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Part 2



"But you are!" he insisted. "He would never have said it; but I can!" That was when he burst into song. "You're beautiful! You're beautiful it's true…when I saw your face…'cross a crowded place…and I don't know what to do…'cos I'm so in love with you!"

"Yeah, thanks for that," Donna muttered with embarrassment. Seeing the front drive come into view, she remarked, "Thank goodness we're almost there!"

Apart from the porch light the house was in darkness. "The light's on but nobody's home!" Benedict giggled at his own joke.

"Yeah, that's what they'll say about you," Donna commented as she wrestled with the act of getting her front door key out whilst keeping him upright, and opened the door. How he didn't fall through it she never knew. She steered him down the hallway into the kitchen diner.

As his gaze swept over the space he cried, "Oh look! Home sweet home! Hello house!"

"I'm sure it's saying hello back; now since we're here you'd better take that suit off," she ordered him.

The pout on his face was priceless! "Why?" He placed his hands across his body as if he'd just been found naked.

"So that I can wash it," she replied, and pointed out the washing machine nearby. "You remember washing, don't you? It gives your clothes the chance of being clean again."

He peered down to consider his suit, "But the machine might ruin the cloth!"

"It's already ruined, Sunshine. That goop did a pretty good job of doing that," she pointed out. "Now take it off."

He peeled off his jacket, and then suddenly stopped when he noticed Donna had done the same with her jacket. "'Ere! What's going on?" he demanded.

Donna flung her jacket into the machine. "You glooped me as well; you can't have forgotten already, surely?"

He sheepishly looked back at her. "No!" he insisted, and began to undo his trousers. He started to laugh. "You will be gentle with me, won't you, Donna?" he giggled.

"I'm not making any promises," she replied. There was something about his expression that made her decide to remove anything else she was wearing upstairs in her own bedroom. "Now let's get you into bed before we get caught like this and have to answer awkward questions."

His giggling fit continued as he stumbled up the stairs; but she managed to steer him into the spare bedroom. He fell onto the single bed there with glee. "Care to join me?" he tried to entice her, but he wasn't having much luck with the seductive look.

"No thanks," she informed him. "I'll go find you some pyjamas, and then I want to see you in that bed!" She marched out to grab some of Wilf's spare pyjamas, and then bullied Benedict into changing into them, taking his removed shirt and tie to put into the washing machine along with his suit. "Night Benedict!" she called out when she returned back upstairs, unsurprised to get no response. He'd gone out like a light.

Donna was woken the next morning by her mother shouting loudly on the landing outside her bedroom door. "Donna! Donna! Come here!" Sylvia yelled at the top of her voice.

"What?" Donna snapped at her, swinging open the bedroom door with some force. "Why on earth are you shouting so loudly at this time of the morning?"

"Would you care to explain him?" Sylvia pointed into the spare bedroom at the prone figure sleeping soundly in the bed.

"He's a friend!" Donna rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Anybody would think you'd just found him in my bed!"

"Don't get lippy with me, Missy!" Sylvia huffed. "And don't think you can bring in any Tom, Dick or Harry to sleep in my bed." She chose to ignore the snicker that caused Donna to give. "Who is he anyway?" she moved into the room to pull back the cover that hid his head. She let out a shriek of recognition that finally roused him.

"Donna? Come back to bed," he muttered and turned over, causing Donna to blush with embarrassment and Sylvia to glare at her knowingly.

"Well?" Sylvia demanded disdainfully. She bravely fought her deep-seated desire to beat the living daylights out of him for coming back and endangering Donna.

But Donna just shrugged at her. "He's a mate! He knows Gramps and he came to meet me last night. We had a few drinks with Veena and Nerys, and he got a bit tipsy. As he has nowhere else to go at the moment I brought him home with me since I thought you wouldn't mind," she emphasised the last bit deliberately.

"Yes...well…I suppose he can stay for a while," Sylvia had the grace to say within earshot, but she continued to glare at both Donna and especially the bed occupant. Unable to stay in the same room as him she hastily left the bedroom to find Wilf. "Dad? Dad! Quick! Guess who's in our spare bed?" she whispered loudly to him before shutting the door on their private conversation.

"I think she remembers you," Donna commented to Benedict, who was looking slightly the worse for wear.

"Why are you in here waking me up?" he griped, and tried to bury his head under the covers again.

"Oh no you don't!" she leapt forward and wrenched the covers back down to reveal him. "Mum is on the warpath, so you'd better get out of your pit and make an appearance, Sunshine!"

"But Donna!" he moaned; why did that continue to sound so familiar to her? "Donna, I haven't got any clothes."

"No you haven't!" she agreed mischievously. "Whatever will you do?"

He grabbed her arm and dragged her nearer to him. "I'll wear your charcoal trouser suit if I have to; but I'd rather not if it's all the same to you," he grinned at her.

"How did you know about that? Have you been stalking me? Is that how you got all that knowledge about me?" she blazed, and tried to pull away from his grasp but he held on tight.

"No," he insisted. "I keep telling you; we know each other."

"But…but…how do we know each other?" she whispered anxiously, wrestling with what her heart and her mind were telling her.

He sighed, and answered, "I'll have to show you again, won't I?" He slowly brought her closer still until their lips touched gently, pressing a chaste kiss there. Then another, followed by another; until he was kissing her delicately. He released her arm so that he could embrace her properly, her hands smoothed up his body to wrap her arms around his shoulders. Kiss after tender kiss they shared, deepening with each passing.

Her mind felt like it was expanding, growing, developing; knowing more than it had ever seemed to know before. She could see herself with him, running, laughing, crying, in so many different places until… until there was fire, pain and terror; so much terror. Everything that had been her came flooding back with certainty. He was her and she was him! They had been one split asunder. She needed him to survive, god how she needed him! And thank goodness they had found each other before it was too late.

Sylvia and Wilf found them lying on the bed with their arms wrapped tightly around each other, snogging like it was going out of fashion. "Aye aye!" Wilf exclaimed with glee. But to Sylvia's horror the couple in front of them didn't desist. Wilf touched her arm and indicated that they should leave them to it, so she reluctantly left the spare bedroom and shut the door. Not quietly, mind you.

Both Donna and Benedict had been aware on one level that their communion had been interrupted, but they chose not to care and continued their inner dialogue.

Do you see now? he asked her.

Yes, yes I see, she replied. But why did you come?

I had to! I had to see for myself why I stopped feeling you. I built myself a new version of dimensional cannon-come-vortex-manipulator, and got here as quickly as I could. You do understand, don't you?

Yes, of course, but…I thought you were happy with her, she probed. Why come back for me? To me?

Oh Donna! I was foolish to think it would work. It only seemed right because you pushed me, he explained. I was given away like a Christmas present.

You weren't mine to give. Weren't ours to give.

He thought so!

No! No it wasn't like that! He meant… she faltered. She realised that what she had been about to say wasn't true, since she no longer agreed with it.

I don't care what he meant! His angry thoughts exploded in her mind. He was wrong! He shouldn't have parted us like that! His bitterness burrowed into her mind.

Shhh! Don't worry…you're back with me now; we'll make it alright, she soothed him. I don't have to live without you anymore.

He felt her compassion, understanding and unconditional love flow into his mind, easing his troubles away; and sparking his desire, allowing it into the foreground, flaming through them both. Oh Donna! He groaned, both internally and externally.

That brought her sharply back into the room, and she realised that not only had they continued to kiss but things had physically gone much further than that. They had tenderly caressed each other, wanting to feel skin against skin; and she cried out with the delicious much yearned for sensations it created. Boy did it feel good! It obliterated everything else; all reason, all arguments.

She forced her eyes open and saw him unseeing above her; an ecstatic grin played about his features as he drowned in the feelings and sensations of their actions, her name a mantra on his lips.

"Doctor!" she involuntarily groaned out; and that stopped him dead in his tracks.

His eyes shot open and he glared at her. "What did you just say?" he accused her. "I'm not him," he murmured; a look of abject pain and rejection crossed his features. "How could you say that?" he uttered dejectedly, and pulled away from her.

"Benedict! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry!" she sobbed as she tried desperately to hold onto him. She dragged herself up and flung her arms around him, resting her forehead against his. "To me we are the DoctorDonna," she whispered, "I wasn't implying you are him; I'd never do that." She gave a small wry laugh. "Let's be honest, this would never have happened with him."

"Why not?" he asked sharply. "Oh, you don't know that bit, do you?" he realised that she was missing out on vital information. Either that or she was ignoring an awful lot.

"What bit?" she inevitably asked, holding his gaze steady.

He floundered under her onslaught. Should he tell her; surely she knew? As he was deciding what to admit the distinctive voice of Sylvia could be heard coming up the stairs, causing them to jump apart in terror. He dove back under the covers and Donna hastily readjusted her nightwear.

"Donna! Doc- John! Are you coming down to breakfast?" Sylvia shouted out, just before the door handle started to turn. Both Donna and Benedict held their breath as they waited for Sylvia to verbally attack them. "Have you two finally finished monkeying about? Good. Now get downstairs!" she ordered them.

"Mum, Benny needs a dressing gown or something; his suit is in the washing machine," Donna explained.

"In my washing machine? What the heck are his clothes doing in my washing machine?" Sylvia's face was like thunder.

"Mine are in there too," Donna added; and then instantly wished she hadn't. "Mum! It isn't like that! Honest it isn't" she tried arguing.

"Oh yeah?" Sylvia's voice dripped with scorn. "What was all that earlier then? Yes, you can blush young lady, carrying on like that under my roof; and with him of all people!"

Benedict tried to muffle his indignation at that as Donna protested loudly, "Don't you start on him; he's completely innocent here! And no, he isn't the Doctor before you begin that line of spitefulness."

Sylvia stood stunned for a second. "Donna, what do you mean?"

"I mean, mother, he…," she pointed to Benedict, "…is NOT the Doctor; so you can get that thought right out of your head, along with the one that my brain will explode at any second!"

"Is this your doing?" Sylvia spat at Benedict. "Have you put her up to this, or hypnotised her with your alien mumbo jumbo?"

"No!" he spluttered defensively as he emerged from hiding completely. "I'm not him! I'm part of him, I'll admit that; but mainly the hand." He wriggled his fingers at her.

"The what?" Sylvia looked like she would throttle him at any moment. "Don't give me that load of old flannel. You're the Doctor all right, so you can haul your bony arse out of my house and get the hell away from my daughter!"

Donna threw herself in front of him. "Oh no you don't! He'll be chucked out over my dead body. If he goes I go!"

"Wearing only your nightdress," Sylvia mocked her. "How very apt for the whore you've become."

"Now hang on!" Benedict moved in front of Donna protectively and yelled at Sylvia. "She is nowhere near as bad as you paint her. You never got it, did you? Your daughter is one of… take that back, the most important person in all of creation and you have the bare-faced cheek to call her names? You don't deserve her! She's coming with me, away from you, and we're going to…"

Donna tenderly touched his arm, drawing his attention to her. "What are we going to do, Benny? I don't remember you asking me anything, or us discussing this," she softly spoke to him.

He grinned weakly at her. "Didn't we? I rather took it for granted that we'd be together now after what we… You do want to, don't you? I came all this way to find you," he stammered.

She stroked his cheek lovingly. "Of course I want to… if you're asking," she shyly replied.

They brightly smiled at each other before leaning in to kiss each other.

"Oh isn't that touching," Sylvia remarked sarcastically. "You'll be getting married next at this rate."

"That is the plan," Benedict replied, glad that Sylvia had gasped in surprise. He wasn't going to let her win points over him, not now.

"Does this plan include somewhere to live, a job; and… oh I don't know… money?" Sylvia sneered at him.

"Not yet, but it will do," he told her fervently. "Nothing can stop us from achieving anything."

"You'd better not get her knocked up then, as that'll soon scupper those plans," Sylvia snorted with derision. "I don't care who you are, Doctor or no Doctor, you need to make some money!"

"And we will!" he glared at her. "Mark my words; we will be together."

"Fine! I'll wait downstairs until you achieve all that, shall I? You'll need something more than Dad's pyjamas to ponce about in," Sylvia scoffed.

"Mum! You're not helping," Donna almost pleaded. "You don't know Benny like I do."

Sylvia contemplated their close proximity, "I think I can guess how much. You'd better get married pretty sharpish young man, or Dad will march the pair of you down the aisle using Trevor Lewis's air rifle." Her gaze turned even beadier. "Donna, back in your bedroom and get dressed; and you Benny, or whatever you are, can wait in here until Dad brings you some clothing." She shivered in disgust as Donna quickly gave Benedict a peck on the lips goodbye, and stood guard while Donna made her way back to her bedroom.

"Thank you, Sylvia," Benedict said in a low voice; but she chose to pretend she hadn't heard him.

As she made her way downstairs again, Sylvia began a mental list of clothing to be bought for them all, and all the arrangements for a wedding. She smiled as she realised that her friend Sadie was going to be green with envy when told about Donna's upcoming wedding. She could hear herself describing the passionate young man that wanted to marry her daughter so desperately. Oh yes! This could work very well in the boasting stakes.

Wilf couldn't work out for the life of him why Sylvia was humming a happy tune as she entered the kitchen, but he was grateful for small mercies. His happiness grew exponentially when Sylvia told him about the wedding. This was going to be an excellent day!

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