Chapter One: Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin city, adult land, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is what people say. The tall buildings sparkled in the star lighted night sky. Hotels, clubs, theaters and casinos lined the streets of downtown. Cars were parked up and down the sidewalk and people stood outside socializing with one another.

The Casino Royale was flooded with guess. The lights were flashing, the dices were rolling and the chips were being laid out on the table. Men, women and waiters lined the floor. Holly Gennaro McClain made her way through the thick cowards of the pack casino and down on of the many rows. She was searching for her friend that she worked with that had come down to Vegas with her on a business trip. Holly was over by the slot machines scanning through unfamiliar faces to see if she spotted her friend. Holly looked over a man's head and spotted two rows down at one of the video poker games found what she was looking for. She walked over to her friend and plowed down into the empty seat next to her. Her friend turned towards her and smiled briefly.

"I see you've finally made it here" Holly's friend said.

"Yes, I went back to the hotel and freshen up and took a cab over here."

"How did the business meeting go?"

"Great I'll be sending in the paper work as soon as possible, but for tonight I'm going to enjoy myself."

Her friend smiled even more and turned back to her game. Holly turned to the slot machine in front of her. She really didn't want to waste any money on a game she knew she wouldn't win; so she turned her chair and watched her friend play.

After about forty minutes later and one hundred dollars were thrown away Holly's friend stood up disappointment on her face and grabbed her purse.

"Come let's get a drink" she suggested thinking she could drink her disappointment away.

They spotted one of the many waiters walking around and motioned for her to come over. They both grabbed a drink off the tray and then headed across the casino to see what else the place offered. As they walked, something caught their attention. At one of the blackjack tables a small crowed had formed and was cheering somewhat.

They watch the scene for a few moments. They could just make out three men at the blackjack table and the dealer on the other side. Another cheer when up from the crowed. Holly's friend began to walk over towards the table to see what all the hollering was all for.

At the main blackjack table Hans Gruber was awaiting his card from the dealer. This table was only for the high rolls and people that were well known in this casino. He was winning and he had a big pot going, he just needed a ten to win. The playing on his left was clearly nervous; Hans could see the sweat pouring down the man's face. He looked to his right at the player on the other side, the man seemed more relax but when he looked into his eyes he saw uncertainty.

"Hit me" Hans called out.

The deal laid a card out in front of him and it was a ten of hearts. Hans had beat out the dealer and the other players threw the cards away.

"Would you like to play again sir?" the dealer asked.

"Perhaps another time."

Hans picked up his empty glass and headed over to the bar and took at seat on the stool. He ordered himself another drink and waited to receive it. Hans turned his head to right and saw two ladies come over to the bar and sit down next to him. One was a blonde and the other a burnet. The burnet had medium flowing curls that made him want to run his hands through. She had fair smooth skin and full red lips. He saw her brown eyes look over in his direction. Hans smiled at two ladies and took a sip of his drink.

"So was that was you over at the blackjack table that won?" the blonde asked.

Hans smiled showing his perfect white teeth. "Indeed it was Mrs…"

"I'm not married but my name is Alison and this is my friend Holly."

"Hans, a pleasure to meet you both" he said shaking both of their hands. "So what brings you to Vegas?"

"Business trip and yourself?" Alison asked.

"I'm here on business as well."


Hans learned they were from New York and they worked for the Nakatomi Corporation. Alison seemed very talkative and flirty while her friend was more reserved and just listened. Hans tried to include her in the conversation but she would only say a few words now and again. He thought that was strange, most females he encountered were like Alison very flirty and seemed to be looking for a good time.

An hour had gone by and they were sitting at the bar still chatting. It was past one in the morning and most people had left. One of Hans' men walked over the bar where he was sitting. The man had long blond hair that was down his back that was tied back into a ponytail, as well he wore a mean expression on his face. He looked like a guy who would be a bodyguard for a mobster. He stood over Hans and whispered something in his ear. Hans nodded and the man left. He turned back to the ladies.

"I'm sorry I have to go, perhaps I can see you ladies again?"

"Absolutely" Alison answered cheerfully.

Hans reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a business card. "I'll see you in a few days hopefully" Hans said standing up.

"Yes you will."

Hans gave them both a small bow and turned and walked away.

"Alison you don't even know him" Holly spoke up.

"So" Alison answered leaning against the bar counter. "This is Vegas you don't have to know a person."

"What are you planning?"

"Did you see that man he was so sexy and charming and that German accent. He can make a women go crazy."

Holly rolled her eyes. "Your not planning to sleep with him are you?"

"Holly if I didn't sleep with him this wouldn't be Vegas, would it?"