As if it were instinct, Kouji yelled to the heavens and pointed his fist at the invaders.

The air was still and the Earth silent as if preparing for a terrible power to be unleashed.

"Rocketooo Puuuuuunch!" he blasted.

And in response to his command the Iron Fortress had fired its fist towards the grey statues and blasted thru one before returning to the arm it belonged to.

"In one blow…" Kyosuke stared in awe, or rather, disbelief at what he saw.

"This, this is the power of Mazinger," Kouji had realized at that moment, the power he held in his hand.

Later at the Photon Labs

"Ghost-1 to Ghost-3 and 4! Give me your position," the CO called I desperation.

"This is Aphrodite A! The Gespensts are engaging the statues, their Comm. Links are disabled," a feminine voice replied.

"Dammit! Wait, Sergeant Nanbu is on his own!" the realization dawned upon the Captain.

Back at the Kabuto Residence

"Huh? The Captain?" Kyosuke wondered as he answered the hail.

"Nanbu, where are you?" the Captain asked in concern.

"Fighting off the statues, we've taken down one." He spoke as he swerved his mech away from a boulder." These things are tough!"

"Wait, we!" the Captain questioned.

"Yeah, this kid seems to be Kabuto's grandson." Kyosuke informed the Captain.


Another explosion, but this time, emanating from the city.

"People of Atami, I am Baron Ashura, faithful servant of Doctor Hell! As an act of mercy, he has offered an ultimatum! Surrender the Japanium ore and live or resist and die " a weirdo with two faces appeared.

"That guy, he killed Juuzo!" Inspector Ankokouji spoke inside the Pilder.

"What!" Kouji leered with rage.

Quickly Mazinger rushed towards Ashura before being blocked by a statue and subsequently tackling it to the ground, crushing its torso

Kouji Kabuto Lvl. 2-3

SP 60=62

Melee +2

Defense +3

Accuracy +1

Kouji learned "Accelerate" 5 SP

"Wait!" Kyosuke blurted smashing one statue with a Jet Magnum and rushing to stop Kouji from making any rash movements.

Kyosuke Nanbu Lvl.3-4

SP 50=52

Melee +2



Kyosuke learned "Accelerate" 5 SP

Battle Report:

Mazinger and the Gespenst Mk. II (Kyosuke) have defeated three (3) Statues and are headed to the Mechanical Beast Garada K7

End Battle Report…

"Kabuto, get down" Kyosuke yelled too late as Grada K7's twin blade had struck Mazinger Z.

"What the-?" Kouji was interrupted as Garada reclaimed its blades and begun a fierce assault at Mazinger.

The statues were all charging at Mazinger Z two were defeated at the Photon Labs it seems as only seven (7) were making their way towards the preoccupied Mazinger.

"Sergeant, I'll handle this guy one-on-one, you handle the rest." Kouji smirked with confidence as Garada unknowingly brought them away from the residential area and towards the forest.

"Hmph." Kyosuke nodded seeing the novice's newfound confidence.

The battlefield had grown silent as the statues had ceased their movement, waiting for the Gespenst to move.

"Holding out huh? I've got enough cards in my hand for a Royal Flush!" he retorted at the silence. Seeing a squad of three (3) statues, Kyosuke made his way to them.

"This is…My Ace!" he yelled launching a pair of missiles before charging the three (3) with his Machinegun. The spray of bullets coupled with the relentless barrage of rockets caught the statues unprepared for what came next. Quick slices via the Plasma Saber for each statue to be finished off by "Jet Magnuuumm!" the usually reserved Kyosuke said a battle cry that would have destroyed a microphone.

Gespenst Mk. II has acquired "Royal Flush"

"Hmph." Kyosuke powered down the Plasma Stakes as the three behemoths fell before him.

The other four were about to charge the lone ghost when they were suddenly raided by a barrage of missiles and a hail of bullets.

"About time…" Kyosuke whispered a complaint at his fellow cadets and their Commanding Officer.

At that moment, it dawned upon Kyosuke that Kouji hadn't been heard since the one-on-one duel with Garada...

"Breast-o Fiiiire!" were the words heard when a torrent of flame had shot what appeared to be Garada into the sky as it melted into scrap.

"That answers my worries," Kyosuke smirked proud at the younger pilot's development in his first sortie.

"What's that over there!" Kouji pointed at the sky as large descending object slowly made its way to Atami.

"Groizer X-10!" shouted a disembodied head to be later identified as Count Blocken.

"Use the Photon Beam, it's the knob on the Pilder." the proprietress of Kurogane house told him.

"This one…" Kouji was shocked at an accidental firing that destroyed a nearby island's mountain.

"Turn it without pushing the knob and max out the gauge." She retorted, making Kouji look incompetent at that matter.

"Ok, this is it. Photon Beeaaammmuuuu!" Kouji belted as a magnificent yellow beam as radiant as the sun erupted from the Iron Fortress' eyes and swiftly pushed back Groizer before obliterating the Mechanical Beast.

"You'll pay for this Kabuto Kouji!" the head replied before leaving in his flying fortress.

With that the adventure begins!