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She was the type of person that easily made friends, and once you were her friend you really weren't going anywhere. She would go to the ends of the earth for a stranger, and even further than that for a friend. And Lily Evans had a lot of friends. She was well-known by almost every member of the Hogwarts community, and very rarely were there negative connotations associated with her. But the majority of those people didn't know the real Lily Evans. They knew that she was a muggleborn, and that she achieved in spite of her blood. They knew that she was one of the top girls in their year [graciously following behind Emmeline Vance] and the top pick for Head Girl the following year. They knew of her crimson hair and peaches and crème skin. And they knew that no matter how much she was asked, she refused to go out with James Potter.

Lily Evans had a lot of friends, but there were a few members of Hogwarts that she considered her family. Remus Lupin was the first member of her Hogwarts family, inducted into it almost immediately aboard the Hogwarts Express that very first day. A moment of fate had landed the two awkward eleven year olds in the same compartment, and it didn't take long before a kinship had developed between her and her sandy haired friend. He was her constant; the one friend that never wavered despite all of the things that they had been through. Blood didn't matter to Remus, who was halfblooded himself. It didn't matter to him that she was friends with Severus, because Lily was the kind of person that could see a good heart it anyone. Their friendship didn't strain when she continued to deny James Potter access to her heart, though for a while she feared it would. Remus would simply raise an eyebrow at her and shake his head at the insanity of it all.

He understood things that the rest of the world didn't get. Like why it was so important to her to prove that she was a great witch, despite her blood. And in return she understood not to pressure him about certain things, like where he always ran off to every month. He had been there for her when her parents had died in an automobile accident that previous summer, and had sat next to Lily during the entire funeral just holding her hand. Remus Lupin and Lily Evans were two sides of the same coin, perfectly balancing each other out and making each other stronger.

And while Lily was utterly confident that their friendship would never waver, it was Remus' biggest fear. Because there were things Lily simply didn't know.

"Lily, there's something I have to tell you," Remus' voice was quiet, and he looked at her with owlish eyes.

"I figured. I didn't think you invited me down to the kitchens at midnight for a romantic tryst. Not that I'd object however. It would drive James absolutely mad," She was already grinning, reaching over and flicking him gently.

"This is serious, Lils," He reprimanded, shaking his head in her direction. Lily rolled her eyes at him.

"Of course. Go ahead. You have my undivided attention. Oh look! Ice cream. Oh don't scowl at me, Remus. I'm just teasing. Go on,"

"We've been friends for six years now. And there's something I need to tell you about myself. And I really hope it doesn't change our friendship but I'll understand if it does," Remus paused for a moment, "I'm a werewolf, Lily,"

"Hmm," Lily remained silent for a few moments, reaching across the table and stealing a bite of his sundae. She kept the spoon in her mouth as she mused. When she removed it, she looked at him with dead seriousness on her pretty face. "I probably should apologize for all the times I told you to bite me when I was angry. That is completely inappropriate now," And then she laughed.

He stared at her, his mouth opening and closing dramatically, which only caused her to laugh even harder. A few minutes later, she was only occasionally giggling as tears streamed from her green eyes. His forehead furrowed as he looked at her. Perhaps she didn't understand.

"I'm not joking, Lily," Perhaps she thought this was simply another Marauder prank.

"I know, Rem," She pushed her empty sundae bowl away, propping her elbows up on the table and resting her chin in her hands. She stared at him openly, a slight smile still evident on her lips. "I've known for years now,"

"Oh Merlin, does everyone in the world already know. Every time I try and make a dramatic show of telling my mates, they already know," He shook his head again, running his hands through his hair.

"Well, I am the brightest witch of our generation," Lily repeated the compliment that Slughorn had given her that day in class, her eyes rolling dramatically.

"Why didn't you tell me you knew?" Remus questioned, watching for some kind of sign of hostility. James, Sirius, and Peter had been a rare occurrence in how readily they accepted his situation. He had expected some kind of freak out from Lily.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" She countered, her eyes twinkling. He sputtered for a moment and she waved her hand at him. "That was rhetorical, Rem. All that matters is that you decided to tell me now. Then again it doesn't normally take six years to trust someone but you know," She giggled again, reaching across the table and taking his hand.

"I wanted to tell you. I was just scared," He muttered, his eyes focused on the table.

"Of what? That I would go get my pitch fork and start chasing you around the castle. You know me better than that, Lupin,"

"This doesn't change things then? We'll still be mates?"

"It'll take a lot more than you turning into a beast a couple days a month for me to stop being your mate, Remus John. So don't go getting any ideas about using this werewolf nonsense as a way of getting rid of me. Unfortunately, you're stuck with me,"

"I wouldn't have it any other way," He told her honestly, his face shining with happiness. They talked well into the night about trivial things, Lily laughing so hard she was sure that her stomach would be sore in the morning and Remus was sure he would have to document this particular night as one of the best in his life.

Decades later, Professor Remus John Lupin stood in the Shrieking Shack, listening as Hermione Granger revealed that he was a werewolf to her friends. He was reminded of the brightest witch of his age and when she laughed at the assumption that something as trivial as the effect a full moon has upon him would affect the way she felt about him and how he very well might have been completely in love with her because of it.