Authors Note:

Definitely shouldn't keep starting new stories but this won't be a very long one. It's going to be a few chapters about Lily Evans and the boys who loved her. Review & Enjoy!

Everyone who met her fell in love with her.

It was for a moment, when they were enthralled by the passion in her emerald eyes as she did something no one else had the courage [the guts] to do.

It was an entire childhood, and the years after that, spent idolizing how to change the worlds views on blood status so that they could be together.

It was from that first night, when their tears ran hot and their bodies shook, and she was the only one to care enough to sit beside them in silence.

It was when she laughed at the assumption that something as trivial as the effect a full moon has upon them would affect the way she felt about them.

It was always there, from that first moment that their eyes met. It was hidden and buried and denied until they were ready to embrace that eternal type of love.

At some point, no matter who they were, everyone fell in love with Lily Evans.

Chapter One: It Was For a Moment

She was stubborn, passionate, determined, and more than a little terrified. She was a Gryffindor through and through; right down to her every molecule. Lily wanted to change something so desperately, to make a difference, to make a change. She respected the wizarding community, the easy ebb and flow that they had established. She understood the rules on underage magic, and the punishment of Azkaban for the most dreadful of people. But something that Lily Evans could never understand—no matter how hard she tried—was the idea of pureblood supremacy. She was the most intelligent witch in her year, and yet there were professors who adamantly ignored her raised hand and instead called on a clueless pureblood a few rows down. There were boys who held her hand in dark corridors, but told her that they had to keep it a secret because their parents just wouldn't approve. There was the way her best friend, who introduced her to this exciting unbelievable world of magic, called her filthy names when he thought she couldn't hear so that his Syltherin friends didn't tease him for talking to the likes of her.

Lily had witnessed racism before; she'd once watched her father knock out one of his coworkers for saying something nasty about the new African family that moved in next door. She never truly understood the power someone has when they degrade you based on skin color or gender or sexual identity, or blood until she was thrown in the world of magic. She was surrounded by wonder and miracles but at the end of the day most of the world still branded her. The word mudblood wasn't used by polite members of society, but they said muggleborn almost the same way. She was always introduced as Lily Evans, a very talented girl-for a muggleborn. Lily watched the devastated looks on her fellow muggleborn's faces. She saw the way they let society chip away at them, piece by piece. The way they honestly started to believe that they were less than just because their magic couldn't be traced back to the beginning of time.

Lily was thirteen by the time she'd had enough. Her "blood status" had absolutely no effect on the magic flowing through her veins. The anger at her mistreatment, at the mistreatment of the others, that did. She devoted herself to being the best. To showing all those who doubted her that she was better than them. She no longer stood for being classified as just a muggleborn. She was Lily Evans; Gryffindor, top of her class, on the track to being Head Girl. Lily Evans was more than her blood and she was going to prove it to all of them- even if it was in her last living breath.

It was always in Potions that there was a fight. Sirius Black didn't know if it was because of the environment, dark corners and the slight smell of old blood in the air. Or if it was because of the way the whole place reeked of intolerance and they always seemed to pair the Gryffindors with the Slytherins, like some kind of cosmic joke. Sirius honestly thought Dumbledore just liked the entertainment. There would be a lot less hospital wing visits if he had simply decided to permanently avoid such unions. The Professor was dreadful. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with her, she's wasn't evil like their last one. She was, however, a completely pansy. She would turn tail and flee the moment there was any kind of disagreement, and only return at the end of class. Sirius guessed she spent more time cowering in the store room that year then actually teaching the class.

"What's the matter, mudblood, don't know how to make a simple draught?" The voice cut through the silence of the room, making Sirius' skin crawl. He looked up and caught eyes with James, who had been flicking beetles at the back of Peter's head for the past ten minutes. Their potion was already brewing, taking little to no actual energy from the boys. James straightened up, adding a little extra height to his slim frame. He shoved his hair out of his eyes, and nodded to Sirius. When the taller boy turned around he saw his cousin towering over the desk of Candace Taylor. Candace wasn't timid by any means; she spent most of her time fluttering around the common room talking to everyone. She was, however, one of the more sensitive Gryffindors. Bellatrix was leaning closer to his light haired housemate, using her wand to send the ingredients on Candace's desk to the ground. Sirius and James immediately moved to stand up, to aid the young girl behind them. Within a moment they both received a wand in the face.

"Bella specifically asked for no help on this one, Boys. She's going to teach that little mudblood some very important lessons on potions,"

"You better back off, Lestrange," James' voice was deadly, and Sirius could feel the way his own blood had started to heat up.

"You move a finger and I hex you into next week, Potter. You both are a disgrace to magic. Defending stupid ignorant mudbloods. I'd be doing the world a favor if I made it so you can't reproduce any blood traitor children," Malfoy sneered, gesturing adamantly with his wand.

"Personally, Luci, I hope any spell of the sort backfires on you. I'd hate to have to be related to whatever hellspawn you'd create," Sirius lounged back, tipping his chair back slightly and grinning broadly at the older boy. His eyes scanned the room, noticing the way that Remus was being guarded too and that their professor had up and disappeared again. He could hear Bella taunting Candace in the background, and the choked sobs of the blonde girl. It would end soon, it would have to. There was no one to stop the Slytherins this time, but he swore he'd get the back for tormenting the innocent girl. The color drained from his face when he saw Bella point her wand at the cowering girl. There had always been teasing, a couple threats, one time he'd actually thrown a slug at Lestrange's head but there had never been actual magic.

"You better not touch her," James hollered, moving to stand up. An evil smile spread over Malfoy's face.

"Stupefy," The Slytherin hollered, and Sirius watched as his best friend dropped to the floor. Remus had yelled from across the room and Sirius watched the rest of the Gryffindors sink back into their seats. They were vastly outnumbered, and with James down wouldn't stand a chance in a fight. "I warned you, Potter,"

"Bella, stop this," Sirius told her, trying to stop the pleading tone from emerging in his voice. This was going too far, and Candace was definitely going to pass out from panic.

"Sirius, my dear cousin, you lost the right to tell me what to do the moment you put on those red and gold robes," The girl laughed maliciously, before turning back to Candace. "Now, mudblood, what can we teach you today," She raised her wand, a hex on her lips and a look in her eyes that honestly terrified Sirius. He was about to holler when out of nowhere Bella dropped to the ground. Behind her stood Lily Evans, clutching an empty cast iron caldron in both hands. It took Sirius to a moment to realize that Lily had used the caldron to knock out his cousin and he yelled in triumph. He immediately knocked Lestrange to the ground, landing a square punch to his oversized jaw. He heard the rest of the Gryffindor's rise up, using physical force to surprise the magic wielding Slytherins. Wands were cast aside, and all Sirius focused on was rearranging Malfoy's face. It was only about five minutes before Filch and McGonagall had entered, abruptly ending the fight but Sirius felt very satisfied that the Sytherin boys would be sore in the morning. His eyes scanned the room, taking in the slice on Remus' cheek, Marlene's disheveled hair, and James' obviously broken nose. Bella was still crumbled to the floor, and Sirius felt a rush of pride that it had been one of his own that had taken her down. Lily was sitting next to Candace, holding the sobbing girl close.

"What in Merlin's name were you all thinking? This is a school, not a bar. Who started this?" Everyone remained silent, even the conscious Slytherins who were nursing their much more numerous wounds. McGonagall immediately looked at him and James, and Sirius sighed. He was definitely getting another detention.

"I did," The clear voice rang out across the room, echoing on the cold walls of the dungeon. Lily was standing straight, directly behind his cousin's unconscious form, and looking McGonagall dead in the eye.

"Miss Evans?" The Professor was obviously surprised, but she kept her tone even. "Why?"

"Because I'm not a mudblood," The entire room gasped, even Sirius. It was completely taboo to say the word, especially in front of a professor. Sirius watched the color rise to McGongall's cheeks and her lips press to a tight line. "And neither is Candace, or Rob. We're magical, just like everyone else in this room. And I'm sick and tired of being treated like a piece of trash because of it. And honestly, if someone with pure blood acts like Bellatrix Black then I don't want it," Her eyes scanned the row of Slytherin's, landing for a second longer on Snape. "You can take your purity and shove it because I'm not dealing with it anymore,"

Sirius didn't know who started it, but the room suddenly broke into applause. Candace had moved to stand behind Lily, the tear tracks still apparent on her face. Rob, the other muggleborn in their year, moved to stand next to them. A united front of the oppressed. Within moments, Remus and Peter had joined them. It didn't take long before every Gryffindor- muggleborn, half-blood, and pureblood alike—were standing next to Lily Evans. McGonagall took a deep breath, clenching her teeth together.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor Miss Evans, and it will be a lot more severe of a punishment then that if you ever start something like this again," Though her voice was stern, Sirius could swear that Halfblood Minerva McGonagall's eyes were twinkling at her best student.

Decades later, in the cold rooms of his ancestor's house, a young boy would ask him what his best memory of Lily Evans was. And Sirius would remember a girl, with green eyes burning passionately and hair that framed her face like fire clutching a caldron and doing what no one else had the courage [the guts] to do and the moment he fancied himself in love with her.